Spring 2012

On Friday, March 2, 2012, AADP hosted the 5th Annual Laugh for Lives (L4L) Comedy Show at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA. This year, we scoured far and wide for fresh new comedians that would make the audience laugh until they could laugh no more. We ended up with a stellar ensemble cast of Shawn Felipe, KT Tatara, Danny Cho and Eliot Chang, with host Mark “Zhangster” Zhang, and DJ RJ “Kool Raul” Navalta of Supreme Soul. The show was a success from the get-go. With a full house of 900 people, vendors and sponsors exhibiting, we settled into our seats, ready to chuckle until our faces hurt. Shawn Felipe and KT Tatara started out the show with a kick. Our guest speaker was donor, Flower Miller (pictured left). Flower spoke about her experience with the donation Flower Miller tells her story process with a video from Kyle Crawford’s family hoping to inspire others to register and possibly save a life. During intermission, we were able to register many new potential donors with the help of volunteers and AADP staff. The show was finished by Danny Cho and Eliot Chang, before we did a raffle and then bid goodbye to all of our performers. Thank you to everyone who made our show possible, and to all of our sponsors and supporters! Don’t miss next year’s 6th Annual Laugh for Lives, scheduled for March 2013 at the Palace of Fine Arts.
By Debbie Nguyen Turn to page 7 for sponsor shout outs and photos of the event.

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Message from AADP
AADP is doing an excellent job in terms of reaching our recruitment goals. As of April 2012, our team reached 158.4% of minority goal and 203.2% of Caucasian goal. We are about 1k minority donors away from reaching our annual goal! Thank you to our Outreach Coordinators Debbie, James, Michelle, Nitu and interns Annie, Carina, and Ophelia. We can’t leave out the strong team of dedicated volunteers helping us in the office and drives. Let’s not forget to thank our student groups for their time and support, they helped us start off our fiscal year strong. In December 2011, 4-year-old Chinese-Caucasian patient Kyle Crawford was in urgent need of a donor. With the help of local news media and social media, we registered thousands of donors in two months and about 600 donors at one drive! Kyle is responding well to his treatments, so his transplant is on hold for now. He has returned to preschool and he is very happy about that. In January, Janet Liang relapsed and this time she needs to find her perfect match to survive. Once again, Team Janet became active and started a nationwide campaign. Through Janet’s campaign we registered more than 3k new donors. Yet, Janet still needs to find her perfect match. Please continue to spread the word. Although we are reaching our recruitment goal, we will continue our mission and efforts in educating the public about marrow donation. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support!

For the past 21 years, AADP has been committed to its mission of helping to save lives of patients with life-threatening blood diseases curable by marrow/stem cell transplants. AADP continues to increase awareness in Northern California and Bay Area communities about the crucial need for more minorities on the national registry.

2169 Harbor Bay Parkway Alameda, CA 94502 www.aadp.org info@aadp.org 1.800.59.DONOR Find us on:

Ruby Law
Recruitment Director

Michelle Chan, Chinese Outreach
Coordinator, AADP newest staff addition— “While at AADP I hope to

increase the chance of survival for patients in dire need of a marrow/ stem cell donor by establishing a presence in the Asian American communities to provide more positive details about the importance of registering as a donor. Here at AADP, it feels encouraging to work in an environment where each of us assists each other when in need. We certainly work as a team, and not as competitors. Everyone’s influence and dedication to AADP is what makes us such a great group and as we strive to make a difference.”

Phuong Vo, Search Coordinator and Office Assistant, is another AADP staff addition— ”Although I am still new, I am doing my best to learn the ropes as a Search Coordinator as efficiently as I can and leave a lasting impression on the rest of the AADP staff. I look forward to the challenges that come my way, as well as broadening my experience professionally. I definitely feel this position fits me well because I am very passionate when it comes to something I truly believe in. I am so excited to be working with great staff. Having the opportunity to give hope and creating miracles is one of many things that I am proud to represent.”


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Upcoming Events

Poker Tournament Benefit June 12, 2012
Please join AADP for Trace3's first annual charity poker tournament on June 12,2012 at The Blackhawk Country club. The event will support Asian American Donor Program and Loaves and Fishes. Event details here: http://bit.ly/JRadby * The buy in for this tournament is $65.00. * Unlimited re-buys for $20.00. * Register before May 20th for an extra $200 worth of chips! * We will be giving prizes to the top 3 winners. * Grand prize of $1,000.00. * The guest with the most rebuy-ins wins an IPAD. Expect only the best appetizers, drinks and even a few celebrities. Regardless of the hand you're dealt, we can promise our charities will win big and you will have an evening you will not forget. SPACE IS LIMITED - REGISTER NOW! http://conta.cc/IqmUIu

The 6th Annual

Barry Foon Legacy Golf Tournament
will be held on Monday, October 1, 2012. This year’s tournament will take place at Round Hill Golf Course in San Ramon. Stay tuned in for more golf tournament information by visiting www.aadp.org/golf12

Upcoming Drives Calendar
May 17, 2012 (Thurs)  Kina Concert, SF 1805 Geary Blvd SF,CA 94115 7pm-8pm May 19, 2012 (Sat)  Asian Heritage Street Festival, SF McAllister and Larkin SF, CA 94102 10am-3pm

(visit www.aadp.org/drive for more drives )
May 20, 2012 (Sun)  KCPC, Daly City 50 Northridge Drive Daly City, CA 94015 11am-2pm May 22, 2012 (Tues)  Informatica, Redwood City PRIVATE 100 Cardinal Way Redwood City, CA 94063 11am-1pm May 23, 2012 (Wed)  Stanford University, Stanford White Memorial Plaza Stanford 10am-4pm May 24, 2012 (Thurs)  Stanford University, Stanford White Memorial Plaza Stanford 10am-4pm May 25, 2012 (Fri)  Silicon Valley Chinese School, SJ 1280 Johnson Ave SJ, CA 95129 7pm-9pm June 3, 2012 (Sat)  St. Augustine Catholic Parish 3700 Callan Blvd South SF, CA 94080 9am-1pm June 9, 2012 (Sat)  Dia de Portugal, SJ 1300 Senter Road SJ, CA 95112 10am-3pm June 23, 2012 (Sat)  Healthy Parks Healthy People Festival, Fremont 2100 Sherwood Way Fremont, CA 94536 11am-4pm July 14-15, 2012 (Sat-Sun)  SJ Obon Fest , SJ 5th St and Jackson St SJ, CA 95112 4pm-8pm

 Day in a Park (Convergence Church)
1651 Adeline Street Oakland, CA 94607 12pm-4pm May 20, 2012 (Sun)  BAPS Temple, Milpitas Conference Hall 1430 California Circle Milpitas, CA 95035 9am-2pm

 Bay Area Bible Church, Alameda
1801 North Loop Road Alameda CA 94502 10:30am-1:30pm

 Synaptics, Santa Clara PRIVATE
3120 Scott Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054 3pm-5pm

www.aadp.org | 800-59-DONOR

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Every year 10,000 patients search the national registry with hopes that they find their life saving match. These patients need YOUR help. Register today! You may be the one to save their life! Visit www.aadp.org to find out how you can help.

My Vietnamese


Hung, Vietnamese, AML

Jacob, Vietnamese, HLH

Kyle, Filipino/ Chinese

Leukemia, AML

Leukemia, AML

Joey, Pacific Islander

Ankush Saankethi South Asian Ayesha, South Asian/Middle Eastern
South Asian,


Leukemia, MDS type

Leukemia, AML

Christian Chinese

Aplastic Anemia

Tran, Vietnamese

Leukemia, AML

Leukemia, AML

Ryan Filipino

Joi Filipino/Caucasian

Severe Aplastic Anemia


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Patient News

Since the start of the campaign to save Kyle, over 2,500 people of mixed ethnicity have been registered as marrow donors and two matches were found for Kyle. Even though Kyle has had a positive response to medication and potential donors in the case of relapse, many other patients in need of a bone marrow donation are not as lucky. You can continue to help by encouraging friends and family to register, participating in AADP events, or making a contribution.

Despite the positive response to treatments & medication Kyle’s efforts continues.

Patient Spotlight: Janet Liang
At 25 years old, Janet has sacrificed and accomplished more than most people her age. Janet was diagnosed with leukemia almost 3 years ago and she never let cancer have her. She has turned her personal life-and-death struggle into a nationwide movement for bone marrow registry in communities. She used her situation as an opportunity to create awareness about the severe dearth of registered bone marrow donors within the Asian American community. Despite the struggle with time cutting close to find her match, Janet’s feat continues. Janet has been on a mission to register as many Asian Americans as possible and increase the donor pool, hoping to find matches that could save a life -- maybe even her own life. Through the Helping Janet campaign, Janet has publically detailed her plight through leukemia and encouraged more Asian Americans to register as marrow/stem cell donor donors to not only save her life but potentially save others. Her efforts have helped register nearly 20,000 donors, sparked a national awareness campaign, found life-saving matches for several patients, and hopefully find her own match soon. It’s no wonder Janet was named one of the 30 most influential Asian Americans under 30: full story can be found here: http://bit.ly/J3Mako If that doesn't seen honorable enough to you, Janet was also declared the winner of Asian Pacific American for Progress Unsung Heroes fundraising Competition. She raised the most money and her funds will go to A3M (a non-profit organization that specializes in minority donor recruitment , just like AADP only they are located in southern California) to help increase the number of AAPIs in the National Marrow Donor Registry. Full article on Janet’s Unsung Heroes story can be found here: http://bit.ly/K0gtZc

Janet holds up a drawing made for her by a young supporter.

Congratulations, Janet! We’re rooting for you all the way!
www.aadp.org | 800-59-DONOR Spring 2012<< Be The One to Save a Life | Paper Crane AADP


More Patient News

Patient Update:
Jack, Vicky, and Nico are recovering from their recent transplant. Please visit www.aadp.org for more patient updates.

Saving Connor Update
After four years and about 2,200 donors, Connor found a perfect match. However, that donor decided not to donate after all. So the family was back to square one, registering more donors. The family remained hopeful that they would find a committed donor to help save their son’s life. Their prayers were answered, another donor was found and he/she is committed. Connor will have his transplant soon. AADP sends best wishes and a speedy recovery to Connor and the Lim family.
Top: Connor patiently waiting at 7am for the start of his transplant process. Right: Photo taken during an Easter egg hunt.

The latest campaigning effort is for 27 year-old leukemia patient, Ryan Manansala. Ryan’s family and friends are on a mission to help Ryan and other patients find their life saving match. For more information on Operation: Save Ryan, visit: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelpSaveRyan Tumblr: http://operationsaveryan.tumblr.com

Check out AADP’s latest PSA (with Cantonese subtitles) featuring San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee.



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Thank You LFL Sponsors
Premier partner: Community Builders: Raffle Sponsors:

Creative Contributors:

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Patrick and Darlet
LFL 2011 Co-Sponsors:

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Asian Business Connectors Oriented Asian American Theater Company AACO ABL Slice of Mooncake SF Wa Sung Community Service Club

All AADP event photos courtesy of:

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Updated by Carol Gillespie, Executive Director

Fund a Match

Your Monetary Donations will help us with:
Outreach/Recruitment – Pay it Forward
AADP is faced with the challenge of finding and enrolling individuals into the Be the Match Registry, who are committed to making a difference. It is our goal to give the chance to register to everybody who is able and willing to do so – especially in the minority community. It is also our goal to eliminate any obstacles for these individuals to join. In past years, the cost to tissue type a donor has prohibited and discouraged some from joining the registry. It costs $100 in lab fees to enter one donor into the Be the Match Registry. This cost is now paid for by a combination of donations from the community and a grant from the HRSA. However, these funds are not inexhaustible. We need more help from the community and individuals like you to continue to make donor registration accessible to everyone. For the next Fiscal Year 2012, AADP needs to raise at least $62,500 to help fund the registration cost of donors wishing to join the registry. Your donation can help us make sure that the cost to register as a donor is never an obstacle for anyone.

Education Materials & Retention Projects
AADP prints and publishes brochures, videos and flyers that help us demonstrate both the importance and the ease of participation in the registry. Retention projects are ongoing throughout the year as a reminder that you are a registered potential donor and as a way to keep donors committed should they be called upon as possible matches. ($1,840/year)

Web-Site Development
AADP refreshes, changes and updates our website to keep you interested, keep more people informed and to keep our services easily accessible and efficient. ($2,800/2 years)

Processing and Maintenance Fees
We are currently under funded and turning away potentially life-saving umbilical cord blood donors. However, we still need to cover the cost of already stored Cord Blood Units. ($2,400/year)

AADP 2169 Harbor Bay Parkway Alameda, California 94502 Www.aadp.org Address Service Requested

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