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This is what really Lord Buddha taught us, but in my point of view, saying Buddha Dhamma as an Atheist Buddhism

or as a religion is not proper declaration. This is something we should discuss and address in broad sense. My view is that to be a religion, there should be some belief, some praying which can't perceive from our intellectual capacity where "Buddha Dhamma" is not.

An atheism, is in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities or simple terms don't believe anything at all as I heard where "Buddha Dhamm" is not

"Buddha Dhamma" explains that believe in ourselves where we can perceive with our intellectual capacity (Simply by our Knowledge), is simple as that if we work properly for a target we will achieve it (ex: examination), because we believe ourselves and our capacity, we have to do it for ourselves, No God or other spiritual power cannot make you achieve that goal unless yo do something about it...(Simple approach of Buddhism)

In deep sense, it explains "Three lakshana" Three features of anything ever we find in this universe...

1. Uncertainty 2. Suffering 3. Selfless (Soulless)

* Don't know whether English terms give proper meaning...

Best way for us to be successful as Human Beings take Buddha Dhamma in simple terms or approach, once we successful as human beings (Successful in this life = Melowa diyunuwa) we autonomously step into the deep sense of Dhamma which will guide us to the Nibbana (Freedom). Any religion exist today they explain what happens after death (Going to heaven, hell, to Godetc). That is something once we die, so that obviously we cant experience until we die, so best and wise thing to do is deal with what we observe and make our present life successful staying on good deeds while avoiding bad, then that will lead us wherever it is for sure something beautiful, pleasant place, dimension. (hard to explain from without perspective of Dhamma). So wise thing is that we would rather believe ourselves get something

done productive and fruitful by ourselves than believing someone we never have seen or happen to contact (Gods) thinking that God/someone we believe or dependent would do it for us.

In fact there is a god (Deva, Sura ) and devil (Asura, pretha ) and other spiritual living beings /energies that we cant perceive because they cant be captured with visible light region (7 colors of light). According to my perspective, when you develop your mind (most powerful tool/energy/gift of human beings when under control of you knowledge = can also put the term meditation), our capturing of capacity of electromagnetic radiation expands gain ability to contact with other living energies.

*It doesnt mean that, things that cant be proved do not exist simply because they cant be disproved either (Unless there is way to disprove). So nobody can exclude these things [god (Deva, Sura ) and devil (Asura, pretha ) and other spiritual living beings /energies] because these things beyond normal human capacity as I explained above and also the same time including them as a big deal (Creation of universe/world by God, controlling the universe by God as in most of other religions) and make ourselves dependent on such person (God) is again not wise and productive, is not an important question to raise and waste time arguing.

*Wise thing to deal, figure out our mistakes, correct them work productively adopting all good and moral deeds avoiding all bad conducts to achieve our Goals and success because at the end of the day you are the only one who should be responsible for your all conducts. NO BODY ELESE, Nobody will take the responsibility or nobody can do anything about it at all (No body cant remove, or excuse or forgive for your bad conducts or add/put good conducts into you) After all you are all by yourself!!!! This is the Perpetual Reality of this whole life/universe.!!!

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