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Each question in this paper is followed by four possible answers A, B, C and D. Read the questions and choose the best answer from the four choices. Questions 1 10 are based on the information given.

The three contestants are most probably very ______________ to know the results. A annoyed B anxious C shocked D suspicious

His home is no longer safe. People with guns have invaded his jungle illegally. One wrong step could be his last Unless you decide otherwise.

What is the danger a tiger faces when he takes the wrong step? A Poaching C Humans B Weapons D Invasion
The walk takes you through a very old part of this town. Start at the 15th century old White Tower which was formerly a prison. Today it contains the biggest collection of the finest armour and old weapons. Open 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Admission is free.

The extract above would probably interest A tourists B prisoners


C historians D civil servants



Kuala Krai: A freak storm hit Kampung Soh near here yesterday, uprooting trees and blowing off roofs of 23 houses. The villagers were caught unaware and loses were estimated at RM500,000.

The most suitable headline for the news report is A A Surprised Storm B Villagers without Homes C A Storm at Kampung Soh D Villagers Freaked out of Storm

Most countries are trying to reduce the number of people who are illiterate. This problem can be tackled by educating people in the rural areas.

The word illiterate in the extract means A poor B irrational C unable to read D have committed crimes

Based on the pie chart, more teenagers prefer watching A news to sitcoms B sitcoms to cartoons C documentaries to sitcoms D music shows to reality shows



Useful Tips In what ways can you improve yourself? Here are a few tips: Feed your mind by reading as much as you can Learn as many languages as possible you will find it a great advantage later in life. Cut off your thoughts when you find yourself getting into a negative or depressing thought mode by thinking about something else or pursuing a different activity Cultivate friendships with people and talk to them when you face problems or difficulties Listen to music and let the music express your inner feelings Take up a hobby by doing something that you enjoy or are good at

According to the tips given, one can improve himself by A take up a hobby B cut off friendship C cultivate a language D thinking on a problem


The sign above informs us that we should A be careful with our belongings B be cautious of people around us C observe people who love pockets D keep our belongings in our pockets

The above notice is A an order B an appeal


C a request D a complaint



10 June 2012 Hello Joshua, Greetings from Cameron Highlands. We arrived here yesterday after a long drive. We used the new route via Simpang Pulai just before Ipoh. It was a smoother journey compared to the winding road from Tapah. It is cool and relaxing up here. We will be staying at my uncles farm for three more days. Bye!

To, Joshua Ng, 10 Jln Utara Taman Citra Bayu 45400 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan

10 How many days will Jason spend in Cameron Highlands? A Six days C Four days B Five days D Three days Questions 11 20 are based on the following text. The Gunung Mulu National Park is situated in Sarawak. It is one of the most magnificent limestone caves __________ year. This park is also __________ (14) haven for a variety of flora and fauna. The Gunung Mulu National Park is said to contain 1500 species __________ (15) flowering plants that include 170 orchid varieties. There are also 67 mammal species and 262 bird species. One of __________ (16) many caves is the Sarawak Chamber which is the largest natural chamber in the world. There _________ (17) two large entrances at each end. It is not surprising that caving expeditions are very popular in this national park. ___________ (18), visitors can participate in jungle-trekking too. The most popular attraction of _________ (19) cavern is the millions of bats that live there. The bats will leave the cave in the evenings, __________ (20) on the insects around Gunung Mulu. Other cave dwellers include spiders, centipedes and swiftlets. 11 A in B on C over D around 16 A it

(11) the world. Gunung Mulu, __________

(12) is the second

highest mountain peak in Sarawak, __________ (13) an unusually high rainfall throughout the

B its C their D theirs 12 A who B which



C where D whose 13 A B C D 14 A B C D 15 A B C D has had have will have a an the in at of off

B are C was D were 18 A B C D 19 A B C D 20 A B C D Similarly However Furthermore Consequently this that these those feast feasts feasted feasting

17 A is Questions 21 - 23 Read the phrasal verbs below and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Kiara and Dina are really good friends. They met three years ago and got along (21) immediately. However, yesterday they had an argument when Dina turned down (22) Kiaras invitation to her birthday party. Angry words were exchanged between them. Kiara thought Dina purposely chose not to come. She did not know Dina had to go to the hospital on that particular day. Fortunately, all the misunderstandings were finally cleared up (23) when both their mothers got involved.

21 got along A B C D became friends became sociable became pleasant became talkative

22 turned down A B C D declined demurred deteriorated degenerated

23 cleared up A B C D arranged resolved identified highlighted

Questions 24 26



Read the idiomatic expression below and choose the best meaning for the expressions that are underlined. When Shahrizal showed his father, Encik Ramli his report card, he knew that he would have to face the music (24). Shahrizal had obtained low marks for all his subjects except Art. True enough, Encik Ramli was very furious with Shahrizal upon seeing the results. He had advised Shahrizal to study and be very serious in his studies many times but all the advice fell on deaf ears (25). Shahrizal had been playful even when the examination was around the corner. He apologised to his father and promised to turn over a new leaf (26) to improve his marks.


face the music A start again B play a song C be punished D listen to a music

25 fell on deaf ears A was ignored B was recorded C was forgotten D was remembered

26 turn over a new leaf A remain the same B change for the better C think about the future D stop all the bad habits

Questions 27 32 are based on the following poster.

HAVE FUN IN THE SUN At the 2012 ANNUAL BEACH FAIR The Annual Beach Fair is BACK with more exciting, challenging, fun-filled activities and games for everyone to enjoy. Live Concert Performance Local Delivery Fair Sand Sculpting Mini Beach Olympics Beachwear Contest Fancy-dress Contest

If you love the sand and sun you will have a lot of FUN COME JOIN US!! This year it is held at: Pantai Remis, Perak, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, and Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson. Date: 30 December 2012 Time: 8.00 am to 12.00 pm 27 The beach fair will be held at ________ venues. Join thousands of beach-lovers and explore the beautiful beaches in Malaysia
6 Organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia




six five four three

28 How often is this Beach Fair being held? A B C D Daily Monthly Every year Every fortnight

29 Those who would enjoy the Beach Fair are most probably A B C D homely and timid outgoing and active moody and depressed hardworking and persistent

30 The word explore is similar in meaning to A B C D detect dig up discern discover

31 Which of the following statements is true? A B C D All the activities are water-based games. 2012 is the first year the fair is organised. Beaches have been chosen for all the venues. The Ministry of Tourism wants to encourage tourists participation.

32 What is the main purpose of the poster? A To teach people how to enjoy the fair. Some of the most beautiful caves are formed in glaciers. Streams of melting ice and snow B To tell people what to do at the beach. funnel through the glaciers like how water from a tap melts its way through an ice cube. Water C To inform people how to get to the beach fair. from the surface drips down through cracks. It hollows out the tunnel and covers the caves with D To encourage people to attend the beach fair. crystal icicles. The smooth walls and floor are so glass-like that pebbles frozen 1.8 metres deep can be easily seen. Crystal-clear icicles draping from the ceilings flash blue-green, as though they are carved from previous jewels instead of ice. Although most of the ice caves in the United States are found in lava caves, there are a number of limestone ice caves as well. Some people believe that this ice was formed thousands of years ago, when temperatures were much colder. Others think that the cave ice broke off from the ancient glaciers as they spread over the country. Today many scientists have another idea. They believe that cold water sinks down Questions 33 - 40 are based on the following passage. through cracks into these caves. This process continues until the temperature is chilly enough to freeze the water that seeps in. The ice that forms keeps the cave cool and helps to build up more ice. 7 Many caves become covered with so much ice that no one knows just how thick it is. In some caves, such as Crystal Falls Cave in Idaho, there are frozen rivers and even frozen waterfalls. Native Americans and early settlers used to store food in these underground refrigerators. They chip out blocks of ice to melt for drinking water.



33 What is the passage mainly about? A B C D The uses of ice caves. The origins of ice caves. The characteristics of glaciers. The places where glaciers are found.

34 The words its in the passage refers to A tap B water C glacier D tunnel

35 The icicles in the caves are compared to precious jewels based on A area B depth C formation D appearance

36 Where are most of the ice caves in the United States found? A B C D In lava caves In cave cracks In limestone caves In ancient glaciers

37 The word draping in paragraph two is closest in meaning to A covering B hanging


C forming D shining



38 According to scientists of today, what causes ice to build up in caves? A B C D Cold water seeps in and freezes. Cave ice breaks off from glaciers. Icicles accumulate on the ceilings. Rivers and waterfalls supply water.

39 The early settlers in the United States appreciated the ice caves for A B C D their practicality the precious stones their beautiful value the low temperatures

40 From the passage, we know that A B C D the most beautiful caves are formed in glaciers there are different theories on the formation of ice caves only the United States have ice caves which are beautiful glass-like walls and floors are found 1.8 metres below ground


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