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Name Haslinah binti Halim Syahrini Shazureen binti Abdul Bahar

Matric Number D20111047749 D20111047762

Lecturer : Dr Ainon

He only wants to found out the secret and start tortured him more. Besides. Chilingworth make a plan to reveal it. Chillingworth hide his true identity as Hester husband that had been thought died long ago. He works as a doctor and make the society believe in his ability to treat people. Dimmesdale is an intellectual person but he was not brave enough to admit he was Hester pair doing the adultery.How does Hawthorne use symbolism to reveal the overall understanding of his novel The Scarlett Letter? Dimmesdale is a symbol of hypocrisy and self-centered intellectualism. Dimmesdale also said to be a self-centered person because he knows he is a priest and all the society respects him but. Chillingworth was an unencumbered person. Since Hester do not want to reveal the identity. He is much older than Hester. Hester Prynne had commit adultery and Dimmesdale was her pair. Chillingworth is Hester husband. He thinks that Dimmesdale guilt is the one that killing him. One day Chillingworth goes a little too far insist that Dimmesdale disease is caused by spiritual problem. In this story. Chillingworth open Dimmesdale shirt and tolds him . The society then gave him responsible to look after Dimmesdale and stay with him because his illness. Dimmesdale told him it is none of his businesss. Chillingworth already have an idea that Dimmesdale was Pearl father. but it does not mean that he should let Hester face all the circumstances. Even though it was Hester decision to keep silent about Pearl father without being force by Dimmesdale. It is truly show how self centered he was. at the same time he had commit a sin. This shows that Dimmesdale is a hypocrite person. Chillingworth forgive Hester but at the same time he wanted to know who Pearl father is. He is a priest in Puritan village and was very well respected by the society. committing adultery is a big sin and person who doing it will be sentence to death. He just thinks about himself and let Hester suffering alone and survives for her life and also for their son Pearl. When Dimmesdale goes to sleep. He let all the society have a positive mind on him but actually he does not deserve it. he came to the Puritan village at the moment when Hester is punished to stand in the scaffold and exposed to the Puritan society to let them that she had commit adultery. After missing for a few years. He already had an idea that Dimmesdale was Pearl father but he just not have enough prove to prove it. Chillingworth is a symbol of cold reason and intellect unencumbered by human compassion. priest plays very important role in spreading the religion. According to Puritan society during that time. During that era.

Every mistake that had been done is judge by God not the human. Besides. When come to a time. For the Puritan community.everything that he wants to know. Red mark on Dimmesdale chest also is one of the symbolization that had been used in this novel. Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the forest with “a grey expanse of cloud” whereby at that moment sun does not shine brightly. noon and midnight. Hester passionately lets down her hair and unbutton the Scarlet letter A in her chest. are all manifestations of the same images. In the jungle. Hester feel free from the situation where all people in the society look down on her cause by the sin that she had made. The red mark actually represents the physical manisfestation of his guilt. The author actually means that. It represents the natural world that is governed by the natural law that against the Puritan community. This is where the shadows conquer the surrounding whereby it symbolizes on the dark side of Hester life as a sinner. it also symbolizes that at the time the sun shine. Not only Hester Prynne . They are two persons in love and cause by the feeling of guilt. or perhaps the approval of God and nature. They are full with sin because they had committed adultery. it reflects on the darkness of the nature. This totally show how fiendish Chilingworth was. But it is just a flickering sunshine. Hester only can do this when she is in the forest. the guilt that she have to carry. letting hair down and unbutton the scarlet letter in public is not proper for a woman that had commit a sin. In the forest. Next symbolization that Hawthorne used in the novel Scarlet Letter is the forest. sunshine and shadows. it will stops shine. Now Chillingworth can tortured him more because Dimmesdale does not have any idea about it and he will make sure Dimmesdale would not know about it. where everything is just natural and there is no one decide on things that you will do. Even though. She cannot do this if she was in the public. Hester also discussed a plan with Dimmesdale to be together away from the rigid laws of the Puritans in the forest. The sunshine symbolizes that Hester free from the all the problem. Pearl also had reminds her mother that the sun will not shine on the sinful Hester. They have not met for about seven years just to hide their secret. sunshine also flickering on the setting where Hester and Dimmesdale have met that is the jungle. This is how forest represent natural world where someone is not judge by the law made by human. It does shine when Hester lets down her hair and unbutton the scarlet letter A from her chest in the forest. it brings along the light of truth and grace to Hester. Light and darkness. even the surrounding does not approve what they had done.

Although he is not brave as Hester to confess what he had done. The society lost respect towards her. she being the symbol of sin. but he is actually effect from the inner side of himself. Even though exacts origin about the red not given. we can see throughout the novel Hester suffers a lot cause by the adultery. . From outside. her daughter Pearl want to be give to foster parents cause the society think that Hester had not raising Pearl well is among of the circumstances that Hester Prynne had to face. Red mark on his chest is the results of his guilty feeling and might be it is the punishment from God for him. Different from Hester. his sins ultimately mark on his body permanently compare to Hester that just used embroidered letter A that is button on her chest which can be remove as she wants. but Dimmesdale told Hester that is a sign from God about the sin that he had made.the one that suffer caused by the sin they made but he also suffers from it. he carries the guilty feeling because he do nothing and let Hester suffer alone. This is because. Dimmesdale might not get the effect directly.