§ As it is approaching the end of my time in Málaga I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the experiences I have had in your city.I hope you enjoy it! §

A bit about my degree
§ So as you probably know I am a French and Spanish student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. My course lasts 5 years and in order to be able to study both languages in 4th and 5th year I had to spend a period of 8 months in either France or Spain during the third year of my studies.

Why did I come to Spain?
§ I chose to spend my year abroad in Spain instead of France mainly because French has always come more naturally to me whereas I have always had to really work on my Spanish so I had to make Spanish a priority. However now I have forgotten how to speak French!

A placement in Malaga!
§ Although I couldn’t choose which city I would like to live in, I was able to state my preferred region, which of course was Andalusia. I was informed in June 2011 that I was going to be living in Málaga during the third year of my studies and I was delighted!

My first visit to Malaga in July 2011
§ I visited the city for the first time with my mum and step-father in July. Although at first very excited to go on holiday I started to become very nervous when I had to start looking for accommodation. I am a naturally quiet person at the best of times so as you can imagine I really struggled at the beginning. Even though I had a lovely holiday, I was relieved to return to Scotland and forget about leaving home for a while.

Moving to Malaga
§ When I came to Malaga on the 24th September I was very fortunate as my boyfriend, Andy offered to come with me for my first week to help me settle. Looking back now I can´t imagine leaving myself! § Even though I was really sad to say goodbye to my family, I felt content and positive when I arrived in Málaga as I enjoyed the hot weather, having a tan and of course the lovely tapas. I managed to open a Spanish bank account and obtain my NIE both of which the thought of doing had really frightened me before. Even though my boyfriend’s Spanish was next to none, it was nice to have that support and assurance. He has since picked up a few words and expressions from his visits!

Back to reality
§ I must admit that I found life in Málaga difficult when Andy left. I had more time to think about my family and I missed them very much.

Portada Alta
§ Fortunately things improved when I started work here in Portada Alta and especially when I met the students from 1 and 2 ESO A . Their level of English really surprised me and I wish that schools in the United Kingdom would focus more on learning a foreign language. I realised I was very fortunate to be working with such able students and I began to look forward to the upcoming months.

My travels in Andalusia
§ Living in Andalusia has allowed me to visit Seville, Granada, Ronda, Mijas, Nerja, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. However my favourite is still Malaga. I am very happy that I had so many visits from Scotland because now they can see how beautiful the city is! Also I enjoyed taking my mum around the shops here that I love so much.

I would like to give special thanks to…
§ However the most important thing is that I have met lovely people during my stay here. Luis and Pilar in the physics department have been especially nice to me giving up their free time to help me with Spanish and offering their friendship. I can’t express enough how much myself and my family appreciate that. I would also like to thank the other teachers in the bilingual section who I have been working alongside during my time here and of course Inma Garcia who has not only invited me to her home but contacted my family to assure them that I was safe and happy in Malaga. It was nice to feel welcome and my family appreciated her time.

So to sum up…
§ Having lived in a different country has definitelychanged me as a person. I am more independent than I was before and I appreciate my loved ones in Scotland and all they do for me much more. I think I would have struggled to see the year out if it hadn’t been for their support, encouragement and of course their regular visits to Málaga!

Saying goodbye on the 31st May!
§ So, now there is only a matter of days left of my stay in Málaga and I am feeling ready and excited to go home. I am looking forward to enjoying the summer in Scotland and hopefully I will confident and ready enough to continue my studies in Glasgow in September. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!

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