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Farmington Historical Society presents

A History in Story and Song

written and performed by
John Nolan
Rochester Times Editor

Friday, June 8th at 7:00 pm in the Woman's Club Room at the Goodwin Library
John will present a program on Farmington's (once) famous son. Wilson, born Jeremiah Jones Colbath, in 1812, spend half of his early life in Farmington as an indentured servant, before hightailing it to Natick, Mass, to be a cobbler. He entered politics, became a U.S. Senator, had an affair with a Confederate spy, and unwittingly blabbed secrets that almost led to his capture. An investment scandal followed, but the Teflon Wilson became our Vice President.

The meeting will be free to the public, but donations will be requested and accepted at this presentation to support the Historical Society Scholarship Fund. Refreshments will be served. Please bring your singing voice and save room for those refreshments.