Liyana Jamili 2009 369 433 CT223 En Ismail Kassan : Theories and Practices in Writing Final Short Story

Assignment 2APRIL 2010

Blue’s Best Friend
“Come on, Sloth, hurry up, or we’ll be late for school again!” said Blue to her pet slug. They were late again, because Blue, the little girl who lived at the farthest corner of the most prestigious lane in the neighbourhood, got too preoccupied with her pet that she forgot all about school. Sloth just kept on ambling up the pavement, further frustrating an already irate Blue. She was not afraid of being punished for being late to school again, she was used to being punished for what she felt was peculiar things, like wearing the wrong colour for her late grandmother’s funeral, or singing to herself during school assemblies or during lunchtime. No, she was getting anxious about reaching school as soon as possible because she was excited about learning something new every day. Her curiosity was for anything, and everything. Unfortunately, this unrelenting curiosity for the world always landed her in trouble. Like today, she was late to school again. But Sloth was named Sloth for good reason, it was because he was truly like his namesake, and Blue, forever faithful to her pet, would always kept time with it, and walked a slow, exaggerated walk, just so that her pet could keep up with her. She crossed the road without so much as a glance to the left or even the right of the road, simply crossing, and fortunately, there no cars on the road. The passerbys that notice this odd little girl walking strange walk gawked at her, and didn’t know how to react to her when she passed them, and couldn’t help noticing that she was singing a strange song, as if she was mumbling a song to herself, in a strange language that nobody understood.

When she finally reached the school gate, she smiled and waved to the Ben, the security guard, who never returned her smiles or waves. In fact, he does not even acknowledge her at

She didn’t understand it. had ever courted her and wanted to raise a family 2 . and discipline in her students. to her disbelief. Miss Fiona. Miss Fiona was from the military. must you be late every single day?” Miss Fiona had grown tired of her bright yet constantly bored and listless student not taking her lessons seriously. entered the room. and it seemed like she floated towards her seat at the back of the classroom. dazed. that gets into her thoughts. “ Blue. focused all her energy into teaching young children. As she entered the hallway. and seized the opportunity to attack her. but she would pounce on that question in her head later. reprimanded her for being late yet again. Blue rarely spoke out of turn. and this is something she always wondered about. She liked uniformity. Blue just turned to Miss Cathy. so Miss Cathy had no bone to pick with her. for a great number of years that took up most of her youth. The headmistress. but a clever student. she would cane these annoying little snots into shape. “Just where exactly do you think you’re going. when she finished school for the day. and opened the door to her newly discovered classroom. Miss Cathy took sight of Blue. Miss Cathy. Miss Blue?” Miss Cathy berated Blue. for no man. the school headmistress. but all of this ceased to upset or even cause any kind of reaction from her parents. What is it with this child.She of course. letting this child get to her this much. Blue was a frightfully forgetful little girl. was furious with herself.Liyana Jamili 2009 369 433 CT223 En Ismail Kassan : Theories and Practices in Writing Final Short Story Assignment 2APRIL 2010 all. looking for her class. had no child to her name. and Blue was the prime example of what Miss Fiona disliked children. and she was a peculiar student. smiled. If she had it her way. because she believed that striking terror into children was the only to raise them. Blue. wandering through the halls. her class teacher. noticed her ambling up the hallway. and drives her mad with questions. and now a lonely spinster with the typical pet cat.

Now line up infront of me. 3 .please” said Miss Fiona. was quick to agree that the art lessons could indeed begin. and asked Miss Fiona. Throughout the monologue Miss Fiona had in her head. Jimmy learned diplomacy. and started drawing. whilst mumbling a song to herself. to which they were accustomed to. because Sloth was only visible to Blue. Sloth wasn’t a figment of her imagination. noticed Blue drawing and singing to herself. Blue sat primly at her table. so all the children clamouring inside their desks for their art things. and I will cut your paper for you when you are done folding. This only striked her as a mild annoyance. don’t cut the paper yourselves. Miss Fiona decided they were to learn how to make Chinese lanterns. if they could start their art lessons early today. and coincidentally. so she had since stopped explaining its invinsibility. They didn’t see Sloth. his father as well. the town’s longest serving mayor and scoundrel. He was definitely his father’s son. for she truly believed that a man will soon fall to her charms and good looks in the near future. it was real. heard her soft mumbling. and sniggered and exchanged nasty looks at each other. and singing a song whilst she drew helped Sloth remember her stories better. The biggest boy in class. “But remember children. She was drawing for Sloth’s benefit. The little children who sat all around her. and gently lead Jimmy at the start of the line. and proceeded to teach them how to fold paper to make a pretty lantern. and other tricks from his father.Liyana Jamili 2009 369 433 CT223 En Ismail Kassan : Theories and Practices in Writing Final Short Story Assignment 2APRIL 2010 with her. Jimmy. and they couldn’t see it. but nobody seemed to believe her of its existence. took out her notebook. who adored Jimmy. son of Mayor Ayden. Miss Fiona. Come up here.

Blue. “Thank you so much. When it was finally her turn. and waited patiently for her turn. and Sloth slowly finished its food. disappointed. inhaled too much of that green. back in the Woodstock Era?I bet she was one of ‘those’ babies. because she felt that children weren’t that bright to begin with. started telling it elaborate stories. slumped back to her table. who taught Blue Mathematics. After lunch. but she had two plates in front of her. not exactly the best or safest kind of gardens for a school for children. before recess was over. who lived in a commune. and Miss Fiona took great care in cutting the paper for him. and reminded everyone to put all their things back in their desks. The teachers that passed her. but the teacher didn’t like her because she felt that children shouldn’t be able to finish an exam within 10 minutes. At the cafeteria. making it seem that eating her father’s lunch would be a wonderful adventure. you know. but Sloth wouldn’t eat it. Blue was feeding Sloth. In the gardens. Miss Fiona! You’re my most favourite teacher in this school. Blue was excellent at Mathematics. 4 . which was what her father called. Blue. Miss Fiona announce recess. on their way to the playground. but Blue liked it there. ”announced little Jimmy. Blue and Sloth were taking a walk through the gardens. noticed this and started whispering to each other. the “ Wednesday Special Surprise”. I think” said the first teacher.Liyana Jamili 2009 369 433 CT223 En Ismail Kassan : Theories and Practices in Writing Final Short Story Assignment 2APRIL 2010 Jimmy was given a blue paper. and took her lunchbag with her. Blue even promised Sloth that if they finished their food early. “ I heard her family is actually a couple of hippies. That encouraged Sloth to finish both their foods faster. they could go to the school playground for awhile. Blue sauntered up to Miss Fiona’s desk. the shrubs were quite thick and high. because nobody could find her there. Blue sat alone.

but Jimmy started laughing. before their bedroom door closes every night. and pulled her up by her long hair. and flailed her arms about. 5 . for Miss Fiona’s art class scissors had pierced through his stomach. He wanted to cut off her long hair. In his hands were the art class scissors that Miss Fiona had specifically told them not to handle without her supervision. He hated Blue. He found her. and that was when he decided that he would take that comfort away from her. black. As he tripped. and he didn’t understand why. He just knew he hated her. coincidentally tied up in a ponytail that day. and he wanted to do something he had been scheming about for quite awhile. He didn’t notice the big. He noticed that Blue liked to play with her hair. snuck up behind her. and he tripped. She screamed. and he wanted to make her cry.Liyana Jamili 2009 369 433 CT223 En Ismail Kassan : Theories and Practices in Writing Final Short Story Assignment 2APRIL 2010 She was wrong though. smooth shaped rock. humming to herself. In his excitement to torture Blue. begging Jimmy to put her down. She began to cry. in the evil laugh that he hears his father use on his tiny mother.Jimmy knew her whereabouts. and he wanted her to cry and beg for mercy from him. he let out a scream of terror. instantly letting go of Blue. the evil laugh that is always accompanied by his mother’s cries and begging.

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