Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS



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Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS


Biscuit industry contribute Rs 8,000 crore to the FMCG industry and provide a vast

opportunity for growth, as the per capita consumption of biscuits is less than 2.1 kg in our country. India It is classified under two sectors: organized and unorganized. Branded /Organized to Unbranded/Un organized market share of biscuit has been 70% for Organized sector and 30% for Unorganized sector . Apart from Big 3( Britannia , Parle , ITC ) there are around 150 medium to small biscuit factory in India . The Industry is now facing problem from increase of raw material price. With Government VAT up to 12.5% has added to their woes .Biscuit consumption per capita in India has grown to 2.1kg per capita in comparison to 10kg per capita consumption in USA ,UK and Europe . India Biscuits Industry came into limelight and started gaining a sound status in the bakery industry in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized society called for readymade food products at a tenable cost. Biscuits were assumed as sick-man's diet in earlier days. Now, it has become one of the most loved fast food products for every age group. Biscuits are easy to carry, tasty to eat, cholesterol free and reasonable at cost. States that have the larger intake of biscuits are Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra and West Bengal, the most industrially developed states, hold the maximum amount of consumption of biscuits. Even, the rural sector consumes around 55 percent of the biscuits in the bakery products. The total production of bakery products have risen from 5.19 lakh tonnes in 1975 to 18.95 lakh tones in 1990. Biscuits contributes to over 33 percent of the total production of bakery and above 79 percent of the biscuits are manufactured by the small scale sector of bakery industry comprising both factory and nonfactory units. The production capacity of wafer biscuits is 60 MT and the cost is Rs.56,78,400 with a motive power of 25 K.W. Indian biscuit industry has occupied around 55-60 percent of the entire bakery production. Few years back, large scale bakery manufacturers like cadbury, nestle, and brooke bond tried to trade in the biscuit industry but couldn't hit the market because of the local companies that produced only biscuits.


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Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS The Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers of India (FBMI) has confirmed a bright future of India Biscuits Industry. According to FBMI, a steady growth of 15 percent per annum in the next 10 years will be achieved by the biscuit industry of India. Besides, the export of
biscuits will also surpass the target and hit the global market successfully.

 Two Sectors of Biscuit Industry
In terms of volume biscuit production by the organized segment is estimated at 1.30 million tonnes. In the organized sector, the industry is dominated by Britannia and Parle, which account for 70 per cent of the industry's volumes. The two major organized players are Britannia and Parle. Britannia’s market share stands at Rs 27 billion. Parle derives a large portion of its revenues from low-priced biscuits. Parle-G and Britannia derive a fairly large share of their revenues from the medium- and premium varieties. In fact, Britannia's market share in the medium and premium varieties is significantly higher. Other organized players include domestic players like Brakeman’s, Champion, Kwality, Priya and MNC’s like SmithKline Consumer, Kelloggs, Sara, Heinz, Excelsia (Nestle) and United Biscuits. The unorganized sector consists of small bakery units, cottage and household type manufacturing their goods without much packaging and distributing their goods in the surrounding areas. Lower overheads due to limited local area, family management, focused product lines and less expenditure on marketing help the unorganized sector to grow. The organized biscuit manufacturing industry‘s annual production were around 1.1 million tons in 2003-04, 1.25 million tons in 2004-05, 1.4 million tons in 2005-06, 1.6 million tons in 2006-07 and 1.7 tons in 2007-08.

unorganizedsector organized sector 30%



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Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 1. Biscuit can flourish in any environment where there is a base population. Most cost effective and talented centre for product development. A biscuit is a small baked product. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 4 . Biscuit is most suited for local production.2 HISTORY OF BUSCUIT INDUSTRY Biscuits are a very significant part of the food industry in most countries of the world. Most talented senior management and technical manpower pool for biscuit making. That was passed down to American culture. many do not realize that one industry that has developed similar capabilities is Biscuit. Most cost effective centre for food testing laboratories. the exact meaning varies markedly in different parts of the world. research and formulation development. and hard tack (biscuits) was made through the 19th century. in the immediate vicinity of the plant. While the modern India is considered a centre for software development. This growth has funneled a growth of all facets of biscuit making in India. This factor alone has made India a big biscuit center. a country with large population is well suited for a biscuit plant. Some of the original biscuits were British naval hard tack. Most number of biscuit production manpower and operating technicians manpower Most reliable centre for outsourcing manufacture of biscuits. Biscuit Industry has flourished in India enormously over the years and is still growing phenomenally. The origin of the word "biscuit" is from Latin via Middle French and means "cooked twice" (similar to the German Zwieback). Today India can boast of being       Most cost effective and reliable biscuit machinery making centre.

concessions and privileges which the Association may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out. Established in 1950. The FBMI represents the organized biscuit industry consisting of small scale. protect and safeguard the interest of the Biscuit manufacturing industry. with the prime objective of protecting and promoting the interests and development of the Biscuit industry. particularly for the benefit of SMEs manufacturing biscuits  To assist the small and medium biscuit manufactures in the purchase of flour. To promote research and product development for the biscuit manufacturing industry and the establishment of any research organization for the purpose. the Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers of India. medium and large Biscuit manufacturing organizations in the country‟s capital city. the Federation strives to serve its members in particular and the biscuit industry in general. medium and large biscuit manufacturers located in all zones and all States of the country. exercise and comply with any such arrangements. inputs and other commodities and the provision for technical advice for improving manufacturing techniques and marketing method  To create appropriate bodies to advise Government of various aspects connected with the development of the biscuit manufacturing industry. To obtain from any such Government or authority rights.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS FEDERATION OF BISCUIT MANUFACTIRE OF INDIA FBMI. OBJECTS    To promote. by virtue of its effective servicing and result oriented activities. particularly in the small and medium sector To promote and develop a systematic and hygienic Biscuit manufacturing Industry. from gathering of CEOs of small. As the apex body of the biscuit industry. popularly known as FBMI has come to stay as the premier forum of the organized segment the biscuit industry in India. privileges and concessions. rights. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 5 .

Surya Foods others Regional bakery brands few regional players have made a mark in their respective zone. Parle Bakeman.3 DIFFERENT PLAYERS IN THE INDUSTRY The major Brands of biscuits are Brittania. Anupam.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 1.                HARVEST GOLD CREMICA PRIYA GOLD DUKES COOKIE MAN ANMOL MONGINIS BONN BISK FARM ELITE ANUPAM MODERN SABISCO CHAMPION VEERMANI NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 6 .Elite. Parle . Craze.Cremica. besides various regional/State brands. Horlicks. Nezone.      Britannia . Priya Gold. ITC foods . Dukes.

In 1997.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS FOREIGN PLAYERS Foreign players like United Biscuits and McVities have also entered the fray. Once upon a time. On the operations front. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 7 . a biscuit company was started in a nondescript house in Calcutta (now Kolkata) with an initial investment of Rs. BRITANIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian company based in Kolkata that is famous for its Britannia and Tiger brands of biscuit. Britannia strode into the 21st Century as one of India's biggest brands and the pre-eminent food brand of the country. 295.  BRIEF PROFILE OF THE PLAYERS IN THE INDUSTRY 1. the company unveiled its new corporate identity "Eat Healthy. It was equally recognised for its innovative approach to products and marketing. with an estimated 38% market share. the company was making equally dynamic strides. in 1892 to be precise. which are highly recognized throughout the country. The company we all know as Britannia today. In 1992.and made its first foray into the dairy products market. However. these players have concentrated themselves in the super-premium and premium segments. it celebrated its Platinum Jubilee. Britannia is one of India‟s leading biscuit firms. Think Better" .

since 1971. Parle-G. are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection.Cream Treats. nutrition and great taste.Jim -Jam. the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception. PARLE COMPANY In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India. Milk Bikis. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 8 . Parle has grown to become a multi-million dollar company. 2. competitors look upon Parle as an example of marketing brilliance.Time Pass.Nutri Choice. the Parle name symbolizes quality.Choco -chips.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Main products produced by Britannia industries are. Good Day. for almost 80 years.biscuits or confectioneries.5050. Many of the Parle products . With a reach spanning even the remotest villages of India .Little Heart.Bourbon.Marie Gold.Choco nuts. The intent was to spread joy and cheer to children and adults alike. etc. Pure Magic. Makers of the world's largest selling biscuit. NiceTime.Tiger. and a host of other very popular brands. With a 40% share of the total biscuit market and a 15% share of the total confectionary market in India . Digestive. Parle Products has been India's largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery. While to consumers it's a beacon of faith and trust. all over the country with its sweets and candies.

Kreams.Hide and Seek. contemporary packaging and sourcing of agricultural commodities. Hide & Seek. ITC LIMITED ITC was incorporated on August 24. 1910 under the name Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. They have found their way into the Indian hearts and homes. Magix. TC's foray into the Foods business is an outstanding example of successfully blending multiple internal competencies to create a new driver of business growth. ITC has stood for quality products for over 90 years to the Indian consumer and several of its brands are today internationally benchmarked for quality. Milano. Parle biscuits cater to all tastes from kids to senior citizens. etc. Krackjack.Nimkin. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 9 . Parle . It began in August 2001 with the introduction of 'Kitchens of India' ready-to-eat Indian gourmet dishes. they are considered by many to be an important part of their daily food. 2003 witnessed the introduction of Sun feast as the Company entered the biscuits segment. Digestive. Parle biscuits are indeed much more than a tea.time snack. 3. Parle 20-20 Cookies .G . The packaged foods business is an ideal avenue to leverage ITC's proven strengths in the areas of hospitality and branded cuisine.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Major products are. Marie Monaco Parle Marie. Parle can treat you with a basket of biscuits which are not only satisfying but are also of good and reliable quality. Milk Shakti.

This long-standing relationship is being leveraged in sourcing best quality agricultural produce for ITC's Foods Division. etc. Vita. Dark Fantasy. Dream Cream. through the E-Choupal initiative.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Leadership in the Foods business requires a keen understanding of the supply chain for agricultural produce. Marie. Sweet n Salt. Nice. Snack. Golden Bakery. ITC has over the last 90 years established a very close business relationship with the farming community in India and is currently in the process of enhancing the Indian farmer's ability to link to global markets. Glucose. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 10 . Milky magic. Special. and produce the quality demanded by its customers. Major products by ITC are.


PRIYAGOLD has been pioneering in economy packs. It is planning to increase it distribution strength to 1100 distributors by the end of year 2004. Mr. The company has capacity of 70 tonnes a day production. B.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 12 . The company has an existing dealer network of over 1000 distributors spread over in the North and the West. The companies mercurial growth is attributed to its M. PRIYAGOLD manufacture 22 varieties of Biscuits both Sweet and Salt. 300 crores by 2004.1 HISTORY OF PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Company was established in December 1993 and brought out its value and cherished project . Aggarwal who have got years of rich experience and depth of knowledge in the field of biscuit.Biscuits under the brand name PRIYAGOLD. made it possible to penetrate the nook and the corner of Northern and Western parts of India labeling PRIYAGOLD biscuits a household name.D.P. "PRIYAGOLD" is one of the leading manufacturer of biscuits in Northern India having wide distribution network in Northern and Western parts of India. The company has planned to achieve turnover of Rs. Widely accepted and appreciated by millions of domestic and international consumers.

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2. Chocolate Vanilla K . C.C. C. Strawberry Classic Cream Chocolate Classic Cream Elaichi Classic Cream Orange Classic Cream Milk Butter Bite Cashew Premium Butter Bite Butter Bite Badam Pista Butter Bite Kesar Marie Lite Nice Day Coconut Crunch Crack & Cheers Snack zig zag Glucose – V Cheese Cracker Magic Gold NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 13 . Butter K.2                       COMPANY PRODUCTS Jeera Top Cashew Masala Cheez Bit K.


Identify and control of nonconforming products/process/system in the dept. MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVES The MD appoints management representatives and he has defined authority and responsibility for ensuring that quality system requirement of the company are implemented and maintained The responsibilities are: Responsible for co-ordination and implementation of the quality system. human resources development and customer support services. Taking timely corrective and preventive action for the non-conformity observed. Document and data control. Identifying training needs of the personnel in the department. overall responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system. manufacturing quality.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2. Convening management review committee meetings. DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Various departmental heads are appointed who are responsible for the following: Developing and maintaining quality system.3 MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY PRIYAGOLD is headed by Managing Director Mr. procurement. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 15 . HIS FUNCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS  Overall responsibility of operations of the company which includes business services.  Ultimate responsibility for the product quality. B. Coordinating with HRD for the training requirement relating to the quality management system of the company.P. corporate planning. Aggarwal.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R & D) PRIYAGOLD has R & D setup at Noida and is actively pursuing several projects.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS MARKETING AND SALES ORGANIZATION (MSO) Marketing and sales organization of PRIYAGOLD is directly responsible for all product management and sales operation for both domestic and overseas market. utilities and transportation. inventory. for overseas clients. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION (PSO): PSO of PRIYAGOLD provides solutions in the area of development. arranging and managing the funds. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS): The MIS department handles information system needs of PRIYAGOLD. R & D is also executing several projects. finance and banking. PRIYAGOLD strengthened its PSO to meet the growing demand for enterprise solution in key vertical segments comprising industries in telecommunication. Call maintenance etc are fully computerized and integrated with each other having electronic mail facilities. manufacturing. HRD. all customer orders are transferred electronically to the plant for execution. credit control etc. integration. facilities management and training. both onshore and offshore. In addition to internal projects. Finance. All major functions like sales order processing and invoicing PPC. At present PRIYAGOLD has more than 140 R & D Engineers. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 16 . FINANCE & ACCOUNTS Finance and Accounts department is responsible for keeping accounts of the company. government.

The responsibility of recording the day to day transaction is vested with the deputy general manager. The company has well-developed system of accounts. there are the executives. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 17 . Account section generates information/data relating to operational activities of the firm. It comprises of Accounts Executives. These statements and reports assist the Finance Manager in assessing the past performance and future planning for the firm. Under the finance manager. The end product of accounting is financial statement such as the Balance Sheet. Income statement and statement of changes in financial position.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS CFO DGM FINANCE MANAGER EXECUTIVES Finance department is under the control of CFO. Finance manager deals with cash and Bank.

as we all know. matters a lot. where flow of goods.     Selection of channels for distribution Warehousing and Transport Operational Research Logistic Mix NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 18 .Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2. In a distribution system. we are to first find out what kind of distribution channel is to be selected so as the firm can get a convenient supply and economic maintenance of profit. it is must to consider the following points very carefully. In Biscuit Industry.4 DISTRBUTION CHANNEL MANUFACTURER STOCKIST DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER CUSTOMER Distribution in marketing context means the transfer of goods from producer to consumer.

Transport is costly. so decision should be taken as to whether warehouses are to be centrally situated or decentralized.  Measuring Stock Level NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 19 . To maintain economical support. 3. How?  By mathematical representation of whole distribution system. smaller the burden on the manufacturer. Expenditure on distribution through alternative channels must be noted. FINANCIAL POSITION OF MANUFACTURER:. NATURE OF PRODUCT: Bakery items are consumer goods and are constantly in demand. WAREHOUSING AND TRAINING Warehousing and transport are essential part of distribution system. SELECTION OF CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION For selecting a channel for distribution following points are to be considered.  Noting and comparing transport cost. Once a consumer does not find it in the retail shop.The fewer the number of organization in the chain. The distribution margin is affected with the selection of distribution channel. OPERATIONAL RESEARCH Operational research is valuable in improving aspects of distribution process. PRIYAGOLD should not be always available in retail shop but be visible to customer also.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 1. more the responsibility of marketing department of the company. That should be a source of quick supply to customer because from this place basic supply starts. at least for trial and here beings the decrease of market share. head may instantly choose the another. control of cost of vehicle is essential and shipment must be planned so those vehicles are effectively employed. 2.  Measuring warehouse operation cost. minimum maintenance of cost should occur. Warehousing should be done in a manner. VARIETY OF PRODUCT TO BE SOLD:More the variety of product.

 Facility  Inventory  Communication  Utilization  Transport It is important to remember the physical distribution management refers to the flow of goods from end of production time to customer. LOGISTIC MIX There has been little close examination of possible saving in area of physical distribution. through and out of system. now known as logistic. at the right time.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. "Customer want products available in right sizes. This is possible if five key decisions are coordinated. Logistic incorporates the total flow. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 20 . information into. in right packet and right condition.

In mass marketing. Product 4. and communication channels become much easier. Market segment consists of a large identifiable group within a market with similar wants. Selecting largest markets segmentation 2.5 MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing strategy is a set of objectives. It is the marketing approach to accomplish the bread objective of the marketing approach to accomplish the bread objective of the marketing plan. selected. policies and rules that leads the company's marketing efforts. geographic. Research and development 8.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2. Positioning 3. demographic. purchasing power geographical location. The researchers try to form segments by looking at consumer characteristics. Price 5. the seller engaged in the mass production. and psychographic. Place 6. It is an approach midway between mass marketing and individual marketing. After segmenting the market then target market NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 21 . mass distribution and mass promotion of one product for all buyers. The starting point of any segmentation discussion is mass marketing. Marketing research (1) MARKET SEGMENTATION AND SELECTING TARGET MARKET: It is an effort to increase a company's precision marketing. Through this the choice of distribution channels. The various process of marketing strategy is given below: 1. Promotion 7. buying attitudes or buying habit.

the new product manager must develop a preliminary marketing strategy plan for introducing the new product in to the market. sales promotions and public NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 22 . Price of the product will be decided by the company according to the competitor's price. By adopting various promotional activities the company create strong brand image. events. The product strategies are modified in different stages of product life cycle. they risk disbelief and a loss of clear positioning. information and ideas. structure and behavior. The positioning requires that every tangible aspect of product. properties. price. The first part describes the target market's size. It also helps in increasing the brand awareness. place and promotion must support the chosen positioning strategy. services etc. places. (7) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: After testing. organizations. The major types of basic offerings are goods. Proper distribution network gives proper availability of the product. The well known products generally hold a distinctive position in consumer's minds. distribution strategy and marketing budget for the first year. services. (6) PROMOTION: Promotion is the one of the major aspects in marketing strategies. confused positioning and doubtful positioning. The company gives more importance in quality. The products has it's life cycle. packaging. (4) PRICE: It is the most important aspect in company's point of view.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (2) POSITIONING: The positioning is a creative exercise done with an existing product. PPL consistently promotes its DAP fertilizer by Higher yield at lower cost. Those are under positioning over positioning. Company should develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for each brand and stick to it. The plan consists of three parts. The third part of the development describes the long run sales and profit goals and marketing mix strategy over time. In general a company must avoid four major positioning errors. the company emphasis on it's distribution network. It includes advertising. to satisfy the customers. The second part out lines the planned price. experiences. As companies increase the number of claims for their brand. (3) PRODUCT: A product is any offering that can satisfy a need or want. (5) PLACE: This plays a major role in the entire marketing system. relations etc.

of the competitors. PRIYAGOLD is basically providing good quality biscuits but Britannia is not only providing good quality but also providing small chocolate with small pack of biscuits. which can be compared with PRIYAGOLD biscuit. ParleG has good taste for especially for children. Marketing research encompasses all information pertinent to this task. PRIYA GOLD BRITANNIA PARLE-G ANMOL 42% 35% 20% 3% These are the main competitors of PRIYAGOLD and BRITANNIA comes in second position but PRIYAGOLD is largest demanded biscuit. Their PRIYAGOLD got market Leader position and main competitor is BRITANNIA with the second position. Customers like its various brands. PRIYAGOLD NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 23 . I found many products. As a conclusion I found that particularly in my provided area PRIYAGOLD is really doing well and its performance is on surprising level. all the appropriate technique. price. distribution system.6 COMPARISON WITH OTHER BUSINESS Generally all organizations have competitors in the market. When I was in the field for Surya Food and Agro Ltd. These brands are PARLE-G. A particular organization always comprises with other same business and according to market share we clarify the brand of product is giving more challenge to my product. 2. ANMOL & APSARA. Yammi biscuit is only selling of Anmol because it is very tastey. When we compared with other businesses then we follow the quality. promotional strategy etc. Except these two branches so many brand is as a competitor of PRIYAGOLD and they are covering some parts of markets.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (8) MARKETING RESEARCH: Marketing research is the collection and interpretation of facts that help marketing management to get products more effectively into the hands of consumers. In my provided area the share of the market is as follows. In this area.

Anmol.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS is doing well. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 24 . The business of BRITANIA is also growing with some good brand of products. Parle-G.So these are the comprises explanation with other business of biscuit. & Apsara are also giving good competition to PRIYAGOLD and BRITANNIA biscuit organization.


The buying behavior tries to find out the answers for the questions. purchase. Durability of Product etc. Decided which bases customer are purchase the product like product attractiveness lower price. The consumer market consist of all the individuals and households who buy or acquire good and services for personal consumption.1 INRODUCTION OF BUYING BEHAVIOUR The main purpose of Marketing is to satisfied our target customer need and wants toward the particular product or services which are our customer need. In the buying the product customer think something and do something at last movement of buying product and services so need to know the behaviour of customer for buying any product or services.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 3. Understanding the buying behavior of the target market as the essential task of marketing management under marketing concept. Definition of Buyer behaviour “All psychological social and physical behaviors of potential customer as they become aware of evaluate. consume and tell other about product & services” Marketing stimuli Product Price Place Promotion Other Stimuli Economic Technology Political Cultural Buyer Characteristics Cultural Social Personal psychological Buyer‟s Decision process Problem recognition Information search Evolution of alternative Purchase decision NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 26 . who buys? How do they buy? Where do they buy? Do they buy? Models of buying buyer behaviour A. After knowing their need and wants about any product or services then need to identify their buying behaviour for buying the product or service.

decider and buyer. from the many alternative consumers at last choose the best one for him. on the basis of utility function etc. (iii) EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES After gathering information about different products the customer will be in a fuss as to choose which product among the mainly alternatives consumer usually evaluate the alternatives on traditional basis. The buyer sense a difference between his actual state and desired state. (iv) PURCHASE DECISION A consumer who decides to execute purchase intention will be making up to five purchase decisions. influencer. Variety seeking buying behavior.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 3. (1) BUYING ROLE The buying role could be classified into four parts. These are initiator. (2) TYPES OF BUYING BEHAVIOR Consumer decision taking varies with the type of buying decision. (3) STAGES IN BUYING DECISION PROCESS Here are five stages in buying decision process namely problem recognition search. evaluation of alternatives purchase decision and past purchase behavior. types of buying and steps in buying process. There are four types buying behavior such as Complex buying behavior. (i) NEED RECOGNITION The buying process starts with the buyers recognition of a problem of need.2 BUYING DECISION PROCESS It includes buying roles. experimental sources. Habitual buying behavior. (ii) INFORMATION SEARCH There are different sources from where a consumer can gather information like personal sources commercial sources. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 27 .

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (v) POST PURCHASE BEHAVIOR After purchasing the product and services the consumer will experience some level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product and services that will influence subsequent behavior. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 28 . the purchase decision and post purchase behavior marketers can pick up many clues as to how to meet buyers need. may take some action against it. If consumer is satisfied he may show the probability of buying the product the next time. information search evaluation of alternatives. Understanding consumer needs and buying process is the foundation of any company. satisfied customer will say good thing about the product. They may try to reduce the dissonance by abandoning returning the product. By understanding how buyers go through problem recognition. "The dissatisfied customer. proving the statement that "satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

We can distinguish between two families in the buyer behavior. their self concept and they create peoples. a more direct influence on every day buying behavior is one‟s family of procreation namely one‟s spouse and children. constitutes the most influential. personal factors. Many sub-cultures makes up important market segments and marketers often design products and marketing programs tailored to their needs.3 FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR There are four major factors that influence the buying behaviour such as cultural factors. Self worth and love. Social Class: Social classes do not reflect income alone but also other indicators such as occupation. From parents a person acquires an orientation towards religion. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 29 . c. Family: The family is the most important consumer buying organization in society and it has been researched extensively. Subculture includes nationalities. Sub-Culture: Each culture consists of smaller subculture that provides more specific identification and socialism for its members. Social classes differ in their dress speech. Social Factors: a. a. b. patterns recreational tailored to their needs. perception. They also influence the person‟s attitude. 1. Reference group expose an individual to know behave ours and lifestyle. 2. The growing child acquires a set of values. social factors. Family members. Reference Group: People are significantly influenced by their reference groups in at least their ways.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 3. politics and economics and sense of personal ambition. religion and geographical regions. b. Cultural Factors. primary reference group. Culture: Culture is the most fundamental determinant of a person wants and behaviour. education and areas of residence. The family of orientation consists of one‟s parents and sub links. and psychological factors. preference and behaviours through his/her family and other key institution.

a blue colour worker will buy work cloth. 4. a person‟s life style is the person‟s patterns of living in the world as in the persons activities. A company president will buy work expensive suit. Age and Life Cycle: People buy different goods and services over their life time. Motivation: A person has many needs at any given time some need are biogenic. social class and occupation may lead quite different life styles. Learning: Where. interests and opinions. They arise from psychological status of tension such as hunger. a motive is a need that is sufficiently pressing to drive the person to act satisfying the need reduce the felt tension. and organization. Role and Status: A person participates in many groups throughout life. c. The person‟s position in each group can be defined in terms of roles and status. Thus computer software companies will design different computer software for brand manager. c. Occupation: A person‟s occupation also influences his/her consumption pattern. other need are psychological needs. Peoples taste in cloth. A belief is a descriptive though NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 30 . Psychological Factors: a. thirst. work shoes and lunch box. using motivating and providing positive reinforcement. furniture and recreation is also age related. air travel. b. country club membership. Beliefs and Attitude: through during learning people acquire belief and attitudes. engineer. club. Learning involves changes in an individual‟s behaviour arising from most humans produce through the interplay of drives response and reinforcement demand for a product by associating it with strong drives. This in terms influence their buying behaviours. family. people act they learn. discomfort. b. Personal Factors: a. Lifestyle: People coming from the same sub culture. A marketer trips to identify occupational group that have above interest in their product and the service. lawyer and physician.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS c. They eat baby food in the earlier most foods in the growing and mature year and special diet in the later years. 3.

religion.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS that a person hold about something. opinion or faith. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 31 . politics. People have attitude towards almost everything. They may or may not carry on emotional charge. emotional. cloth. An attitude is a person‟s evaluation. music and so on. Attitude put them into a frame of mind of linking or disliking an object moving towards or away from it. feelings and action towards some object or idea. This belief may be based on knowledge.


If any new organization going to start then firstly it will sure focus on activity of competitors and according to that next steps arise. So perfect supplies.  To know the retailers/wholesaler expectation from the PRIYAGOLD. Another part of topic is market share and market potential of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. In present scenario. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE:  To know the market potential of PRIYAGOLD. Market share and potentiality helps into organization that where organization stands in the market or what are the major chances to increase sales or cover the entire market. price or choice of the consumer etc. each and every organization first of all tries to demolish the competitor‟s steps. For all the circumstances. it is not only the part of topic but also a very important aspect of business organization.  To know the factors affecting sales. market share and potentiality are very important part of business industry.1 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Main objective is to study the buying behaviour of consumer toward PRIYAGOLD biscuit.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4.  To know the customer attitude to wards buying the priyagold biscuits. This important aspect gives knowledge to organization about quality.2 IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY Retail outlets coverage in respect of supplies & competitor‟s activity. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 33 . competitor‟s activity. Now a day. 4. They give perfect information to the company that helps to take next steps. competitors are major problem of business. retailers play important role for organization.

To take an example. the probable result will be that the collected data will not be as valid and/or reliable as desired. Specifying research objectives. Designing the data collecting project 4. comparisons and experimentation. Organizing and carrying out the fieldwork 7. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study. Analyzing the collected data and reporting the finding These steps are not a contrived sequence of independent steps. Clearly. the study is likely to be misdirected and to pursue vague or obscure goals. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertaining information of a specific topic. 2. Now we discuss the seven steps in details: (1) SPECIFYING RESEARCH OBJECTIVES In this step of the research process. observation. they consist of a number of interrelated activities. this step in the research process must involve both the manager and the researcher.3 INTRODUCTION OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. What is the purpose of this study? and What are the objectives of the research? If these questions are not properly answered at the outset. Determining sampling size 6.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. researchers must first obtain answers to the questions. One source of research error is poorly conceived study. Much of the responsibility for specifying research objectives necessarily lies with the manager. The following are the seven steps of a research:1. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 34 . Preparing a list of the needed information 3. one must have a good understanding of the research objectives. Selecting a sample type 5.

the following five issues must be given attention first:SHOULD THE RESEARCH BE EXPLORATORY OR CONCLUSIVE? To a great extent. the manager and the researcher must collaborate in a clear and precise identification of the study objectives. the researcher should determine whether such information is already available. if this step in the research process is not to be major source of error. (3) DESIGNING THE DATA COLLECTION PROJECT After the research objectives have been specified (step 1) and the list of needed information has been prepared (step 2). using a large scale study instead of a small scale study. it is necessary to prepare a list of the information needed to attain the objectives. To minimize the possible sources of error associated with designing a data collection project. the researcher will have to collect data in the field. If the needed information is not available from secondary sources. and still others. using poor experimental designs. Exploratory research is likely to be used when investigating a potential opportunity or problem and conclusive research is likely to NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 35 . the researcher should not collect data from the field until the appropriate secondary sources of information have been reviewed. Some of these include using a poor or inappropriate research design not using experimental designs where possible). either in company records or in outside sources. certainly. Hence. (2) PREPARING A LIST OF THE NEEDED INFORMATION After a satisfactory statement of the study‟s purpose and objectives has been established. or vice versa.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Researcher cannot be expected to answer such questions as “What is the purpose of study” Without a great deal of assistance. PROBLEMS IN ACHIEVING THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: Researcher encounter many possible sources of error when designing a data collection project. and so it will be necessary to design a data collection project. The contents of such a list will be determined by the objectives of the research and the situation leading to the research request. this issue is likely to be determining by the research objective and the situation leading to the request for research.

the research project may include one or more experiments of some kind.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS be used when the research is likely to be used when the research findings are expected to result in specific decision being made or specific actions being taken. In that way. SHOULD ONLY A FEW CASES BE STUDIED. the researcher must identity who has the needed obtained. HOW WILL EXPERIMENTS BE INCORPORATED IN THE RESEARCH If conclusive research is being undertaken. OR SHOULD A LARGE SAMPLE BE USED? If the study is a conclusive one. D. WHO SHOULD BE INTERVIEWED AND HOW? Next. if the project is concern with finding a “best” way rather than a typical way of doing something such as laying out the main floor of a fast food restaurant the research may well consists of the analysis of a few selected cases. E. the researcher may want to use a large scale statistical study. However. the researcher must decide such things as where and when measurements will take place and how the experimental variable will be applied. As it is common in most research projects to employ a number of field workers. and if the findings are to be “representative” of the universe. information how it can be NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 36 . If an experiment is a part of the research design. some procedure must be used to standardize all of the data that is collected. This is accomplished by giving all interviewers the same data collection from to use when they interview or observe respondents. researchers will do so by either questioning or observing respondents. all of the interviewers or field workers will be collecting comparable data. HOW SHOULD THE DATA COLLECTION FORM BE DESIGNED? When it is necessary to collect original information.

The responses are usually tabulated and analyzed on a computer. Non Profitability 2. the completed data collecting forms must be processed in a way that yield the information the project was designed to obtain. and that the resulting data are consistent and logical.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (4) SELECTING A SAMPLE TYPE Almost all marketing research projects are interested in information about a large population such as all families with children at home or all retail grocery stores. controlling and evaluating the members of the field force. Their methods used in the field in the field are very important. Marketing research sample very from fewer 10 to several thousand. Fieldwork methods are dictated largely by the method of collecting data. the data is prepared for tabulation. The research must consider the problem at hand.\ (6) ORGANIZING AND CARRYING OUT THE FIELD WORK Fieldwork includes selecting. the sampling requirements. Probability (5) DETERMINING SAMPLE SIZE The researcher must also decide how large a sample to select. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 37 . for they usually involve a substantial part of the research budget and are a potential source of error through lack of both validity and reliability. a sample is selected. training. the budget and the accuracy needed in the data before the question of sample size can be answered. (7) ANALYSING THE COLLECTED DATA AND REPORTING THE FINDINGS After all the interviews and / or observations have been made. As it is impractical to collect data from all embers of such large populations. the forms needed to be edited to ensure that instructions were followed. First. Next. but they can be classified into two general categories they are:1. and the kinds of the information that must be obtained. This means that the data must be assigned to categories and then coded so the responses can be put in to the computer. that all questions were asked observations made. Various type of samples are possible.

Casual Research A. The researcher change their direction depending on the available idea and variable. C. Descriptive Research C. Casual Research This research help to determined cause and effect relation between two variable.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. The research design broad three category are as follow. The present study to identify customer attitude towards buying the priyagold biscuits in varachha area is specified clearly so this makes the study descriptive one. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 38 . Exploratory Research In this method not any specific technique for study the problem. B. In this method mostly used secondary data which are available easily this research. Descriptive Research This study is complex and determined high degree scientific skill for study the problem. A. Exploratory Research B.4 RESEARCH DESIGN “Research design is the plan structure and strategy if investigation conceived so as obtain answers to research question and to control variance” By KERLINGER In the research study there is no any perfect study for solve the problem.

NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 39 . C. We are give any suggestion or finding on that problem Mainly three type Question are include in our Questionnaire.5 RESEARCH INSTRUMENT Research instrument means which by that use the researcher do the research on any topic by easily. open ended Questions In this type question customer are totally get freedom for given the answer of question. dichotomous In this type questionnaires customer have only two choice like „yes‟ or „no‟ in this question any customer are not confuse any way. multiple choice question In this type of question customer or respondent is offered two or mote choice. In my project I use all above three types of question in the questionnaire and getting information about the project.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. A. In recent most popular instruments “Questionnaire” for investigation of problem by the Questionnaire response. B.

it‟s the back bone of any Market Research Project. Its interpretation has been provided in most easy to understand manner with the help of suitable diagrams and charts. The whole area. Simultaneously survey of both retailers and consumers was carried out. which was collected from field. colleges and school canteens etc. Field Work basically consists of collection of primary data.6 DATA COLLECTION METHOD Data collection is an elaborate process in which the researcher makes a planned research for all relevant data. As a matter of fact. Secondary data can be internal or external i. the researcher goes for primary data. researcher had to undergo a lot of Field Work. (2) SECONDARY DATA Secondary data is the data borrowed from secondary sources by the researcher. was well scrutinized and tabulated for analysis. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 40 . Data can be classified as:1. In this project.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. which was to be surveyed. SECONDARY DATA (1) PRIMARY DATA Primary data is the data gathered for the first time by the researchers. For the purpose researcher has to visit various cinema halls.e. internal records of the company or information available from library and other statistical organization. The research worked in the field for a span of half month. PRIMARY DATA 2. A respondent may give information actively or passively. Data or facts may be obtained from several sources. In a Market Research Project Field Work has a very vital role to play. If the secondary data is found to be inadequate or unavailable. was divided into different segments randomly. The provider or the source of primary data is termed as “respondent”. Later on whole data. Data is the foundation of all market research. COLLECTION OF PRIMARY DATA: Collection of primary data is a task demanding technical expertise. public attractive places.

4. sampling unit: Here target population is decide and decide who are interested to buy priyagold biscuit each sample have chance to select equily and we are conducted in varachha area of surat city. At the end I am very much confident and pleased to state that this project will solve the purpose of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS. n= p x q (z/e)2 where n= sample size p= probability of interested customer q= 1-p e= tollarable error z= level of confidence NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 41 .Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS I hope that this project will clear all the doubts and perceptions.7 SAMPLING Sampling is the process to analyses the whole population by analyses their part from them the effectiveness of report is depend on sample size select from population. which come up in your minds occasionally and I hope that our data analysis and key findings will throw some more light on Biscuit Industry. A. sample size For getting better result of problem we have need to determined perfect sample size which are calculated by statically formula bases. B.

20 (1.96/1.16) (39. Sampling Procedure We use stratified random sampling method to find out sample size for respondent of varachha area.64 = 245. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 42 .86 so M = 250 unit are taken C. 4.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS n= p x q (z/e)2 = 0.76 x 156. Probability for getting some wrong information from respondent.05)2 = (0. Difficult to collect all true information for project in short term.8 SCOPE OF THE STUDY As per the consuls of surat city are very large so it is difficult to approach the whole city so I select 250 respondents by using random sampling method from varachha. On the basis of my demographic area 250 sample of respondent we get answer like 185 respondent are interested to buying the Priyagold biscuits on the basis of that we are knowing the customer buying behavior of priyagold biscuits. 4.9 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY    The research area is very limited so not cover whole population of surat city is limited only for varachha survey.80 x 0.2)2 = 0. Limit for project is only two month is 1st February to 31st march 2012.


of respondents 185 65 250 Percentage 74.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 5.00% Sales wise classification 185 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Positive Response Answere Respondent 65 Nagetive Response No. of respondents Comment: Above chart indicate that 185 retailers are sale Priyagold Biscuits. and 65 are not sale Priyagold biscuits.00% 100. SALE WISE CLASSIFICATION Sales Positive Response Negative Response Total No. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 44 .1 ANALYSIS 1.00% 26.

37% 20.00% 14.89% 22.81% retailer sale biscuits in mango flavour. and 7.00% Fovour Wise Classification 160 140 120 97 96 141 154 135 Respondent 100 80 60 40 20 0 Orange Mange Coconut Elachi Chocolate Other Respondent Flavour 52 Comments: Above chart indicate that 22.22% 7.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 2.71% retailer sale biscuits in other flavour.81% 14. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 45 . FLAVOUR WISE CLASSIFICATION Flavour Orange Mange Coconut Elachi Chocolate Other Total Respondent 141 154 97 135 96 52 675 Percentage 20.70% 100.

95% 50.27% customers purchase biscuit in other flavour.78% 25. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 46 .00% Classification According to Customer Favorite Flavour 93 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 48 44 Respondent Orange Mange Flavour Other Respondent Comments: Above chart indicate that 50.78% customer purchase biscuit in orange flavour. CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO CUSTOMER’S FAVORITE FLAVOUR Flavour Orange Mange Other Total Respondent 44 48 93 185 Percentage 23.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 3.27% 100. and the 23.

24% 100. of respondents 90 89 6 185 Percentage 48.11% 3. and 89 customers are comes in between 5 to 10 year age are comes for purchasing priyagold biscuit .Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 4. AGE WISE CLASSIFICATION Age Less than 5 year 5 to 10 other Total No. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 47 . of respondents 6 Comments : Above chart indicate that 90 customers are comes in less than 5 year age.65% 48.00% Age wise Classification 90 80 70 Respondent 90 89 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Less than 5 year 5 to 10 Age other No.

65% 29. of respondents 127 55 3 185 Percentage 68.62% 100.00% Classification According to Packet Size 127 140 120 Respondent 100 80 60 40 20 0 75 gm 150 gm Package Size No.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 5. of respondents other 3 55 Comments: Above chart indicate that 127 customers purchase 75 gm.73% 1. And the 55 customers purchase 150 gm packet of priyagold biscuits NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 48 . CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO PACKET SIZE Packet Size 75 gm 150 gm other Total No.

CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO DIFFERENT PURCHASING CRITERIA Criteria Due to good scheme For Achieve Market share Due to good demand Other Total Respondent 54 45 83 3 185 Percentage 29. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 49 .00% Classification Acording to differeant Purchasing Criteria 83 90 80 70 Respondent 54 45 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Due to good scheme 3 For Achive Market share Due to good demand Other Criteria Respondent Comments: Above chart indicate that 44.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 6.19% 24.62% 100.19% retailer purchase priyagold biscuits due to good scheme of it. and 29.86% 1.32% 44.86% retailer purchase priyagold biscuits due to high demand of it.

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS



Criteria Proper Not Proper Total

No. of respondents 163 22 185

Percentage 88.11% 11.89% 100.00%

Delivary wise classification
163 180 160 140

120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Proper Criteria No. of respondents Not Proper


Comments: Above chart indicate that 163 retailer getting proper delivery of priyagold biscuits, and 22 retailer not getting proper delivery of priyagold biscuits.


Page 50

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS



Criteria Affordable Non Affordable Total

No. of respondents 179 6 185

Percentage 96.76% 3.24% 100.00%

Price Wise classification
179 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Affordable Criteria No. of respondents Non Affordable



Comments Above chart indicate that 96.76% customers are satisfied with present price of

priyagold biscuit, and 3.24% customers are not satisfied with present price of priyagold biscuit.


Page 51

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 9. CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Criteria Not Satisfied Satisfied Total No. of respondents 39 146 185 Percentage 21.08% 78.92% 100.00%

Classification According to distribution channel
146 160 140 120

100 80 60 40 20 0


Not Satisfied Criteria

Satisfied No. of respondents

Comments: Above chare indicate that 39 retailer are not satisfied with distribution channel, and 146 retailer are satisfied with distribution channel.


Page 52

NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 53 . FLAVOUR Vs AGE CLASSIFICATION Age Less than 5 year 5 to 10 Other Total Orange 30 14 0 44 Mango 27 20 1 48 Other 33 55 5 93 Total 90 89 6 185 Flavour Vs Age Classification 90 80 70 Respondent Other Mango Orange 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Less than 5 year 5 to 10 Age other Comments Above chart indicate that 55 customers comes in 5 to 10 years age category who are purchasing the other flavour of priyagold biscuits and 30 customers comes in less than 5 years age category who are purchasing priyagold biscuits in orange flavour.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 10.

AGE VS PACKET SIZE CLASSIFICATION Age Less than 5 year 5 to 10 other Total 75 gm 87 40 0 127 150 gm 2 49 4 55 Other 1 0 2 3 Total 90 89 6 185 Age Vs size of Packet Classification 90 80 70 Respondent Other 150 gm 75 gm 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Less than 5 year 5 to 10 Age other Comments Above chart indicate that 49 customers comes in between 5 to 10 years age who are purchasing 150 gm packet of priyagold biscuits.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 11. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 54 .

CRITERIA VS SIZE OF PACKET CLASSIFICATION Packet size 75 gm 150 gm other Total Scheme 39 15 0 54 Market share 12 31 2 45 Demand 74 8 1 83 Other 2 1 0 3 Total 127 55 3 185 Criteria Vs Size of Packet Classification 140 120 Respondent 100 80 60 40 20 Other Demand Market share Schame 0 75 gm 150 gm Package Size other Comments Above chart indicate the 74 retailers purchase 75 gm packet of priyagold biscuits due to high demand of it. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 55 .Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 12.

4.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 5.11% retailer get proper delivery of priyagold biscuits and 11. 96.89% are not get proper delivery of priyagold biscuits.08% are not satisfied with their distribution channel. elachi.89% retailer are sale priyagold biscuite in orange flavour 8. 3. 88. 9. More customer comes in 5 to 10 year age which are purchase priyagold biscuits.24% customer are not satisfied.27% customer favorite flavors are other like kajubadam. 20% sales priyagold biscuits in elachi flavour. 78. Mostly customer prefer 75 gm packets of priyagold biscuits when they are comes for purchase a biscuit. 20 customers are comes in 5 to 10 years age who are purchase a priyagold biscuits in mango flavour.92% retailer are satisfied with their distribution channel and 21. butter bite. jeera top etc. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 56 .76% customers are satisfied with present price of priyagold biscuits. 49 customers comes in 5 to 10 year age who are purchase priyagold biscuits in 150 gm packet. With present price of priyagold biscuits. 50. 2. 5. 22. 6.2 FINDINGS 1. and 3.08% retailer are not satisfied with their distribution channel. 10. 7. 11.92% retailers satisfied with their distribution channel and 21. 78. Due to high demand of priyagold biscuite retailer are purchase it.81% retailer sale priyagold biscuits in mango flavour. 20.


which determine the purchase of biscuit. Retailing demands a constant push from the company. company schemes. They expect return in the form of profit margin. window display and references of the shop. There is a greater needs to understand the retailer behavior considering them as a team working for the company may help them to be attached to the company. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 58 . There should be feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the retailers. now time is to make a complete picture. Setting values club for retailers so that they may exchange views with the company and help in understanding consumer behavior. Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address the discerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. company schemes make the differences and are the highest source of motivation after profit margin. The manufacturer should understand consumer behavior because retailers can't help quality and price. It is only up to dealers said it is demand they sell PRIYAGOLD 42% agree that at retail shop it is brand popularity. While making a product a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the shop retailers think about the GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment) and they promote the brand which provide them highest. Among these.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 6.1 CONCLUSION After going thick on the thing.

 Company have need to improve their distribution channel. biscuits. Some suggestion are as follow.  So company should give more attention on the above given suggestion which may in increase sale of priyagold biscuit in future.  Some customer wants tear system in priyagold biscuits like Parle G. NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 59 .  Some customer wants nitrogen packet in priyagold biscuits so biscuits durability become increase.2 RECOMMENDATIONS: Without suggestion any studies are not complete.  Retailer wants to get credit period so company have need to give some credit period to their retailer.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS 6.

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS CHAPTER-7 BIBLIOGRAPHY NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 60 . www. New NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 61 . Marketing Management. pages referred from 102 to 105.Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS Bibliography BOOKS   Kotler Philip. 183-197.priyagold. Prentice Hall Publication of India. INTERNET   www.


Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS QUESTIONAIRE (1) Do you sale the priyagold biscuits?  Yes  No (if the answer is yes then go to next) (2) In which flavor you sell priyagold biscuits?  Orange  Mango  Coconut  Elachi  Chocolate  Other (3) Which flavor is the customer’s favorite ? Flavor in priyagold biscuits  Orange  Mango  Other (4) Which age customers are mostly purchase priyagold biscuits?  Less Then 5 years  5 to 10 years  other (5) Which size of packates the customers preferred many times?  75 gm  150 gm  other (6) From whom you are purchasing the priyagold biscuits?  company  wholesaler NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 63 .

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (7) On which basis you would like to purchase priyagold biscuits From above mentioned answer?  due to good scheam  for achive market share  due to high demand  others (8) Are you getting the proper delivery of the product in regular time?  yes  no (9) Is the company/wholesaler give good credit period to you?  yes  no (10) Is the price of priyagold biscuits affordable for customer?  yes  no (11) Are you want to make any improvement in your distribution channel?  yes  no (12) If yes please specify __________________________________________ (13) Are you want to any extra feature to be add in the priyagold biscuits?  yes  no (14) if yes then please specify _____________________________________________ NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 64 .

Consumer buying behaviour of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS (15) Suggestion about priyagold biscuits if any _____________________________________________ NAVNIRMAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 65 .

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