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As part of the arrangement, both companies will supply nuclear power industry valve technology and jointly build a manufacturing facility. The joint venture will manufacture safety-related valves, including Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIVs), exclusively for China’s civilian nuclear power industry. MSIVs are used to assist in the safe shutdown of a civilian nuclear reactor in the unlikely event of a rupture in the plant’s steam piping. Contact: Lars Rosene, telephone: (469) 420-3264.

Mirion Technologies Radiation Monitoring Systems Division has been approved as the first foreign Class 1E supplier of radiation monitoring equipment in the People’s Republic of China. This approval was given by the National Nuclear Safety Administration pursuant to the “Code on Supervision and Control of Imported Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment (HAF604)”. Class 1E is defined by IEEE Std 3232003 as “The safety classification of the electric equipment and systems that are essential to emergency reactor shutdown, containment isolation, reactor core cooling, and containment and reactor heat removal, or are otherwise essential in preventing significant release of radioactive material to the environment.” Contact: Kimberly Croxson, telephone: (925) 543-0806, email:

Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc. has purchased the USA operations of the MOTA Corporation. The South Carolina based company’s name will change to Siempelkamp Nuclear Services, Inc. in the near future and is a subsidiary of Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc., headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH, located in Krefeld, Germany. Contact: Laura Stott, telephone: (803) 796-2727, email: lstout@motacorp. com.

Teaming Agreement
IMPACT Services, Inc. has signed a teaming agreement with Babcock Services, Inc. and IceSolv, to provide expanded decontamination services at IMPACT Services’ radioactive waste processing facility located at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. “This teaming agreement will allow IMPACT Services and Babcock Services to provide customers with yet another process geared toward reducing the volume of radioactive waste that must be sent for disposal. The cost savings that this approach will allow our customers to achieve is quite significant,” said IMPACT Services Vice President of Operations Greg Broda. Contact: Judith Kane Byrd, telephone: (865) 250-4434.

The rebirth of the U.S. nuclear industry has convinced one Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Company to expand. Southern Testing Services Inc., a quality assurance company specializing in nuclear power plant part inspections, has added 23 highly skilled employees, many of whom have military or space shuttle project experience. The company is expanding in the Innovation Valley region because of the availability of skilled employees, proximity of technology- and nuclearbased clients, and the region’s low cost of living and doing business, according to Southern Testing Services’ Richard Crawford. Contact: Garrett Wagley, telephone: (865) 246-2661, email: gwagley@

Steam Generators Replaced
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed the delivery of two replacement steam generators (RSGs) for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Unit 2 of Southern California Edison (SCE). The RSGs delivered are among the world’s largest, each measuring approximately seven meters in external diameter, weighing 580 metric tons and housing approximately 10,000 heat transfer tubes. The RSGs arrived at the SONGS site on February 14, 2009 and are slated to replace existing steam generators (SGs) at SONGS Unit 2 during its next refueling and maintenance outage scheduled in autumn 2009. Later this year MHI will ship two additional RSGs to SCE for installation in SONGS Unit 3 during the fall of 2010. Contact: Hideo Ikuno, telephone: 813-6716-5277, fax: 813-6716-5929, email:

Simulator Upgrade
L-3 MAPPS has received an order from AmerenUE to enhance the Callaway nuclear plant simulator with its Orchid® suite of software tools. In 2008, L-3 successfully replaced the simulator’s reactor core model with a higher fidelity version generated by its Orchid Core Builder software. Work will begin immediately to upgrade the simulator, which is slated to enter service in early 2010. Contact: Andre Rochon, telephone: (514) 787-4953.

Trentec, a provider of safety-related equipment to the global nuclear power industry announced their partnership with LS Mtron. Under terms of the agreement, Trentec will exclusively represent LS Mtron's ASME Code and Commercial Grade chillers and air handling equipment to nuclear power plants in North America. Contact: Roy Woeste, telephone: (513) 528-7900, email: rwoeste@


Nuclear Plant Journal, March-April 2009