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BARAK OBAMA, HE HAD A DREAM I have a dream, that one day, this Nation will rise up and live

up to the true me aning of her creed; I have a dream, that one day, my four little children will b e judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, I have a dream today. Martin Luther King Jnr This man, Martin Luther King Jnr, like the Joseph of the scriptures, had a dream , but alas, his dream, a declaration and representation of the dream of the whol e of the black race, has become a living nightmare! Many rejoiced at the wake of the election of President Barak Obama as the Presid ent of The United States of America, the man who had the Audacity to Hope and who wrote about that Audacity, a hope which seemed to represent the hope, again of t he whole black race, a hope which seemed to have been realized when he was decla red to be The President of The United States of America, but a hope which was d ashed to pieces, a hope which became despair and a seeming impossibility on the day the same man sanctioned same sex marriage in his domain! One of the things t hat struck us AGAIN, was a deep sense of loss, a remembrance of the days of slav ery when brother betrayed brother to death and slavery and for a while, it seeme d nothing could be done about it! Have we again been betrayed by a brother? Do w e again have a situation where our children, family members and loved ones, and not just the black race, but all races represented on earth are being prepared b y a brother, this time not just for slavery, but for eternity in perdition, a pl ace formerly prepared for the devil and his angels? We say God forbid, and WE FO RBID! For that reason, this brother, who some called antichrist even in the wake of his election, will have to prove to us that he is not antichrist, because th is is one of the identification marks of being antichrist. If he had declared hi s antichrist status, he would have been voted for by his cohorts as their protag onist, but he definitely would NOT have been elected, and that we say categorica lly, because, while their activities are permitted at this time according to Div ine Mandate, they are not yet authorized to manifest at this level, and so, this becomes a breach of Divine Order spiritually speaking. We, representative of The Black Race, and The Church of The Living God, the cust odians of the Oracle of the Most High God are therefore DEMANDING a retraction o f that law. We choose to believe the best of our black brother, sincerely hoping t hat he is one, and we are hoping that he will be humble enough to accept that he has made a grave error, and therefore follow his humility and repentance with a RETRACTION of that law promulgated. We are hoping and praying that our dear Pre sident Barak Obama is not a wolf in sheeps clothing; we are hoping and praying th at he will not cast our children, and masses, who already are having serious dif ficulty with sexuality issues, and the insistence of some who are depraved to pr esent it as an alternative lifestyle, because it is not an alternative but a dev iant lifestyle, contrary to the values of character that Martin Luther King Jnr, and masses of Americans as well as other citizens of the world stood for and st ill stand for. Homosexuality is NOT an alternative lifestyle; homosexuality is a depravity, an aberration, not worthy to be placed on the same pedestal as Matri mony, because Matrimony was Created and Ordained by The Almighty God, and it is Holy, and meant to produce Holy seed and not a depraved generation. I appeal to you, beloved President Barak Obama as a MOTHER, ALONG WITH OTHER MOT HERS and as a Servant of God not to continue along this path, to give your life to Jesus Christ and forsake this grave sin; forsake perdition because you cannot in your wildest nightmare comprehend or imagine eternity in perdition. For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son i nto the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be save d. (John 3:16 & 17) It is your opportunity to make your own mark as a servant of The Most High God, or a servant of satan, and of course reap the rewards of ser vant hood, the choice is yours. Multitudes of homosexuals are in a living hell b ecause they have found themselves for one reason or the other in that aberrant l ifestyle; multitudes have committed and are committing suicide as we speak becau se they cannot live with themselves. Please dont throw away their LIFE VEST by yo ur new law; it is better for one man to die, than for multitudes to go to hell,

and you dont have to die because Jesus Christ already died for you, and The same Jesus Christ died for all these souls that you are trying to send to hell. Live up to the true meaning of The American Creed and Dream, Martin Luther King Jnr a ppeals to you along with Us; the whole world is looking up to you! My final word here to you is a verse from Lorraine Okoties song, Tommorow, and that verse is, Tommorow is not promised, dont let this moment slip away. My Pastor, The REVEREND CHRISTOPHER OKOTIE says to you, ONLY HE WHO NOW LETTETH W ILL LET, UNTIL HE be taken out of the way. I LOVE YOU. REVEREND MRS GRACE FUNMI PAUL