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To establish me as a techno-proficient in the fields of ERP Software Design and programming to grow in the technology management areas with the help of ABAP technical and management skill.


Having 2 Years and 7 months of SAP ABAP/4 Technical experience which includes WebDynpro for ABAP (OOPS AND CROSS APPLICATION Concepts), with extensive background in programming for SAP business applications.


August 2009 – Till Date : working as ABAP Developer at Systech Integrators India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

SAP-ABAP/4 With WebDynpro Skills

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Proficient in building WebDynpro ABAP applications. Developed Webdynpro Applications Using Assistance Class, Service call, Supply Functions. Extensively used various interfaces for designing Windows, Messages, Component, Context Node & Context Element. Implemented Dynamic ALV Features in Webdynpro Applications. Involved in exchanging data between Webdynpro Application through URL. Displayed Model Pop-up windows in Webdynpro application Triggering Error & Success messages in Webdynpro Applications. Provided Drop Down By Key & Drop Down By Index Functionality to the fields. Good Knowledge in Enhancing Standard Webdynpro Components Using Enhancement Framework.

Involved in creation of Dynamic UI Elements. Designed various forms using Adobe Forms. Knowledge on Dynamic Programming in Webdynpro. Strong knowledge on Object Oriented Programming.

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Data Migration: BDC (Call Transaction. Inheritance. Session Methods & Batch Input Recording). Interfaces & Events. Missouri while operating manufacturing and warehouse facilities across the country in order to serve its customers across the nation. Involved in Transport Management. and cements and coatings. Creation of Classical. ACADEMICS  B.Tech(EEE) from JNTU Hyderabad. PROJECT#1 Client Duration Team Size : : : TAMKO Building Products. composite decking and railing systems. Good at Debugging. Master Data Distribution. IDOC development. is the US leading Independent manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products. .Search helps and other Dictionary objects. Views. Structures. Strong Knowledge on ALV Report Using Object Oriented Classes. Subroutines. 15 Description : TAMKO Building Products Inc. Interactive Reports.  Excellent knowledge on Encapsulation. TAMKO remains headquartered in Joplin. USA Oct 2011 – Till date. Knowledge of IDOC. Strong knowledge on RFC’s. Polymorphism. waterproofing. Function Modules. Knowledge on Internal Tables. ALE. SAP-ABAP/4           Proficient at Data Migration Using BDC . distribution model. Good at Data migration using LSMW . Creation & Maintenance of Tables. LSMW.

S. Created a Webdynpro component which copies the selected records of Material type from material table in to web table in web application. and around the world.flight training.USA Nov 2010 – Aug 2011 . PROJECT#2 Client Duration Team Size : : : ABX Air . Developed Purchase Order form using Adobe Forms(Offline). Using SALV_WD_TABLE component generated an ALV report which displays all the required details and also provided the Dynamical ALV Features.Responsibilities   Analysis and development of objects as per client requirements. ABX Air Also Offers a variety of Airline-related training. Created ABAP objects and classes for accessing the global DATA from Backend. . Uploaded LOGO into the Webdynpro application Using MIME. and simulator time.including dispatch training. Responsibilities  Analysis and development of objects as per client requirements. Objects Developed • • • • • • • Created a Webdynpro component which is used mainly by managers and timesheet administrators to approve and correct the timesheet of employees. Using Business Graphics UI element table created a Webdynpro component which compares the sales of Company at various Locations. Designing Objects according to the requirements. 20 Description : ABX Air is an FAR part 121 cargo airline flying express cargo routes for customers in the U.

PROJECT#3 Client Duration Team Size : : : SANDVINE. Created a Interactive Adobe form which updates the sales Item data in Database. purchase order for printing purpose and to send the form details to certain Email Id’s using Adobe form. Created a Webdynpro component using Road map UI element which displays the employee details in one view and edit functionality to the data in the other view and updating the data in third view. Sandvines award-winning network equipment and software helps DSL. Objects Developed • • • • • • • • Developed Webdynpro browser based applications designed using MVC architecture by using service calls/ Assistance Classes. manage . • • • Created the Dynamical Ui Elements as per the Requirement. FTTx. Created ABAP objects and classes for accessing the global DATA from Backend. Created a Webdynpro component which is reused mainly for Shipping Goods details in another Webdynpro Application. cable. fixed wireless and mobile operators better understand network traffic. CANADA Dec 2009 – Sep 2010 15 Description : Sandvine’s network policy control solutions focus on protecting and improving the quality of experience on the Internet. Using SALV_WD_TABLE component generated an ALV report which displays all the Item details. Created Sales order . Developed Interactive Adobe forms both offline and online forms. Using get model method in SALV_WD_TABLE component created a customizing ALV report. Designing Objects according to the requirements. Using service call created Webdynpro component which fetches the data from required table in sap system in to routine web table in web application.

deliver QoS-prioritized multimedia services and increase subscriber satisfaction. The output shows Material No. Analysis and development of objects as per client requirements. PO item. Modified the Standard Purchase Order Smart Form according to the client requirements. Developed a Smart Form that prints purchase order detail data based on company code and purchase order no with respective subtotals and grand totals. Developed an interactive report to evaluate the vendor performance for a specified purchase organization in a particular period. Uploaded the data from legacy system to sap system through the transaction XD01. Created a report in Material Master that mainly outputs Material . • • • • Developed a report to display the pricing conditions in a purchase order. Objects Developed • • • • • • • • • Involved in developing the Interactive Reports using ALV Grid Facilities. Created a report using ALV Grid Control to display list of vendors for given Company code. Roles & Responsibilities    Preparation of Technical Specification Analyzing Functional Specifications. Created a report using ALV Grid Control to display purchase order details for given Company code. .network congestion. create new services and revenues. Performed Unit Testing. purchase doc type.Valued Stock.XK01 and MM02 Uploaded the sales order data using VA01 transaction BDC. category. country. Upload the purchase info record from legacy system to sap system through the transaction ME11 using BDC. Unit of Measure and Description in addition. grouped by Material type and Plant. quantity. group totals using ABAP OOPS. Uploaded material master data from the legacy system to SAP system through the transaction code MM01 using BDC. mitigate traffic that is malicious or undesirable to subscribers. purchase order number. Created both interactive and classical report based on vendor number that display vendor address. posting date. material number.

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