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teacher Language English Nationality British Citizenship British Alma mater Ipswich High School Period 1922–1968 .Enid Blyton From Wikipedia. poet. England Pen name Mary Pollock Occupation Novelist. the free encyclopedia Enid Blyton Born Enid Blyton 11 August 1897 East Dulwich. London. England Died 28 November 1968 (aged 71) Hampstead. London. Enid Blyton (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968) was a British children's writer also known as Mary Pollock. and have sold over 600 million copies. based on four children and their dog). the Five Find-Outers and Dog. 1942–1963.Genres Adventure. Secret Seven. Hanly Blyton Influences[show] Signature www.[1] One of Blyton's most widely known characters is Noddy. Series of this type include the Famous Five (21 novels.Noddy Notable award(s) Boys' Club of America for The Island of Adventure Spouse(s) Hugh Alexander Pollock (1924–42) Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters(1943–67) Children Gillian Baverstock Imogen Mary Smallwood Relative(s) Carey Blyton. where five children .co. Fantasy Subjects children's literature Notable work(s) The Famous Five. However. (15 novels. intended for early years readers. Mystery. her main work is the genre of young readers' novels in which children have their own adventures with minimal adult help. Her books have enjoyed huge success in many parts of the world. She is noted for numerous series of books based on recurring characters and designed for different age groups. 1943–1961.

the eldest child of Thomas Carey Blyton (1870–1920). There were two younger brothers. who were born after the family had moved to the nearby suburb ofBeckenham—in Oakwood Avenue. Blyton's literary output was of an estimated 800 books over roughly 40 years. London. but not maths. Chorion Limited of London now owns and handles the intellectual properties and character brands of Blyton'sNoddy and the well known series the Famous Five. leaving as head girl.regularly outwit the local police) as well as The Secret Seven (15 novels. Her work has been translated into nearly 90 languages. Her books were and still are enormously popular throughout the Commonwealth and across most of the globe. Hanly (1899–1983) and Carey (1902– 1976). a salesman of cutlery. Theresa Mary Harrison Blyton (1874–1950). a society of seven children who solve various mysteries). . and his wife. East Dulwich. Her work involves children's adventure stories. Blyton was educated at St. sometimes involving magic. She enjoyed physical activities along with some academic work. and fantasy. • [edit]Personal life Blyton was born on 11 August 1897 at 354 Lordship Lane. From 1907 to 1915. England. Christopher's School in Beckenham. 1949–1963.

During her divorce. knowing that exposure of her adultery would ruin her public image. was published in 1922. On 28 August 1924 Blyton married Major Hugh Alexander Pollock. but she decided against converting to Roman Catholicism from the Church of England because she had felt it was "too restricting". England Blyton was a talented pianist. she would allow him unlimited access to their daughters. and she began a series of affairs. By 1939 her marriage to Pollock was in difficulties. after the divorce. and Blyton ensured he was unable to find work in publishing afterward. Buckinghamshire (Peterswood in her books). Her first book.[3]Eventually they moved to a house in Beaconsfield. a collection of poems. named Green Hedges by Blyton's readers following a competition in Sunny Stories. However. Since her death in 1968 and the publication of her daughter Imogen's autobiography. In 1941 she met Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters. editor of the book department in the publishing firm of George Newnes. They had two children: Gillian Mary Baverstock (15 July 1931 – 24 June 2007) and Imogen Mary Smallwood (born 27 October 1935). Pollock was forbidden to contact his daughters. Blyton has emerged as an emotionally unstable and often malicious figure. which published two of her books that year. She promised that if he admitted to charges of infidelity. writing in her spare time. but gave up her musical studies when she trained as a teacher at Ipswich High School. Clare's series The Wishing-Chair series . Most successful works Main article: Enid Blyton bibliography         The Five Find-Outers (Also known as Enid Blyton's Mystery series) The Famous Five series The Adventure series The Noddy books The Secret Seven series The Malory Towers series The St. Surbiton and Chessington.[2] She taught for five years at Bickley. Child Whispers. Buckinghamshire. DSO (1888–1971). a London surgeon with whom she began a relationship.Enid Blyton's former house "Old Thatch" near Bourne End. Blyton blackmailed Major Pollock into taking full blame for the failure of the marriage. The couple moved to Bourne End. Although she rarely attended church services. A Childhood at Green Hedges. In the mid-1930s Blyton experienced a spiritual crisis. she saw that her two daughters were baptised into the Anglican faith and went to the local Sunday School. He turned to drinking heavily and was forced to petition for bankruptcy.

and an island. . Dick and Anne get together with their cousin George in the first adventure.          The Magic Faraway Tree series The Barney Mystery series The Circus series The Mistletoe Farm series The Naughtiest Girl series The Young Adventurers Series The Adventurous Four Series The Family Series The Family Adventure Series The Secret Series The Famous Five The Famous Five are a group of children who have the sort of adventures most kids dream about. Five On A Treasure Island. She hates it when people call her by her correct name. Julian. Most kids just have a dog. Her parents are known to Julian. in a world where ginger beer flows and ham rolls are a staple diet. George is actually a girl who wants so desperately to be a boy she crops her hair and struts about doing boy things. She has a dog called Timmy—oh yes. Georgina. but George's parents own Kirrin Island and let her run around on it as if it were her play-thing. Dick and Anne as Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny.



CAREY BLYTON'S FAMILY TREE Thomas Carey Blyton (Snr) 1840 1911 Mary Ann / Marianne Hanly 1839 1907 + | | | Thomas T(h)eresa Carey 1896 | Mary Blyton |___ Harrison + (Jnr) | 1874 | 1870 1950 1920 | | | | Alice May Enid Mary | | Blyton Blyton |___ |___ 1879 1897 | 1962 1968 | | Hanly | Harrison 1924 |___ Blyton + | 1899 | 1983 | | Carey Charles | Blyton |___ (Snr) 1902 1976 | | | | | | | | Yvonne |___ Blyton | 1926 Florence Maud (Floss) Pullen 1904 1974 .

so the move to Sheffield took place between 1871/2 and 1878. Thomas Carey (born 1870) and Sybil Marianne (born 1871/2). born 1866/7). Their fifth child. Ireland) and they lived in Deptford where they had their first four children: Bertha Hamilton (. Sidney Charles (born 1867/8). . Alice May (born 1878) was born in Sheffield.2002 | | | |___ Carey Blyton 1932 2002 1961 + | | | | |___ | | | | |___ Mary Josephine Mills 1936 - Matthew James Blyton 1965 - Daniel Carey Blyton 1971 - Thomas Carey Blyton (Snr) moved from Kent to Sheffield sometime during the 1870s. a son. Whilst in Kent he had married Marrianne Hanly (born in County Tyrone.

his parents names being George and Elizabeth. age 41 (implying birth year of 1839 or 1840. place of birth Swinderby. Sidney Charles (a second son. Carey's Great Grandmother. Marrianne (or Mary Ann). age 42 (birth year 1838/9). The five children are identified as Bertha Hamilton (a son. His occupation at this time is stated as Linen Draper. His wife is identified as Marrianne (sometimes referred to as Mary Ann). Thomas . The family comprises 'head' Thomas Carey.Thomas Carey Snr. depending on whether his birthday occurred before or after Census day). The 1881 census shows the Blyton family living at 10 Asline Road (near Sheffield United's football ground at Bramall Lane).indeed. records in Lincolnshire indicate that a Thomas Carey Blyton was christened on 5th February 1840. Carey's Great-Grandfather. Lincolnshire . age 14). age 13).

a couple of miles south of Sheffield city centre. Sheffield. age 21. The family later moved to 165 Aizlewood Road and finally to Machon Bank where an 1895 Directory includes a listing for a Miss M Blyton as a pianoforte teacher. etc. age 11). It is known that when (our) Carey Blyton took up piano at the age of 16 she gave him several volumes of music including the complete Beethoven piano sonatas. Alice May Blyton. age 19 and Alice M. plus Sybil M. age 12. Thomas Carey Snr is shown age 51. known as May. Sybil Marianne (a daughter. Carey's Great Aunt May .Carey Jnr (a third son. May subsequently married Charles Needham Crossland. unmarried and a Mercantile Clerk. a steelworks representative. The 1891 census shows the Blyton family living at 165 Aizlewood Road. Marrianne is included. was born on 14 April 1878 at Asline Road. and much later they lived at 10 Meadway Drive. She and her husband had no children. plus Thomas Carey Jnr. Dore (a suburb of SW Sheffield) from the 1940s to her death in 1962. the complete Chopin mazurkas. She was still teaching music and was described by a neighbour as friendly and having a whimsical sense of humour. other details as above except that his occupation is stated as Linen Draper's Buyer. age 52. The 'occupation' of all the children (with the exception of Alice May) is given as 'Scholar'. age 2). The two older brothers had presumably moved out of the family home by this time. age 9) and Alice May (a second daughter. Not all these children are included on the chart above.

He (much) later claimed that this present had been in virtual daily use for about 60 years! Alice May's older brother. They soon returned to London because of Thomas Carey's employment with a cutlery firm. a small blade. Carey's Grandfather. . was born in Deptford. In 1896 he married (in Sheffield) Theresa Mary Harrison. was born followed by another move to Clockhouse Road where a second son (and final child) Carey was born. daughter of a table fork maker. Thomas Carey Jnr. when he was about 6 or 7. of a small penknife "rather like a Swiss army knife. and with a large blade. Thomas Carey Jnr. Kent. a milliner. Enid would grow up to become the famous children's writer (although her father believed she possessed a similar musical talent to her aunt and hoped she would become a musician) and Hanly would marry and become (our) Carey Blyton's father. Hanly Harrison. where daughter Enid Mary was born. a button hook. They initially lived in a small flat above a shop in Lordship Lane. with tortoiseshell fascias.Carey had fond memories of his "great aunt May" including the gift. a corkscrew. from a large family. East Dulwich. but quickly moved to Chaffinch Road in Beckenham. but very much smaller. Kent where a first son. a 'spike' and a nail file".

Thomas and Theresa gradually drifted apart until. .Theresa. writing poetry. foreign languages. which will be included here in the future. He died of a heart attack aged mention but a few). Wife Theresa died in 1950 and was buried with her husband. photography . even though they had lived apart for 40 years. Unfortunately. He also recalls that she wore glasses with one lens frosted. in 1910. Thomas Carey Jnr. Carey's Grandmother. Carey's memories of Theresa (his paternal grandmother) are of someone who spoiled him as a child (she lived within walking distance). Thomas moved out having taken up with another woman. The children remained with Theresa but the split necessitated a move to a smaller house in Elm Road (still in Beckenham). who was a well read man with many interests (watercolour painting. much to my mother's alarm". of which he was rather scared. This. while fishing the Thames. during the early years of the new century. decided that his future was not to be in cutlery and joined his two older brothers (Bertha Hamilton and Sidney Charles) in the family 'mantle warehousing' business of Fisher and Nephew. She would give him "sugar sandwiches and egg and tomato 'mix' on fried bread. coupled with her size ("she was a large woman") made her a bit awesome to him. Thomas subsequently established a successful wholesale clothing business in the City of London and was able to pay private school fees for his children as well as regularly sending money to support his family. Better pay and prospects enabled a move of house (still in Clockhouse Road) to a larger property with a larger garden. playing piano. Carey's father and mother. More research is currently being undertaken regarding 'Hanly and Floss'.

appears to have been named for both his grandmother and his mother. Hanly Harrison. Carey's name is present in his father's generation (his uncle). and his great grandfather's. . and is now passed on in son Daniel's middle name. Carey's father. Many Mary's appear to have married into the family and that name was re-used for both Enid Mary Blyton and by her for both her daughters. and his grandfather's.It seems obvious from the above chart that re-using family names is something of a tradition with the Blytons.

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