Presentation Evaluation


Presentations 1 Improvement Adequate 10 18

Presentation 2 Improvement 4 24 Adequate 14 20

Speech flow Interaction

12 7

Dress code Power point Product knowledge

0 1 1

3 9 19

4 3 2

0 9 28






Cross selling product





Frequency analysis Speech Flow for second presentation improved dramatically also interaction improved vastly for the second presentation. For our second presentation dress code seemed to have been more apparent. Power point presentation and product knowledge remain one of our strongest in our presentation. Posture show more improvements in our second presentation and cross selling was almost not notice in our second presentation.

I attempted to remain standing for a while to limit my back and forth. Lastly when I saw the video I saw a major flaw and that was posture and long pauses which could have been improved. I don’t think that there is much that I could have done. I’m always worrying if my pronunciation is correct. This is a difficult challenge because I’m soft spoken and English is my second language so. A major improvement was that I did not freeze as I . Secondly. In my pear evaluation I had some individuals pointing out a low tone of voice which in watching the video seemed more apparent to me. Performance in general seemed good but there could have been more improvements as in all performances. I have always worked in an office so along the years posture has been an issue and I developed chronic slouching which I’m not sure it’s a medical condition but I have it.2. The Key to the success of this presentation was preparation and rehearsal. For my group presentation I was trying to still overcome the anxiety of standing in from of the class. my walking back and forth from the computer when channeling through the power point seemed to grab people’s attention as negative. The subject that we were presenting this time seemed more relax and approachable “The Tornado Potato”.

Also. After watching the video realized how that could have been misinterpreted as a negative gesture. Some of the general comments surface as the previous presentation that stood out. This time I was paying careful attention to the volume but in the video it started strong but toned down in the middle and end. was unintentional. facial gestures and a good dialog made the presentation livelier. . A good dialog was one of the strong features performance and knowledge of the product help overcome any derails on the sequence of the presentation. There was a negative comment when I crossed my arms that. Again the low tone of voice surfaced in the comments although at a lower rate.did when I presented by myself and my tone seemed natural. For my second presentation we use the same basic strategy for preparation. Finally. long pauses in the conversation made the flow less natural although this is a personal observation that was not brought up in per evaluation. Overall it seemed as a good presentation with good per evaluation overall giving a letter “A” grade.

So in in both our presentations there were many pictures and few words trying to keep this principle in mind. Neuroscientists are finding that what passes as a typical presentation is usually the worst way to engage your audience.. In Selling to Suite C chapter 4 it analyses what is expected if you want to be succeed in selling in a business to business environment.” In the presentation we attempted to follow this tactic but over presenting your products proved to be challenging. In chapter 6 “master the message” Gallo has a quote from Fortune Magazine that says "A key Jobs business tool is his mastery of the message.3." This is important to me in presenting because as I found out preparation is key in a successful presentation. One quote that helps explain these new values is “The old role of sales to show customers why your products and services are better than those of your competitors is no longer viable.” ― Carmine Gallo. Having a simple structure in the presentation is one of the attributes attempted to follow in the power point presentation also keeping away from too many bullets and wordiness taking in mind what Gallo says about bullets “New research into cognitive functioning—how the brain works—proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information. Furthermore the book says that one needs to find out who are the decision makers and gatekeepers so that one can be more effective at targeting your .

audience. . There are numerous amounts of improvements that one can do to make a presentation successful one could practice like Steve Jobs and worry about every single detail which in selling it it’s what makes you successful. In our second presentation we were able to establish a connection of the decision maker and find a network that made it easier to develop a relationship with our customer.

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