UK (English language) 2009 35 minutes Super-8mm with digital transfer for exhibition

A short homemade musical Directed by Graeme Cole Music by Aidan Smith Produced by Mick Sugden

festivals. contact Page 5 Director statement. biography.Contents Page 3 Synopses Page 4 Honours. filmography Page 6 Composer Aidan Smith Page 7 Film notes Page 8 Credits Page 9 Music & photo credits Page 10 & 11 On-set stills Page 12 Digital screen shots Additional images Page 1 Promo poster/postcard image Page 3 Super-8 screengrabs Page 4 Digital screen shot Page 5 Director photo Page 6 Composer photo & album covers Page 7 On-set still Page 8 & 9 Super-8 screengrabs It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 2 .

The dancing creaks and the vocals strain when four ordinary folk attempt to impose meaning and colour on their mundane and aimless lives. Longer synopsis (121 words. With songs by Aidan Smith. 750 characters) A home-made Super-8 musical.Short synopsis (30 words. Sundays don’t come with a three-act structure. We have mood swings. private theories and temporary epiphanies. Nick can accept his fading youth if only Liz will acknowledge there is an impossibly profound connection between them. The binds of human communication fray as they shamble through the last day of his twenties with nothing to do but tolerate his verbose mate and her (half-) sister. the dreams of a troubled romantic and his companions are worn away by ennui and isolation. Over an all-day drinking session. and we don’t have hidden reserves of magical talent. 180 characters) A home-made Super-8 musical. this is a musical for those who wouldn’t normally go near one. Capturing the unconventional handcrafted aesthetic of Aidan Smith’s songs. It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 3 .

com/title/tt1387512/ Film contact Graeme Cole (Director) graeme@zoomcitta. April 2009 INDIELISBOA’09: 6th Lisbon International Independent Film Festival. May 2009 Please see http://www. IMDB for up to date list of festival 6th IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival » Premieres UK International GLIMMER: The 7th Hull International Short Film « Special Mention from the +44 (0) 7913 026 913 It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 4 .

It’s Nick’s Birthday (2009) Writer/Director Pilot For A 22nd Century Sitcom (2005) Writer/Director A Case of Making the Knife Fit the Wound (2004) Writer/Director Blip (2003) Co-writer/Director It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 5 . Graeme wrote and directed A Case Of Making The Knife Fit The Wound as his debut short. it is the choreography of light and sound. 2005) played at over 20 festivals and film nights and received a Special Mention from the jury at the Budapest Short Film Festival. which premiered at the Commonwealth Film Festival. Rarely-Done Juan. Pilot For A 22nd Century Sitcom (writer/director. pooh-pooh Britain's realist canon and who instinctively know that film is not storytelling. In 2003. I also write screenplays for directors who are driven to play with expressionist ideas." Graeme Cole was a Jerwood First Film Shorts Prize winner in 2002 with his short sci-fi Grand Guignol Christmas movie script. He is based in Manchester and open to offers. The films that I direct vampirise my own personal crapness to prey on the ludicrous assumptions and conventions of cinema. Graeme has been on the jury or selection panel at the Kinofilm and Exposures festivals in Manchester and the Jugenmedienfestival in Berlin and was selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2008.Director: Graeme Cole "I established L'Institute Zoom in 2003 with Mick Sugden and Anselm Burke to make films in ways that other people aren't.

He has soundtracked 6 short films. e. London and grew up in Eccles. He has released 52 tunes on compilations. He in enjoys February playing croquet and his favourite colour is green. http://www.Composer: Aidan Smith Aidan Smith was born in It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 6 .s and two albums on 3 independent record labels. Manchester.p. He co-wrote and played in "The Tale of Club Vaudeville" at the Green Room theatre in Manchester 2009.myspace.

outsider and some-time L’Institute Zoom bit-part player. It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 7 . orange and pink. negotiating the atmosphere with walls saturated in the history of the Victorian writer and her houseguests (Bronte. and now sealed in the signature emulsions of the It’s Nick’s Birthday project.. Dickens). Hill: aeroplane enthusiast. Shot in the delirious cold morning light of a February many of the crew had intended to sleep through. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the mumblecore genre. yet are unable to reach each other. soup. Seeking cover. and the fundamental rubbishness of the Nick in all of us. art director Louisa Birkin was stockpiling more foam. to slosh over the shop fronts of a Manchester suburb which returned the favour with the Ribena-loaded water pistols of riled scallies. cardboard. It’s Nick’s Birthday is a lo-fi tale of shambolic misfits who share a time and space. they were instead mobilised with buckets of paint.. tomato sauce and fog juice than a bedsitblues finale could ever need. Drawing comparisons with Dancer In The Dark. Conceived and credit-card funded by Graeme Cole and Aidan Smith (who last collaborated on festival favourite Pilot For A 22nd Century Sitcom [2005]).Notes It’s Nick’s Birthday is a true story based on the fictitious life of Nicholas D. All the time. the film is all the same a unique and uncompromising cinematic interpretation of the incommunicable essence of experience. and a soft bed for Doris – the Canon 814 Super-8mm camera previously active on Grandma and the Monster (2006) – the team occupied Elizabeth Gaskell House. green.

© L’Institute Zoom 2009. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome and Vision2 Super 8mm film and brewed on Keemun tea. It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 8 . and in The Studio at the Royal Exchange Theatre.Credits Developed by Graeme Cole and Aidan Smith Written & Directed by Graeme Cole Music by Aidan Smith Main Cast Nick Liz Harry Cat Stuart Brown Catherine Traveller Garth Williams Tuesday Betts Main Crew Producer Production Manager 1st Assistant Director Choreography Cinematography Art Director Hair & Make Up Location Manager Sound Design Editors Credits & promotional design Website Executive Producers Mick Sugden Jonathan Addy Debbie Steer Fran Higginson Joe Mannion Louisa Birkin Ivana Petrovic John Barnes Bernie Steer Jonathan Addy & Debbie Steer Elly Strigner Emma Hardy Anselm Burke Graeme Cole Mick Sugden It’s Nick’s Birthday is 100% independent and self-funded. Shot on location in Manchester.

It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 9 . Tuesday Betts & Catherine Traveller Happy When Hermit Written by Graeme Cole Arranged and performed by Aidan Smith Sung by Catherine Traveller Sleep When You Reach Tired Written. arranged and performed by Aidan Smith Sung by Stuart Brown & Garth Williams Sometimes Nothing Happens Written and arranged by Aidan Smith Trumpet played by Luke Das-Gupta Sung by Andy Yates. arranged and performed by Aidan Smith Sung by Stuart Brown Press kit photo credits Front image Pages 3. 5. 7 John Barnes Others as credited. 8.Music credits (Rights entirely cleared for use) Nick’s Narration Chant Written. Stuart Brown. Garth Williams. arranged and performed by Aidan Smith Sung by Stuart Brown Nick and Harry’s Connection Song Written. arranged and performed by Aidan Smith Sung by Tuesday Betts La La La Liz Written. 6. 9 Elly Strigner Joe Mannion Pages 4.

Higginson. Williams in rehearsal (photo credit: Catherine Traveller) ˄ On location in Manchester (photo credit: John Barnes) It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 10 .˄ Brown.

˄ Cinematographer Joe Mannion loses custody of Doris the Canon 814 (photo credit: John Barnes) ˄ Producer. Mick Sugden (photo credit: John Barnes) It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 11 .

˄ Production still (photo credit: John Barnes) ˄ Production still (photo credit: John Barnes) It’s Nick’s Birthday Press Kit | 12 .