Somchai Chareonsrikasem

Subject: FW: Henshall's Kanji Mnemonics

Henshall's Kanji Mnemonics This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. 1,006 kanji), as developed by Professor Kenneth Henshall. They have been extracted from his book: "A Guide To Remembering Japanese Characters" (Tuttle, 1995). The book covers all 1,945 general-use kanji. This page has been prepared by William Clausing and Jim Breen with the kind permission of Professor Henshall and Tuttle Publishing. The material on this page is copyright and must not be reproduced elsewhere in any form without the permission of Tuttle Publishing. 一1 右2 雨3 円4 王5 音6 下7 火8 花9 学 10 気 11 九 12 休 13 金 14 空 15 月 16 犬 17 見 18 五 19 口 20 校 21 左 22 三 23 山 24 one finger right hand to the mouth rain from heavenly clouds round coins from bank-teller's window king with ax rules heaven, earth and man sound of rising sun t-bar with droopy lower handle flames of fire flowers appear when plants undergo change child learning under ornate roof spirit-like vapors from source x less than perfect ten: worth only nine person rests against tree two gold nuggets under cover of earth work to open hole in roof to see empty sky pitted crescent moon shining down big spotted dog rearing up bending down to look closely with seeing eye a reel is better than five fingers open mouth check six wooden crosses for school left hand steadies carpenter's square three fingers triple-peaked mountain

子 25 四 26 糸 27 字 28 耳 29 七 30 車 31 手 32 十 33 出 34 女 35 小 36 上 37 森 38 人 39 水 40 正 41 生 42 青 43 夕 44 石 45 赤 46 千 47 川 48 先 49 早 50 足 51 村 52 大 53 男 54 中 55 虫 56 町 57 天 58 田 59 土 60

long-armed child in swaddling clothes four fingers in clenched fist skeins of twisted thread child at home studying letters pointed ear badly written ten again: now worth only seven chariot with two wheels hand with fingers spread all points considered, ten out of ten mountain emerging atop another kneeling woman a stroke divided into two small ones bar with handle, sticking up over baseline there are many trees in the woods headless, armless person water squeezes between banks to stop at the line is to do the correct thing growing plant is a symbol of life young blue-green plants live on the moon clear moon indicates evening round stone at base of cliff big fire makes earth glow red that one person is worth a thousand others river flowing between banks those dead people preceded us in life sun shows ten but it's still early round knee and foot suffice to show leg measure trees in village person looking big as possible man provides strength in field Chinese arrow pierces middle of target coiled hooded snake: similar inside to insect town at t-junction of paths through fields person's head is closest part to heaven rice field crossed by paths plant grows in earth

二 61 日 62 入 63 年 64 白 65 八 66 百 67 文 68 木 69 本 70 名 71 目 72 立 73 力 74 林 75 六 76 引 77 雲 78 遠 79 何 80 科 81 夏 82 家 83 歌 84 画 85 回 86 会 87 海 88 絵 89 貝 90 外 91 間 92 顔 93 汽 94 記 95 帰 96 two fingers sun with spot enter through inverted v opening person visits well every year sunstroke leaves one white?! eight can be easily divided score one hundred with one white thumbnail cross is basic form of writing: try to top it tree with sweeping branches tree with one central root mouth calls name at night upright eye person standing hand pressing down with strength forest contains tall stately trees eight topped by six?! bow with string waiting to be drawn billowing rain-clouds look like two noses loose clothes for traveling any distance what exactly can a person say? course to categorize rice measures masked head and crossed legs in summer dance house looking like pig-sty gaping mouth sings the can-can field in picture partitioned by strokes coaxial rotation two noses meet under roof every drop of water goes into sea threads meet in embroidered picture shellfish with protruding feelers crescent moon with crack on outside gate with space to let sun shine through only three hairs stand on head: glum face steam comprises watery vapors wordy account of oneself return with wife carrying broom and sword 3 .

now a plain 戸 108one door forms half a gate 古 109an old story.牛 97 cow with ears and broken horn 魚 98 fish with fiery tail 京 99 stone lantern at emperor's palace in capital 強 100strong insect draws bow with its nose 教 101cane in hand teaches child stick arranging 玉 102string of jewels fit for king 近 103distance to move chopped. right now 才 126funny dam built by talented one-year-old 作 127person with saw about to make something 算 128count by using bamboo abacus with both hands 止 129footprints stop above line 市 130go to city market to buy cloth top hat 思 131always thinking of one's field in one's heart 紙 132pound threads with spoon to make paper 4 . told at least ten times 午 110noon strikes. fall behind 語 112five mouths speak many words 工 113work with carpenter's square 広 114spacious building with elbow-room 交 115mix six crosses 光 116person carries fire that shines light 考 117bent old man considers burial in earth 行 118column goes along to crossroads 高 119tall watchtower 黄 120arrow burns yellow with grass from field 合 121cap fits mouth 谷 122valley is doubly split opening 国 123one's country is an enclosed jewel 黒 124ground in burnt field is black 今 125cover the corner. making it near 形 104put hairs into pattern of well-frame 計 105counting in tens is a way of measuring 元 106two persons of same origin 原 107originally cliff with funny spring. knocking top bit off cow 後 111sit crosslegged on threading road.

symbolising self 時 135tell time by sun on temple 室 136arrive at roofed room 社 137altar ground is shrine 弱 138weak hairs bend like bows 首 139chief has hair on head 秋 140rice plants can get burned in autumn 春 141three people enjoy spring sun 書 142take brush in hand daily and write 少 143small with just a little extra 場 144place where sun shines down on ground 色 145colorful tale about bodies bent in sex act 食 146covered food good for eating 心 147heart shows stroke damage 新 148stand of trees newly cut down by sharp ax 親 149parent sees all from stand of trees 図 150diagram with spot marked by x and two pointers 数 151woman counts number of rice grains by hand 西 152sun falls in west like drop from wine press 声 153voice of samurai at door 星 154stars born from sun 晴 155sun against blue means clear weather 切 156seven sword cuts 雪 157rain that hand sweeps away is snow 船 158boat with eight portholes is ship 前 159before cutting meat cut horns 組 160furthermore. threads can be assembled in group 走 161foot running along ground 草 162grass is early plant 多 163many evenings 太 164fat is a bit more than just big 体 165root of a person is the body 台 166I mount stand to say something 地 167land with odd twisting creatures on ground 池 168waters of pond contain twisting creatures 5 .寺 133temple has measured grounds 自 134nose is just a stroke from eye.

showing way along road 読 189sell words to read 南 190get a hoop for ten yen down south 馬 191rearing horse 売 192samurai stands behind counter selling 買 193net full of shell-money can buy a lot 麦 194sitting crosslegged watching wheat plant grow 半 195half a hornless cow. displacing moon 通 176bent figure uses extra movement to pass 弟 177young brothers put in order as binding on stake 店 178store occupies building 点 179mark left after occupation by fire 電 180lightning strikes field in electric rain storm 刀 181broad-bladed sword 冬 182sitting crosslegged on winter ice 当 183small hand appropriately hits mark 東 184sun rising through trees in east 答 185bamboo gives fitting answer 頭 186head is a bean-like vessel 同 187all hoops have same single opening 道 188head moves. in turns 父 197father has cane in hand 風 198insect blown against sail by wind 分 199understand one divides by splitting with sword 聞 200ear listening at gate hears a lot 米 201grain-laden ear of American rice 歩 202few feet walk nowadays 母 203mother is woman with prominent nipples 方 204both boat and plow can point the way 6 .知 169know arrow hole 竹 170two bamboo stems 茶 171ample tea plants 昼 172measure in feet noon sun over horizon 長 173long haired old man with stick is very senior 鳥 174bird with wings and talons 朝 175morning sun rises on plants. split down middle 番 196rice sown in fields by number.

ugly. person puts on top hat to view moon 野 213village already built on wild moor 友 214hands reaching out in friendship 用 215use fence 曜 216sun wings its way like a bird. indicating village 理 220keeping jewels in village is reasonable 話 221tongue controls words when talking 悪 222sub-human. and so day passes 来 217wheat comes to be ten grains of rice?! 楽 218tasseled drum on stand makes pleasing music 里 219ground tilled into fields.北 205people flee. twisted feelings are bad 安 223woman at home. turning their backs on the north 毎 206every person has a mother 妹 207younger sister is immature woman 明 208bright sun and moon give clarity 鳴 209bird's mouth produces non-human cry 毛 210tuft of hair 門 211double-doored gate 夜 212at night. used for healing 意 226a thought is a sound from the heart 育 227educate child upside-down like piece of meat 員 228official members always talk of money 院 229institute complete with surrounding hills 飲 230lack food. so swallow drink 運 231army on move needs luck and transport 泳 232long swim in water 駅 233laden person mounts horse at relay station 園 234spacious park encloses considerable distance 横 235yellow piece of wood laid on its side 屋 236arrive and find corpse in store building 温 237sun warms water in a bowl 化 238bewitched person changes and falls 荷 239what a burden the lotus plant can be! 界 240boundary between fields marks areas 7 . resting at ease 暗 224sun goes dark. accompanied by sound 医 225doctor's bag contains arrow.

open mouthed 究 253extreme investigation of nine holes 急 254hurrying person suddenly bends.開 241hands remove bar and open gate 階 242all the steps of a terraced hill 角 243angular horn 活 244wet tongue is sign of life 寒 245building's six wells ice over in cold 感 246one halberd in mouth causes feeling in heart 館 247official eats in hall 岸 248mountainous cliff forms dry shore 岩 249stony mountain shows rocky crags 起 250cause oneself to run 期 251expect period of months between winnowings 客 252each house guest sits crosslegged. hand to heart 級 255reach out and grade threads 宮 256palace is building with joined rooms 球 257seek spherical jewel 去 258nose to ground suggests one's gone too far 橋 259tall arched wooden structure is bridge 業 260study complex wooden instrument as profession 曲 261field has many bending paths 局 262office corpse uses odd phrase in circumstances 銀 263stop and stare at silvery metal 苦 264old plant leaves bitter taste 具 265keep an eye on table: it's valuable equipment 君 266lord holds stick next to mouth 兄 267elder brother is all mouth and legs 係 268person involved with joining threads 軽 269light vehicle pushed along ground by hand 血 270vessel contains blood 決 271person decides to carry water-pack on back 研 272hone stone with two forked sticks 県 273keep an eye on stand at prefectural show 言 274mouth speaks three and a bit words 庫 275storehouse is building containing vehicles 湖 276old moon seen in waters of lake 8 .

公 277eight lords show nose in public 向 278house window faces one 幸 279extra sharp stroke brings happiness 港 280find oneself together with water in port 号 281mouth calls number of twisting weed 根 282stop and stare at tree root 祭 283hand puts meat on altar in festival of worship 細 284slender path threads through field 仕 285samurai is person who works and serves 死 286person falls in death. a big six-armed man is in the house! 写 297convey copy of building 者 298person will be buried in ground one day 主 299king with bit extra is real master 守 300take measures to protect house 取 301hand takes control of ear 酒 302watery alcohol in wine jar 受 303one hand receives baton from another hand 州 304sandbank in river is separate province 拾 305joined hands can gather or count to ten 終 306threads finish in winter 習 307white wings learning to fly 週 308another week rolls around 集 309birds gather in tree 住 310where person lives is where he is master 重 311heavy vehicle has double wheels 所 312chop down door with ax to get into place 9 . soon bare bones 使 287official person uses servant 始 288first woman begins to mount platform 指 289person sits pointing at sun with finger 歯 290teeth ensure rice stops in mouth 詩 291words from temple are pure poetry 次 292lack of ice follows next 事 293handling ten boxes is no small thing 持 294hold hands at temple 式 295carpenter's square is a form of stake 実 296in reality.

help by adding strength 昭 315summon. and let there be light 消 316water has vanished from our little moon 商 317use mouth and legs to trade. standing at counter 章 318badge quickly stands out 勝 319with effort. two fires can surpass moon 乗 320two come riding 植 321straight tree is properly planted 申 322sun is pierced: what can one say? 身 323pregnant woman has conspicuous body 神 324gods say something spirited at altar 深 325find deep waterhole near tree 進 326advance like moving bird 世 327odd world of the thirties' generation 整 328force correct arrangement of bundles 線 329trace thread-like line to source 全 330king completely under cover 送 331sent away from heaven 息 332heart breathes through nose 族 333person with arrow in side is one of the clan 他 334other person is like twisting creature 打 335hand hits nail 対 336measure opposition to text 待 337wait at temple beside road 代 338person replaced by stake 第 339bamboo tops young brother in order of things 題 340get subject heading correct on the day 炭 341fiery material from mountain cliff is coal 短 342both arrow and food vessel are short 着 343sheep arrives wearing eye-liner! 注 344master pours water 柱 345master wooden pillar 丁 346block is exact to a t 帳 347long cloth drape used as register 調 348investigate by talking around 10 .暑 313person under hot sun 助 314furthermore.

直 349ten eyes fixed directly on corner 追 350pursue moving buttocks 定 351fix roof correctly 庭 352palace courtyard is fine garden 鉄 353lost metal proves to be iron 転 354vehicle rolls over two noses 都 355metropolis is village of many persons 度 356hand measures twenty-one degrees in building 投 357hand strikes by throwing ax 島 358bird alights on mountainous island 湯 359rising sun heats water 登 360two funny feet climb food vessel 等 361bamboo tablets at temple are all equal 動 362strength moves heavy object 童 363child stands in village 内 364person tries to get inside hoop 肉 365inside person there is meat 農 366farming unearths bent clam shell 波 367waves form skin of water 配 368distribute wine to oneself 畑 369burned field is a dry field 発 370discharged with two bent legs and funny feet 反 371cliff opposes hand 坂 372slope is opposed ground 板 373opposed to wooden boards 皮 374opposed to skinning with one stroke 悲 375broken heart does not want to be sad 美 376beautiful big sheep 鼻 377own nose follows trail through twenty fields 氷 378ice is frozen water 表 379shown long-looking list 秒 380little rice. eaten in a mere second 病 381third-rate health leads to illness 品 382quality goods come in boxes 負 383defeated person flees bearing money 部 384clan stands open mouthed in part of village 11 .

not white horses 葉 405leaves are generation of plants on tree 陽 406side of hill is positively sunny 様 407sheep appears to water tree--awkward situation 落 408from each plant. in love 案 418consider plan around restful wooden table 以 419person uses plow as starting point 衣 420collar and sleeves symbolize clothing 12 . hand on heart.服 385servile hand puts clothes on hoist under moon 福 386altar at single entrance to field--good fortune 物 387cow is a thing with four legs 平 388balanced scales are flat and even 返 389reverse movement and return 勉 390strive to avoid effort?! 放 391striking in all directions is a form of release 万 392ten thousand march in wrong direction 味 393taste lingers unfinished in the mouth 命 394life can hinge on a spoken order 面 395mask encloses funny face with big eye 問 396mouth asking at gate 役 397move off with weapon in hand to do one's duty 薬 398medicinal plant gives pleasure 由 399there's a reason for derrick in field 油 400liquid from field with derrick is oil 有 401have meat in your hand 遊 402children play at moving person's side 予 403I've already pushed the shuttle 洋 404ocean of white sheep. leaf falls like drop of water 流 409hair and water flow as child is born 旅 410put odd clothes on one side for journey 両 411scales weigh both parts of a pair 緑 412watery green liquid oozes in thread-like strands 礼 413praying at altar is act of propriety 列 414cut up bones lined up in a row 路 415each foot follows same route 和 416rice softened in the mouth in peaceful Japan 愛 417sit crosslegged.

位 421person stands according to rank 囲 422enclosure surrounds well 委 423entrust rice plants to woman 胃 424fleshy stomach seen in field 印 425hand presses down on person as on seal 英 426England has superior plants in its center 栄 427tree flourishes gloriously under ornate cover 塩 428person throws salty dish from mouth to ground 央 429big opening in center 億 430person with hundred million thoughts 加 431strengthened by added mouth 貨 432change goods for money and vice-versa 課 433section of lesson contains fruitful words 芽 434plant with fang-like shoots 改 435force oneself to reform 械 436wooden device for admonishing 害 437covering live mouth can cause harm 各 438each person sits crosslegged and open mouthed 覚 439remember to be awake when learning by looking 完 440completely original building 官 441government official in building sits on backside 漢 442man from mouth of Han River in grassy Han China 管 443bamboo pipe under control 関 444heaven's gates are impassable barrier: sent away 観 445look and observe crested bird 願 446wish springs from head not heart 希 447interwoven cloth threads desirable but rare 季 448rice plants in season grow like young children 紀 449chronicle of self threads from beginning to end 喜 450food pot at mouth makes samurai happy 旗 451person at side of winnowing device holds flag 器 452four big box-like vessels are useful utensils 機 453on how many occasions is wooden loom used? 議 454discussion involves righteous use of words 求 455cross water to seek spotted fur coat 救 456rescue by coercive request 13 .

scattering twenty-one pieces 14 .給 457supply joined threads 挙 458raise laden table by hand: some act! 漁 459fishing requires both fish and water 共 460plant and table go together 協 461thirteen strong arms cooperating 鏡 462shout aloud at bent legs in metal mirror 競 463two elder brothers compete in stand-off 極 464person pushed into opening between wooden poles 区 465enclosed section x is a ward 軍 466covered wagons encircle army camp 郡 467village belongs to lord of county district 型 468model punishment for earthy types 景 469sunny capital is a bright scene 芸 470two nosey people examine art of planting 欠 471person with gaping mouth lacks dignity 結 472bind samurai's mouth with thread 建 473hand holds pen erect 健 474healthy person stands erect 験 475elder brother examines horse cover 固 476solid old enclosure 功 477meritorious service entails effortful work 候 478person points to weather signs with arrow 航 479desktop boat voyage 康 480hand pounds healthy bran flakes in building 告 481proclaim with bull-like roar from mouth 差 482sheep on left is different 菜 483hand plucks vegetables near tree 最 484take most sun when it's at its highest point 材 485lots of timber in dam of felled trees 昨 486past made up of yesterday and other days 刷 487""buttock cloth"" has finely cut print 殺 488kill by striking with wooden cross 察 489surmise why one worships under roof 参 490go to get big nose with three hairs attended to 産 491live birth standing on cliff 散 492hand strikes meat.

but . shells are prizes 臣 512retainer keeps watchful eye out 信 513person's word is believed and trusted 真 514it's true that equipment is in ten pieces 成 515become exact after trimming with halberd blade 省 516few eyes examine ministry: an omission 清 517blue water is pure and clean 勢 518strong power forces up round earthen mounds 静 519conflict quieted by sight of calming green 席 520building with twenty-one cloth seats 積 521take blame for pile-up of rice plants 折 522hand-ax can break or bend 節 523bamboo has joints. namely sections 説 524elder brother disperses words. . 15 . preaching away 浅 525water shallow: depth of two halberds 戦 526fight war with simple halberd 選 527choose to move together like twisting threads 然 528duly eat roast dog meat.残 493two cruel halberds leave only bare bone 士 494samurai stands erect 氏 495Mr. . Hill borrows family ladle 史 496hand of man central to history 司 497one official administers corner entrance 姉 498elder sister works in city 試 499test forms of words 辞 500decline with words from sharp tongue 失 501man about to lose baton 借 502person who has borrowed in the past 種 503kind of rice plant heavy with seed 周 504earth around mouth of hoop 宿 505hundred people lodging in one house 順 506compliant heads in sequence like flowing river 初 507clothes must first be cut 唱 508preacher's mouth recites for two days 焼 509roast thirty-one legs on fire 照 510illuminate by bright light of fire 賞 511moreover.

hall is on raised ground 働 558working people on the move 毒 559mother lives on.争 529vie with bent old man. stick in hand 相 530ministers eye each other from trees 倉 531warehouse has cover and doored entrance 想 532thoughts can be mutual feelings 象 533elephant resembles pig with big ears and trunk 速 534manage fast movement 側 535be at side of model person 続 536continue to sell threads 卒 537ten soldier-men in top hats 孫 538descendants are children in thread-like lineage 帯 539find cloth belt in mountain zone 隊 540unit of pig-like soldiers on hill 達 541sheep move on ground to attain goal 単 542simple unit of ten fields 談 543conversation of fiery words 治 544govern from a watery platform 置 545put net directly in path 貯 546stored wealth fits exactly under roof 腸 547fleshy intestines exposed to rising sun 低 548person scoops low. despite poison 熱 560earthen mounds round fire become hot 念 561have thoughts in heart even now 敗 562shell ""defeated"" by striking hand 倍 563person stands open mouthed with double 博 564gain ten exclusive points by extensive gambling 16 . down to baseline 底 549scoop out base of building 停 550person stops at inn 的 551white ladle makes good target 典 552bend six rules 伝 553two people nose to nose conveying something 徒 554follower runs futilely along road 努 555try with slave-like effort 灯 556lamp's flame is exact 堂 557furthermore.

飯 565opposed to eating cooked rice 飛 566two long beaked cranes fly through tall reeds 費 567unwind and spend money 必 568lance through heart is necessarily bent 筆 569take bamboo writing brush in hand 票 570vote shows west is best 標 571tree is a signpost showing west 不 572put down once. then thrice. wishing for death 牧 586hand with stick makes cow go into pasture 末 587tip of tree 満 588both grass and water can be filling 脈 589veins are tributaries of the body 民 590populace is more substantial than clan 約 591knotted thread reminds of promise about ladle 勇 592old man bent with age but still brave 要 593every western has vital need for woman in it 養 594rear sheep for food 浴 595valley water is good for bathing 利 596effective sharp tool cuts rice for profit 陸 597hills and earthen mounds indicate land 良 598take lid off food--looks good 料 599measure of rice has fixed charge 量 600village gets measured quantity. for emphatic ""not so"" 夫 573big man with pin through head is good husband 付 574hand attaches measure to person 府 575large building attached to government center 副 576deputy cut down at single entrance to field 粉 577minutely divided rice becomes powder 兵 578soldier puts ax on table 別 579two cuts to the mouth mean split lip 辺 580movement cuts through boundary 変 581change to a sort of red as one sits crosslegged 便 582change of mail man leads to convenient service 包 583serpent-like embryo enveloped in womb 法 584constrained by law to leave water 望 585king gazes at moon. for one day 17 .

but decidedly cheerful feelings 解 632solve problem by cutting off cow's horn 格 633each tree sets a standard 確 634ascertain that bird under roof is a roc 額 635visitor's forehead looks like plaque 刊 636publish book on how to keep sword dry 18 . ready for burying in ground 労 610labor with effort under ornate roof 録 611record on green metal 圧 612roof under pressure from earth 移 613transfer many rice plants 因 614enclosed man has cause to depend on others 永 615water looks icy for a long time 営 616ornately roofed barracks with joined rooms 衛 617opening to go on guard for almost five years 易 618sun bounces easily off lizard's changing legs 益 619make profit on eight sets of tableware 液 620need for liquid. produces fruitful results 河 628water can form river 過 629excessive movement makes backbone pass mouth! 賀 630congratulations on adding to one's money 快 631no water.輪 601vehicle has aligned and capped wheels 類 602variety of rice with big head 令 603kneeling person ordered to don cap 冷 604ice rules in freezing cold 例 605people in line show example of precedent 歴 606history stops with indoor rice plants?! 連 607accompanied by row of moving vehicles 練 608refined threads from the east 老 609old man falls. even water at night 演 621perform in building by yellow river 応 622react with feeling to building 往 623master goes off 恩 624feelings are cause of kind favor 仮 625person opposed to even temporary falsehood 価 626person from west has price on head 果 627tree. like field.

幹 637person dries trunk as sun rises through grass 慣 638become used to having heart pierced 眼 640stop and stare with wide eyes 基 641winnowing device based on firm ground 寄 642draw near to strange house 規 643adult male looked upon as standard 技 644support from skilled hands facilitates craft 義 645I am like a sheep. legs astride boundary 興 652same hands raised at table--how interesting 均 653level ground with one ladle?! 禁 654altar in forbidden forest 句 655mouth wraps itself around phrase 訓 656words flow like river in lesson 群 657lord of sheep flock 経 658guiding hand passes threads to ground 潔 659master cuts threads. having reached limits 現 666see jewel that now appears 減 667decreased water brings on heartless feeling 故 668old stick in hand a thing of the past 個 669that individual is a hard person 護 670wordily defend hand seizing bird in grass 効 671exchange of strength proves most effective 厚 672kind but ""thick"" child plays daily by cliff 耕 673till around well and many branched tree 19 . washes clean in water 件 660person leading away cow is a serious matter 券 661start two fires with cut up tickets 険 662elder brother dons cap to climb steep hill 検 663elder brother investigates wooden cover 絹 664silk threads from round fleshy worm 限 665stop and stare from hill. full of righteousness 逆 646big upside-down man moves in reverse 久 647stooping person propped up for a long time 旧 648only one day old. but old nonetheless 居 649old person sitting slumped is at home 許 650permit speech at noon 境 651stand on sunny ground.

all at same level 20 . wood should be investigated 再 679add one basket again 災 680fire and flooding river are potential calamities 妻 681wife holds broom in hand 採 682gather fruit from tree with two hands 際 683festival at edge of hill is quite an occasion 在 684funny dam is located near countryside dwelling 財 685dam full of money means great wealth 罪 686not a network.鉱 674extensive metal ore 構 675do you mind if it's built with wooden baskets? 講 676lecture built with ""baskets"" of words 混 677compare sun and water--a confusing mix 査 678furthermore. but still criminal 雑 687nine miscellaneous birds gathered in tree 蚕 688silkworm is a heavenly insect 酸 689alcohol has lingering bitter acid taste 賛 690two males praised and given money 支 691hand supports cross-shaped branch 志 692warrior's heart shows will 師 693model teacher has one bit of cloth over buttocks 資 694next sum of money provides capital 示 695drops from altar sacrifice show will of gods 似 696starting point for person is to resemble one 児 697old person is really a child 識 698have knowledge of a word sounding like lance 質 699two axes chop pawned shell to ascertain quality 舎 700quarters with roof and entrance below ground 謝 701words of apology and thanks as one shoots off 授 702teacher's hand confers receipt 収 703hand obtains pitchfork from supply store 修 704person practices to master striking with brush 衆 705mass of odd people under watchful eye with lash 祝 706elder brother celebrates at altar 述 707state how one moved around funny tree 術 708go around funny tree with certain technique 準 709ten birds on water.

despite hammer in hand 舌 732tongue shows dry mouth 絶 733sever colorful threads 銭 734two gold halberds reduced to mere coin 善 735sheep has one small but good mouth 祖 736furthermore. then move back in retreat 21 . and head belongs to which genus? 損 745member has hand missing--serious loss 退 746stop and stare.序 710building already beginning to show order 除 711surplus hills must be removed 招 712invite by summoning with hand 承 713hear about a bristly water-baby 証 715correct words are proof 条 716item about sitting crosslegged in tree 状 717dog eats bar of ice. now in bad condition 常 718furthermore. legs. as always 情 719heart made blue with feeling of pity 織 720weave threads with noise like a lance 職 721job as lancer leaves noise in ears 制 722tree cut in shape of cow shows system of sorts 性 723one's nature is the heart one is born with 政 724government forces correctness 精 725refined green rice fills one with spirit 製 726system for manufacturing clothing 税 727elder brother gives away rice-tax 責 728growing money debts mean growing liability 績 729blame threads for poor achievements in spinning 接 730join hands with woman standing alone 設 731build with words. at altar one worships ancestors 素 737raw threads are bare and basic elements 総 738thread runs through public feeling 造 739proclaim that one has made a move 像 740image of elephant man 増 741build up earth in field over eight days 則 742rules regarding the cutting of money 測 743measure water with fathom-rule 属 744insect with buttocks. the usual cloth.

rice ends up in king's mouth 適 755move in manner befitting old emperor 敵 756old emperor strikes suitably matched enemy 統 757supervise lineage full of threads 銅 758copper is same metal as red metal 導 759measured guiding hand leads along way 特 760special bull sent to temple 得 761measure potential gains in movement over one day 徳 762move that virtuous heart is worth ten eyes 独 763insect-ridden German Shepherd dog is left alone 任 764entrust jewels to person on duty 燃 765dog meat duly burns with extra fire 能 766fleshy bear with claws and nose can perform Noh 破 767skin a rock!? must mean break it 犯 768dog commits crime of assaulting prone person 判 769cut in half--a judgment with Solomon's seal 版 770opposed wooden board makes print 比 771compare two persons sitting side by side 肥 772fleshy bending body has been fattened 非 773wings unfold--not a fault 備 774person equipped with grass uses it for roof 俵 775listed persons receive sacks 評 776even words are fair comment 貧 777money divided. so now poor 布 778hand works on spread of cloth threads 婦 779woman holding broom may be wife 富 780house at single entrance to field grows wealthy 武 781warrior advances on foot with halberd 復 782person goes repeatedly to sit crosslegged in sun 22 .貸 747loan is replacement money 態 748have appearance of able heart 団 749measured circle produces well rounded group 断 750decisively decline rice cut with ax in corner 築 751mediocre work with wood and bamboo in building 張 752draw longbow to full stretch 提 753hold properly in hand 程 754to an extent.

a symbol of me myself 灰 818hillside ablaze--reduced to ashes 街 819road-town is just crossroads of raised earth 23 . report for reward 豊 790food vessel bends under weight of rich content 防 791defensive hill to one side prevents attack 貿 792exchange bent sword for money in trade deal 暴 793exposed to violent sun together with insufficient water 未 794growth of immature tree not yet finished 務 795lance forces effort in performing duty 無 796wheatsheaf burned. set to go to heaven 羽 812feathered wings 映 813center of sun shines brightly 延 814drag feet in extended movement 沿 815go alongside of water. grass covered. now none left 迷 797rice is moved and lost--how perplexing 綿 798many white threads of cotton make cotton wool 輸 799transport cut meat under cover in vehicle 余 800eight excessively dry beams under ample roof 預 801already faced with having to look after deposits 容 802roofed valley looks able to contain a lot 率 803ten bits of thread command top rate 略 804abbreviated outline of each field 留 805stop in field to fasten on bent sword 領 806head rules. earthen grave 報 789by good fortune.複 783person crosslegged in sun with double clothing! 仏 784Buddha has prominent nose 編 785books bound with thread left at editor's door 弁 786speech about twenty noses!? 保 787person preserved in wooden box 墓 788sun shines on big. controlling possessed territory 異 807together again in different field--how strange 遺 808move on and leave behind something precious 域 809lance in ground at sole entrance--off limit area 宇 811child lies stiff under roof. seize person. through eight openings 可 816say exactly what can should be approved 我 817I have a tasseled halberd.

拡 820spread hands wide 革 821get leather from middle of ten horned creatures 閣 822each gate leads to cabinet 割 823sword harms by dividing 株 824red tree stump provides firm stock 干 825flattened forked pole for drying washing 巻 826light two fires by oneself with rolled volumes 看 827put hand above eye to watch better 簡 829space left on brief and simple bamboo letter 丸 830nine rounded off with extra stroke 危 831crouch on edge of dangerous cliff--mate fallen 机 832use wooden table for desk 揮 833army hand wields command 貴 834one precious shell in middle of collection 疑 835two people felled by one arrow? doubt if correct 弓 836stringless bow 吸 837if it reaches mouth. then suck it in 泣 838person stands weeping watery tears 供 839attendant offers togetherness to person 胸 840flesh encircling scarred ""container"" is the chest 郷 841odd stringy food served in village 勤 842work with effort to grow plants from seed-box 筋 843bamboo has strong fleshy sinews 系 844lineage composed of twisted connected threads 径 845direct path entails moving with hands on ground 敬 846force person to use respectful phrases of plants 警 847warn with respectful words 劇 848tiger attacks pig with sword?!--what drama! 穴 849take cover away and expose hole 権 851crested bird had right to balance in tree 憲 852constitutional law covers all one sees and feels in life 源 853water source is in original spring on plain 厳 854daringly ornate building is strictly solemn! 己 855I myself follow the thread--what about you? 呼 856odd hand by mouth stops breathing or calling 誤 857mistaken words given 24 .

后 858empress comes behind. cutting opening with ax 好 859woman likes child--what a fine thing 孝 860filial piety is child caring for earthy old man 皇 861emperor is white king 紅 862work with crimson threads 降 863descend hill and sit crosslegged by well 鋼 864metal in hills proves to be steel 刻 865mince threads by cutting tops off 穀 866samurai beats rice under cover to make cereals 骨 867flesh covered bones 困 868tree in difficulty. trapped in box 砂 869sand comprises little stones 座 870persons sit on ground under roof at gathering 済 871text about odd moon seen in settled water 裁 872judge decides to cut cloth with fancy halberd 策 873plan to fix droopy tree branches with bamboo 冊 874stacked bound tablets resemble volumes of books 至 875nose flat to ground as one reaches one's peak 私 876rice is private and belongs to me myself 姿 877next woman has a good figure 視 878look and see what's on show 詞 879parts of speech are official words 誌 880samurai's heartfelt words recorded in journal 磁 881rock has invisible magnetic threads 射 882hand shoots measured arrow into body 捨 883find abandoned hand in one's quarters! 尺 884measure prop for foot of topless door 若 886plants on right are young 樹 888samurai's hand stands food pot next to tree 宗 889building with altar is main center of religion 就 890take up issue of crippled dogs in capital 従 891follow eight roads correctly 縦 892threads to follow are the vertical ones 縮 893reduced to threadbare lodgings 熟 894mature child puts round lid over mouth of fire pit 純 895pure threads look like hair 25 .

signs up for government office 諸 898person's words are many and various 将 899commander's hand about to reach for bar of ice 笑 900big person bent over like bamboo. laughing 傷 901wounded persons left exposed to rising sun 障 902get badge for overcoming hindering hill 城 903castle consists of earthen ramparts 蒸 904grass covered waterbaby steams on fiery hotplate 針 905ten metal needles 仁 906two people show benevolent relationship 垂 907look like riding hanging down to ground! 推 908push bird ahead with hand 寸 909pulse measured as one inch from hand 聖 911saintly king's earhole is sacred 誠 912words become sincere 宣 913state that roof will be finished in two days 専 914exclusive possession of ten measured fields 泉 915spring produces white water 洗 916wash tip in water 染 917soak nine shrubs in water to make dye 奏 918two big men play heavenly music 窓 919nose makes hole in window. put sword in warehouse 層 921layers of corpses build up in field over eight days 操 922three wooden boxes take some handling 蔵 923store and guard halberds under grassy cliff 臓 924entrails are harbored in body 存 926child knows of existence of funny dam 尊 927pour out measure of wine for esteemed guest 宅 928seven roomed house with roof on top 担 929carry burden in hand for one whole day 探 930hand probes hole in tree 段 931cut steps by striking cliff 暖 932three hands warming in the sun 値 933person has fixed price 26 .処 896sit crosslegged on stool to deal with situation 署 897person netted. left feeling down 創 920for a start.

ready to resupply 脳 954body's brain-box marked by cross and hairs 派 955faction is like tributary relative to river 拝 956hand offers eight-leaved plant in worship 背 957turn back defiantly on meat from the north 肺 958bodies in cities have bad lungs 俳 959non-person is an amusing actor 班 960squad receives a cut of the jewels 晩 961sun escapes every evening 否 962deny. flying excitedly from field 陛 967his majesty's throne compares to earthen hill 閉 968close gate with propped cross 片 969one side of a tree is some piece! 補 970use needle point to make good torn clothes 27 . fleshy belly in sun 奮 966big bird stirs. saying not so 批 963criticism can involve an handy comparison 秘 964rice plant necessarily kept secret 腹 965person sits crosslegged.仲 934person in middle makes for good relationship 宙 935reason for space under roof is to let in sky 忠 936loyalty and devotion at center of one's heart 著 937person writes notable book about plants 庁 938government office is building of exactitude 兆 939two cracked turtle shells show trillion signs 頂 940receive nail exactly through top of head 潮 941seawater rises with morning tide 賃 942entrust with wages money 痛 943pain passes through sick body 展 944slumped figure in shorts spread out on grass 討 945attack and defeat with measured words 党 946elder brother's faction meets under fancy roof 糖 947rice from Tang China looks like sugar 届 948deliver corpse and report reason 難 949bird in trouble in waterless Han China 乳 951child reaches for breast swollen with milk 認 952words of appreciation as blade reaches heart!? 納 953store obtained threads inside.

宝 971treasure house contains jewels 訪 972visit someone to have words on the side 亡 973dead person lost in corner 忘 974""dead in one's heart"" means forgotten 棒 975two big wooden clubs with nails through 枚 976hand holds thin flat wooden stick for counting 幕 977big curtain of threaded grass shades out sun 密 978building in dense mountains necessarily secret 盟 979bright alliance pledged over bowl of blood 模 980plant copies model tree and grows big in sun 矢 981big arrow with broken tip 訳 982person translating carries a load of words 郵 983mail in village left dangling 優 984gentle actor's superior display of person's grief 幼 985infant short on strength. till the next time 乱 989kneeling figure puts tongue out--leads to riot 卵 990angular back-to-back fish eggs?! 覧 991person with one staring eye sees all 裏 992clothing made at rear of village has good lining 律 993moving hand writes down the law 臨 994person faces goods and stares 朗 995good moon is clear and bright 論 996argument of neatly capped and aligned words 桜 1036 woman half claws way up tree to get cherry blossom 激 1210 fiercely agitated water releases white spray 札 1304 person prays at tree for money bills 皿 1307 fluted dish on plate 枝 1315 tree branch 飼 1322 rear animals by administering food to them 松 1394 pine is a public tree 盛 1476 serve heaped dishes when one becomes prosperous 昔 1481 twenty-one days ago is well in the past 巣 1521 three sticks atop fruit tree form nest 28 . like tiny thread 羊 986sheep with fine horns marked with three stripes 欲 987greedy person lacks valley so desires one 翌 988wings of time leave.

装 1524 束 1535 誕 1568 笛 1624 豆 1640 梅 1689 箱 1703 並 1775 暮 1789 夢 1844 samurai wears clothes in bed manage to put box-like bundle in tree use stretched words to deceive about birth there's a reason for making flute from bamboo one miniature box on stand. full of beans every tree should be a plum tree bamboo sides mutually opposed in box line up in two rows of eight live to see sun set among big plants at end of day cover eyes at night and dream of grass 29 .

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