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Contribute to the success of an organization through hard-work, sincerity
and dedication thereby creating a long term and mutually rewarding

Professional Synopsis

Successfully completed B. Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

from Vishveshwarya Institute of Engineering and Technology, U.P.
Technical University with 63.4% marks.
Friendly with LABVIEW (8.5, 8.6), C & C++ language, Assembly Language
(8085, 8086), Embedded Systems, ASP.NET, MS SQL server, C#.

Professional Experience

Currently working as an Automation Engineer in an R & D Project in Jai

Mahesh Sugar Industries (A unit of Spray Engineering Devices Ltd) from
September 2008 and till date.
Company Details: Spray Engineering is one of the leading industries in
Industrial automation which do the automation of industries like sugar
industry, Power Plant automation, paper mills etc.
About Jai Mahesh Sugar Industries: It is the R & D unit of Spray
Engineering Devices Ltd. in which whole factory is fully automated and
can be controlled on any windows base mobile phone. Also automatic Data
logging and Client Server Architecture is provided with system
redundancy and consideration of all failures.
Worked as an R & D Engineer in Lectrotek Systems Pvt. Ltd. for one year
(August 2007 to September 2008 ).

Work Profile
• Working on freescale microcontroller.
• Developing programs using C & C++ language and Assembly
• Designing and modifying the hardware design and writing
programs accordingly.
• Making software and hardware as per the client requirement.
• Involved in major projects of company.

Was associated with Kanetkar’s School Of Embedded Systems, as an

Assistant Faculty for two months (June2007 to August 2007).
Currently associated with Kanetkar’s School Of Embedded Systems, as an Visiting
Faculty for C language.

Additional Courses Completed

Programming Excellence In C – From KICIT, Nagpur (taught by Yashavant

Diploma in Embedded Systems Programming – From KSET, Nagpur (taught by
Asang Dani)
Building websites through C# & ASP.NET – From KSET, Nagpur (taught by Asang
Linux System Programming - From ATS Infotech

Area of Expertise

LABVIEW 8.5, 8.6 with Compact Field Point Controller 2120, I/O rack
1808, and their AI, AO, DI and DO.
Embedded Systems using Motorola Freescale, ARM-7TDMI, 8051 &
ATmega16 microcontroller, ModBus communication Protocal, 8085, 8086
C & C++ language.
Website development using ASP.NET and C#.
Digital Electronics.
Electric Machines.

Industrial Training

6 Week Training in BPL Display Devices Ltd. (Sahibabad) of picture tube



Title System Redundancy
Duration 2 month
Company JMSIL/Spray Engineering Devices Ltd.
Tools used LabView 8.5, controller (cFP-2120, I/O rack 1808) of NI

This Project was made in consideration of all faults in Network. Dual Redundancy
System was Prepared considering failure of Ethernet, controller, computer or I/O
rack. If any of the controlling system will fail, then other controlling system will take
over and system will work normally. Redundancy System was made by using UDP
protocol, Serial Communication (Mod bus Protocol) & and self made
Redundancy Architecture.
Title Diffuser Automation
Duration 2 month
Company JMSIL/Spray Engineering Devices Ltd.
Tools used LabView 8.5, controller (cFP-2120, I/O rack 1808) of NI
This System is the major part of sugarcane industry to increase overall output of the
factory. Full automation of this system was done in LABVIEW 8.5, using National
Instruments controller cFP-2120 and cFP-1800 I/O racks. It was a real time project
where all inputs were considered and according to set points all other controlling was
done( Like control valves, on/off valves, indicators, motor speed, VFDs and other

Title Self Driven Temperature indicator
Duration 1 month
Company Lectrotek Systems
Tools used CodeWarrior, MCt9s08QG8, etc.
This system is self driven temperature indicator, which display temperature on the
LCD of the unit. The system is programmed by using Free Scale microcontroller. This
system does not required any external power and work on the current from
transducers (source) only. System consumes only 1.8 mA of current and to trigger
the device power booster is prepared by using LT 1615 (dc to dc converter).

Title Interfacing Software for Display using ModBus.
Duration 15 days
Company Lectrotek Systems
This System displays values passed to the controller using ModBus Protocol. This 7
Segement display has height of 130 mm . This protocol was configured by using
Free Scale Controller.

Title Multiple channel Temperature scanner and controller
Duration 2.5months
Company Lectrotek Systems
This Instrument is a universal input scanner and controller intended for continues
monitor of process parameters. It can scan and control 16 / 32 channel at one time
that is, it can take values from 16 / 32 transducers at same time. Also it can control
relay operations as per the process parameters and programmed set points.

Title RFID based attendance Management System
Duration 1 year
The system used RFID tags to implement an automated attendance monitoring
system. RFID tag reader was connected to a Windows 98 PC via parallel port. User
interface was created in C language using Turbo C++. All registered users were
monitored for their presence within a facility.

Title Home appliance control using Mobile Communication
Duration 2 months
The system was based on mobile communication; system can control at least 10
appliances from any where in the world, where the cellular network is there.
It is base upon digital electronics and concept of mobile communication network.

Personal Details

Father’s Name : Mr. Surinder Choudhary

Date of Birth : 06/08/1985
Regional Languages : English, Hindi, Marathi.
Permanent Address : S/o Surinder Choudhary,
L-532, sector-23, Sanjay Nagar,
Ghaziabad (U.P.)
Pin-201001, Mob: +91 9911307646,
Home: 0120-2786480.

Place: Pune