Contract Completion Checklist

The instructions below are to help you complete the HUD sales contract. Read all instructions provided before contacting Ofori REO with questions. Please use blue or black ink only to complete the contract.

Required documents for a complete contract check list:
HUD Sales Contract Form 9548 (see below for instructions) Radon Gas and Mold Notice For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection Notice to Purchaser and Acknowledgement Proof of Cash Funds/ Pre-qualification Letter (Both documents must be dated less than 30 days from bid acceptance date. The evidence of funds letter or bank statement must be on bank or investment company letterhead with purchaser's name and show sufficient funds for closing. Pre-qualification must be from a licensed lender, cover at least the net to HUD of the purchase price, and have a loan officer's signature.) If the property was built before 1978: Lead Based Paint Addendum If purchaser is an owner/occupant: Addendum to Sales Contract: Individual Owner/Occupant Certification

How to complete the HUD Sales Contract:
Use blue or black ink only. White-out and cross-outs are not allowed on any HUD contract forms. If you make a mistake on a contract form, please start over. Only the HUD registered broker (broker registered under the NAID) can sign where the selling broker's signature is requested. If the HUD registered broker cannot sign for themselves, please send a letter, on company letterhead and signed by the HUD registered broker, that specifies which agent(s) can sign for the broker. When this designated agent signs for the broker, they must sign their own names, not forge the registered broker's signature. The purchaser's name and signature must match on all forms.

Instructions for completing the HUD Sales Contract Form 9548:
Line 1: Purchaser's name, as it appears on the winning bid. You can add or omit the middle name. HUD Property address is also included on line 1. Line 2: Purchaser's name as it appears on line 1. Line 3: Purchase price of the property, must match the accepted “bid amount” exactly. Also on line 3, the earnest money deposit is held by “Closing Agent, Payable to HUD”.

Must match bid exactly. Line 11: Check the appropriate box: If the property was built before 1978. this line must read 60 days. Other addendum “is” ALWAYS attached. Line 12: Have the purchaser(s) initial in the correct place. Only if using FHA 203K financing. phone number. If the property was built in or after 1978. Line 8: Indicate the type of purchaser accordingly. Certification of Broker: Fill out according to instructions. conventional financing. and the date in the corresponding areas. since it is required. Please also include the purchaser's address. these are HUD's required addenda that you will also be completing. You MUST leave the area for “Seller's Initials” blank. the lead based paint form “is not” attached. Must match bid exactly. social security number. must match the bid. Line 10: Choose a box. FHA 203B or 203B with repair escrow. and the purchaser must sign in the designated area. Please check the appropriate box. Individuals signing on behalf of a company must print and sign their own name and print the company name in every place a signature is required. must match bid exactly. If there are two purchasers. as requested in the accepted bid. as requested in accepted bid. Line 6B: Listing broker commission. Line 5: Closing costs requested in accepted bid. Line 6A: Selling broker commission. Only the HUD registered broker can sign *Do not mark in any area on the 9548 form designated for the seller or HUD* . do NOT include broker bonus. using the NAID the bid was placed with. they will both need to initial on the small space designated for “Purchaser(s) Initials”. Line 13: Purchaser's name must match lines 1 and 2 exactly. this must say 45 days. Must match bid exactly. the lead based paint form “is” attached. Line 7: Net to HUD. Line 9: For purchases using cash.Line 4: Please indicate the type of financing being used and only check the corresponding boxes.

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