Restaurant E-Menu

I am here to introduce to you, our very professional ‘Restaurant E-Menu’. Please take your time to read my below introduction. The long & well established paper menus will be replaced by low cost E-menu’s, which with significant market research, has been welcomed by most restaurant managers. It will bring the global countries a new ‘Menu manner’ and a big revolution for the future. During this time, the new evolution of the product is getting more and more sought after, what with being very popular in western restaurants. • Easy to Update:In the fast moving world, where every day a new dish is invented discovered and tried, the main aim of every eating establishment is to provide “Variety” to its clients. The ‘E-Menu’ helps to effectively achieve this with its simple upgrading and modification options. In addition to this, in numerous festive seasons, appropriate themes can be used to add fun to the menu. • Lower costs:﹡ The paper menu’s average cost is Rs 4000 for a reasonable size set, that is in a medium grade to top grade restaurants and two or three times this cost for annual updates. The total ‘one’ set updating cost for three years, will approach Rs 15000, however, Marvels ‘E-Menu’ will only cost from $120 to $195 from which the use life will be approximately 4 to 5 years. •Improving Restaurant Brand Recognition and improvements within sales:﹡This system helps our clients to stay ahead in terms of technology and create a niche in the market of service and comfort, thus cutting competition in a unique way.

• Easy Implementation:The system being wireless is extremely simple to implement. It does not affect our clients current infrastructure and matches up with their interiors. It also gives them a different eating experience and a sure “Coming Back” thought. Further to this. These can be ads that are specifically targeting a special segment. as an effort to avoid reprinting of the paper menus time and time again. This is due to the enormous attention and service they receive through this system. The updates could be controlled at a central server and the changes could be reflected instantaneously on all menus across all locations of the restaurant/café chain if required. But such losses. the prices of all items can be monitored and changed whenever required. Even if implemented as a networked solution across all locations of the restaurant/café chain. the process remains equally hassle free. for an enjoyable dining experience with your customers then feeling good about returning. This system has proven to serve in the most attractive way. revenue generation can be done through chargeable Internet services. • Customer Satisfaction:E-Menu brings the customers to a state of complete satisfaction. would turn out to be quite significant. ﹡Video advertisement and voice will help improve restaurant sales promotion. It can also act as in indirect source for the Restaurant/Café chain to advertise their related line of business. etc. . • Avoid Ignored losses:There are many instances where the price hike of some items is postponed. • Effective source of income:The E-menu allows our clients to build an additional source of income through the advertising of banner ads in the empty spaces within the screen. considering customers comfort. at the same time providing them with world-class service at their fingertips. With the live update features of E-Menu. thus building loyal customers.﹡It will assist and place entertainment at the table. if considered as an accumulated figure.

ASSIGNMENT Business Idea Prepared and submitted by: Syed Ali Danish Bukhari (004) Submitted to: Sir Danish Rehman .

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