-= THE ULTIMATE MIXED MARTIAL ART =A combination of these martial arts below, and their techniques would make

for one of the most complete martial arts available in the world, suitable for most individuals, young or older, and of any gender. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Striking: Boxing, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kyokushin Kaikan Boxing - Punching Wing Chung - Punching, Trapping, Locking Muay Thai - Elbows, Kicks, Knees Kyokushin Kaikan - Blocks, Hand Strikes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Modern Weaponry: Krav Maga, Systema Krav Maga, Systema - Gun and Knife Defense ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Classic Weaponry: Lameco Eskrima, Bujinkan Lameco Eskrima - Stick Fighting Bujinkan - Blade Fighting, Shuriken Play, Trickery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Grappling, Non-Striking: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Yoshinkan Aikido, Parkour Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Locks, Escapes, Joint Manipulation Judo - Take Downs, Throws Yoshinkan Aikido - Evasion, Take Downs, Pins, Throws

Parkour - Evasion of Obstacles, Environmental Maneuvering ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -== Exercises ==High Intensity Drills Light Sparring Aerobics Bodyweight Exercises Weight Lifting Wing Chun Dummy Play Heavy Bag Work Speed Bag Shadow Boxing Running Skipping Swimming Stretching, Yoga Pilates

-== A note on martial arts ==Martial arts is the science of fighting, often while weaponless. While excellent strength is very important it is not the main factor in determining victory or survival. Martial arts seeks to find balance, harmony, and engage in combat with great intelligence. The reason for this inclination is because of the way the human mind works. Predators seek out potential victims by looking at their size, age, and how strong they might be. But many of them do not know that these individuals can defend themselves, and survive in other ways. Besides strength martial arts strongly focuses on: 1. Exploiting an assailant's weaknesses. (For example, the nose no matter how strong you are will always be frail and susceptible to damage.) 2. Flexibility 3. Balance 4. Mental speed. 5. Phsyical speed. 6. Psychology of others. 7. Better awareness of your environment and those around you.

8. Making use of your environment and what weapons or tools might be around. 9. Common sense. 10. Stamina. 11. Physical toughness. 12. Mental toughness. 13. Fierceness. 14. Verbal defense. 15. Mental health. 16. Physical health. 17. Energy Management.

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