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American Slang Adjectives awesome (or wicked) -amazing That was an awesome movie That was a wicked movie

beat -tired Sam is beat today because he didn't sleep much last night blue (or down) -sad, depressed Mary is feeling blue because her cat died Mary is down because her cat died brainy -very intelligent, like a genius Sue always does well on tests because she's brainy broke -without money Lou spent all his money at the casino so now he's broke fishy -suspicious Mrs. Smith thought it was fishy that her neighbor had so many visitors at night hammered -drunk Jim had nine beers so now he's hammered hot -sexy or stolen! -sexy Sam says his new girlfriend is hot -stolen That stereo is hot! hungover -tired from drinking too much the day before Al's bachelor party was last night. He's really hungover!

loaded -rich Many people who live in Beverly Hills are loaded nuts (or nutty) -crazy That lady keeps talking to herself. Do you think she's nuts? on cloud nine -very very happy Chris just won a million dollars so he's on cloud nine! super -great Tom is a super singer ticked -angry He's really ticked because his friend had a party but didn't invite him upbeat -positive Theresa is very upbeat

American Slang Nouns airhead -stupid person Tony says his boss is an airhead bash -big, exciting party Did you go to Dan's bash last night? brain -very intelligent person Bill Gates must be a brain chocoholic -person who loves/is addicted to chocolate I ate an entire box of chocolates and my sister says I must be a chocaholic! couch potato -person who sits in front of TV for long periods of time, with little or no physical activity My roommate is such a couch potato last weekend he watched TV for 14 hours straight! drip -boring person Lisa says her new roomate is a drip grub -food I'm hungry. Let's get some grub hunk -handsome man Sue thinks that Tom Cruise is a hunk knockout -beautiful woman Miss Universe is a knockout mula -money I took a lot of mula to the casino but when I returned, I didn't have as much! munchies -snacks, like potato chips, popcorn, pretzels Let's get some munchies at the baseball game penny pincher -cheap, stingy person who rarely spend money Megan never goes to restaurants because she's such a penny pincher shopoholic -person who is addicted to shopping Sandra is a shopholic. She always goes shopping! stuff -things (but used as a singular, non-count noun) I have to buy some stuff at the grocery store wacko -crazy person Some reporters say that famous pop singer is a wacko windbag -a boring person who talks too much (negative) Joe's speech was over an hour long at the meeting. His co-workers think he's a windbag. workaholic -person who is addicted to working Bob works very long hours. His wife thinks he's a workaholic.

American Slang Verbs ace -to finish something easily, with success Tammy aced her math test! boogie -to dance Rick likes to boogie for hours! check out -to look at, watch, examine We're going to check out that new movie tomorrow after work. chicken out -to lose the courage to do something Mary was planning to enter the car race but then she chickened out. gab -to chat Amy likes to gab on the phone with her best friend. grab a bite to eat

-to go out to a restaurant I'm hungry. Let's grab a bite to eat somewhere. kick the bucket -to die John's neighbor just kicked the bucket! lift -to steal While Bob was on the train, someone lifted his wallet. take off -to leave Ann took off before the meeting was announced. snooze -to sleep I snoozed on the bus for a few minutes this morning! whine -to complain I wouldn't want to work with Chris because he always whines about everything!

American Slang Greetings, etc Hello Hi Hey there! Hi there! Hey! How are you? What's new? How are you doing? How's it going? Goodbye See you See you later

Later on the telephone, you can say "Talk to you later" Yes Yeah (pronounced ya) Yup Sure You bet No Nope No way Not a chance Not in this lifetime Let's leave

Let's blow this popstand I'm leaving I'm out of here I'm heading out now Other Stuff Instead of VERY, you can use ... so

-I'm so hungry! real -I'm real hungry! really -I'm really hungry! Instead of VERY VERY, you can use ... totally -The movie was totally awesome!

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