VincentTsai Period F 2-16-12 Study Guide Brahmanism/Hinduism- dveloped in India; 3 gods- Brahma(the creator), Vishnu(the preserver

), and Siva(the destroyer of evil); There are 4 aims in life Dharma (virtue and righteousness), kama (enjoyment of desires), artha (material prosperity), and moksa (Liberation). Has temples for worship. Christianity- monotheism (believe in one god and thats Jesus); Their religious book is the Bible, the Old testamony is the coming of jesus and the New testomony is the Bibliography of Jesus. Buddhism- monotheism; founded by Siddhartha Gautama in india; It taught about nirvana or the highest level of enlightenment. Believed in rebirth and karma; taught the 8 fold path-Wisdom (1.Right view, 2. Right intentions), Ethical Conduct (3. Right speech, 4. Right action, 5 Right livelihood), Mental Development (6. Right effort, 7. Right mindfulness, 8. Right concentration). Islam-monotheism; Their god is Allah and his prohet is Muhammad; Their religious book is called the Qur’an. The people who believe in Islam are called Muslims. There are total of 5 pillars in Islam- 1. shahada (creed), 2 salat (daily prayers), 3. zakāt (Charity), 4. sawm (fasting during the month of Ramadan), and 5. Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Taoism/Daoism-It originated in China;Laozi the philosopher was the founder;He taught to live with Dao or “the way” Shintoism- polytheism (or many gods)Founded in Japan, there is no Known founder; The name shinto means the way of the Gods. Shinto is the worship of nature, practices that dealt with the spirit world including both good and evil spirits, divination techniques, hero worship, and extremely high regard for ancestors; Most important deity is the sun god (Amaterasu Omikami) and their descendants were leaders. Wars
King Philip's War: Date- July 4, 1675 -August 12, 1676. Main participants- New England Colonies vs. Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck Indians. Reason- coloniest wanted more land. Effect natives who fought for King Philip were sold into slavery and some women and children were used as local servants. King William's War: Date- 1689-1697. Main participants- The English Colonies vs. France. Reason- tension between northern colonies and new france and fought over fur trade. Effect- the Treaty of Ryswick ended the wat. Queen Anne's War (War of Spanish Succession): Date- 1702-1713. Main participantsThe English Colonies vs. France. Reason fought for control over the continent of America. Effect- the Treaty of Utrech ended the war. King George's War (War of Austrian Succession): Date- 1744-1748. Main participantThe French Colonies vs. Great Britain. Reason- fought over for the legitamancy of the austrian throne. Effect- Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle returned Louisbourg to France and ended the war. French and Indian War (Seven Years War): Date- 1756-1763. Main participant- The French Colonies vs. Great Britain. Reason- when a french captain refused to back down his soldiers. Effect- caused the revolutionary war. Cherokee War: Date- 1759-1761. Main participants- English Colonists vs. Cherokee Indians. Reason- Fought over indian land. Effect- Cheerokee lost their lands. American Revolution: Date- 1775-1783. Main participants- English Colonists vs. Great Britain. Reason- Alien sedation Act, XYZ affair, and all the tarriffs. Effect- Decleration of Independence. War of 1812: Date- 1812-1815. Main participants- United States vs. Great Britain. ReasonAmericans being “impressed” by the britans to fight in the war. Effect- native american weakened, and improved americans industrial power.

Spain. Effect. Thomas Paine. She also wanted more settlement houses. Mexico.Spoke ut aggainst lynching people and slavery. Bagley. norhtern scalwaggs coming to the south. and wanted alchol to be unbanned.1898.wanted 10 hour work days W. Effect. Dante.1861-1865.made the boston tea party to get the message that tehy didnt want tarrifs anymore.wanted to be more powerful than the king. Civil War: Date.E.United States vs. south leaving union. Reason. Effect Athens lost their army making them weak.Slavery ended.idea of manifestdestiny. John Calvin.made serving government more important and wanted to spread democracy. Wells. Main participants.Texas vs.S. Mexico. help organize the first meeting for women suffrage at Seneca Falls. Confederacy. and mexican governement fell. Pople Hnery VII. Reformers Pericles. Southern poverty. Reasonwaiting to seize Cuba or other countries.wanted women suffrage.supported better working conditions for women and children.wanted women suffrage. Mexican-American War: Date.United States vs. Samuel Adams. Main participants. Du Bois. Anothony. Main participants.supported civil rights and made the organization called NAACP. Annie Bidwell. Agriculture vs Industry.wanted to get rid of heretics. state rights. Sharecropping became popular. Spanish-American War: Date. and Slavery.War of Texas Independence: Date.taught about pre-destiny. Main participants. ReasonLincoln was elected.B. Florence Kelley. Effect rome expanded its territory. Thomas cole. Effect. Effect Texas were independent. Susan B. Elizabeth Cady Stanton.Union vs. Pope Innocent III.Made hudson river school Sarah G. .1846-1848.America gained more land. Iba D.war between Athens and Sparta. Punic War. internal conflict on slavery.Cubas didnt allow them to be ruled so they became independent from america.war between carthage and rome. Reason teaxas didnt want to be a part of mexico.1836. U.wanted AF women to be able to able to vote.first writer to write in Italin instead of Latin. Peloponnesian war. Jane Addams.wanted us to seperate from Great Britan and rule ourself and he wrote the book called “Common Sense” to get the point across.made hull houses for the poor which gave the ppor a chance at education.

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