In answering the question as to how an individual or how as a plaintiff in such a matter I manages to continue after so many years. I answer, that those that have struggled in endeavors before me give me inspiration. Moreover, it is fascinating to research and better understand those in politics and government whom are in the public sector using these positions to express their personal or individually learned ideologies and practices. As I continue to study the History of peoples, it’s easy to understand that certain peoples are using the lives of members such as myself as experiments for lack of a better term. As the destructions caused by their actions are very real in the lives of Africans, whom are primarily affected. As I studied the system or customs of those people that created and control the governance of this system, it makes it more understanding as to the current plight in society, however not excusable. In particular, knowing that God exists, and that the snow falls on October 29 as Will, and they don‘t notice. Knowing and believing that those responsible for this poverty in my life from the governors, directors, managers, commissioners, judges, state senators, and representatives, comptrollers, treasurers, personnel officers, wardens, department of education members, university personnel, etc, will have to give account. The great thing is, is that they all have souls whether they believe it or not. That soul will be judged, and eternity, whether they believe it or not. I believe. Thus far, more than 350 souls in Connecticut government are aware of these violations and willfully participate. How much value can you place on a soul? Now, you may understand that it is not my station in the present term in life that is important. It is eternity that is far greater than the years given in this state of being. Knowing that they have a department of social services and economic development and many other agencies which are established to complement or assist in the livelihood of people that in fact, and the evidence shows they are accountable for the actual destructions and poverty which manifests today in the lives of my family. When I further study what is actually taught to those children whom are the elected and appointed officials of society today. It is now apparent the tragedies that occur in government that destroy the lives of families such as mine. They are educated without common values, and love for all of humanity. They bias themselves as better, different and set apart from humanity. In this they are detached from the suffering of people, as they view themselves as “better”, or not subject to the Laws, or Rules of society. They intentionally separate themselves from being, “one of the people”, or as throughout their customs, create a “caste” system. It can be referred to as “Slavery” , “Socialism”, “Communisim” , “Apartheid” or “Separatism”. Finally, all I can do is pray for them. I don’t know why they are the way they are. I thank God that I am in my understanding of Life, as oppose to what they understand. May God bless them to repent and turn from their erred ways. I feel blessed that I am not them, and bad for who they are.

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