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Saturday, May 12, 2012 | Vol II, issue 18
Be prepared-
Protect yourself
Old enough to conceive but far too young to be a parent
Condoms, condoms,
everywhere, yet teenage
pregnancies prevail
Pg. 10
Dear Reader
We all agree that teenagers, whether male or
female, should never become parents, considering
they are neither emotionally stable nor financially
But in reality, regardless of what negatives we list
about teenage pregnancy, there will be teenagers who
will continue to become parents.
For obvious reasons, and whether we like it or
not, teenagers will have sex, because that is the basic
human tendency, and a biological need that humans
have been designed for.
Although a few teenagers might abstain entirely
from sexual intercourse, a majority will explore their
springing sensuality.
Besides, with materials aplenty about sex on
the internet and television, it becomes even more
important that we consider educating our teenagers.
Just as much as we tend to be horrified at the
thought of teenagers having sex and becoming
parents too early, or acquiring sexually transmitted
infections, we cannot stop that unless we embrace the
reality, and work together towards a lasting solution.
One of the ways to help prevent young people
from becoming parents at an early age is to start
providing better access to birth control measures,
and more so in the rural areas, where teenage
pregnancy is more rampant even to this day.
Prevention works and that can begin earlier on
in schools, where students could be taught about
condoms and other birth-control measures that
could then be complemented by discussions at home.
When we can have phalluses painted on walls,
including those crafted from woods affixed on
doorframes, and not to mention the crudest of sexual
jokes we crack up on, our reservations, when it comes
to discussing in earnestness with our children issues
of sex is a little queer.
Therefore, in this issue, our focus has mainly
been on protection and sex education.
Of course, neither of these will work if our
teenagers are drinking too much. But that is a
different concern altogether.
Kinley Wangmo
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The condom man A go-to guy
who comes to you!
for Chef
Pg. 14
Pg. 22
EDITOR - Kinley Wangmo, DESIGN- Samdrup Tshering, Jigme Norbu MARKETING- Kinga Wangmo
PABX:322483; 334688; 322134:326191
outh unemployment rate
remains at 0.2 percent in the
past two years
'|s \ee|
VHAl lH8 8lAP8
Hay 12, 8aturday (22nd day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo perlorr da||y r|lua|s or|y.
8ad day lo slarl reW ous|ress, s||ll |ouse, joo
prorol|or, rrry, |rd rd l|e over olle, erler |rlo
a reW |ouse, l||| |ard.
Hay 13, 8unday (23rd day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo perlorr |nasung rnr|soe|, prop|l|ale od
ard nagas, |earr aslro|oy, s||ll |ouse, joo prorol|or,
|rd or l|e over olle, r|e |rporlrl de|s|or,
s||ll |ouse, erler |rlo reW|y orslruled |ouse,
esl||s|rerl ol us|ress, soW seed rd p|rl loWer.
8d dy lor slro|oy orsu|ll|or lor ded rd ||v|r,
or|r oul reW oorns rd e|erle |rl|dys.
Hay 14, Honday (24th day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lor da||y r|lua|s or|y.
8d dy lo ppo|rl rry orrrder, rrry,
e|erle, |rd rd l|e over olle, |o|sl p|yer l
ard verlure |rlo a |or jourrey.
Hay 15, Tuesday (25th day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo perlorr |nasung rnr|soe|, prop|l|ale
od ard nagas, perlorr rsnoknor, s||ll |ouse, joo rr
prorol|or, |rd or l|e over olle, uller |rps rd
|o|sl p|yer ls.
8ad day lo prop|l|ale od ard nagas ard lo el
Hay 1, wednesday (2th day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo |earr aslro|oy, |ard ard la|e over
olle, esl||s|rerl ol reW us|ress, de|s|or
r||r, ppro| |||er ul|or|l|es, s||ll |ouse, soW
seed, p|rl sp||r rd loWers.
8d dy lo orserle, rool |ouse, erler |rlo reW
|ouse ard verlure |rlo |or jourrey.
Hay 17, Thursday (27th day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo perlorr |nasung rnr|soe|, prop|l|ale od
ard nagas, perlorr onaku, |earr aslro|oy, slarl
reW us|ress, r|e |rporlrl de|s|or, v|s|l |||er
aul|or|ly, s||ll |ouse, erler |rlo reW |ouse, soW seed,
p|rl sp||r rd loWers.
8d dy lo rrry or e|erle
Hay 18, Fr|day (28th day of th|rd hutanese
0ood day lo perlorr |nasung rnr|soe|, orserle,
jo prorol|or, rrry, e|erl|or, |err slro|oy,
erler |rlo reW |ouse, s||ll |ouse, slarl reW ous|ress,
|rd|r rd l||r over olle, de|s|or r||r,
soW|r seed rd p|rl|r sp||r rd loWer.
8ad day lo rool |ouse, |o|sl |ungoar, se|| |ard ard rr
properl|es ard l||| |ard.
Anythng happenng? lct us know at
or call us at 322483. You can aslo fnd us (k2
kucnscl) on Iaccbook.
8cnd in information at thc carlicst sincc k2 gocs to
thc printing prcss cvcry lucsday.
In the ongoing 8hutan cricket council board super league, 8hutan
tourism corporation limited will play against 8hutan telecom
today while team Pigsum will play against Vebnuk tomorrow.
len matches have been played so far in the match that started on
April ..
ea|a| `ses a,
It's a day to celebrate one of the world's most caring" professions.
loday is the International nurses day.
In the capital, nurses will mark the day by making presentations on
their research nndings in line with this year's theme, losing the
gap: from evidence to action".
Among others, quiz competitions will be held during the program
organised by Poyal Institute of Health 8ciences and }igme Lorji
Vangchuck National Peferral Hospital.
lhe day is celebrated around the world every May 12, coinciding
with the birth anniversary of ilorence Nightingale, known for her
pioneering work in nursing.
More players will be nltered out today, as more than ., matches
are played at the 8hutan lennis iederation 8pring Open at
lhe matches will start from8:DDam and go on till 7:DDpm.
More than ,o participants in six dinerent categories have nn
participated in the tournament that began on May 5.
is arms wrapped around her
slender waist from behind,
breathing down her nape, le
bare by her hair neatly clipped
up her head, and his lips
gently skimming over her tender
shoulders, he was making some
sensual advances.
That was the
Kinga Dema
Schools in
Bhutan allow
young women to
continue schooling
after delivery
culmination of a relationship forged in less than
a month between Kesang,16, and her newfound
19-year-old love, Tenzin.
For Kesang, a high school student in Thimphu,
it took about two weeks to know Tenzin, another
week to feel the thrill of being asked out, and
just as much a thrill of a rst kiss, and
within a few days it had come to this.
Following that, in less than an
hour, the couple, feeling high-
strung, mixed with a sudden
surge of excitement, agreed to
take the relationship further
in the physical way.
But it was only later,
aer going all the way, that
it struck Kesang that she
of Bhutanese
marry before
15. Among
the poorest
it is 10%
Too much too soon
Source: Bhutan multiple indicator survey, 2010
should have used a contraceptive,
and she tossed and turned in her
bed, wondering what if she was
As it turned out, Kesang missed
two menstrual cycles.
To conrm what she wished wasnt
true, Kesang went to the medical shop
to buy a pregnancy test kit.
What the kit showed sent her
reeling to her knees and, more so, when
the man, she thought would stand
beside her during such a crossroad,
atly denied his involvement in the
state she was in.
She was pregnant.
It could have been prevented,
Kesang, who is now the mother of a
11-month-old girl, said. I should have
insisted on protection than to have
given in so easily.
Another teenager, Sonam, a
college student, was alarmed, when
her boyfriend brazenly asked her for sex. She
refused. He dumped her. But she felt shed
made the right decision, because she felt she was
not ready for it.
Medical shop owners in urban areas said
they came across more and more young men and
women buying contraceptives, which is good,
since it indicates their increased awareness to
protect themselves from sexually transmied
diseases, and avoid pregnancy.
That Bhutanese teens are no strangers to
sexual activities is also indicated through sale
of pregnancy test kits that medical shops in
Thimphu sold.
Most medical shop owners said they sold
between ve and 20 pregnancy test kits in a day,
not only to married couples, but many teenagers
Considering how fast children nowadays
grow, we may be unable to distinguish some
of them from adults, but they cant hide their
innocence and the way they dress up, said one
medical shop owner in Thimphu.
Similarly, sale of condoms to both youngsters
and older men is also on the rise, they say, with
the demand among the young being higher
during the weekends.
Less than 1 in 5 of
teens are married
with about 20.8%
in rural and 5.5% in
urban areas
Adolescent fertility was
59 per 1000 births
with the highest in
Gasa : 332
Pemagatshel : 163
Zhemgang : 150
Mongar : 138
Lack of awareness, precaution, guidance
and unplanned sex were cited as the reasons
for early adolescent pregnancies in rural areas,
during a brief study, carried out in 2000 on
youth perspectives on teenage sex, by the youth
guidance and counselling division.
In urban areas, lack of awareness, poverty,
family problems, and lack of guidance from
parents on maers of romance and love were
cited as some of the reasons.
Contrary to the Bhutanese aribute of being
blas about sharing dirty jokes, they can be
conservative when it comes to discussing sex,
especially with their children.
Rather than preach abstinence, some parents
feel the focus should now shi to safe sex, and
making contraceptives accessible to the young.
Not only should they be made aware of the
contraceptives, but how to make proper use of
it, a parent said. Risks associated with teenage
pregnancies are aplenty.
It was more important to create awareness
among the sexually active teens on prevention of
sexually transmied infections (STIs) and HIV/
AIDS, stressed Karma Choden, a mother of three.
Many of our teens are more worried about the
physical implication (pregnancy), than the long
term suerings unprotected sex spelt.
Chuki Dema, 16, nearly died of pregnancy-
related complications, had she not been able to
get timely medical intervention. Having suered
from eclampsia, a severe condition suered by a
young mother through high blood pressure, she
nearly lost her life too.
Remorse is all there is to feel for what I've
done, she said. I was young, it was too early and
Last year about 2%
of urban women
visiting ante-natal
clinics were below
18 years
Source: Reproductive Health Unit of JDWNRH
Remorse is all there is to
feel for what I've done
Chuki Dema
I should have insisted on protection than
to have given in so easily
I was unaware of the consequences.
Such are the risks associated with teenage
pregnancy, said health ocials, with the body of a
teenager not fully developed to be able to handle
childbirth, compared to a mature woman.
Other problems also include psychological,
economic and social implications. A teenage
mother not only has to cut short her dreams and
aspirations, but face societal discrimination, said
a health ocial. So there are more reasons why a
teenager shouldn't get pregnant.
Records with the community health department
of Thimphu referral hospital show that last year
about two percent of the 2,000 urban women, who
visited the ante-natal clinic, were below 18.
Nowadays, teenagers are more wise,
and they've access to enough knowledge
too, an ocial said. While we can't
prevent them from what they want
to do, we can educate them on the
available contraceptives, protection
and prevention of HIV/STIs.
But it's important to educate
both the sexes, apart from just
targeting girls, she added. Even
men are vulnerable to acquiring
sexually transmied infections, and
shouldering the responsibility of
fathering a child.
A high school student, Sonam
Dorji, 17, who had his rst sexual
encounter when he was 14, said he
carried condoms during nights
out with friends. I don't want to
be a father at such a young age,
the lanky good-looking teenager
said. Its not just a womans but a
man's responsibility too, to have
protected sex.
A worldwide issue, teenage
pregnancy has become an
important issue in developing countries.
About one-third of women become mothers
before the age of 20, and pregnancy-related
complications have become the leading cause of
death among them in South Asian countries, states
a study. High proportions of teenage pregnancies
were also prevalent, since early marriage was
common, apart from the social expectation
to have a child soon aer marriage, states
the study.
In Bhutan, despite the existence
of condoms and birth control pills,
there were cases where many young
people had to cross the border to visit
unauthorised abortion clinics, because
they were not prepared to have
children. Then there are countless
incidents of discarded foetus and
The Phuentsholing hospital
recorded 44 such post abortion
complication cases and two deaths
last year until June, while118 cases
were recorded the year before.
While dealing with the root
cause of teenage pregnancy
and STIs among teens is oen
debatable, many say it's time we are
open about sex and relationships
rather than preaching abstinence
hen Ugyen Pelden,
15, turned up at the
Thimphu referral
hospital last month
to confrm her
pregnancy, she was already four months into
the gestation period.
When informed by the medical staff, her
face wore a placid look, giving no hints of
what was churning in her mind. I really didnt
know how I felt, whether it was early
or not, she said, her eyes
downcast and fxed
on the foor.
Although under the legal age, Ugyen
Pelden from Trashigang, was married to a 25-
year old civil servant.
The health staff also informed Ugyen about
contraceptives, which the couple could have
used to avoid getting pregnant. It was the frst
time Ugyen heard of such a thing. My husband
never told me anything about it, said Ugyen, a
primary school drop-out.
For Ugyen, apart from the physical risks
pregnancy imposed, there were no other
considerations, since she was married.
But teenage girls in school can be under a
lot of stress, dealing with what parents, friends,
teachers and society might think of them, when
dealing with unwanted pregnancies.
Many, like Ugyen, dont avail the services
at the hospital, nor are they comfortable visiting
the same centre frequented by married couples.
To enable better sexual health and well
being of the adolescence, the community health
department of the Thimphu referral
hospital will soon
Namgay Tshoki
Condoms, condoms,
everywhere, yet teenage
pregnancies prevail
The health sector has an adolescent-friendly unit in the ong to address the issue
establish an adolescence (10
to 19) friendly unit, and it
will be just for the JDWNRH
unit itself.
These services arent
only for the school youth,
but mostly concentrate on
the marginalised out of
school youths, a JDWNRH
offcial said. 'The main
goal is to improve the
health and wellbeing of the
This is because a majority
of our adolescents are not
comfortable availing such
services, along with the married
couples, says the offcial.
Not many came forward to
inquire about the available
contraceptives or any issues related to them.
Even the health information service centre
(HISC), under the health ministry, located above
the main taxi parking in town, doesn`t get many
adolescents approaching them for their services.
Only married men were their regular clients,
according to offcials.
In a month, about 6,336 condoms are
distributed from HISC to their clients, hotels, bars
or drayangs, among others. But in four months,
just three adolescent boys came to get condoms
from us, against 200 men, said an offcial.
She also said that it could be due to the
location of the centre, which many teens are not
comfortable with. We dont even get teenage
girls, she said.
Condoms being distributed freely at hotels
or bars, where a person can just pick it from the
box, HISC offcials said, the teenagers could be
getting their supplies from there.
I get condoms from medical shops, which
are located in the corners, an 18-year old boy
said, shying away. I feel very shy to ask for it,
but I do manage to get it.
A 21-year old, graduate from Thimphu said
that she had taken i-pill three times, while with
her boyfriend of fve years. 'I`m very serious
about using protection, but sometimes things
happen, she said. I had taken i-pills, not as
a substitute for condoms, but because I wasnt
ready for pregnancy.
Now the 21-year knows of i-pill and
unwanted 72.
The biggest fear is getting pregnant, and its
good if a pill can avoid that, said another 20-
year old student.
Countless young men, many of them
teenagers, come to buy condoms, Kuenphen
medical owner Jharna said; but, on the other
hand, a lot of the others come looking for i-pills.
But whenever they come asking for i-pills
and unwanted 72, we advise them about the
chances of being infected by HIV and sexually
transmitted infections, she said.
Each pack of i-pill, which costs Nu 100,
contains a single dose. A similar pill, but with a
different trade name, unwanted 72, which costs
between Nu 60 to Nu 80 a pill, is also popular,
say pharmacists in Thimphu town.
Our customers include students and
graduates, as well as the older people, said
Some taxi drivers, who are outreach workers
for HISC, take the condoms and distribute to
the people, including a lot of youngsters, said
offcials. 'That way, they`re more comfortable.
HISC maintains how many condoms they
distribute, including a clients detailed information,
such as the name, age and marital status.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Number of condoms issued in
the past 7 years by JDWNRH
Did you know?
China is the largest producer of
garlic, producing over 10 million
tons in 2008 and accounting for over
75% of world output.
Rabbits and parrots can see
behind themselves without even
moving their heads!
1 Big animal that has one horn
3 This animal has a very long neck
6 Mans best friend
8 Lives in cold and waddles
9 Slow moving and has a shell
12 Striped animal that looks like a
13 Can swim under water and walk
on land and has a big bite
2 This animal has a long trunk
4 This animal likes to eat carrots
and sugar cubes
5 This animal loves bananas
7 Some say this animal has nine
10 Has big ears and likes to hop
11 king of the jungle
Wolf pups are born
deaf and blind
while weighing
around 0.5 kg (1
lb). It takes about 8
months before they
are old enough to
actively join in wolf
pack hunts.
May 5
Dearest Tashi Chunku Chozom,
We did not really forget your special day; how
could we! We gured you deserved more than
one. Happy Belated Birthday. Many happy
returns of the day. Hope youd a memorable
Loads of love & luck,
Shaemus, Rigsal, Borqaa, Tension & Dorji
Nidup (The A Positives)
Happy Happy 24th anniversary
of your birth, Beast !!
Ive shouted this out on
Facebook and MUST do so
here on K2 as well
God bless you always.
love, Beauty
Folding Paper
Buttery Craft
What you will need:
Construction paper
Buery Template
Paint brushes
Paint, various colors
What to do:
Print our buery template onto
construction paper and cut it out.
Fold the buery in half and have your
children paint a design on only ONE
half of the buery. For young children
it works best if you fold the unpainted
side under the side they are painting to
eliminate confusion.
While the paint is still wet, fold the
unpainted side of the buery over the
painted side and gently push the two
Unfold and let dry.
Dear Karma Selden
Many happy returns of the day.... We
wish you a long peace and happy life
ahead. You have been always good
to us and on this auspicious day we
wish happy birthday again....
Love you sister
With love Dorji and Kinley..
Find 10 spoons and colour
the picture below
Dear Kencho Y Wangmo
Thinking of you with love on
your birthday and wishing
you everything that brings you
happiness today and always. Its
as easy to stay in love with you
as it was to fall in love. Happy
Birthday My Love!
With love DURU
May 11
Dear Tshewang Jigme Dorji
Son, youre the most
charming gi I have ever
received in my life. I pray
that you have a great day
and even a beer life ahead.
Happy Birthday!
With love, dad
and mom
If the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, what best way to win brownie
points than cooking professionally for someone. With a white toque, double breasted
jacket, apron and appropriate trousers and shoes to match, this vision in white can
do magic with food.
And although the term, chef, over time, has come to describe any person, who cooks
for a living, only they know how highly skilled and even more passionate one is re-
quired to be.
- 8omeone who worships food.
- One with ample patience to spare, and willing to work under
pressure throughout.
- 8hould have an unquestionable sense of taste and perfect
precision of every lile ingredient that goes into a dish.
- Artistic in presenting the dish.
- 8hould be very polite and hospitable.
- Have a good team spirit.
Thinley Zangmo
t still
brings a
smile on
his face,
when he
recalls the day he
brought his par-
ents to his work-
They were very
surprised to see
that I was working
in a grand five star
hotel, Chef Ken-
cho Tashi of Tashi Taj Hotel in Thimphu, said. They never thought
Id be working in a place like this.
It came as a blow, when the 27-year old found out he could not
make it for university. That was seven years ago. Coming to the res-
cue was his cousin brother, who helped him get enrolled in a cooking
course in Jeju college of arts and culture in South Korea.
That was when he was introduced to the world of food, starting
with Korean dishes; it was only at that time that an interest in cook-
ing sparked in him.
Upon returning, he put into practice what he learnt, in a restau-
rant his sister owned. Before long, he had already made his way to
the place any chef would dream of.
I started working for Tashi Taj five years ago and never looked
back, he said.
Today, the man has a good grip of cuisines from world over. His
signature dish, homemade style chicken tikka masala rice, has won a
lot of hearts.
The greatest experience of being a chef is getting to meet and
build a strong relationship with customers, he said.
Whenever faced with immense pressure, he said, having a cool
and calm mind always helps.
There are three things which are very important for a chef; right
skills which includes right cooking equipment, right attitude with
willingness to learn and right ingredients while cooking, he said.
He advises young people that there are a lot of opportunities in
any profession so long one has the right attitude towards life.
Im very passionate about my job, and the best part is my par-
ents are very proud of me, he said.
Even during his day off, he ends up cooking most of the time. His
friends ask for help whenever they have special occasions.

An accidental chef
and a contented
The market
- With the presence of many
luxury hotels in the country, and
many others coming up, chefs are
in demand.
- Opportunity to establish ones
own restaurant perched on ones
signature dishes.
- Salary package diers, based
on the years of experience, but
starters take home a minimum of
Nu 15,000, excluding the service
Where to study?
- Various hotels in the country
organise inter- and cross-
departmental training.
- If you are a Class XII graduate,
you can make a start by applying
to the royal institute of tourism
and industry in Thimphu
that oers a two-year diploma
course in hotel and tourism
management. The course includes
two terms on general subjects,
and another two on specialising
from either of the two courses.
- Many chef courses, mostly
- Its literally about being able to
stand the heat in the kitchen
- In trying to please a customers
palate, one works under a lot of
- Have to be on ones feet round
the clock
- Is always exposed to oil, fume
and smoke, posing health risks

o lose a gem wouldbe a great
loss, but what if one were to
take away all the sadness,
unhappiness and misery?
What if one was to realise all
these negativities were oozing out of the gem,
aecting onesfaculties?
When Loss Is Gain, conveys such a gain. A
gain powerful enough to make characters tran-
scend their supposed goals in life, hatred and
ego, and embrace the simple and the ordinary,
but with a deeper
understanding of its
The book has three
seings, the bustling
Delhi in India, the
serene valley of Wang-
sisina in Thimphu
and the protagonist's
thoughts, which can at times be the cacophony
of Delhi streets or the mellow autumn tree
laden with fruit in Wangsisina.
When Ananda leaves Delhi for Bhutan, an
outcome of a chance happening, he leaves a
dierent man. A man, who has lost everything,
but, despite that, renewed, and with energy to
enjoy to simple things in life.
His senses reawaken in Wangsisina, where
he meets a no-nonsense landlady, Chimi, and
Tara. Tara, like Ananda, leaves India for Bhu-
tan for almost similar reasons, but with dier-
ent understanding and reaction to the chain of
When Ananda is exploring the possibilities
that life can oer, Tara is set for a more reclu-
sive life, training to be a nun.
Spirituality is a recurrent theme, as the
characters try and solve the maze. Mystical
supernatural elements are interwoven, like
any conversation among Bhutanese, which can
contain a lot of superstitions, myths, legends
and beliefs.
The end is poignant, almost full circle, with
events and lives turned around or upside down.
A prolic writer, the book is Pavan K Ver-
mas rst work of ction.

A spiritual quest in
the last Shangri-La
When Loss Is Gain
Pavan K Varma
ISBN: 978-81-291-1941-4
Page: 206
INR 395
Kinley Wangmo
Cryptic clues:
Across: 1 Drives along American throughways (7)
5 A big blow to British sailors having a party (7) 9
The majority need time for treatment (7) 10 A foot
of water in the diocese (7) 11 It provides a measure
of ones spirit (5) 12 Spruced up group of tradesmen
(9) 13 Early Australian with derivation in Lincoln?
(9) 15 Do impressive work as a huntsman? (5) 16
Obscure request about the Foreign Oce (5) 18 She
went in order to be topical (2,3,4) 21 Dead body
found in the garden (4,5) 24 Does it soil the cloth?
(5) 25 I sing about one Italian drink (7) 26 Brass
instruments (7) 27 One form of literary work? (7) 28
A case for travelling light (7)
Down: 1 Cat joins cricketer, we hear, for a game (7)
2 Turn to riots to get food (7) 3 Thoroughgoing
exploration (9) 4 Good players who make bloomers?
(5) 5 Trial meant to change will (9) 6 Outsize
rubbish stacked round the henhouse (5) 7 Literary
supplements? (7) 8 Time the bowler started? More
than time (7) 14 Counterfeit if genuine aery (9)
15 Seewhereheworks(9) 16 Vehicle of half-crazy
proposer (7) 17 Italian lm director a learner in life
perhaps (7) 19 Li breakdown can make Eve late (7)
20 The second mates boy (7) 22 Plants gun if
deception is required (5) 23 Ninety in general to rise
and shine (5)
Quick clues:
Across: 1 A lawn game (7) 5 Candid and honest
(7) 9 In dispute (2,5) 10 Empty boasts (7) 11 To be paid
(5) 12 Of poor quality (5-4) 13 Inclined to doubt (9) 15
Navy (5) 16 Fortunate (5) 18 Having sworn solemnly
(5,4) 21 Unreasonably hard task (4,5) 24 Regions
animal life (5) 25 Conceited person (7) 26 Foretell (7)
27 Turn aside (7) 28 Game of chance (7)
Down: 1 A so leather (7) 2 Aperture (7)
3 Ugly (9) 4 Stealing (5) 5 Without restraint (9) 6
Establish (5) 7 Shock grossly (7) 8 Great anguish (7)
14 Seizure of government (4,5) 15 So as to impress
people (3,6) 16 Rashly impetuous person (7) 17 Succeed
in achieving (4,3) 19 Insulting (7) 20 Wholesome (7)
22 An oily fruit (5) 23 Drive back (5)
Cryptic answers Quick answers


1. Red Tail
2. This Means War
3. Albert Nobbs
4. Cassadaga
5. 21 Jump Street
Red Tail
1944. As the war
in Europe con-
tinues to take
its toll on Allied
forces, the
Pentagon brass
has no recourse
but to consider
unorthodox op-
tions -- includ-
ing the untried
and untested
ican pilots of
the experimental
Tuskegee training program. Just as the young Tuskegee
men are on the brink of being shut down and shipped
back home, they are given the ultimate chance to show
their courage. Against all the odds, with something to
prove and everything to lose, these intrepid young air-
men take to the skies to ght for their country -- and the
fate of the free world.
Genres: Action/Adventure, War
Run time: 2 hours 5 minutes
1. Beauty on Duty
2. Sunny
3. Couples
4. Sector
5. Siu
1. Jannat 2
2. Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi
3. Will You Marry Me
4. Blood Money
5. Tezza
What should be done to tackle the teenage pregnancy issue?
Movie Courtesy:
Kelzang Dikee, 16
Mothithang H.S.S
Teachers are doing their part in the
schools by educating the kids, but I
think parents should have the upper
hand on advising their kids and
educating them.
Tshering Yangzom Sherpa, 15.
Zilukha M.S.S
Condoms should be distributed in
hostels of schools and sex education
is a must.
Namgay Thinley, 20
Strict checking ID cards in
bars and party halls. Teenagers
should not be allowed in such
places. The atmosphere in such
places is very misleading.
Flight schedule is subjected to change. For latest
information call toll free number 130, during oce hours.


KB210 (PBHCCU/08:00-08:50)
KB211 (CCUPBH/09:30-11:20)
KB204 (PBHDEL/11:25-01:20)
KB141 (BKKGAY/06:50-08:20)
KB130 (PBHIXB/11:00-11:00)
KB210 (PBHCCU/07:20-08:10)
KB211 (CCUPBH/08:50-10:40
KB131 (BKKIXB/06:50-08:35)
KB140 (PBHGAU/10:05-11:15)
KB205 (DELPBH/06:35-09:25)
KB204 (PBHDEL/11:25-01:20)
KB205 (DELPBH/06:35-09:15)
KB141 (BKKGAU/06:50-08:20)
KB126 (PBHDAC/10:05-11:05)
KB410 (PBHIXB/07:00-07:00)
KB411 (KTMIXB/08:45-09:20)
KB210 (PBHCCU/07:20-08:00)
KB211 (CCUPBH/08:40-10:20)
KB204 (PBHDEL/11:25-01:35)
KB210 (PBHCCU/08:00-08:50)
KB211 (CCUPBH/09:30-11:20)
KB205 (DELPBH/06:35-09:25)
KB131 (BKKIXB/06:50-08:35)
KB122 (PBHGAY/10:05-11:30)
KB128 (PBHBKK/10:30-14:30)
KB210 (PBHCCU/07:20-07:50)
KB211 (CCUPBH/08:30-10:20)
KB210 (PBHCCU/07:20-08:00)
KB211 (CCUPBH/08:40-10:20)
KB123 (BKKGAY/06:50-08:20)
KB129 (BKKPBH/04:45-07:00)
KB126 (PBHDAC/11:10-12:10)
KB204 (PBHDEL/11:25-01:20)
KB410 (PBHIXB/07:00-07:00)
KB411 (KTMIXB/08:45-09:20)
KB127 (BKKDAC/06:50-08:20)
KB205 (DELPBH/06:35-09:25)
KB140 (PBHGAU/10:50-11:15)
14th May
15th May
16th May
17th May
18th May
12th May
13th May
Flight no. Sector DEP ARR
BA701 PBH-BBH 07:45 08:15
BA704 BBH-PBH 08:45 09:15
BA705 PBH-YBH 07:45 08:30
BA706 YBH-PBH 09:00 09:45
BA701 PBH-BBH 07:45 08:15
BA702 BBH-YBH 08:45 09:05
BA706 YBH-PBH 09:35 10:20
BA705 PBH-YBH 07:45 08:30
BA703 YBH-BBH 09:00 09:20
BA704 BBH-PBH 09:50 10:20
Bhutan Airlines domestic air schedule
Flight no. Sector DEP ARR
KB1001 PBH-BBH 07:00 07:35
BBH-YBH 07:55 08:20
YBH-PBH 08:45 09:30
KB1001 PBH-BBH 07:00 07:35
BBH-YBH 07:55 08:20
YBH-PBH 08:45 09:30
KB1001 PBH-BBH 07:00 07:35
BBH-YBH 07:55 08:20
YBH-PBH 08:45 09:30
Druk air domestic air schedule
16th May
12th May
14th May
2nd May
10th May
26th April
he age of consent is
16, states the law. It
was once 18. But it is
no eye-opener that
girls younger than
that are engaged in sexual acts. Thus
the law and the teenage pregnancy
In 2004, Bhutan introduced a
chapter on sexual oenses in the Penal
Code of Bhutan. According to the Penal
Code, the age of consent for sex was 18.
The law was enacted with full force and
several men, who were engaged in sex,
even consensual, with girls as young as
15, were carted o to prison, Lawyer of
Sayang Law Chamber, Shera Lhundup,
While it was good that the law was
taken seriously, it created a great deal
of confusion, given that Bhutanese are
sexually liberal people, and that the
marriageable age, especially outside
of Thimphu, was around 15, he said.
Men, who engaged in consensual
sex with girls, who were 18, were also
convicted of felony and branded rapist.
For these reasons, the age of consent
was dropped to 16 in 2010.
Consensual sex between a girl
under the age of consent and an
adult male is rape. But, in the case
of two who are between 16-18, it is
consensual sex and not rape.
When it comes to unwanted
pregnancy, the law applies equally to
adults and minors.
The Penal Code, Lawyer Shera
Lhundup said, states abortion is illegal,
except when conducted to save life of
the mother, or when the pregnancy is a
result of rape, or the mother is mentally
Abortion can haul a one- to three-
year prison term.
For students, who are pregnant,
if one wishes to continue studies
aer delivery and recovery, education
department director general, Tshewang
Tandin, said they can.
There is no specic law that states
a teenage mother can or cant continue,
Tshewang Tandin said, but it is the wish
of the education ministry to facilitate
the further education of these young
If a student aer delivery wishes
to continue their studies in a dierent
school, we facilitate transfer of school,
Tshewang Tandin said. The youth
and sports department also provides
counselling for the young mothers.
The legal
Namgay Tshoki
n the last four years,
as the condom man, I
distributed more than
80,000 condoms.
The key objective was
to encourage condom use that will
help prevent sexually transmied
diseases, including HIV/AIDs, which
many people are scared of, compared
to other viruses.
Ensuring that I have enough
stock of condoms, I target urban
centres, automobile workshops,
construction and roadside workers,
in not just Thimphu, but also Paro
and Chukha.
Besides the awareness
pamphlets on HIV/AIDs and
sexually transmied infections that
I distribute, the messages printed on
my van also manage to aract quite
a crowd.
When people try to walk past
me, I shout at th top of my voice,
crack jokes, just to grab their
aention. Once they come closer,
it becomes easier for me to get the
message across.
It wasnt easy at the start. There
were people, who made fun of what
I did, and very few came forward,
although they wanted condoms. But
its about being passionate, and I
didnt let it deter my eort.
There were also times when I
had to force people to take condoms,
make them understand there was
nothing wrong or embarrassing
about it. Over the years, I feel people
have come to know me beer. I was
their condom man.
At times, even strangers turn up
at my door, asking for condoms. I
also get calls from people, asking
me to deliver condoms at certain
locations. Some people call me to
inquire about various health issues. I
am glad to be of some help.
I dont expect my eorts to show
immediate result. I want to continue
being the condom man, and be able
to bring some changes. As long
as I manage to create some sort of
awareness on sexually transmied
diseases, I am more than satised.
As told to Kinga Dema
The condom man A go-to
guy who comes to you!
Tshewang Nidup
is an assistant
lecturer with the
Royal Institute of
Health Sciences
To broach a
taboo subject
arents will for sure, outright,
disapprove of their teenage
daughters and sons being
sexually active. But are they
open about it? Do they advise
them to abstain or use contraceptives, discuss the
consequences of such an act, like pregnancy or
sexually transmied diseases? Or do they leave
things for the children to discover on their own?
Parents, who talked to Kuensel, said it was
awkward, discussing sex with children. Theyre
still kids, despite the fact that they tend to
physically outgrow their age so fast nowadays,
Kinley Pema, a mother of four, said.
Another parent, Karma Choden, a corporate
employee, said she dropped hints that her children
should abstain from such an act. We cant be
open about options, like using contraceptives, to
protect themselves, because theyre at a tender
age, she said. Having physical relationships
at such age might turn into a habit dicult to
control later.
But for another family, while the parents are
awkward discussing such maers, the elder sister
advises her sister, who is more than a decade
younger, to use a condom if she must indulge.
When it came to boys, parents were more
lenient with the thought they had not much to
lose. Its the girls, who suer ultimately, a father
of two, Tashi Dorji, said. Tashi was of the opinion
that sex education was the schools responsibility.
They can learn beer in school and through
Abstinence, especially for girls, was beer
than sex education, most parents Kuensel talked
to felt. Teenagers, who talked to Kuensel, felt
theyd rather discuss sex with friends than parents.
Worldwide, sex education and beer access to
family planning are oen linked to fewer teenage
In Netherlands, which has one of Europes
lowest adolescent pregnancy rates, of four
adolescent births per 1000 women, sex education
begins in primary school, a World Health
Organisation report states.
In United Kingdom, sex education in schools
is not mandatory, and especially faith-based
schools dont provide such education. The
country has the highest teenage birth rates in
Western Europe, which is six times as higher than
the Netherlands.
Here, in schools across the country, sex
education begins in Class VII and VIII, as part of
life skills education.
The comfort level for discussing maers of
sex between students and teachers is increasing,
principal of Motithang higher secondary school in
Thimphu, Norbu Gyeltshen, said.
But weve noticed it also depends on the
location of the school, he said. Teachers feel
more comfortable in urban schools than in rural
Unlike some parents, Norbu Gyeltshen said,
educating children about sex, or any other maer,
was a joint responsibility between parents and
Sex education, in particular, must start from
home, especially through mother, because she
may have more inuence over her children than
a teacher, he said. Further, parents have daily
access to information pertaining to maers aer
school hours.
Kinga Dema