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Harvard referencing electronic sources Do not: Put a www address as a citation. Make a separate list of website references in your bibliography. Paste a URL address to a list of references. Do: Put the name of the author, or host organisation for your in-text citation Incorporate your website sources into your list of references, in alphabetical order Support the URL address with the key information: name of author year of up-date (if indicated) date the site was accessed.

The rule is: o No author put the name of the host organisation o No name for host organization put the Title of the article/section heading o If you cannot find a year of up-date, put (n.d.) in brackets. Give your reader as much information as possible to help them access your source. This may mean including a title/section heading. You can also include a page, screen, paragraph, or line number. (You can count down paragraph and line numbers yourself.)

Citing an author Henry Rummins (2011), of Friends of the Earth, believes that changing our lives to cut carbon emissions could create thousands of new jobs. Full reference: RUMMINS, H. (2011). An unwelcome world record, para. 5. Friends of the Earth, News and Events. Available at [Accessed 7th June, 2011]. Citing the name of the host organisation (Child Development Institute n .d.) Full reference: CHILD DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (n.d.). About Dyslexia and Reading Problems. Available at [Accessed 19th August, 2009]. Citing by title (Visual/spatial learning, 2010) Full reference: VISUAL/SPATIAL LEARNING (2010). Organization. Available at [Accessed 7th June, 2011]. If you are citing a homepage, give the web address (URL) of the site followed by the year the page was last updated. For example: The British Dyslexic Association (BDA) offers a wealth of information for dyslexics on their website ( 2005).

Quoting secondary sources on the web (Friends of the Earth, 2011, quoting Nick Clegg, M.P.) Or: (Nick Clegg, M.P., as quoted by Friends of the Earth, 2011) Full reference: FRIENDS OF THE EARTH (2011). Nick Clegg challenged at public meeting in Sheffield. Available at [Accessed 7th June, 2011]. Online books BREWER, Derek (Ed.). (1999). A Companion to the Gawain-poet. Available at [Accessed 7th June, 2011]. Articles in electronic journals Full reference: WALL-RANDELL, Sarah. (2008). Doctor Faustus and the Printers Devil. Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, vol. 48, no. 2, pp. 259-281. Spring [Online] Literature Online. Available at: [Accessed 19 August, 2009] Articles in electronic newspapers KINGSNORTH, Paul and George MONBIOT (2009). Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse? August, 2009. Available at [Accessed 18th August 2009]. No author: start with the name of the online newspaper site. e.g.: ( 2009).

Mary Davies, June, 2011