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PTB – low-grade afternoon fever PNEUMONIA – rusty sputum.

ASTHMA – wheezingon expiration EMPHYSEMA – barrelchest KAWASAKI SYNDROME – strawberrytongue PERNICIOUS ANEMIA – red beefy tongue DOWN SYNDROME –protruding tongue CHOLERA – rice watery stool MALARIA –stepladder like fever with chills TYPHOID – rose spots in abdomen DIPTHERIA – pseudomembrane formation MEASLES – koplik’s spots SLE – butterflyrashes LIVER CIRRHOSIS –spider like varices LEPROSY – lioning face

BULIMIA – chipmunk face APPENDICITIS –rebound tenderness DENGUE – petechiae or (+) Herman’s sign MENINGITIS –Kernig’s sign (leg flexthen leg pain onextension), Brudzinski sign (neck flex = lowerleg flex) TETANY –hypocalcemia (+) Trousseau’s sign/carpopedal spasm;Chvostek sign (facialspasm) TETANUS – risussardonicus PANCREATITIS –Cullen’s sign (ecchymosisof umbilicus); (+) Greyturners spots PYLORIC STENOSIS – olive like mass PDA – machine like murmur ADDISON’SDISEASE – bronze like skin pigmentation CUSHING’SSYNDROME – moon face appearance and buffalo hump HYPERTHYROIDISM/GRAVE’S DISEASE –exophthalmos INTUSSUSCEPTION – sausage shaped mass,Dance Sign (emptyportion of RLQ)

MS – Charcot’s Triad(IAN) MG – descending muscle weakness Guillain Barre Syndrome – ascending muscle weakness DVT – Homan’s Sign CHICKEN POX –Vesicular Rash (central todistal) dew drop on rosepetal ANGINA – Crushing stabbing pain relieved by NTG MI – Crushing stabbing pain which radiates to left shoulder. cervical lymphadenopathy. blurring of vision RETINO BLASTOMA – Cat’s eye reflex (grayish discoloration of pupils) ACROMEGALY –Coarse facial feature DUCHENNE’S MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY – Gowers’sign (use of hands to push one’s self from the floor) . curtain Vision GLAUCOMA – Painful vision loss. Continous Drooling EPIGLOTITIS – 3Ds’Drooling. Opacity of thelens. tunnel/gun barrel/halo vision(Peripheral Vision Loss) CATARACT – Painless vision loss. progressive enlargement of spleen &lymph tissues. unrelieved by NTG LTB – inspiratory stridor TEF – 4Cs’ Coughing . polydypsia. neck. arms.Dysphagia HODGEKIN’S DSE/LYMPHOMA –painless. Reedstenberg Cells INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS –Hallmark: sore throat. polyphagia DKA – Kussmaulsbreathing (Deep RapidRR) BLADDER CA –painless hematuria BPH – reduced size &force of urine PEMPHIGUSVULGARIS – Nikolsky’ssign (separation of epidermis caused byrubbing of the skin) RETINALDETACHMENT – Visual Floaters. Dysphonia. Cyanosis. fever PARKINSON’S – Pill-rolling tremors FIBRIN HYALIN –Expiratory Grunt CYSTIC FIBROSIS –Salty skin DM – 3P polyuria. flashes of light.Choking.

GERD – Barrett’s esophagus (erosion of the lower portion of the esophageal mucosa) HEPATICENCEPHALOPATHY –Flapping tremors HYDROCEPHALUS –Bossing sign (prominent forehead) INCREASE ICP –HYPERtension BRADYpnea BRADYcardia (Cushing’s Triad) SHOCK –HYPOtension TACHYpnea TACHYcardia MENIERE’S DSE –Vertigo. Tinnitus. SNHearing Loss CYSTITIS – burning on urination HYPOCALCEMIA –Chvostek & Trosseaus sign ULCERATIVECOLITIS – recurrent bloody diarrhea LYME’S DSE – Bull’s eye rash .