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Khan, Omar Friday, March 18, 2011 3:25 AM Ma, May; ET03 Hoc Golder, Jennifer; Rheaume, Cynthia; Abraham, Susan; Brown, Cris; McDermott, Brian; Allwein, Russell; Mitchell, Reggie; Williams-Johnson, Patrice; AlIwein, Russell; Peterson, Gordon; Gott, William; Stransky, Robert; Jackson, Karen RE: Re: Ops Center Costs


The OCIMS contractors are currently working an extra 40 hours a week and an extra 48 hours on the weekends for a total of an extra 88 hours every week. They started the shifts on March 11th and are charged at a rate of $95.43. The current costs are:

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$95.43 $95.43 $95.43

$763.44 $763.44 $763.44

To Date



OCIMS has allocated 380 hours for this type of effort which comes to a total of $36,263.40 after this we will require extra funding. Thank You Office 301-415-6995



e-mail Omar.Khan(, From: Ma, May Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:33 PM To: ET03 Hoc Cc: Golder, Jennifer; Rheaume, Cynthia; Abraham, Susan; Brown, Cris; Khan, Omar; McDermott, Brian; Allwein, Russell; Mitchell, Reggie; Williams-Johnson, Patrice; Aliwein, Russell; Peterson, Gordon; McDermott, Brian Subject: RE: Re: Ops Center Costs Appreciate it, Tony!!! Omar will provide response to the second Q. Take care. May



From: ET03 Hoc Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:27 PM To: Ma, May Cc: Golder, Jennifer Subject: Re: Ops Center Costs May, Per the request regarding Ops Center costs in support of the Japan event, below is response to 3 questions specifically asked: 1 - How many people are in the Ops Center? a. How many shifts? Number of Staff for each shift? The Ops Center is currently operating on a 24-hr per day basis, 7-days per week, three 8-hr shifts: 7am to 3pm; 3pm to 11 pm; 11pm to 7am. The current staffing level includes approximately 35 personnel per shift. b. How long are we expecting to staff the Ops Center above and beyond the normal everyday level (e.g., 1-month, 2-months, or 3)? The Ops Center will be staffed as long as we have NRC teams in Japan. We are currently looking at assembling a replacement team to send over to Japan to support thru April 9, 2011. At this time, a good estimate for staffing of the Ops Center at this level should be for a period of one month. 2

Arethre• any increased IT costs apssoc;iated'

ith this Msfitation?,,, fcad


support?6 How dnuph

and how lIong?
Crii Brown,'Chie`f, NSIR/PMDN .Tandstaff arje WorIng of :nutting tother an estimate'that her

should. be forwarded to you,,some~time late this eyening orepary tomorrow morning.
3 - Any other administrative costs or technical costs? If so, what, how much, and how long? Below is an excerpt from an E-mail to Jennifer Golder from Susan Bellosi on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 8:56 am regarding some Ops Center costs: "Below are the costs that ADM has incurred to support activities in Japan: 1. Transferring clearances for 11 people, - $5,500 ($500 per person) 2. Increased cleaning of the Op Center, rest rooms, etc., - $1,040 per week (how many weeks has this been scheduled) We are doing 2 extra cleanings per day and will continue for as long as necessary. 3. Utilities - $300 per day, $1,500 total so far 4. Driver for Chairman - $3,000 (what time period does this cover?) This covered Saturday, Sunday and Monday until 7:00 am, (3/12/11, 3/13/11, 3/14/11 am) 5. Parking for Ops Center staff - no costs to date. We plan to suspend daily parking beginning Monday, March 21 - If we do this, it will be $665 per week. 6. Video activities in Ops Center on Saturday, 3/12/11 - photographer (3 hours) and videographer (5 hours), 8 hrs each @ $111.35/hr (OT) = $890.80 (are they staff or contractors?) Answer - Contractors" Please let me know if you need any additional information. Tony


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