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Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________

Period: _____________


Find the Name, description, and hotkey combination for the following buttons: Button 1. 2. 3. 4. Name Hot Key Description

Text Highlight Replace Insert Hyperlink Page Break

none Ctrl-H Ctrl-K CrtlReturn

Make text look like it was marked with a highlighter pen Replace text in document Create a hyperlink to a webpage, a picture, an e-mail, or a program Start the next page at the current location

5. How do you find out how to use a feature in Word if your teacher is not available? F1 or Help button 6. What are the two ways you can format the orientation of a page? Portrait & Landscape 7. Give an example of a salutation: To whom it may concern (varies) 8. Give 3 examples of complementary closings:

a. Varies
b. ______________________________________ c. ______________________________________ 9. How do you delete tabs that you have set?

a. Drag it off the ruler b. Use clear in the Tabs dialog box
10. How do you set tabs in Word?

a. Click on the ruler b. Use the tabs dialog box

11. What is a DS? Double-Space 12. How many times can you set a tab when you are in the tabs dialog box? As many as you want 13. Why shouldnt you use the same resume for all the jobs you are applying for? Because you should

tailor your resume for the position you are applying for
14. What should not appear on your resume?

a. Race or religious affiliations b. References c. Reasons for leaving last job

Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ 15. What are the 4 tab stops we worked with in class and what do they do? Draw Tab Name Description

Period: _____________

a. b. c. d.

Left Center Right Decimal

Aligns text to the right of the tab stop Aligns text centered on the tab stop Aligns text to the left of the tab stop Aligns numbers on the decimal point at the tab stop

16. What are the margins of a memo, report, and business letters? Memo Top Sides Bottom Business Letters Report (pg 1) Report others) (all

2 1 1

2 1 1

2 1 1

1 1 1

17. What are the 4 parts of a heading in a memo and what goes there:

a. To: The person receiving the memo b. From: The person the memo is coming from c. Date: The date the memo was typed (written) d. Subject: What the memo is about
18. What is the best way to line up the heading of a memo? Within a company 19. What is the spacing for the following parts of a business letter: a. From Date to Inside Address: QS b. From Inside Address to Salutation: DS c. From Salutation to Body: DS d. From Body to Complimentary Close: DS e. From Complimentary Close to Writers Typed Initials: QS 20. How many lines are come between the title and the body of a report (without a subtitle)? 4 or a QS 21. In the body of a report, the indent should be a Frist Line indent. In the body of a business letter, the indent should be a No indent. 22. What are the 3 titles that can be used for the reference section of a report?

a. References b. Works Cited c. Bibliography

23. How should the sources of a report be organized? Alpha by author If the source does not have a

author then the should be organized by the title.

Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________

Period: _____________

24. Why should you use Styles when formatting a report (or any other document)? For accessibility or

to make it more professional

25. Why would you want to modify a style in Word? Because your teacher told you to, To make

it more attractive to you, or so you only have to do it once

26. What are the different operators used in Excel? Operation a. Multiplication b. Addition c. Division d. Exponent e. Subtraction Operator

* + / ^ -

27. What is a relative cell reference? Changes with location in worksheet How many dollar signs does a relative cell reference have? None What is an absolute cell reference? Doesnt change How many dollar signs does an absolute cell reference have? 2 28. What are the three parts of a function? Equal sign, Function (name), and Arguments 29. What part of a function tells the operation that needs to be performed? Function Name 30. How are the following punctuation symbols used in Excel? Symbol Use Example




! : ,

Shows a sheet reference

(exclamation Point)

=Sheet1!A4 Varies

Is found between cell references


A4:B5 Varies =round(b4,2) Varies

to indicate a range Is found between arguments in a



31. How do you move a worksheet in a workbook? Click and drag 32. What is a graphic representation of data? Chart

Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________

Period: _____________


33. What is a virus? __________________________________________________________________________ What do you need to have on your computer to protect yourself from a virus? ______________________ 34. What is Freeware? _______________________________________________________________________ What is Shareware? ______________________________________________________________________ 35. With fair use, how much of the following media can you use without permission? Media a. Motion Media b. Music c. Text Material Percent Time or Words

10% 10% 10%

3 minutes 30 Seconds 1000 words

36. What are the two things you need in order for a work to be protected under copyright?

a. Be original b. Be fixed in a tangible form of expression

37. What does it mean if you type in ALL CAPS? You are yelling 38. Why should you always use your best language skills when communicating on online social networks such as Facebook? You have no idea who is watching and you dont want them to think

poorly of you.
39. List 3 tips about file cabinets that will you keep you safe? a.

Fill from the bottom up

b. Only open one at a time c. Should never be left open 40. List 3 facts about power cords that will keep you safe?

a. Be covered or behind furniture b. Dont pull from the cord, pull from the plug c. Never all them to fray
41. What is a cyberbully? Someone who says hurtful things to you, posts under an assumed

name, and ignores someone else

42. What happens when you share private or personal information through text or e-mail? Its

permanently out there and can be passed on

43. What should you do before you leave a computer that you have used to view e-mail, Facebook, or e-Chalk?

Log out
44. What kinds of activity should you avoid online?

a. Flame wars b. Telling people where you are c. Posting pictures without permission

Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ 45. Define Ethics: A code of behavior guiding right and wrong

Period: _____________

46. What are social consequences? The way society and your friends react to your behavior 47. What are legal consequences? The way that the police, your parents, and anyone in

control reacts

48. Define the following terms in Access: Alphanumeric data Ascending AutoNumber Criteria Data type Database Database Management system Datasheet Descending Field Field name Field selector Filter Navigation Pane Primary key Query Read-only Record Record Selector Report Report selector Sort

Term Report Selector Database Alphanumeric Data Report AutoNumber DBMS Field Selector Record Selector Ascending Descending Record Query Fields Filter Primary Key Data Type Data Sheet Field Name Criteria

a. An easy way to access the reports Property Sheet is to click the Report selector in the upper-left corner of the report b. a collection of objects c. A combination of numbers and text d. A database object that displays data from one or more tables or queries in a format that has an appearance similar to a printed report e. A field that automatically adds a unique number to the primary key field for each record in the table f. allows you to store, retrieve, analyze, and print information

g. Appears at the top of each column in a table and contains the field name h. Appears to the left of the first field for each record i. j. k. l. Arranges records from A to Z, or smallest to largest Arranges records from Z to A, or largest to smallest complete set of data Database object that lets you ask the database about the data it contains

m. Each record is made up of one or more of these n. Temporarily displays records in a datasheet based on the condition that you specify o. The field that contains a unique field value for each record in the table p. The kind of data that you can enter in the field, such as numbers or text, or a combination of numbers and text q. the table displays its data in rows and columns r. s. To identify the fields, each field has a ______________ When the condition has two or more parts to it the two conditions are called criteria

Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ Period: _____________ t. When you open an existing database, this opens on the left side of the Navigation Pane Sort Read Only

screen and contains all the objects u. When you view field values in ascending or descending order from A to Z or from smallest to largest, you apply a sort to the field v. You can view the data in the report, but you cannot change it

49. Be able to label the Access Window:

50. How do you move a field in Access? Click and Drag 51. When do you have to save your database? When you create it When do you decide where to save your database? When you create it