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List of seminar topics

Advanced Encryption Standard Advanced Queue Management Techniques Agent Mediated E-commerce Agile Software development AMD Processors Android APPS Artificial Intelligence in Machines Artificial Neural Networks Aspects of Database Security and Program Security Augmented Reality AUGMNETED VIRTUAL REALIT Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA Authoring environments for open source courseware Automatic number plate recognition Autonomic Computing Bandwidth estimation in broadband access networks BioComputers Bio-Medical Instrumentation and Signal analysis Bio Telemetry Capacity of Ad-hoc Wireless Networks Channel Allocation Algortihms for Mobile Telephony Collaborative Mobile Environments Computational Geometry in Drug Design Computational neuroscience Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Co-operative LINUX Cross Platform Component Object Model Cryogenic Processor CRYONICS Curl: A Gentle Slope Language For The Web Data Management in Sensor Networks Data mining through Active Learning Dataset Query algorithms in Streaming Mining Determining Global States of Distributed Systems Distributed and Parallel Computing Distributed Firewalls Distributed Garbage Collection Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Dynamic resource allocation in Grid Computing DYNAMIC SOURCE ROUTING PROTOCOL Dynamic spectrum access

Earth Simulator- Fastest Supercomputer Efficiency / Comparative study of routing schemes in event based systems ELLICA Embedded Configurable Operating system Embedded web server for remote access Emerging trends in robotics using neural networks Encrypted Hard disks Encrypted Text chat Using Bluetooth Energy Efficient query Optimization Enery efficiency in Wireless sensor networks Epsilon nets and transversal of hypergraphs eXtensible Bindings Language (XBL Faultolerant Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Fault Tolerance in Virtual Machine Environments Fingerprint recognition system by neural networks Flexible CRT Displays Forecasting using Double Exponential Smoothing Method Fusion Memory Future of business Computing Future of Satellite Communication Future of the internet Future Programming Techniques and Concepts Fuzzified Computer-Automated Crane Control System Fuzzy Logic Geometric Invariants in Biological Molecules Gesture recognition Gigabit networking GRASSHOPPER Operating System Grid Data Farm for Petascale GSM Security And Encryption High Speed Data In Mobile Networks IDMA The Future of Wireless Technology Improving tcp performance over mobile ad hoc networks Information Extraction from structured & Semi-structured data Integrating Structural Design and Formal Methods in RealTime System Design Integration of Parallel Database in a Service Oriented Architecture Intelligent Patient Monitoring System Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA Java JBOSS JIRO Java-based technology Matlab (matrix lab) membrane computing Mesh Based Geometric data processing Methods in virtual networking

Methods in virtual private networks Middleware architecture for Pervasive computing Middleware for Sensor Networks Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks MPEG-7 Multi-application Framework for Smart Cards Nano Ring Memory New Dimension of Data Security using Neural Networks and Numerical Functions Optimization of Protocol Stack for wireless networks Parallel Computing In Remote Sensing Data Processing Parasitic computing Proactive Anomaly Detection Proactive computing Proactive Network Anomaly Detection Quality of service in Differentiated Service Architecture RED TACTON Reliable and Fault Tolerant Routing on Mobile Ad Hoc Network RFID : Comparative study of Collision Resolution Protocols RFID Security RHEV - the Redhat Virtualization Root cause Localization and analysis of faults[Autonomic Computing] Search for extra terrestrial intelligence using satellite communication Semi Supervised Learning using Gaussian Process Semi-supervised Learning using Graph Kernels Sensor fusion for video surveillance Serial Attached SCSI Signal Processing for Networking Spin monics SPINTRONICS Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display (SED Trusted Network Connect (TNC ZFS File system