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Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation

Part I Introduction Kuensel is the national newspaper of Bhutan. It was the only local newspaper available in Bhutan until 2006 when two more newspapers were launched. The government of Bhutan owns 51 percent of Kuensel while 49 percent is held by the public. Kuensel (which loosely means clarity) was founded in 1967 as an internal government bulletin. In 1992, a royal edict de-linked Kuensel from the government and made it an autonomous corporation to allow for the professional growth of the media. It stopped receiving government subsidy in 1998. Today, the newspaper is subsidized by commercial printing and advertisements. Kuensel Corporation Limited., started an online version of the paper in 1999 ( the year Internet first came to Bhutan. It has grown to become the most popular site on Bhutan with daily news updates on the happenings in the kingdom and an equally active discussion forum. Kuensel is published both in Dzongkha and English and it is published daily. Kuensel Online also published an internet forum which has attracted more than 100,000 members and has given Bhutanese people the opportunity to discuss important topics that have shaped Bhutanese society. Presently Kuensel corporation has a 14-member editorial team headed by a chief editor, a language editor, a news editor, a deputy editor, a chief reporter and bureau correspondents in Trashigang, Phuentsholing, Zhemgang and Bumthang and five reporters in Thimphu.

Submitted by Group No.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”)

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Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation
Attracting and Retaining Customers In addition to improving their relations with their partners in the supply chain, many companies are intent on developing stronger bonds and loyalty with their ultimate customers. In the past, many companies took their customers for granted. Their customers may not have had many alternative sources of supply, or all suppliers were equally deficient in service, or the market was growing so fast that the company did not worry about satisfying its customers. Clearly, things have changed. Today’s customers are harder to please. They are smarter, more price conscious, more demanding, less forgiving, and approached by more competitors with equal or better offers. The challenge, according to Jeffery Gitomer, is not to produce satisfied customers; several competitors can do this. The challenge is to produce loyal customers. Since the launching of other newspapers in the year 2006, Kuensel was not the only media publishing newspapers but other competitors came up. Therefore, the need for customer attraction and retention evolved. Attracting Customers The need for Kuensel to attract new customers/clients is an important issue as customers/clients may go for other newspapers. It was not a problem of losing them before 2006 as Kuensel was the only media publishing newspaper, so they were enjoying monopoly and people had to refer Kuensel only as there were no other newspapers, but by 2006 two other private newspapers were launched, which gave Kuensel a fear of loosing the customers/clients. Therefore, there is some how a need for Kuensel to attract new customers/clients so that they do not go for other newspapers launched.

Submitted by Group No.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”)

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Therefore. To have loyal and regular customers/clients is always better than going for the new ones because loyal customers/clients will always stay with the company. Retaining customers means building good relationships with them. it will add to the goodwill of the company and moreover will create good name for the company and this will help in retaining the customers/clients. Submitted by Group No.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 3 .Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Retaining Customers Not only attracting new customers/clients but the need to retain them is also important. Kuensel should not only attract the customers but should also retain them. If the company has good relationship with its customers. And the strategies for retaining customers are further discussed in the literature review.

To find out the ways followed by them to attract new customers. Submitted by Group No. 3. To find out how they are competing with their competitors. To find out the ways of managing the customers. 2. 4.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 4 .Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Project Objectives 1. To find out the methods and strategies adopted by Kuensel Corporation to retain the customers.

Limitations of the Study 1. To study the strategies for customer attraction and retention adopted by Kuensel and their competition are our main objectives of the project.) We gathered information through e-mail and couldn’t go for a personal interview with the concern people. face to face interview.e. Submitted by Group No.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Scope of the Study Kuensel Corporation is our main focus in this project. Different person will be having different knowledge and information but our interview is limited to the knowledge of only two persons. Not only the customers/clients but Kuensel itself can also know what facilities or services they lack in providing to their customers/clients and what the customers/clients really wish to have. Time Constraint 3. Lack of Personal Interview (i. Inadequacy of information due to collection of information from two persons. 2. The customers/clients of Kuensel can make proper decision whether they should advertise with Kuensel or not since they will have more knowledge about Kuensel because of its existence in the market for a long time.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 5 .

Submitted by Group No. But it is always important to retain the existing customers so to make them come back again. people in the organization should have good thinking and planning strategies.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 6 . on preselling and selling rather than caring for the customer afterward. The emphasis traditionally has been on making sales rather than building relationships. A highly satisfied customer. To attract customers. One of the ways of attracting the customers is by diversifying marketing strategies. Advertising is not only the method to attract customers but there are many ways. Every single way of marketing should start by developing a relationship with the prospective customers. Customers are also attracted to new ideas and not what they are used to. The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction.  Stays loyal longer  Buys more as the company introduces new products and services and upgrades existing products  Talks favorably about the company and its products and services  Pays less attention to competing brands and advertising and is less sensitive to price  Offers product or service ideas to the company and  Costs less to serve than new customers because transactions are routinized. These are some of the ways in finding out whether the customers are really satisfied or not so as to retain them. most marketing theory and practice center on the art of attracting new customers rather than on retaining the existing ones.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Part II Literature Review Customer attraction strategies The marketing team of organizations should not only be thinking of spending money in the local media but coming up with updated customer attraction strategies. Customer retention strategies Unfortunately.

So to move them to a sense of security. 4.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Some of the customer retention strategies are. Enhancing self-esteem in the customers by making them feel smarter than they were a minute ago. "Spoon-feeding" and "handholding.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 7 ." These do not imply a condescending or disrespectful attitude toward the customer. 2. If the business knows that its price is higher than competitors'. for example. We spoon-feed a young creature whose life we care about enough to nurture. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach. These are customer attraction and retention tactics. the business has to give them the information they need. Pricing information. 3. and trust. Customers may feel nervous or skeptical about the business. Submitted by Group No. 1. include information about the additional value that the business alone provides. confidence. We hold the hand of someone we are courting. Every business should employ them boldly and blatantly. but the way to anybody's wallet is through his or her brain. in terms they can understand. when they need it. gives power to consumers.

whether it's a new brand extension or a reinvigorated old product -. That knowledge allows targeted marketing and shapes promotion strategies for the product's market space. Such strategies reflect the three news organizations' unique understanding of their market environment. crucial to defining that value. no news organization can succeed without understanding and responding to the competition. Knowing what the target audience is: Since each product is clearly defined. This origin not only shapes the product but also defines the business objectives beyond profit. news organizations must also anticipate the challenge of future technologies and not yet existent rivals.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 8 . 3. The three outlets examined here have unconventional views of. Understanding the product: Each of the news organizations is very clear about what it does and the value proposition of its product. and all three have restricted marketing budgets. As a result. Ways to compete with the competitors. Understanding the origin of each product -. and find new ways to increase their audience and expand the relevance of their products. the news organization must understand which audience its value proposition appeals to. For example. competition comes not just from other existing outlets.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Competition In the hyper-competitive journalism business today. Resourcefulness: All three organizations have only a limited ability to take advantage of the distribution and marketing channels that news products traditionally use. 1. and responses to. their competition. Moreover. the three organizations have had to devise Submitted by Group No. The Washington Monthly has collaborated with the very publications with which it would seem to be in direct competition.

Ensure that the content we release is education and about our niche and not about us and our company. Creating exceptional content through niche market article marketing. We may not be able to out spend our competitors but we can be more creative and innovative than they are and offer our target customers good information rather than advertising about our company. Follow what is being said about us and/or our company through social media sites and respond to it as much faster as we can in order to keep pace with the changing marketing environment. We need to be smarter to win. Being Creative We will never beat our larger competitors by trying to out spend them.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 9 . If we see a trend or have a great idea that could change our company then it is always important that we should go for it. blogging. 5. It is always important to move fast and make a difference within our niche. Being Faster Being small means we can move with the trends much faster than our competitors.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation unconventional strategies that leverage their competitive advantages as cheaply as possible. pod casts and/or videos will show our customers that we are an expert within our niche. 4. Submitted by Group No. using such phenomena as viral marketing and earned media.

Our aim is to interview the marketing officer of Kuensel Corporation and we have chosen to interview through e-mail.e.e. Submitted by Group No. through e-mail): 17th May 2011 Date on which the interview questions were e-mailed to the Managing Director: 20th May 2011 Date on which we received the answers (i.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Part III Methodology Study design Focus on marketing team For our project we have focused our interview on the Marketing team of the Kuensel and especially the Marketing Officer (Karma Jurmey Yangzom) and also the Managing Director (Chencho Tshering. retention and competition in order to cover our project objectives. Date on which we received the answers (i. through e-mail): 23rd May 2011 Questionnaire Design We have framed open ended questions based on customer attraction. For further information we have also interviewed the Managing Director.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 10 .) Interview Our project is focused on secondary data collection and especially interview method. Date on which the interview questions were e-mailed to the Marketing Officer: 13th May 2011.

and account conversion. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important factor in every business organization. Submitted by Group No.” With respect to above statement what are some of the strategies adopted by your organization to attract new customers? 2. Does retention vary by office. What are your customer retention strategies? 4. What kind of special offers do you really provide? 9.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Questionnaires.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 11 . Our main focus will be on the answers to our questions. or distributor? 5. How do you manage your customers and maintain good customer relationship? 6. 1. Do customers defect at different rates during the year? 3. lead qualification. What are the retention norms for your organization? 8. region. What are your modes of advertisement to sustain your business? Analysis: We will analyze the data collected by focusing on the findings and information we have gathered through interview. Who are your main competitors? What are the methods adopted by your organization to deal with the competitors? 7. “Customer acquisition requires substantial skills in lead generation. sales representative.

2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 12 . This is exactly what Kuensel does they cater to the needs of their customers rather than their own needs by creating new ideas and implementing those ideas. because by growing the customers it retains them for lifetime. Customer centered marketing strategies Kuensel follows the following strategies to attract new customers:  Openness to creativity and innovation One of the strategies followed by Kuensel to attract new customers/clients is through openness to creativity and innovation. Kuensel has been in the market for the last 40 years and still they are the leader in the market because of their openness to creativity and innovation. feeding what the customers/clients need. For Submitted by Group No. cater to the changing needs of the customers.  Quality products and services at competitive price Kuensel provides quality products and services at a competitive price.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Part IV Interpretation 1. Kuensel make sure that their customers/clients receive the best service and they keep coming back in the future. than feeding what the business want.  Maintaining relationship with the customers (CRM) Kuensel grows its customers than to acquiring them. Kuensel often conduct customers’ satisfaction and retention surveys to better understand the customer nature and behaviors. Every business should be willing to adapt to the fast changing environment. These are some strategies adopted by Kuensel to manage customer relationships. and most importantly. And sometimes they do provide with free articles in order to attract more customers/clients.

Bringing changes and adding new attributes to the existing business will attract more customers/clients as they are always behind new features. Kuensel tries to qualify the suspects as prospects and bind them into contract to advertise all their products/services with them. who is the largest buyer of the advertisement space who uses Submitted by Group No. Since the government passes the budget in June and Kuensel’s experience shows that the advertisement peaks after the government passes its overall budget of all the Government sectors. Kuensel do jobs other than publishing newspaper for survival and to have an upper edge over other private newspapers.  Business or service diversification One of the methods adopted by Kuensel to attract new customers/clients is business and service diversification. For example Kuensel also publishes books. and also commercial photography. provide stationary services like printing. and reach out to them.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 13 . 2. So these are some of the methods adopted by Kuensel to attract customers/clients. attributes and so on. be it online or through print. This is what exactly Kuensel do and this is how they attract new customers. The two main customers of Kuensel are government sector and private sector. Kuensel make its lead by appearing its advertisements in different media within and outside the country. They brand their product to prospective customers. Kuensel also reaches its customers by supplying the newspapers all over the country.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation example like in every Saturday newspaper they publish K2 articles mainly targeted towards attracting the youths.  Nationwide coverage Reaching nationwide will also attract more customers/clients because people will come to know about the business more.

the business follow their own course depending on the needs of the advertisers and these corporate and private businesses are not predictable as the volume of jobs received is comparatively less to the government sector. stationery business and commercial photography. stationery business is highly seasonal in nature in a sense i.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 14 . For Private sectors coming in from corporate and private entities. it is very effective and also being done during the beginning of the school seasons. Among all the business units of Kuensel Corporation.  Financial incentives Submitted by Group No. This is what Kuensel believes and they always try to provide their customers with better services and this is the intangible aspect of customer retention.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation other strategic business units of Kuensel such as commercial printing. The advertisement business runs low towards May till June for government sectors due to exhaustion of advertisement budgets for the agencies and they hold on till the next budget is passed. no matter what. If a company can deliver a quality service at a price. Customer retention strategies The strategies adopted are:  Service excellence One of the primary modes to retaining the customers followed by Kuensel is through service excellence. customers prefer to avail the services from one company at competitive prices and therefore.e. it will help in customer retention. They retain their customers through excellence in delivering the quality product at short notice and since Kuensel has all facilities associated with printing under one roof. More over government sector uses Kuensel as their general advertisement business scenario. 3. customers are bound to come back.

customers can sign an annual contract with Kuensel and avail attractive discounts for any advertisements. In this way Kuensel retains its customers/clients. since customers have to come back to them to avail the discounts. So these are some of the retention strategies adopted by Kuensel. they always keep in touch with their clients. one newspaper costing Nu. so they value all complains of their customers.3 each and they can also return back the unsold newspapers.  Credit facilities Submitted by Group No. Customers are the main factor that needs to be considered while doing a business because what ever the business is producing or providing is for them only. i.2 to the agents. By appointing agents it will create regular customers as agents will supply regularly.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation One of the strategies adopted by Kuensel in retaining their customers is by providing financial incentives with regard to advertisement business.  Personal Contact Keeping in contact with the customers/clients will help in building a strong and good relationship with them. In this way both Kuensel and its customers are benefited since it will help Kuensel in retaining its customers and to customers they can avail discounts for any advertisement.e. That is. They also believe that dissatisfied customer mostly never complains. Kuensel also values all feed back received from their customers irrespective of the nature and try to work on perfecting them. reminding them of their existence.5 is given at a discount of Nu. And this what exactly Kuensel does.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 15 .  Appointment of agencies One of the strategies adopted by Kuensel in retaining their customers is by appointing agents throughout the country and this strategy mainly applies to stationery business. so it is very important to maintain good relation with them. This not only applies to Kuensel but to every organization. overcoming their objections and demonstrating the customers that Kuensel still values and respect them. For example. These way customers enjoy the financial benefits and Kuensel locks the customers. at Nu. finding out why the customers are no longer buying. In this way not only the customers are retained but also the agents enjoy the benefits of massive discounts on MRP as distributor margin.

In Thimphu and Kanglung) of which Thimphu Branch earns the most profits/income due to many factors like many customers/clients. Government sectors.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation The other strategy adopted by Kuensel to retain their customers/clients is the by giving credit facilities. Customer Relationship Management Kuensel treats every customer equally irrespective of the volume of business they give us.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 16 . commercial photography and stationery business although the modes of operation for each of these units differ by businesses. population. They do keep the records of the Submitted by Group No. Moreover there is a lot of variation in case of sales representatives or distributors in both the branches as there are many agents at Thimphu compared to Kanglung. global reach etc… compared to Kanglung branch that is considered to be a rural place. They give credit facilities mainly to the agents. The concept of CRM is infant in Kuensel Corporation since they do not maintain any proper database regarding their customer or client details but they do keep regular touch with their customers or clients and mostly treat them equally. so Kuensel retentions highly vary in the above branches. private firms. two weeks or even a month. these are some of the strategies adopted by Kuensel for retaining their customers. They also give credit facilities to their clients who want to advertise through Kuensel and the time duration given to pay their credits is one week. Kuensel has only 2 branches (i. The agents enjoy the benefit of taking the goods on credit and settle the amount once the season is over. Kuensel does not have any database regarding their customer details but they do keep regular touch with their customers and mostly treat them equally.e. As there is less competitor of Kuensel at Kanglung so there is less cost incurred on retention strategies compared to Thimphu branch as there are many competitors like News papers and Radios and also BBS. Therefore. 5. The customer retention strategy of Kuensel applies to all its strategic business units (SBUs) that are commercial printing. 4.

”-Marketing Officer (karma Jurmey Yangzom. Kuensel is also the leader in the market because of their openness to creativity and innovation. 6. television. Competitors The main competitors of Kuensel are newspapers. magazines. These are some of the methods Kuensel follows to maintain good and strong relationships with their customers/clients. Because of their longer existence in the industry customers/clients do know more about Kuensel and they tend to prefer more of Kuensel than other Medias. “Well we believe and take every media as our competitor and don’t take anyone for granted. They also give credit facilities to their clients and give enough time duration to pay their credits. Kuensel make sure that their customers receive the best service and they keep coming back in the future and more importantly Kuensel never leaves its customers/clients unattended. Kuensel provides its customers with Submitted by Group No. So Kuensel do have some competitive advantage over other Medias.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 17 .Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation clients who had signed an annual contract with the Kuensel Corporation for advertisement of their products and services. One of the methods Kuensel follows to overcome their competitors is by providing quality products and services. billboards and local television channels. They keep personal touch with their clients now and then informing about the upcoming events and informing them whether they want to advertise with Kuensel Corporation or not.) But some of the methods followed are:  Competitive advantage over other medias Since Kuensel has been in the market for the last 40 years they have competitive advantage over other Medias. radio. Quality not only implies to product or service but also to information or news the organization is providing.  Quality Quality product and service is something which every one prefers to go for.

Having a brand name of its own will ultimately distinguish the particular organization from other organizations. will prefer more of it.e. Brand is one method which will help the organization in dealing with its competitors. Not only that but also Kuensel provides the customers with good quality papers. at Thimphu which publishes the papers and supplies all over the nation.  Nationwide reach Kuensel do have edge over others mainly because of their quality and reach.  Brand “Brand is a name.”-Philip Kotler. Therefore.e. the paper used by Kuensel is better than other newspapers. For example. this is one of the methods how Kuensel deals or overcome its competitors. or a combination of them intended to identify goods or services of seller or a group of sellers. People have more knowledge about Kuensel than other newspapers because it is the first newspaper introduced in the country and it has brand name of its own. Kuensel do has its brand name and value in the market and also being the oldest media organization in the country and this is how customers/clients identify them from other Medias. term design symbol. i. When it is made available every where people will have more knowledge about it and therefore. i. Submitted by Group No. Therefore. There are two branches of Kuensel. one at Kanglung (Trashigang) and one in the capital city of the country.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation productive and effective information and latest news so that people can keep up to date with the changing environment of the country. Same with Kuensel since it’s been in the industry for the last 40 years as mentioned earlier it has created some image in their customers/clients and customers do prefer to read their newspaper and same with the clients they prefer to advertise more with Kuensel than other Medias. brand is the one which helps Kuensel in gaining more customers/clients and in overcoming their competitors.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 18 . People can read Kuensel paper every where at anytime because it is available every where and moreover clients can avail Kuensel services every where. This is how they attract the customers/clients and as well deal with the competitors.

So these are some of the retention norms of Kuensel Corporation. they give special offers at concessional rates which in turn helps both Kuensel (to earn profits in their lean season) and also their clients (to advertise whatever their business requires).e. They take well care of their client’s sensitivity while marketing for the job and collecting money in the end. Kuensel as they provide excellent quality service along with a huge volume of circulation and readership. Moreover as Submitted by Group No. everyone in the company ensures that due care is being taken to manage the customers in the manner suitable to their collectivist society. Retention Norms Kuensel do not have any written down retention norms in particular but they consciously pursue the needs of customers in the best possible way. Since Kuensel’s rate are all time high and fixed for any kind of business be it large or small size of business and moreover they don’t have the tendency to negotiate about the services they normally provide. Special Offers Kuensel do provide special offers to customers in the following ways.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 19 . mainly when the advertisement budgets of all their clients’ drops. During the lean season on all businesses.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation 7.  Normally Kuensel doesn’t provide any concession or discounts on their rates and are remained fixed throughout but during its lean seasons i. they do not believe in negotiating on their rates.  While introducing new businesses or products in the market. But Kuensel does provide special offers to its new customers/clients coming into the market and also advertising their new products by giving them at lower rates compared to the existing clients. As professionals. which helps the new business to diversify in the market due to their widely spread readership and circulation. 8.

00 Other Pages Nu. 46. Front page footer Nu.00 Nu.00 Quarter Page Nu.488.41.00 Half page Nu. 39.000.00 Nu.46.000. which are advertise occasionally depending upon the events.438.26. vacancies and others on a regular basis.800.400.876 .00 Nu. 40. 26.20.400.00  Supplement advertisements Supplement advertisements are appendage advertisements which are based on occasions such as national events. The rates of display advertisements differ as follows.00 Nu. Submitted by Group No. 5.15.00 Half Page Nu. Modes of advertisements  Display advertisements Display advertisements are forms of advertisements displayed in their news paper regarding admission.00 Quarter Page Nu. international day and advocacy and awareness etc.25. 200.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation a corporate social responsibility they try to publish certain advertisements for free depending on the requirement and ability to pay.00.550.00 Nu.00 Nu. notifications.244. scholarships. sale and services.520.876.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 20 .246.488. 22.600.23.00 Nu.00 Nu. announcements.00 Half Page Nu.030.44. 66.600.030.6.30. Nu.00 Nu.00 Black and White Single Edition Combined Edition Full page Nu.00 Spot Colour Single edition Combined edition Full Page Nu. 9. Full colour Single edition Combined edition Full Page Nu.000.

00 per image N u. For classified advertisements the rates are as follows. 70.00 4.000. Single Combined N u. Banner or Box ad annually Nu. 10. Part V Submitted by Group No.000. Half yearly N u.14.00 per word N u.00 per word N u. 50.00 per image N u. land and vacancy announcements which are displayed in few lines. 12.00 2.00  Special projects When the advertiser wants to. 1. On line advertisement has an advantage of global reach. housing.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation  Classified advertisements Classified advertisements are those advertisements of automobiles.00 per word N u.100/* Standard size for all images  Online advertisements Advertisements which are done directly online by the clients about their products or services and Kuensel Corporation do provide such facilities. for a long term conduct an advocacy and education program through print media. 70. For online advertisements the rates are.00 per word N u. 3.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 21 . 5. 7.00 3.00 per image * Any ad with maximum 50 words and minimum cost of Nu. 7. Monthly Nu.00 Per Image N u. Quarterly Nu. 20. 50.000.000.

This way Kuensel not only retains its customers but also maintains good relationships with its customers and clients. Not only attracting new customers/clients but they also retain the existing customers/clients through service excellence. overcoming their objections and demonstrating that they still value and respect them. So in order to overcome this challenge or to deal with the competitors Kuensel provides the customers/clients with quality service and by making its services available throughout the nation. radio. they never leave their customers/clients unattended. television. Also. So this is how Kuensel tries to retain their customers and manage good relationship with them. providing financial incentives and by way of appointing agents throughout the country. Recommendations Submitted by Group No. It has a significant recognition in the nation because of its existence in the industry for the last 40 years. Kuensel do attract new customers in different ways like providing quality product and services at a very competitive price. i. magazines.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation Conclusion Kuensel Corporation is one of the main Medias in the country publishing newspapers. Bhutan Times and Bhutan Observer and their launching was a competition to Kuensel.e. it has host of direct competitors in the form of newspapers. Kuensel also has edge because of their brand value in the market and also of being the oldest media organization in the country. Therefore.e. Kuensel continuously add new strategies and technologies to live up to the customers demand.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 22 . i. It is the only local newspaper available in Bhutan until 2006 when two more newspaper was launched. Kuensel being in a media industry. finding out why they’re no longer buying. attracting and retaining customers/clients is an important factor to be considered. Kuensel also accepts feedback from their customers/clients irrespective nature and tries to respond to them. billboards and local television channels and therefore competing with the competition is also one of the challenges Kuensel faces. reminding them of their existence. Kuensel makes sure that they always keep in touch with their customers/clients.

if they could start local news channel in Bhutan. As through our study we have found that Kuensel Corporation have set up only two Publishing press in Bhutan i.  The other recommendation we would like to give is that. Trashigang. Kuensel is read by the literate population and decision-makers . in the capital Thimphu and Kanglung. Like that they will be able to attract more customers/clients and can also retain them. then they will communicate their news not only to the literate person but also to persons who don’t know how to read and write.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 23 .Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation  One of the recommendations that we would give is that Kuensel Corporation should set up one or more publishing press in other Dzongkhags to reach Kuensel newspaper to all part of Bhutan. as television has become a staple in many Bhutanese home. where people prefer to update news through television.e. Referencing: Submitted by Group No.

T. Customer Retention Strategies.2 (BBA-IV ‘A”) Marketing Management 24 . Accessed: 19/4/2011. Accessed: 17/4/2011 (0nline). (2000) (Online). Submitted by Group No. 10th edition.Customer Attraction and Retention: Kuensel Corporation (0nline).Customer-Attraction&id.P (2000). Accessed: 19/4/2011 Diamond. Kotler. Customer-Retention-Strategies. Marketing Management: Northwestern University.