“Bits and Pieces of Info to Make Life on the Ranch Easier to Manage”

What’s Happening Around Town We’ve come to the end of the year already! I hope this year was a good year for you and your son or daughter, and I trust, that like me, you are able to rejoice in God’s faithfulness even in times when the road was rocky! As I conclude this final newsletter, I thought it would be best to close the year with some “stones of remembrance.” Let us give God the glory, honor, and praise He is due! Answers to Questions on the Ranch

A: Please drop your child off as usual on Friday morning wearing ! We will get ready in our classroom, and then at 8:45 the ceremony will begin. There will be opportunities both to snap great of your son or daughter, so please make sure to find good seats for you and your guests while waiting for us to get ready and arrive! When we conclude the ceremony, you will be able to join us in the foyer for class pictures, 1. Read books (even long books) on our own 2. Recite 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 with sign-language and then, after dropping off your child’s cap, we invite you to the cafeteria for ice cream 3. Follow instructions the first time give (most sundaes! You are free to leave and begin sumof the time)! mer break when you finish your goodies! 4. Count to 100 by 1’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s 5. Solve addition problems from fact families one through nine! 6. Say hello in different languages A: Please, PLEASE, continue to encourage 7. Receive correction with a willing spirit and challenge your child to read! Give your son 8. Share our toys or daughter many opportunities to practice us9. Read verses of Scripture on our own 10. Make friends and work together with others ing the readers, books from the library, and 11. Teach our friends new things using our show words from the environment you are in each day! Another great idea for those of you with and tell treasures internet access is to visit a site called 12. Write sentences and our own stories! 13. Tell time to the hour, half-hour, and quarter starfall.com. It has all sorts of interactive games, stories, and songs geared toward each past the hour 14. Use creative juices to make special crafts for grade level. I encourage you to work on math as well. others 15. Make Miss Hult’s heart melt with sweet acts Practice telling time, counting by ones, tens, fives, and twos, and adding. If you go to garage of kindness, hilarious statements, and un sales this summer or just pull out extra change, forgettable light-bulb moments! review coin values! Continue to make practice fun and a daily routine! Thanks for a WONDERFUL year! Miss Hult

Spotlighting Students and Volunteers
This little section of the newsletter is one of my last opportunities to say thank you for all you have done to make this year so wonderful! I know I have expressed to many of you several times that I did not think I would be able to make it through another year of teaching because there have been so many difficult responsibilities placed on my plate. However, God knew what He was doing, and He gave me the most incredible group of parents I have ever had for any year! You have been wonderful this year, and the blessings of prayer, encouragement, supervision and chaperone offers, weekly meals, and friendship have been medicine for my soul and weary heart! :) Thank you for giving of yourselves to serve the Lord and me! Now, may I offer to you that I am always available if you ever need anything! I have told parents and students in the past that you are welcome to look me up, even years from now, if there is some way I could encourage or help you! The door will always remain open, even if God moves me on to a new ministry! So, please, know that I am here and will continue to pray for you! Thanks again so very much! May the Lord reward you richly for the kindness you have shown me!

A List of Sounds We’ve Studied

ck (duck); e (me); o (go); y (fly); ay (pray) st (stop); pl (plane); fr (frog); tr (train); sh (ship) th (thick); th (this); cr (crab); tw (twins) bl (block); cl (clock); fl (flake); gl (glue) br (bride); dr (drum); pr (pray); gr (grin) sm (smoke); sc (scat); sk (skate); sp (spade) spl (splash); spr (sprain); scr (scream); squ (squeak) sn (snack); sl (sleep); str (stream); sw (swim) thr (three); ar (star); ch (church); or (morning) ou (out); ow (owl); ow (bowl) er (verse); ur (nurse); ir (bird); igh (night)

Quick Glimpse Calendar
Wednesday, May 23 - Chapel; Show and tell! Friday, May 25 - Kindergarten graduation Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day! Tuesday, May 29 - Friday, June 3 -


); Enjoy the summer!

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