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Checklist of document required for Due Diligence Report for Bank

1. Copy of Annual Report, IT returns for last two years of Company and its directors 2. Certificate of Shareholding pattern of shareholder and change in shareholding pattern if any, Register of Director shareholding u/s 307. 3. Certificate of Related party transactions and register u/s 301 4. Certificate of loans, guarantee and securities amounting to Rs.___if any provided to Directors, firm, companies & other business entites. 5. Certificate of any transactions enter with any business entities in which directors of the company were interested. 6. Certificate that the amount borrowed by the Company from its directors,members,financial institutions, bank and others were within the borrowing limits of the company and such borrowings were made by the company in compliance with applicable laws and also the detail breaks up of the companys domestic borrowings 7. Certificate that company has not declared any dividend during the F.Y 2011-12 8. Details of any fines and penalty imposed on company. 9. Details along with challan for Deposit of Employees and Employers contribution to provident fund. 10.Declarations given by director u/s 274(1)(g) and 299 of the Act, 11.Reason for not completing the project on time. 12.Certificate that company did not sell, Mortgage or otherwise dispose off any of the assets which was charged to Bank. 13.Certificate showing the Net worth of Mr. Manish Kalani(guarantor) and Entertainment world Developer pvt ltd as follows:
Name of Guarantor Relationship with borrower Net Worth Immovable property

Prev. As at 31.03.11

Present As at 31.03.201 2

Prev. As at 31.03.11

Present As at 31.03.2012

Manish Kalani


Entertainment World Developer Pvt. Ltd.

Holding Company of TWDPL

14.Classification of civil work done shown in Financial Progress and Physical Progress report by Company as follows Particulars Physic al Progr ess Financial Progress

Civil Work Construction Preoperative expenses Advance Total

15.Certificate of all statutory dues paid up to date by the Company. 16.Copy of approval of Mega project mention below Description Building Construction Permission Building Developer Certificate Labour Registration Permission to establish air water content Forest Permission for acess from NH-21 High rise committee sanction B& R and access from National Highway Approvals for Fire & Safty Statutory Body Ministry of Housing & Urban Development & Chief Town Planner Municipal Corporation Ministry of Labour Punjab Pollution Control Board DFO Airport Authorities of India CPWD Fire Department

17.Latest Electricity bill & cheque no. from A/C 18.Registration under shop Act (if any)