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CHAPTER – 1         Introduction Organization profile History Form of ownership Corporate structure Planning and Associated Functions Organization structure Technology 4 .

T h e c o s t o f p r o d u c t i o n w a s h i g h a n d t h e benefits were not promising. Life on earth is supported by the inches of earths crust. it depends largely on agricultural products from the neighbouring states. The existing agricultural scenario presented a dismal picture of traditional farming methods. In order to achieve this objective. Indian agriculture has contributed significantly in achieving self sufficiency to avoid food shortages in our country.2 ORGANIZATION PROFILE State of Kerala has a peculiar state of affairs in its a g r i c u l t u r a l e c o n o m y. unsuited to large scale cultivation. Agriculture is therefore and will continue to be the central to the development of the country. Thus. Rapid growth of agriculture is essential not only to achieve self reliance at national level but also for house hold food security. indigenous agro machinery units were to be set up. 1. Even those available lands are not fully utilised for cultivation.1 INTRODUCTION Agriculture is a way of life. mechanization of the farming is a nonstarter proposition in 5 . ancient methods were adopted by farmers. The only solution for this is mechanized farming which could turn around the virtual fortune of India. In the beginning. the outlook. Under this scenario. a tradition that for centuries has shaped the thought. The entire process from sowing the seed till harvesting was a time consuming p r o c e s s w h i c h r e q u i r e d a l o t o f l a b o u r w o r k . owing to economic reasons. B e i n g a consumer state. K A M C O w a s b o r n i n t h e ye a r 1 9 7 3 . fulfilling the basic needs of food. the culture and economic life of India. All crops are produced and prepared by human muscles.1. Over 100 million Indian farmers and farm workers have been the backbone of India‟s agriculture. which undoubtedly posed a heavy burden on the nation‟s exchequer and were hardly suited to the local conditions. Low productivity coupled with prohibitive costs of cultivation has virtually driven the traditional farmers out of their vocation. without resorting to imports. low yielding seeds primitive implements. shelter and clothing. out of the nations need. a s a f u l l y o w n e d u n d e r t a k i n g o f G o v e r n m e n t o f Kerala. It has tiny and small farmlands owned by private landowners.

2. The Kerala farmers grabbed this opportunity.2. Kerala. which in turn made the entire operations of the KAMCO successful.474589 e-mail: kamco@ satyam.4 Awards & Recognitions KAMCO received outstanding safety award for 4 times. 6 . t h e r e w e r e n o motorised or mechanised equipments available in the state. 1. Ka nj i kod e and M al a u ni t i s confidently meeting the demand for KAMCO products in India and abroad. Being a monopoly. Presently KAMCO have 45 dealers all over India.2. Fax: 91. Tripura. Today KAMCO‟S products are widely used and demanded in all over India. As of now. Assam. KAMCO is one of the professionally managed company owned by state government. The main markets for the products are at West Bengal.484.484. which provides machineries to the farming segment as an aid to their cultivation. Th e co m p an y with its fo ur pl a nt s at At h a ni .net.1 Name & Address of the Co. Gujarat and Manipur. 1. Tamil Nadu. enjoying over 60% of the market share at national level. Barringtraditional tools and tackles emplo yed by the farmers i n t h e c u l t i v a t i o n . Ernakulam Dist. Present status of KAMCO is synonymous with service to the small and marginal farmers of the country. KAMCO stands for Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation . Bihar. and introduced its power tillers and other medium and small sized mechanical aids of cultivation. Ka l a m a ss e r y. Meghalaya. KAMCO through their precision and quality is revolutionizing the small and marginal holdings throughout the country. was adventurous enough to venture into this bleak scenario.2 Market status of the Co. Kerala State Telephone: 1. KAMCO controls the Kerala market in supplies of automated farming equipments. office: Athani –683585. and made use of the benefits of automation in their fields. The full address of KAMCO is : Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited (A Government of Kerala Undertaking) Reg.the state. KAMCO is the one and only one industrial unit in the state.2474301 to 2474305. KAMCO.

E v e n t h o u g h t h e c o m p a n y w a s f o r m e d a s a s u b s i d i a r y o f K A I C L t d . the President of India was presented with a „Kubota Power Tiller‟ by the Japanese (M/S.2. 25km north of Kochi. 1. which held the entire paid up capital s h a r e s i n K A M C O . KAMCO is the second public sector undertaking in Kerala getting this coveted got IS O c er t i f i c at e and t h e o nl y pu bl i c s ec t o r 7 und e rt aki n g wh o h as . and Mala unit in Trichur dist. Kanjikode unit in Palakkad dist. the world‟s leading manufacturer of power Tiller and other agriculture machinery).(Government of Kerala Company) promoted the establishment of Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited (KAMCO).The KAIC Ltd. The K a l a m a s s e r y u n i t manufactures diesel engines. The Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Limited (KAIC Ltd. A major milestone for the company was the award of the International Quality Excellence Certificate under ISO 9002 in October 1996. Kanjikode unit produce power tiller and the Mala unit manufactures power reaper. when Dr.) Trivandrum. Japan in February 1972.Kubota Limited.KAIC Ltd.3. 1 9 7 2 . Rajendra Prasad. entered into a technical collaboration agreement with M/S.2 crores as a subsidiary of M/S. K A M C O h a s c o m p l e t e d i t s 3 3 ye a r s a n d i s r u n n i n g o n p r o f i t f o r t h e l a s t 2 2 ye a r s continuously increasing its production.1 Milestones of the Co. It all began in 1958. Japan. subsequently the company became a fully owned government company by transferring the shares held by KAIC Ltd. KAMCO has three more units:-Kalamassery unit in Ernakulam dist. turnover and profit year after year.On 15.1.3 HISTORY The Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd popularly known as „ K A M C O ‟ w a s established in the year 1973 as a subsidiary of Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd (KAIC) and subsequently became a fully owned Government of Kerala undertaking at Athani. t h e K e r a l a Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Limited (KITCO) were entrusted with the work of Rs. Kubota Ltd.11.

Company. As far as KAMCO Ltd is concerns the business environment is in positive side in all respect. The Cochin Port and Cochin Aerodrome are situated very near to the company and this will also help to boost the business. T h e c o m p a n y i s f u n c t i o n i n g i n a c o r d i a l a n d h a p p y atmosphere. T h e K a l a m a s s e r y u n i t manufactures diesel engines. The company is running astabilised c a n t e e n f o r t h e i r employees to maintain a harmonious atmosphere resulting to make maximum output.1 Unit Athani Address Reg. a n d M a l a u n i t i n T r i c h u r d i s t .900 2 certification justify in the high standards of the products for their three units. The address of the Head Office and other three units are : Table 1. they are unable to meett h e r e q u i r e m e n t o f t h e c u s t o m e r s . office: Athani –683585.4 FORM OF OWNERSHIP It is a public ltd. Kanjikode unit produce power tiller and the Mala unit manufactures power reaper. Kanjikodeu n i t i n P a l a k k a d d i s t .2000 registered KPMG quality registration. From 15-03-2002 onwards KAMCO became an ISO 9001. 1 . KAMCO Ltd products having heavy demand in the market. Ernakulam Dist. company by 1. The officers and staff in the company are very co-operative and friendly moving. provisions of the company‟s Act 1956 withregard to corporate governance is not applicable. Co. Kerala State 8 .5 CORPORATE STRUCTURE KAMCO has three more units:-Kalamassery unit in Ernakulam dist. Being a non-listed GOVT.

with four state of the art products.6. Kerala State. The technically competent. service and price consistently. 1.2892213 1 .484.2892506.6 PLANNING AND ASSOCIATED FUNCTIONS 1 . Ernakulam Dist. resourceful and profitable company. Kanjikode P. dedicated management and workforce will go on to ensure that KAMCO shall be the leader for several years to come. Tele: 91484..474589 E-mail: kamco@ satyam. Not surprising. Tele: 91 480.484. South Kalamassery – 683109. Tele: 91 491. an innovation R and D and stringer quality control systems rated as one of the best in the country.6 . Trissur Dist.2567242 KAMCO Kalamassery Unit Industrial Development Plot. Palakkad – 678 621.2555001. Kerala Kerala State. Menonpara Road.O. To provide a congenial and entrepreneurial work environment in which employees can respond to the needs of business and service earn fair reward and can be satisfied. 2892507 Fax: 91 480. stands as the number one power tiller manufactures in India.2474301 to 2474305 Fax: 91.1 Mi s s i o n     To be an innovative. 9 . To meet customer requirements of quality.2567253.Palakkad Kalamassery Mala Tele: 91484. 2543328 Fax: 91.2 Vision KAMCO with over 3 decades of engineering excellence.2558633 KAMCO Mala Unit Naithukudy . To make “doing business with us easy” and delightful to our customers. Mala – 680 732. 2567258 Fax: 91 KAMCO Palakkad Unit New Industrial Development Area.

4 Quality policy Total customer satisfaction through quality products and service with improved technology and employee participation. or deal in workshop machinery. The Government of Kerala nominates the Chairman of the Board. The effectiveness of the established quality management system is continually improved to enable achievement of the policy. sell. 3. Managers and Deputy Managers will assist the General Manager and Deputy General Manager. To organize. pump sets. conduct or manage engineering workshops or repair shop. power tillers. Managing Director and other Directors.6. Rendering other kinds of services for services for consideration or otherwise. implements and tools. 1.1.3 Objectives The main objective of the company is to manufacture or assemble in India. The Managing Director is the topmost official and the Government gives del e ga t i o n of a ut ho r i t y t o t h e Managing Director. The Managing Director is the operational head of the company supported by General Manager and Deputy General Managers for different sections. accessories and attachments and spares thereto. Board includes Chairman. buy. diesel engines. 4. 1 . V. Board of directors : 1. power reapers.Chamunni 10 Director & Chairman . either in collaboration or otherwise tractors. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is the Managing Director who shall exercise powers. transplanters. He may be entrusted and delegated power from time to time by the Board. comply with the requirements of the customers and the applicable statutory regulatory requirements. 1. 2.6. import. To manufacture. machine tools and metals of all kinds and to undertake repairs.7 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE KAMCO is governed by the Board of Directors. Servicing of agricultural machinery or other equipments. The Co. combine harvesters. The other objectives are as follows. subject to the overall control and supervision of the Board.

Govt.P. S.Ramdas 6.Edakulam Hameed 7.Murali 4.M.K.Aboobakar 5.Albertian Managing Director Director Director Director Director Director Director (Director of Agriculture. of Kerala) 11 .K.Gangadharan 9. Govt.C.M.2. Agriculture. of Kerala) Director (Dy Secretary.Reghunathan 3.M.K.Sulaiman Khalid 8.

Assistant Manager 12 .Senior Manager *DM .) DGM(R&D) ( DM(Pdn.1 Board of Directors Managing Directors SM(HR) Manager(Pdn.Deputy Manager *DGM .) AM(MTNCE) MANAGER(HR) SM(MTLS) SM MKTING DGM(F & Cs) DM(purchase) DM(stores) DM(mkting) Manager System Manager Security Network SM(finance) *SM .Deputy General Manager *AM .ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Chart 1.

The m odul e i ncorporat ed i n ER P package used are t he Fi nan ce Modul e. 13 . The system department does not play a role in production planning. and Inventory Module. Accounting software used in the Co. Tally and ERP. At present KAMCO makes use of a customized ERP package based on ORACLE.8 TECHNOLOGY KAMC O i s st i l l i n t he proc ess of developing a system whereby it can make optimum usage of IT recourses. Market i ng Module. The package was developed and was implemented in 2001-2002. Purchase processing. Human Resource Management and the Maintanence Module. are Oracle.1.

2 DEPARTMENTS’ STUDY      Production Sales and distribution Human resource Management Finance Social obligation and Ethics 14 .CHAPTER .

Shift officers are in charge of machine shop. driving shafts. Through different assembling we get the final product.1 Sub Departments Machine Shop : M achi ne S hop i s res ponsi bl e for ensuri n g t he conform i t y wi t h pres cri bed st andards . Processes like milling. they are using a good advanced painting booth. In KAMCO. Machine Shop 2. At present the target is 1000 per month. E1 Assembly. Production Department is divided into two :1. This reduces rejection to a great extend. Assembling & Painting : Assembly is one of the major sections in the production department. 15 . E2 assembly and engine testing. They inspect the various stages of production. These components are called as critical components.1.1 PRODUCTION 650-700 products per month are produced in Athani HO. sound etc. The head of production department is Production Manager. After clearing. process testing is conducted for all speeds. In each stages of Production Quality check up is done. drilling. From machine shop the finished products are sent to quality checking and from there to stores. The major advantages of the Co.14 components are manufactured in the Machine Shop. Mainly they are using 2 colours for tillers. Engine line assembly consists of 3 steps ie. t he workers in the machine shop are fully experienced. Assembling & Painting 2. After testing the assembled engines. one is ash and the other is post office red. The finished products are taken from the store and it is sent to the assembly as required. the components will go for painting through a conveyer belt and after painting it will go to the oven through the belt. brake. boring etc are doing on the materials to get products which are used in the assembly.‟s products are higher pulling capacity and 12 horse power is applied. The engine assembly is one of the major works in the assembly. it sent to the painting section.2. After engine line assembly and transmission line.

ridging etc. hul l i ng. l e achi n g. It can be used as a prime mover either for stationery or for moving applications. potato harvesting and for land preparations athort i cul t ur al farm s. Kamco Agria Garden Tiller The petrol-engine. Kamco Power Tiller Popular as the complete farming unit it is just that it can deal with a host of farming operations like tilling. The engine can operate continuously for several hours. it has retained its market positions as the number 1 power tiller in India for the last 3 decades. engine finishing is done . A hi ghl y f uel operations. KAMCO Agra Garden tiller and last but not the least.Then engine is mounted on tiller and the tiller finishing part is done. Also it has been designed to function equally well in both wet and dry soil conditions. landscaping or gardening. each of these products are time tested and have proven their worth many times over for their owners. ploughing.1. inter cultivation applications. KAMCO ER90 Engine is equipped with radiator and specially designed die cart multi-blade axial fan. Kamco Diesel Engine It has been well received in the market owing to its virtually trouble-free performance.42. KAMCO Power tiller is a versatile machine primarily used for preparation of land for f arm i ng operat i ons wi t h sui t abl y desi gn ed acc essori es t h e m achi ne c an be used for a l argenum ber o f spec i fi c operat i ons l i ke t i l l i ng. Ideal for effi ci ent and power f ul equi p m ent wi t h eas y-t o -cont rol small and medium farmers.000.. pudd i ng. wheat cultivation. 2.2 Product Range Today KAMCO‟s well known product range includes the KAM C O p o w e r t i l l e r . pudding etc. eco friendly power tiller ideal for paddy. No wonder. pl oughi n g. One garden tiller costs Rs. A tiller costs Rs. KAMCO power reaper. p um pi ng.000. after marketing its debut in the year 1973. 16 .After all these processes. KAMCO Diesel Engine.120.

2.70. Arun Jyothy Co. The types of engine used are DA Engine and ER-19. doesn‟t import any raw materials.68. various land preparations at horticultural farms. 2. The main parts supplied are Trans Shaft.gardening.000 – Rs. Coimbatore and Kerala. The company has got a Standards room for calibration of all measuring instruments. Gear and Cletch. Indi vi dual i nspect i on for conform i t y wi t h s peci fi cat i on. Ever y m achi n e undergoes running test for several hours before sentencing as passed for delivery. The Co. Can reap farmlands at working pace. Vendors premises and their manufacturing are also periodically assessed. Gathers sheaves into neat windrows. All components are subjected to close inspection and observations are documented to ensure traceability at any time.4 Quality Control Quality standards for each and every component and product have been established by the company and well documented.2000-Rs. Quality Assurance Department is equipped with all modern facilities. Fully documented history cards of the measuring instruments are maintained so that periodical calibration of equipments is carried out regularly. Pumps are purchased from Indian based companies. Mainly they are from Bangalore. in Coimbatore supply 30 – 40 items. inter cultivation applications. DA Engine gives more power. 17 . Can be easily lifted and carried by two persons.000. less fuel is required and creates less pollution. p ot at o harvest er.1. A reaper costs between Rs. It is used for ideal for paddy or wheat cultivation. Prevents loss of grains while reaping.1.Kamco Power Reaper Powerful enough to reap one hectare of land within 3 -4 hours. Atleast 2 or 3 companies supply same type of raw materials. One ER-19(Economic Radiator 19) costs Rs.2500.3 Raw Materials and its Sources There are about 110 companies who supplies raw materials for KAMCO. Manikyam Co. The company‟s policy is to equip itself with all all modern inspection and testing equipments as additions as well as replacements. in Coimbatore supplies radiator. landscaping. Stock Department stores the inventory. The products are subjected to running tests for pre-determined durations and only those which pass the requirements are accepted and declared ready for despatch. Pistol.

60 % of t he m ark e t s hare i s i n t he hands of KAMC O. 40% of orders are from Bengal. Iraq and Sri Lanka. get orders from foreign countries.2 SALES AND DISTRIBUTION 2. There is no hazardous process going on in the Co. Major markets : Tillers – Kerala. They should compulsorily wear these while production is going on.5 Pollution Control Systems Athani. The all new engines will reduce pollution and it also reduces the fuel consumption than the ordinary engine. Palakkad and Mala units of the company have installed effluent treatment s yst em s desi gned b y t he LBS cent r e f or sci ence and Technol o g y and app roved b y S t at e Pollution Control Board.13 crores. There is also a safety committee in the Co. Assam and Tamil nadu. Exports depends on the demand from foreign countries. But in terms of quality. KAMC O coul d achi ev e t hi s b y du e t o Globalisation. In the last year KAMCO attained a profit of Rs. One of them is „Your safe means safety of your family‟. provide a service guarantee of 6 months to its customers. Orissa. Reapers – Chhattisgarh. Foreign countries like China and Korea could introduce their products in Indian markets. they try to avoid those orders because of the huge orders that the Co. Inorder to save electricity machines are worked till 7 in the evening. All the products produced in the Co. 2. Shoes and masks are given to the workers of the production department. That is 100% of sales happens every year. Their products are very cheap. KAMCO exports their products mainly to America. KAMCO is first. 18 . Lots of National Safety Councils tips are hanged in the walls of the factory.1. receive from the states of India. Even though the Co. A small amount of pollution is created only from painting process.6 Safety Measures Safety measures are adopted by the Co.2. West Bengal. Considering the Indian market. 2. Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu and North Eastern states. are fully consumed. There are fire exists in different corners of the factory.1.1 Market details In the previous year company sold more than 7600 units. Andhra Pradesh.2. The Co.

The co.2. Company has i nvent ed a n ew en gi ne. 2. i nst i t ut i on and ot her i s a P vt .2 Major Competitors In India VST. 2. In each state there are 2 dealers.1 company producins tillers and reapers. Bangalore is the major competitor of KAMCO. fi rm .2.‟s have their own dealerships to sell the products. newspapers. Orissa and Andhra Pradesh and in the other states where the company has dealerships. In India all the state govt. Chinese products are very cheap but lacks in quality. i t i s m ade against bank guarantee if the payment period does not exceed 30 days. 19 . Korea and China are also competing with KAMCO in the same market. The com pan y has a net work o f 70 deal e rs .4 Distribution Channels Sales of the products are made only through dealers. Because the company give importance to quality. In every budget company allocate nearly 50lakhs for advertising. New dealers are appointed to cover selected districts in Tamil Nadu. Mitsubishi and Mahindra are also the competitors. The company gives dealerships to the private parties as well company‟s main product is power Tiller. The dealers target is depend upon the area. do advertising through farmers magazines. If a dealer exceeds their target they get incentives dependingupon t he e x ce s s quant i t y sol d t hrough t hem . Maharashtra.3 Advertisements and Sales promotion activities In the International market the sales promotion of the company is only through website. campaigns and stalls in statewise exhibitions. Firms from Japan. whi ch i s a di es el en gi ne wi t h di rect i nj ect i on.2. One is govt . In India KAMCO is the no. Th e t ransp ort i n g faci l i t i es are p ro vi d ed b y KAMC O i t sel f. They advertisements mainly in north Indian farmer magazines. Fo r t he sal es promotion of this engine company selling the KAMCO Super D1 Power Tiller with the same price of the ordinary Power Tiller Advertising is also a part of sales promotion. The sal es ar e m a de a gai nst c as h advanc es ex cept i n few cas es.2. Company also provides some financial help to the dealers for advertisements. Karnataka.

m. 2. Trainees 5. Temporary 4.. Probationers 3. Krishishilpa Udyog and Stanley Roy Constructions. desirable work at m osp her e. 345 ees are working in production department and out of it 70 are temporary employees. 20 .m and overlap from 11 p. IR.m.3.3. 2. Friends Machinery and Spares Ltd. it looks after discipline. That is from 7 a.2 Workman Classification Workman shall be classified as:1. Permanent 2. Tripura Horticulture Group. Mr. Employees are granted with leaves such as earned leaves. 2. sick leaves..1 Number of Employees W i t hout t he dedicated employees. 70% of old workers are retiring.Major dealers are West Bengal Industries Corporation. maternity leaves. ChemTrade India Pvt Ltd.i n t erper son al rel at i ons hi ps et c.3 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HR department deals with the welfare of human beings working in an organisation. Assam Agro Industries Development Group. In 2013. Out of which 400 ees are permanent staffs and 150 ees are temporary staffs. training and development. HR Depa rt m ent hel ps i n m oul di n g t heindividuals to attain maximum development. Apprentices There are 2 shifts per day in the Co. KAMCO would have never reached the peak of success and achievements. – 3 p. 15 ees are working in HR department. special leaves and casual leaves.m – 7 a. Besides welfare. Vimal Kumar is the HR Manager. The total employees strength of KAMCO is 620.

first aid. go t h rou gh t he sel ect i on pro cess. Recreation club which gives house building advance. KAMCO provides items which are directly needed by employees during production and in case of emergencies like goggles. Stenographers etc the people are hired through PSC recruitment. Performance Appraisal.4 Selection and Recruitment For the posts like Accountants. PF etc. Blood donation camp. canteens etc. diploma or IT mechanical. religion. grou p di scussi on and interview. 4. 2. Health care facilities involving canteen and medical facilities like ESI. Welfare officer. Va can ci es are advertised in major news papers or notified to the Employment Exchange in accordance with the Govt. Employment Exchange forwards a list of candidates for the required posts in the unit of their notification to the District Employment Officer. Canteen is operated by Co. washing allowances. 7. 21 . Occupational safety.3. race etc. 2. There is no discrimination based on colour. M ana ger i s i n ch ar ge of R ecrui t m ent and S el ect i on. etc. etc. insurance.3. 6. first aid boxes. They can undertake treatment for free at any hospital. etc. Workers or helpers should qualify 10th std. staff with union members. 2.Tech + experience. Ernakul am . Medical allowance is given to all employees. Promotion. 5. boots. Typists. The D y. rules. The s el ect i on p rocess consi st s o f wri t t en t est . 3. loans.2. After obtaining applications. The company also gives benefits like LIC Schemes. Appointments a re purel y b ased on m eri t .5 Welfare activities and facilities 1. accident benefits. S hort l i st ed can di dat es consi der ed m at ch i ng t he profi l e. Executive and Technical post are filled through Company recruitment. initial screening is done on the basis of the specifications gi ven for t h e j ob. Office Staffs. glouse. Cool drinking water. personnel benefits. Medical Reimbursement. contribution to recreation.3 Qualification required Mechanics require qualification of B.3.

Grade 1 includes sweepers whose basic salary is Rs. 10. productivity and utilisation of Salary settlement is based on the Kerala Government resources. Employees are grouped into grade1.8. Christmas etc. each employee should contribute Rs. PF is also given to the employees. Incentive is given for overtime working. Conveyance allowance for purchasing cycle.7300 per month. But loans are available only to the employees of the Co. 50. incentives are mainly of 3 types: 1) Direct incentives 2) Semi direct incentives 3) Indirect incentives Em p l o yees are gi v e n fes t i val al l owanc es of R s 5000/ . 11. For minimum 5 years of experience is required to avail car and scooter loans. The amount is recovered in 10 equal instalments. Thi s sch e m e covers al l t he pe rm an ent employees. In case of money requirement employees will get the required amount from this society. Interest is 10%. Salary goes to employees‟ account either in Federal Bank or Union Bank. 2. So total of Rs. about the increment in salary and the increment happens once in 3 yrs. which constitute quarter of the pay packet. Service society is operating in KAMCO. People are appointed in this society on election basis. The company discuss with the govt. cars. 12. Employee Salary of Pay.100 eachto the welfare. grade 2 and grade 3 categories.6 Wages for workmen All workmen are employed on monthly wages and will be paid on a monthly basis. ramzan. It aims at increased output.3.eve r ye ar i n connec t i on wi t h onam. In KAMCO. scooter. Farmers club. Outsiders can also invest in the society with 10 ½ interest. loans are given to employees above Deputy Manager grade. When one person leaves the Co. Night shift employees are provided with vehicle facility.. 22 . A product i on i n ce nt i ve schem e i s f ol l owed i n KAMC O for t he benefi t o f employees. 9.000 would be available to the leaving employee.

. The final punishment list is left out with the MD. For officer level. Superintendent G9 – Asst.7 Performance Appraisal and Promotion Policy Performance Appraisal is conducted once in a year for officers and for workers.3. In case of any problem arises in any departments of the Co. 23 . an employee will be eligible for promotion if he has served in a particular post for at least 3 years. ie. Assistant Manager Security is in charge of maintaining attendance and also maintaining discipline in work environment. For that MD is the authorized person. number. Promotion depends upon seniority. grades allotted are as follows:G8 – Asst. Complaint book is also kept there. Manager G10 – Deputy Manager G11 – Manager G12 – Senior Manager G13 – Deputy General Manager G14 – General Manager Transfers are mainly for officers only. In case of any complaint. or he will be given promotion when the vacancy occurs.3. 2. number etc.3. 2.7 Attendance Every workman shall be given an attendance card containing his name. etc. date of joining. it is conducted when grades are given. There is a prescribed form for conducting Performance Appraisal. promotions is based on grades of employees.8 Employee grievances management A suggestion box is kept in the main office. an employee can either write it in the book or report to section manager. Another aspect is Grade promotion. As per the promotion policy of KAMCO. Engineer. name. In worker category there will be a grade change after a period of 5 years.2. Similarly every permanent and probationary workman shall be provided with an identity card containing his stamp size photo. it should be immediately reported to the supervisor.

i n fl ow and out fl ow of funds and i t al so ensures t hat whet her t here i s appropri at e volume of funds needed for efficient business transactions. KAMCO has shares of 50 lakhs in International Airport. This department controls the overall financial transaction of the company. KAMCO is running on profit for the last 22 years. It controls the entire receipts and payment of all divisions. Nedumbassery and shares of about 1. Management of payments 4 . Management of receipts 3. KAMCO have more than one unit established with their own fund. in Kerala feeds Ltd. Surprising thing is that KAMCO is giving dividend and making profit for 22 years. The surplus money is invested in the treasury and gets an interest of 7-8% from the treasury .The finance department keeps record of everything concerning income or expenses. Finance department concentrates more on the cycle of flow of funds ie.4. which earns interest to the company. A u d i t i n g 5 .5 Cr.. KAMCO‟s finance department deals with the procurement and management of funds. No other organisations are like this. finance department plays a major role because in public sector only very few companies are earning profit. C o s t i n g 24 . KAMC O has n o loaned fund and hence the finance charge is nil.4 FINANCE In KAMCO. Budget & Budgetary control 2. Company raises the working capital with the help of the customer advances and fixed assets. KAMCO is a multi-crore. It also takes great care in allocating the funds needed for efficient business transactions. multi-unit organisation. KAMCO has fixed deposits of about 20 crores. 2. KAMCO is paying dividend ranging from 10-30% for the last 15 years without any fail.1 Functions of finance department 1. It means that KAMCO havem or e t han o n e uni t or t hei r own fund wi t hout an y ex t ernal fun ds.2. It is a unique feature of KAMCO.

m.5 SOCIAL OBLIGATION AND ETHICS Social activities are undertaken by KAMCO for the welfare of the general public and the nation. does not undertake any activities against the society. Statutory transaction 2. The co. There is a blood donation camp and farmers club.6. Machines are worked till 7 p. They produce less polluting products. every day in order to save electricity. 25 .


3 INSTANCES OF DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY Most of the decisions are taken by the Deputy General Manager. 27 .1 SPAN OF CONTROL There are 6 charge hands under each engineers.2 AUTHORITY Authority remains with the top management itself. No authority is delegated. 3. 3. Each person performs only their own roles.3.


4.4. Employees are given incentives for achieving the target. An ID card is also given to each employees. teams are formed to solve the specific problem.2. In case of any problem.1 Appearance Norms The company gives two pairs of uniforms to its employees every year.2. Final decisions are taken by the top management.1 TEAMS There are different committees in the company like safety committee. Over production is not encouraged.2 NORMS 4. election committee.3 LEADERSHIP Autocratic leadership is followed in KAMCO. Uniform is required only for the mechanics. etc. Engine employee card is also given to all employees working in the production department. 4. service society committee. Section meetings are held according to each departments. 29 .2 Performance Norms Targets are fixed by the company. 4. They will also give the incentive to stitch the uniform.


vari ous dep art m e nt s and t hei r funct i o ns i n a fact or y and overal l ope rat i o ns of Organisation. Kalamassery. P ower re apers and Di esel en gi ne. Palakkad. It is an ISO 9001-2000 company. The main products of the com pan y KAM C O P ower t i l l ers spi t e of t hreat from imported and . for manufacture of agricultural machinery for specifically Power tillers and Diesel engines. KAMCO has different units situated at Athani. KAMCO is the 8thprofit making company in the state government.Conclusion KAMCO was established in the year 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited (KAIC) Trivandrum. and Mala. 31 . The study enabled to collect much more information about the Organisation and have helped in knowing the practical situation prevailing in the company. Power reaper also had been able to catch the imagination of the small farmers the response for the newly launched DI super Power tiller is very encouraging diversification of products and service is an essential prerequisite for success. In indigenous makes of Power tillers continues to be the preferred choice of farmers attaining the moderate market share for the year. The Organisation study was helpful in getting an understanding of the OrganisationS t ruct ur e.


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