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LESSON PLAN Theme : homes and family Level : 3rd grade of Elementary School Time : 2x35 minutes Language

focus : Vocabularies : Noun : Living room, dining room, bath room, kitchen room, bed room, daddy, mommy, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma. Verb : reading, cooking, eating, sleeping, taking a bath. Expression: Where is daddy? Daddy in the living room. Who is she? She is my mommy. Speaking : Mention the part of house Describe about family Mention the familys characteristic.

Listening : Listening a story telling based on the big book Writing: Write kinds of familys activities.

Basic competence: The students are able to tell about the part of house The students are able to describe about family

Materials : Big book Worksheet Activities : Picture provided big book of home and family. Teacher tells about familys activities based on the big book. Ask the student to repeat the house and familys name.

TEACHING PROCEDURE No Teaching Phase Method 1. Pre- Teaching Questioning and Teacher guides the answering students to pray together. Teacher greets the students: Hello student, how are you? Are you happy? Teacher asks the student to sing a classroom password. Teacher reviews the



Assesment Student response.

Script of classroom password

previous lesson. Brainstorming about lesson of the day.

Whilst- Teaching Teacher show the picture of familys activities. Teacher asks the student to mention the names of family they have. Teacher writes vocabulary on the board. Teacher gives example how to pronounce the vocabulary. Teacher asks the students to repeat again. Teacher asks the students to write familys activities. Teacher gives worksheet and instructs the students to do it individually. Teacher discuss the worksheet that done by the students. Post- Teaching

Showing picture

Big book Students response.

Reading and writing


Students answer.


Teacher asks the students feeling about the lesson. Teacher reviews the lesson by asking some questions. Teacher asks the students to sing classroom password. Teacher closes the lesson.




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Work sheet Choose the best answer 1. My family have breakfast in a. In the bath room b. In the living room c. In the dining room 2. My mommy cooking in. a. In the kitchen b. In the bed room c. In the bath room 3. I sleep in the. a. In the living room b. In the dinning room c. In the bed room 4. I take a bath in a. In the kitchen b. In the bath room c. In the dinning room 5. Where daddy put the vase? a. In the living room b. In the bath room c. In the dinning room Arrange this word. 1. 2. 3. 4. (M Y M O M) (D Y D A D) (T H E R B R O) (T E R S I S)

5. 6. 7. 8.

(R A N D M A G) (P A R A N G D) (U N T A) (C L E U N)

connect the pictures with the best choices DINING ROOM BED ROOM BATH ROOM LIVING ROOM KITCHEN