A response to the letter of Sheikh Abu Bassir At-Tartoussi to Ansar Al-Sharia in Yemen

By: Sheikh Abu Al- Zubayr Adel Al-Abab - May Allah preserve him –


‫#" ﷲ ا‬ '9 ‫ا - <; رب ا‬ . =< ‫ا‬ ،<9#‫و‬

‫@?+ إ 4 =3م‬A 4$% ‫، وا 86ة وا "6م %$4 ر(3 2' ا1) ، وآ + و.-,+ و) ('ر‬

Firstly: I was somewhere waiting to go out and we were in a state of alert for any shelling from the American warplanes or the American and French warships, and between waiting and alert, I was surprised by the talk of my brothers the mujahidin informing me about what is going on the net. He said that there was an article for sheikh Abu Bassir regarding Ansar Al-Sharia, and he began to speak to me about the context of the article during the sun set of Monday 19 Rabī` Al-Ākhir 1433 A.H. he continued his talk while he was eating his Iftar (breaking the fast) and when he finished I got a headache from my fear that the sheikh might enter into verbal quarrels with those who saw the reality or knew it or lived it which is opposite to what have been perceived by our beloved sheikh. And that will weaken the sheikh status for those who love him and it be a reason to rebuff all the sheikh’s knowledge in general and then the enemy will find his wish which he was waiting for years and begins to ignite the fire and spill petrol and I was hurt previously by what I used to read of what was happening of talk about the Islamic State of Iraq and I wished that that doesn’t happen, so I left any work I was assigned to and began to write maybe I will have time before posting of the replies that will make the enemy happy. And so that what I fear doesn’t happen I ask you O’ people of ardor to leave the knowledgeable sheikh of Al-Sham to transfer to him the real image of our

reality and clarify to him what is happening because my trust of the knowledge of the sheikh makes me say that if he was among us he wouldn’t have said that, since the branches come from the fundamentals and the fundamentals of the sheikh in dealing with issues are the fundamentals of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah and not the fundamentals of the Kharijites and people of Irja’ah, and since he is still on it his words will certainly change – Insha’Allah – according to the knowledge of the reality, because for the Fatwa to be correct it has to be according to perceiving the issue in reality. Secondly: our honorable sheikh Abu Bassir At-Tartoussi has status among his lovers from the people of our methodology in Yemen and abroad, his books are taught and distributed in the locations that we are present in despite of our reticence from some of the Fiqh selections of the sheikh which we disagree with him, so his judgment in this advice despite that he wanted to deliver an advice of a loving and fearful and his severity in some of the phrases a reason to not give the sheikh his right or make us doubt his intensions, and we have to deal with the disagreement in Fiqh and discuss the subject and not to speak of his person and intensions or timing of the words. Thirdly: our beloved sheikh I will clarify to you the our reality and more broadly in another contact – Allah willing – but will clarify here what is related to the article for the situation to be clear and Allah is a witness to what I say because that those who are similar you be present among his students teaching, fighting, making Ribat, correcting and giving advice, and I ask Allah to facilitate for you to come to see you among us as we have known you 17 years ago when you were in the library of Al-Dawah Center in Sana’a reviewing the book “Takhlis Al-Aqeeda Al-Tahawiya”, we also heard of you then when we were seeking knowledge in the Ibn Al-Amir Al-Sana’ani institution and AlDawah Center, and our sheikhs have narrated to us some of your dialogues with them, and we used to follow articles in the Al-Montada magazine of AlHikmah Al-Yamaniya Society and from that day I began to read what you write and I don’t conceal that when I read your book in responding to lecture “The Kufr are of two kinds” for sheikh Al-Albani I liked it a lot but I said if you were more soft with the sheikh it would have been better to spread the truth and so that I don’t go in to details my honorable sheikh I say:

Regarding the martyrdom operations: As for our way in conducting the martyrdom operations, I’m aware of your opinion regarding that issue although I disagree with you in that and I see that they are permissible when necessary and with certain conditions. And as for the way of conducting the operations our Amirs have instructions not to send anyone in an operation except if they don’t find any means to strike the enemy other than the martyrdom operation, or that the goal of the operation achieves a big interest or repel an attack of the enemy or target a convoy of a senior leader who commands the war and he cannot be targeted except in another way. This is regarding the fundamentals but if the results of some of the operations are contrary to the fundamentals then that is because of the mistake of the observer or judgment of the executor or due to an emergent cause that cannot be controlled, and we are excused in this despite that we deal the mistake. And for many times the attacks of the army on our positions were only repelled by martyrdom operations. Most of the operations if not all of them were repelling an attack or striking the enemy when it is preparing to attack us. When the army attacked Mudiya in Dhu Al-Qi'dah 1430 A.H. the first operation was conducted against the army to repel his aggression and stop its violation for the sanctities of the homes and many of the soldiers were killed in it, and it was a reason for the retraction of the army and its forces after it wanted to attack the homes. Then it was followed by another operation to repel the ferocious attack of the enemy in Dofas front in Rajab 1432 A.H. and many of the senior officers and commanders of the brute campaign were killed in it with a large number of their soldiers and it defeated the aggressive campaign on our brothers so it raised the morale of the mujahidin, then there was a third operation in Rajab of the same year on a big military gathering that was suppressing the demonstrators in Tour Caltex in the city of Aden and it went further until they killed one of the revolutionaries leaders so the operation came to break their thorn and to support the demonstrators and revolutionaries and the operation was widely accepted among the ordinary people there, and a fourth operation followed it against the campaign that was heading towards the Dofas front when the martyrdom seeker suddenly attacked them when they were preparing to attack Abyan, Alhamdulillah the enemy tanks were destroyed and its soldiers were killed. If we haven’t resorted to such operations repelling the operations would have cost us the death of many of our brothers. Then came after that two

operations to repel an attack of senior officers who were disguised as sons of the tribes and some of the heads of cunning and evil from the sons of the tribes in Al-Arqub and Mudiya in last Ramadan and it put an end to their activities after they dared to kill some of our brothers, then the seventh was originally for a big target but the executing brother took a personal judgment when he didn’t find the target and executed against another location of the enemies intelligence. And the eightieth operation was in a military barrack in the AlAlam region on 3 Shawal which was a gathering and supply to the ferocious campaigns on the mujahidin in Dofas, and even it was the battles headquarters and communications room. Another one was against the Yemeni defense minister who was running the proxy war against us from his den in Aden but he miraculously survived. Now they are conspiring on us once again as they have conspired on the revolution and killed the revolution, so the new government under the leadership of Abd Rabbuh Mansur declared war on us and we became certain of the great conspiracy that is being plotted on us, which is a global – regional conspiracy which cannot be handled and dealt with in a conventional way but rather we have to use the appropriate tactics and to repel the aggression and preempt the attack we targeted the Republican Guard in AlMukalla and Al-Bayda' to abort the plan of the attack on us in our locations. These are our operations against the army and all of it are to repel the aggression, and for your knowledge our sheikh it is the leadership that decides the using of this tactics and it is the one which supervises on its details, and it only resorts to using this operation if it didn’t find an alternative, or the alternative as very hard, or they expect its damages will be more. That’s why the number of the operations are counted by the fingers despite that the war is very ferocious on us where the American is present as participant and supervisor as what happened in Dofas front since they were running the war and they are still using their warplanes for spying and shelling, and also their warships from the sea, and their most recent shelling was yesterday where three of our brother in Waqar were killed and many American or British officers are arriving to Aden from the coasts of Aden and the occupied Yemeni islands, and this is the Socotra island which is occupied by the Americans and the latest American warship its entrance was declared one month ago. And Allah has given success to our brothers a few days ago to killing an American intelligence officer while he was hiding in a security car. The Americans attend

as trainers as what is happening in the camps of the Special Guards and the Republican Guards and the Counter-Terrorism Units. Most of the martyrdom operations against these institutions were to repel their aggression and it is no secret that these military institutions were the ones who suppressed the revolution. This is few and we will provide you with more information and images when possible. As for who support us from the respectable Ulema who live our reality, they present and I’ll inform you if it was possible in a private contact, and among them are senior Yemeni Ulema, and they are known of knowledge and Dawah and have a long history. Regarding the reality of the Yemeni army Our honorable sheikh the Yemeni army is not that one that you use to know the situation have changed, in general the military institutions in Yemen are divided into the following: Firstly: 1- The Special Guard 2- The Republican Guard 3- The Central Security 4- The Military Police 5- The Political Security 6- The National Security 7Units of Counter-Terrorism 8- The army except the First Armored Division 9The Military and Air Force Academy and others. All of them were and are still - even after Abd Rabbuh Mansur took the chair – follow Ali Abdullah Saleh and they are the ones who suppressed the revolution. Secondly: Some of the division and who joined them from the army follow Ali Mohsen who declared that he had joined the revolution. All the parties including General Ali Mohsen and leaderships of the Joint Meeting Parties have allied with the Americans to fight us and they declared so and it is documented. The leader in the Joint Meeting Parties Abdurrahman Ba’Fadl frankly declared his call for the Americans to enter Yemen to fight AlQaeda and he even added to that inviting the French also. That is regarding what they declare, but we say we are concerned of what is happening on the ground and we did not take any stance on the light of these statements which they declared and we did not target any of these parties according to that. What remains is a brigade that was said that it was supporting the revolution and this has not been proven according to our knowledge and it follows the commander Faisal Rajab and he began to fight us since almost one year ago

and it is stationed in the outskirts of Zinjibar in the Al-Kud region, and we exchange fighting with him. As for the 25th Brigade it has declared in the beginning of the its besieging by mujahidin that it doesn’t follow the revolution nor the authority and it is not concerned of what is happening in the country from revolution, this is what he stated in a published interview in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper. Some of the parties consider him to be from the army of the revolution falsely and slanderously for political purposes. But after the mujahidin lifted the siege on the brigade Al-Somali appeared with Magdi Maqula commander of the Southern region on the Yemen satellite channel, and then the Ali Saleh government adopted his alleged victory and honored him and he declared frankly that his loyalty is to the constitutional legitimacy which means Ali Saleh government. Al-Qaeda organization stance from the revolution: Its stance was the guiding, supporting, advising and Islamizing the slogans of the revolution through its supporters from the revolutionists taking advantage of the present in spreading the pure Aqeeda and correct methodology and receiving youths of the revolution. Our honorable sheikh what happened is that after the central authority in Sana’a many of the regions fell in the hands of many parties from Sada’a even large parts of Abyan fell in the hands of the Houthis, and other parts in the hands of the tribes, and then we weren’t outside of the scene and tried to have a presence for us there so we tightened our control on several regions, for example “Jaar” which we called “Waqar”. It extends from Zinjibar to Yaramis in length which is estimated by car more than an hour, and from Shuqara to Al-Lujain in width which is estimated more than one and a half hour by car. All this distance we ruled it by the Sharia of Allah as much as we can, and we don’t claim infallibility, but it is enough that we are seeking the truth, and we repent to Allah from falsehood. We opened the way for journalists and the media to come to the regions which we are present in and they report impressions of the people who welcomed the Sharia and found in the rule of Islam all pride, superiority and security

especially when comparing the situation to what it was like before our presence in these regions. For example, this piece of land “Waqar” is larger than the Medina of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and it is more populated, we declared in it the implementation of the Sharia, and we spoke out loudly of Kufr of the Tagut of this time (manmade laws). And it has been fought by the Pharaoh of this time (America) as Abū Jahl have fought the Medina of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and it has inflicted us with damage , and we have inflicted it with damage, and we ask Allah that the sequel be to us. In our Wilayah people know the real meaning of security, they are safe on their livelihoods, also they are safe on their religion, they submit to the Sharia of Allah, and declare that they disbelieve in the manmade laws, and fear no one except the American drones that Lie in wait to us, and we ask Allah for assistance. In our Wilayah the Daa'iyahs speak loudly the truth that they believe in. they fear no authority except the authority of the Sharia, even the Daa'iyahs who disagree with us in the methodology we give them space, and anyone who raises the issues of disagreement he is called to dialogue and discussion, then to public debate all that with leniency, good manners and wisdom. There are other regions that we control like the city of Azzan and Al-Mahfad, and there are regions that we are have a presence like some regions of Sada’a, Al-Jawf region, Khawlan, Marib, Shabwa, Hadhramaut, Al-Wade'a, Rada' and AlBayda', and there is a presence as cells in Sana’a, Taaz, Lahj, Ad-Dali', Aden and others. We are still extending but the enemy is mobilizing from before and is still mobilizing internally by the new government and externally in particular America and Saudi Arabia but the enemy is mobilizing to completely expel us from the lands that we control, and I ask Allah to make us steadfast. Issue of the soldier Regarding the military men and soldiers in Yemen we have declared our stance more than once and it was shown on the screens of the media on the tongue of the martyr sheikh Mohammed Omair rahumahullah, when he said: “Our problem isn’t with the soldiers”. In other words if they stopped fighting us we

won’t begin against them a general fighting in this stage, which is a stance from the Sharia politics required by the stage, and we are still neutralizing who doesn’t fight us, and throughout the past period we used release without ransom whom we capture from the soldiers if he declares his repentance, and that is documented, recorded and published on the internet, except for the latest incident which around 73 soldiers were captured in Abyan and we are demanding the release of our prisoners to release them. The issue is that the Yemeni soldier became a victim for the trends of the parties that answer the American demands of fighting the mujahidin and how much he was called and advised by distributing leaflets and tapes and through loudspeakers in the locations of fighting and through direct Dawah before they are released after showing their repentance over and over again. We release their captives despite that they have killed our best brothers then a part of them return once again to the service and most of them are aware that we are fighting them for the continuation and survival of the Sharia, and they even come into touch with the presence of American warplanes next to them, and there are a large number of soldiers who shout Houthi slogans and insult our brothers the mujahidin in Zinjibar saying: “You sons of Ayisha, you grandchildren of Muawiya” in clear ideological Rafidi pneuma, so the issue of the soldier became bigger than before and as I have said the soldier has become a victim for the trends of the parties that depend on the West or Iran and the battle that became more visible in the eyes of these soldiers especially in last year. For example the soldier who is fighting us in the front of Zinjibar hears with his ears and sees with his eyes the American warplanes that are hovering in the sky, and even this soldier takes the frequency of shelling with artillery from the American planes that spy on the locations of the mujahidin as Al-Somali commander of the 25th Mechanised Brigade have acknowledged that in an interview with a Western journalist which was shown on the Al-Jazeera International. The soldier that is fighting with the Republican Guard or Central Security is no doubt aware that he is part of military institutions the suppress the people and kill the rebels as what is happening in Arhab, Hahm and Taaz, also he is aware of the extent of the American incursion in this sector through supervision and

training, these are only examples to be aware that the reality has changed and the dimension of the battle became more obvious than before. So our honorable sheikh the country is passing through a dark tunnel, and an unknown fate, where three parties are fighting over it. One party follows East, Iran and Russia. They are the Socialists and Houthis. And I have mentioned to you that the Houthis are fighting us within the ranks of the army in Abyan. And a party that follows America, which is the government of the democratic reconciliation which everyone knows it’s an agent to the West. The third party declares it repudiates all what disagrees with the religion of Allah, and they are your brothers the mujahidin. The Houthi is working day and night. He works with the authority and the opposition. He wants to control the lands of Ahli Sunnah. Many of the leaderships of the People's Congress Party, and leaderships of the (Southern) Movement. It surprising, that some people of knowledge turn a blind eye to the Houthi and his plots, under the name “reconciliation” or the fear from the Fitnah, or fear from Fitnah. The massacres against Ahli Sunnah are increasing especially Hajjah, and no one cries to them. The Yemeni army only succeeded in handing over lands and giving the command of some of the army to the Houthis. And the real disaster is the merging of the Houthis with the Socialists, in the light of the agreement between Iran and Russia. Reality of the Ulema of Yemen: Our sheikh regarding the Ulema of Yemen they are divided to: The first section: People of the Sunni school: And they are divided to: a- Part is supporting what we are doing but it doesn’t want his name to appear and between us are correspondent, communication and advice. b- Followers of Sheikh Yahiya Al-Hajori who still see the secular rulers as Awlya Omor (guardians) and they even added to that recognizing the authority of the Rafida Houthis in Sada’a and considered them Awlya Omor.

c- Followers of Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Adani and Sheikh Mohammed AlImam and with them a faction of the Al-Hajori school but they disagree with him. d- People of the Al-Ihsan and Al-Hikmah Societies whom you know and they have changed and began seeking to form a political party except our sheikh Abdelmadjid Al-Raymi and those who are with him may Allah make him see the truth and steadfast and regarding the students of Abu Al-Hassan they are close to the methodology of the Societies. The second section: Ulema of the Ekhwan (Muslim Brotherhood): Their methodology is known to you and the real disaster is that the politicians overtook the people of Sharia and marginalized their senior Ulema and the catastrophe is that they are in peace and harmony with the Houthis except whom Allah has excluded. The third section: Ulema of the Bida’a like the Sufis, Rafida, Zaydis and those who joined them: And for your information our sheikh that most of the Salafi Ulema with all their sections didn’t have any direct participation in the battlefield against the Houthis except Yahiya Al-Hajori who was forced to enter the war and in general we didn’t find from the Ulema preparation to sacrifice in the fields of agreed upon jihad against the Rafida despite that many of them in the recent period began to say in their private talks that Al-Qaeda is their savior from the Houthi and his expansion and ambitions and regarding our policy towards the Houthis, we with the Grace of Allah target them everywhere and our operations continue, and Insha’Allah we will have another contact. Your brother Abu Al- Zubayr Adel Al-Abab 19 Jumaada Al-Akhir 1433 A.H.

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