to drive an increasing demand for sth|birþey için artan bir þekilde talepte bulunmak|| 0|A on shoestrings|a small sum

of money : capital inadequate or barely adequate to t he needs of a transaction|He started the business on a shoestring|0|A litigious|a : disputatious, contentious b : prone to engage in lawsuits||0|A ligitate|1: to carry on a legal contest by judicial process 2: to contest at law |He litigates a claim|0|A bawdy|1: obscene, lewd 2: boisterously or humorously indecent|A bawdy film that is not appropriate for children|0|A graft (1)|1: to unite (plants or scion and stock) to form a graft 2: to propagat e (a plant) by grafting 2: to join or unite as if by grafting 3: to attach (a ch emical unit) to a main molecular chain 4: to implant (living tissue) surgically| |0|A time and again|frequently, repeatedly|Berlusconi played the communist card to hi s advantage time and again.|0|A ragtag (and bobtail)|1. the lowest class of people (ayaktakýmý:rabble)|A majority of Italians do not want to be run by the heirs of th eformer communist party, let alone by the current ragtag army of splintered left-wing groups.|0|A graft (2)|to get (illicit gain) by graft, to practice graft|He has been investig ated for tax evasion, graft, abuse of office, and mafia collusion.|0|A collusion|secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose|He has been investigated for tax evasion, graft, abuse of office, and m afia collusion.|0|A tax evasion, tax dodging|vergi kaçýrma|He has been investigated for tax evasion, gra ft, abuse of office, and mafia collusion.|0|A bimbo (slang)|man, woman (metres)|a scandal involving a bimbo that effectively e nded the congressman's career|0|A tawdry|cheap and gaudy in appearance or quality (adi)|a tawdry attempt to smear his opponent|0|A squalid|marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty|The family lived in squalid conditions.|0|A defunct|1. no longer living, existing, or functioning 2. dead, deceased|That fir m is now defunct.|0|A GDP (=gross domestic product)|gayrisafi yurtiçi hasýla|The report shows that closing the gender gap would boost the euro zone's GDP by as much as 13 percent.|0|A GNP (=Gross National Product)|Gayrisafi Milli Hasýla||0|A staunch|1: watertight, sound b : strongly built : substantial 2: steadfast in lo yalty or principle|She is a staunch advocate of women's rights.|0|A trajectory|1: the curve that a body (as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rock et) describes in space 2: a path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory|An upward career trajectory|0|A hype|medya þiþirmesi|All despite all the hype about trade with the Chinese, U.S. exp orts to the European Union are nearly three times larger than to China.|0|A bouyant|1: having buoyancy 2: capable of floating 3: cheerful, gay 4: capable of maintaining a satisfactorily high level|1. Warm air is more buoyant than cool a ir. 2. The actors were buoyant as they prepared for the evening's performance 4: a buoyant economy|0|A

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