Purpose Statement: The purpose of my speech is to inform you about EGYPT Introduction: I.

How many of you know how old Egypt is? a. Egypt has been a civilization for 5000 years old b. With over 332 Pharaohs or kings Today I’m going to tell you about Egypt’s a. Flag b. 3 famous people c. 3 famous landmarks d. Food e. Religion f. Population I. Flag a. b. c. d. e. f.


Body: Changed 8 times the last millennium Represents both Muslim and Christians that live there Abusing the flag is punishable by torture Red symbolizes 1952 when a coup d’état ended the monarchy White represents when the coup went without blood Black represents the end of the oppression by the British and the monarchy Landmarks a. (1) Great Pyramids at Giza of Necropolis i. Built in the 4th Dynasty for Pharaoh Khufu ii. Was the tallest man made structure for hundreds of years iii. Consists of 2.3 million blocks, and took 20 years to build iv. The only way to enter is through the way thief’s cut into it hundreds of years ago v. Multiple pyramids were built around it for Khufu’s wives and mother b. (2) The Abu Simel in Aswan


Macedonian/ daughter of Ptolemy Xll Auletes ii. Fell in love with mark Antony who was battling Octavian (Romans) Cleopatra used her power to help Mark but he still lost to Octavian who took control of Egypt Anthony and Cleopatra committed suicide v. Octavian changed his name to Augustus Caesar which Is where we get August vi. All statues of Ramses v. Was covered in sand and unforgotten until 1813 ii. (3) Karnack Temple i. Self proclaimed daughter of Isis iv. Expanded over each dynasty iv. Females at his feet are mother and wives c. There is a list called shishaks list that depicts when pharaoh shishak attacked Israel in 925 B. Lived to be 99 . that is confirmed in the bible 2nd Chronicles Chapter 2. i. Was referred to as Ramses the Great iv.C. Wouldn’t let his people go iii. Karnack means most high in ancient Coptic iii. Named after little boy who helped explorers relocate it iii. Dwelling place of Amon-Re.III. Cleopatra i. Step brother of Moses ii. Had to be relocated after increase in water table of Lake Nasser iv. Ramses the 2nd i. Octavian also was the ruler of Rome whose soldiers murdered Jesus at Golgotha in Jerusalem b. his wife Mut and their son Khonosu (gods) v. Last Queen of Egypt iii. Famous People a. In the movie the mummy ii.

Also extremely popular d. Islam i. Helped America in the fight against Al-Qaida Food a. ii. b. Shish Kabobs i. 4. The Copts have their own churches even in Houston near Bellaire and they are the only peoples that don’t speak Arabic but the old ancient language of Egypt now referred to as the Coptic language. Population Density i. Was considered to be a tyrant ii. Birthrate i. Baba Ghanoush i. Egypt’s national dish beans in salted sauce b. v. VI. Stole money from Egyptian treasury iii. Squashed eggplant c. V. Hosni Mubarak i.IV. In Egypt it is called Coptic which is basically a old type of Egyptian Christianity. Him and Moses were considered Pharaohs’ daughters sons c. Ful Medanes i. Death rate i. Christianity i. Egypt’s majority is Islamic and the speak Arabic . Egyptian eggroll Population a. In office for 30 years and refused to relinquish power iv. 7136 people per square miles Religion a. 24 births per 1000 people yearly b.82 deaths per 1000 people yearly c. Dolne i.

. There are few other religions in Egypt that are either extremely foreign or extremely old they make up less than 1% of the total Conclusion a. As you can see Egypt is a very old and very ancient city. There are many artifacts and many relics of civilization destroyed long ago.VII. c. I hope that one day you can go to Egypt. Other i.

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