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WHY is finding an amazing wedding photographer so difficult?

:/ I am a Bride who is getting married this summer and have yet to find a decently priced, exceptional, amazingly talented, fun photographer. WHY because the word "WEDDING" is involved photographers think they can change you $ 3,000.00 for wedding photos? Oh, because no bride is going to go without so they are going to pay it, because they HAVE to. They are ripping people off for all they have! Why when you want to get married it costs you AT LEAST 15 grand after all is said-and-done? Its such CRAP!! I love all you $ 3,000.00 photographers out there but i think your prices are WACK. All your doing is hanging out at a wedding taking tons of photos and editing them.. and thats owrth 3 GRAND!!! You're making so much money its crazy. I just wish people would be more realistic. I mean the "average" persons salary for 1 freaking month is somewhere around 3 grand. (Thats making 19$ an hour) So you're going to take someones WHOLE MONTH paycheck for one flippen day of photos? Just because you CAN!!?????? So that maybe they will not be able to feed themselves or pay any other bills they have, right? It makes me SICK! I know im speaking for more than just myself right now. Alot of brides out there think the same thing. & I bet all you fancy photographers wont even read this. oh-well. Maybe there are cheaper photographers that will read this and LOVE to take my photos
Si, in continuare, voi posta si raspunsul pe care l-a primit aceasta mireasa neinteleasa, de la un fotograf:

Dear Bride, I am a wedding photographer in the Erie, PA area. Wedding season only last about 4 months here, so I photograph an average of 20 weddings per year for an average of $2500 / wedding. (which totals about $50,000 / year). - That being said, I am a small business owner, so I pay all of my taxes, totaling about $15,000 / year which leaves me with a gross income of around $35,000 - Of that $35,000 I pay $600/month in rent for my small house and garage which I converted into my studio (which is where I would be editing your wedding images at) $35,000 – $7,200 = 27,800. - Then I have my car, which I would use to get me to and from your wedding, which I pay $400/month for the lease, Plus $200/month in car insurance = $7,200 = $20,600. - To get to your (and my other brides) wedding consultation, second wedding pre-consultation, the wedding itself, and to and from the printers I need gas money = $840/year = $19,760 - I also have insurance in case you sue me, or if any of your drunk guests would happen to break any of my equipment = $500 / year. = $19,260 - You also probably found me through my website, which I pay $30/month for hosting, and another $30/ month so that you can view your photos online and share the images with your friends and family = $720 = $18,540 - Or perhaps you found me through my advertisements in the newspaper or local bridal magazines, OR a bridal show that you attended that I

000 / year to feed myself.000 = $17.500 . usually I end up re-investing whatever I have left on upgrades and new equipment: During your wedding.4 lens = $500 Canon 100mm f2.I have 2 Canon 5D Mark II cameras (because you always need a backup in case of a camera malfunction which would ruin your big days photographs) which cost $2500 / camera = $5000 -I also have quality lenses which can capture your special moments in low light situations: Canon 24-70 f2. external battery packs and a bag to carry everything in.440 . lens filters.300 Canon 50mm f1. BUT.500 / year = $7.2 Canon 580EX II = $1.Oh yes.paid to have a booth at $18. cloth myself etc….540 . pay for my heat and electricity.and I pay for a second shooter for your wedding. I bring my professional equipment that I use so that I can make sure you have the highest quality images. I then come home to my home office and spend about 20-25 hours editing your images. my home phone for my business and my cell phone so I can communicate with you = $2. light stands. buy groceries.I need high speed internet so I can upload all of your images online. umbrellas.I also pay for my own Health insurance in case I were to get hurt at your wedding = $250/month = $14.I also need to have a new pair of shoes every season because my shoes get worn out and dirty from season to season = $100/year = $10.8 lens = $1.540 . so that you can have more images and different angles.Sometimes I attend workshops and seminars to teach me how to better my business.8 macro = $600 Canon 10-22mm f3. creating your album.Also multiple battery back ups and memory cards. .and I have speed lights to catch the fun moments at your reception: .Because this is equipment.5 wide angle = $800 .200 .540 – $1. as well as keep up on the trends and learn new techniques so that I can make sure you have the best quality images available. That would technically leave me with about $7. as to make sure you get the best images possible at your wedding = $200/wedding = $10. posting pictures on facebook.940 . and make my client happier (that would be you). = $1.8 lens = $1. and I also pay a lawyer to make sure my contracts are iron clad and an accountant to make sure that I am paying all of the taxes I need… = $500/year = $7. light boxes.440 . sometimes I need to have it serviced or cleaned to make sure it is all working properly = $200 After spending 8-10 hours at your wedding.540 . blogging about your wedding. ordering you prints and burning your DVD’s .200 Canon 70-200 f2.

senior portraits and corporate jobs in order to make ends meet. going to the post office etc. .Using ink = $200/year . but your photographs will be the only thing you have to remember that ONE DAY for the rest of your lives.And I also back up all of my photographs online so if there was ever a fire in my office. you would never lose your photographs = $400/year . and take on many family portraits.I edit your photographs on Adobe Lightroom = $200 and Adobe CS5 = $400 (for the upgrade) and $900 for the new program. I’m extremely insulted by your craigslist post and hope this sheds a little light on why we charge $3000 for one day of your memories which are going to last you forever. etc. I’m usually in the hole at the end of the year.I also have office expenses as far as buying paper. Yes.I edit your photographs using a 27inch imac computer = $2500 . Photography is my passion and my livlihood. but one day isn’t all we spend on your photographs or on our business.I also spend time and money ordering your prints and albums. Photographer. -Nikki Wagner. filing cabinets and files. etc.and I print your DVD’s on a printer which = $300 . paying for shipping. etc.. You will spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress or flowers or a venue or on catering which you are going to have for only ONE DAY. and it is also EXPENSIVE. staples.and I buy the DVD’s and jewel cases your getting printed =$300 / year -I archive all of your photographs on 2 2TB external hard drives = $500 . . packaging. envelopes. . it seems like a lot of money for one day. All of that being said.