Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station

Guangzhou pumped-storage power station

Guangzhou pumped storage power station (GPSPS) is currently the largest pumped storage power station around the world. It has 2400MW installed capacity, which includes 8 reversible pumped storage units, whose gross head is 535 m. The station is built in 2 stages. During Stage 1 (1989.5-1994.3) it built in 4*300MW's reversible units which were imported from France, and in Stage 2 (1994.9-2000.6) it built in 4*300MW's reversible units which were imported from Germany. The project complex is made up of upper and lower reservoir, waterway system, underground power house and T&D works. The upper dam is CFRD with a height of 68m,crest length of 318.52m and width of 7m. The side channel spillway is laid on the left bank. The catchment area of the upper reservoir is 5.2km2. Its water level/storage at FSL is 816.8m/24.08 million m3, and dead water level/storage is 797m/23.40 million m3. The lower dam is RCC gravity dam, and the inner part of dam is with rolled RC and the surface is with 1.5 m thick of normal RC. There is a gallery through the upstream belly part of lower dam which connects the left and right banks. The lower dam is with the height of 43.5m, the crest length of 153.12m and the width of 7m. The crest spillway is laid on the middle of the dam. The catchment area of the lower reservoir is 13.2km2. Its water level/storage at FSL is 287.4m/23.42 million m3, and dead water level/storage is 275m/629 million m3.

Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station .

200MW 1st stage 1.8m (Lower Reservoir) Generators & HV Electrical ALSTHOM. Years of Construction: Catchment and Reservoir Catchment Area 5. Guangdong Province. Frequency Regulation.08 million m (Upper Reservoir ) 23. single stage and reversible 1st stage 440.200MW 2nd stage 1 (Upper Reservoir )+1(Lower Reservoir) No.000 1st stage NEYRPIC 2nd stage 266. / Type Type of Turbine Main Volume of Works Concrete Rockfill and soil Main Equipment Suppliers GPSC GDIWCHP Fourteenth Construction Bureau.PEEBLES Gates & Hydromenchanical NEYRPIC Equipment VOITH .40million m3 (Lower Reservoir) Water Level 16.12m (Lower Reservoir) Power plant Maximum Gross Head Installed Capacity 535m 1. of Discharge Gates 2 flat gates (Lower Reservoir) Size of Gates Project Developers Owner Designer Erection Contractor 9m×1.ABB Equipment SIEMIENS.300m3 2nd stage VOITH Discharge Capacity 723m /s (P=0.2km (Upper Reservoir ) 13.1%) 3 (Lower Reservoir) Type and No. Emergency Standby 1989-2000 Main Dam Type CFRD (Upper Reservoir ) RCC (Lower Reservoir) Height 68m Upper Reservoir ) 43.86 million m (Upper Reservoir ) 17. and Capacity of Units 8×300 MW Side channel spillway (Upper Reservoir ) Crest spillway (Lower Reservoir) Penstock No.Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station General Features On the Liuxi River. Moe Turbines 2×4 Steel penstock embedded in concrete Vertical. Project Location China.544km /s (Lower Reservoir) Reservoir Area at FSL 1.2km (Upper Reservoir ) 1.209km /s (Upper Reservoir ) 0.000m3 1.6km (Lower Reservoir) Storage at FSL 24.52m (Upper Reservoir ) 153.11 million m (Lower Reservoir) Spillway Number of Spillway Type 3 3 3 2 2 3 3 2 2 Peak Project Purpose Load Regulation.2km (Lower Reservoir) Mean Annual Runoff 0.5m (Lower Reservoir) Crest Length 318.660.

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