Our Dying Forests
Utah and the West face a big problem from a tiny pest: beetles. The busy bugs, aided by a warming climate, are killing millions and millions of acres of trees. Underfunded and understaffed land caretakers are fighting back, but many experts fear it may be too little, too late.

Page F2 Unprecedented beetle attack may change forests forever. Page F4 When it comes to fire danger, trees may be better off dead. Page F5 Utah is losing its most vital commercial conifer. Page F6 One man’s army battles the bugs one tree at a time. Page F7 It’s a black day for Yellowstone’s whitebark. Page F8 Idaho nursery hopes baby trees will save the day. Cover photo The naked and the dead: Whitebark pine forests, east of Jackson Hole, Wyo., are succumbing to beetles.

RICK EGAN | The Salt Lake Tribune

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