Walden Student Readiness Orientation Checklist

Orientation Section Course-Specific Information Introduction page What You Should Do Here View the welcome video. Explore the modules in the dashboard. Print the checklist. Read and print this page. What You Should Take Away A copy of this checklist

Syllabus The syllabus is the first item you should read when starting a new online course. The syllabus contains important information about your course, such as course materials, policies, and due dates. Students Speak This page contains several videos of Walden students talking about these topics: Why they chose Walden; Walden diversity; Walden community; Walden tools and technology; Advice for new Walden online students. Contact the Instructor This page has the contact information for your instructor. In your future courses this area will also contain a discussion board where you can ask the instructor courserelated questions that may be relevant for all class members. Resources This page has hyperlinks to various Walden resources. Basics This page contains information about the hyperlinks you will find in the online classroom. Quick Start (applies only to late-registering students) This page includes the six things late-registering students must do immediately and a plan for completing the remaining information in the orientation. Getting Ready A Day in the Life In this video segment, Walden students talk about a “typical” day in the life of a Walden 1

A copy of the syllabus

View the videos.

Transcripts of the videos (as needed)

Print this information.

A copy of the Contact the Instructor information

Explore the hyperlinks. Print this information. Read this information. Print this information (as needed). Save and print the handout on this page (as needed)

A copy of the Resources page A copy of the Basics page (as needed) Handout: Quick Start (as needed)

View the video How They Fit It All In (And You Can Too!): Walden

Transcript of the video (as needed)

Study Space In an online program. A copy of your support network. online learners need to create their own effective study environment and indicate to others that this is your study space—and time. and employers is a crucial factor in their abilities to balance studies with family and work obligations. Expectations Your expectations for online learning may be informed by preconceptions. View the videos Setting Goals and Staying Motivated.” As such. Explore the hyperlinks about graduation and Walden alumni. View the videos. View the video Finding a Support Network. and anyone else you have contact with. The videos include Walden students talking about skills an online learner needs and the importance of knowing what kind of learner you are. Explore the social networking sites for Walden. friends. Learning Strengths A copy of the suggestions . it is to your benefit to build your own personal support network of family. neighbors. To that end. you do not have a specific physical classroom to go to that signals to you and those around you that “this is study time. Complete the self-paced time management tutorial (linked on the page) and the tutorial activities. Save and print the handouts. co-workers. how can you be sure all your preconceptions are accurate? What You Should Do Here Students Describe Their Days Take the quiz to see how much you know about the myths and realities of online learning. Explore the online activity about setting goals. Read the list of tips for creating an effective study space and apply the suggestions to set up your study space. Complete the online activity to help you determine what distracts you when you study. Complete the learning styles 2 What You Should Take Away Transcript of the quiz (as needed) Handout: 10 Tips for Being a Successful Online Learner Handout: Characteristics of Online Learners Transcripts of the videos (as needed) Goals Take a moment to think about your goals. Access and view the presentation on Academic Integrity and Student Conduct.Orientation Section student. If this is your first experience as an online student. friends. generated from the support network exercise. Handout: Talking to Your Support Network Transcripts of the videos (as needed) A completed time management planner (from the self-paced tutorial) A copy of the Study Space page Time Management When Walden students were asked to name the most important skills an online learner should have to be successful in an online program. time management was the number one response. Complete the support network exercise. What would you like to accomplish in one year? five years? ten years? Setting clear goals can help you to stay motivated during your course of study. Support Network Students’ ability to rely on the cooperation and goodwill of family.

the more successful you will be as an online student. The more you know your learning and study preferences. A copy of the university technology requirements Your Computer Inventory Checklist Transcript of the Taking Inventory Assistant (as needed) Transcript of the video (as needed) Your Technology Contingency Plan A copy of the Course Technology page (as needed) 3 . writing e-mails. then submit to the Turnitin assignment link. plug-ins. View the video Creating a Technology Backup Plan. you are encouraged to share tips for one or more of the topics for this section—a time management strategy. This is not unlike the variety of technologies you may encounter. After all. What You Should Do Here questionnaire to find out what kind of learner you are. Discussion Activity In this Discussion area. Access and print the current university technology requirements. Assignment Activity You will be provided with a document to save. Save and print the handouts. View the video Communicating in an Online Classroom. students describe the importance of communication skills for online learners and offer some tips and best practices to follow. Course Technology During your online program you will most likely encounter technology beyond your online classroom and word processing application. It is extremely important to have a plan in place. Technology Computer Inventory One of the first things you need to do is make sure the computer you will be using to access your online course and to complete your coursework meets the minimum technical requirements. The results of your learning style questionnaire Transcript of the video (as needed) Handout: 10 Best Practices for Online Communication Handout: Tips for Quality Online Discussion Participate in the online Discussion. writing papers. regardless of technical difficulties. Instructors expect assignments to be turned in on time. where you study. add information to. Read the list of technologies you may encounter in your course or program. Create your own technology contingency plan. Doing this now means that you’ll be able to spend precious study time on learning and not on dealing with computer problems. writing chat messages. In the video segment for this section. you are being exposed to streaming media. Communication Tips The main mode of communication in an online course is through writing: writing Discussion postings. What You Should Take Away on this page. and players.Orientation Section Online learning requires self-discipline and self-awareness. Practice using the Turnitin assignment link. etc. Prevent Disaster Computers crash and Internet connections fail—usually at the most inconvenient times. a goal and how you plan to meet it. As you may notice in this orientation. Complete the computer inventory checklist (using the Taking Inventory of Your Computer Assistant as needed).

and Internet browsers. Walden e-mail. Classroom Key Information Your courses. This quiz will provide you with some key information to remember about your online classroom.Orientation Section Demonstrations For some students. Demonstrations The following demonstrations will walk you through common features and functions in your online classroom.6 Participate in the online Discussion Practice using the Assignment Link What You Should Take Away Tutorial quick start guides (as needed) Transcripts for the demonstrations (as needed) Discussion Activity Share your favorite technology tip. What You Should Do Here Complete these self-paced tutorials: About the myWalden University portal Walden e-mail View the brief demonstrations for the browser you use: Clear Browser Cookies and Cache and Set Security Settings to Medium in Internet Explorer 8 Allow Pop-Up Windows in Internet Explorer 8 Adding a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer 8 Clear Browser Cookies and Cache and Accept Cookies in Firefox 3. And many students contact the Student Support Team with common issues. The following tutorials and demonstrations will identify some common technology issues and walk you through how to fix them yourself.6 Allow Pop-Up Windows in Firefox 3. Take the quiz to see how much you know about the online classroom. working with technology can be intimidating. will be delivered to you in an online classroom. Transcript of the quiz (as needed) View these demonstrations: How to Participate in Discussion How to Check Your Grades How to Submit and Retrieve Assignments Two Ways to Save Linked Documents Transcripts for the demonstrations (as needed) 4 . just like this orientation. especially related to the myWalden University portal. Assignment Activity Submit your Technology Contingency Plan to the Assignment Link.

Bookshelf Technology Manual The “Technology Manual” is an alphabetized reference of computer functions commonly associated with online learning. academic and student resources. colleagues. Handout: About the Student Catalog and Handbook Save and print the Information for International Students (as needed). FAQs Is an answer to a technology or an online classroom question on the tip of your tongue? Not sure where to find it in the documentation? Maybe your question is frequently asked and can be quickly found in this document.Orientation Section Discussion Activity Explore the Tools area in the left navigation bar. and financial services policies for Walden students. course descriptions. some may be new. Handout: FAQs Save and print About the Student Catalog and Handbook. Handout: Technology Manual Save and print the Glossary. Handout: Glossary Save and print the FAQs. and faculty and administration listings. Knowing and using technical words will make it easier for you to communicate with your Instructor. International (applies only to students living outside of the United States) This document is specifically designed for students living outside of the United States who may require different resources or alternate forms of assistance from Walden University. Catalog and Handbook The “Student Handbook” is the primary resource for academic policies and procedures. How might you use the Chat and Virtual Classroom items in the Collaboration area during a course? Assignment Activity Submit your Discussion response document to the Turnitin assignment link. Topics range from tips for using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to right-clicking your mouse. and the Student Support Team. Handout: Information for International Students (as needed) 5 . Glossary Online learners need to be familiar and comfortable with using technical terms. The “Student Catalog” includes official curricular requirements. What You Should Do Here Participate in the online Discussion What You Should Take Away Practice using the Turnitin assignment link Save and print the Technology Manual. Some topics may be review.

Save and print the handout on this page. Handout: Student Support or a copy of the Student Support page 6 . Evaluation This page informs you that you may be contacted by Walden University after you have completed your first academic course and asked to complete an online survey about your experience with the Student Readiness Orientation. or print the page. Walden Reference Information Student Support This page includes common needs and concerns new online students often have and which person or university service to contact for answers and support. What You Should Do Here What You Should Take Away Complete the 15-question Readiness Check with a score of 13 or above.Orientation Section Next Steps Readiness Check The Readiness Check is a 15-question quiz based on the information in the orientation. Be familiar with this information.

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