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Everyone loves a good compliment even men. And the key to a good compliment is making it stick.

. With the help of two degreed relationship experts, weve come up with a solid list of dos and donts to remember when sending some flattery a mans way. Take heed, and youll surely earn brownie points and you might even make him blush. DONT be impressed by his job, but DO notice how well he does it While you might think drooling over his job title or salary is a great way to make a man feel worthwhile, expressing your interest in a guys career by saying, Wow! Thats a lot of zeroes on your paycheck is about as subtle as wearing a miners helmet and carrying a pickaxe. Frankly, it screams gold-digger to many of us. Instead, let him know that youre a fan of how well he does at his chosen profession. Guys want women to notice how successful they are, but not necessarily how much they earn, says Scott Kudia, Ph.D., author of If This is Love, Why Am I Unhappy? Its always better to recognize the passion that exists within a man, rather than what he actually does or how much he makes, agrees Allen Berger, Ph.D., author of Love Secrets Revealed. Recognize his commitment to excellence or the tenacity hes had in following his dream, and hell be grateful. DONT say that you like his shirt; DO say how handsome he looks wearing it All guys like to hear that they look good, explains Dr. Kudia. It boosts their self-esteem. It also gives them an air of superiority over other men. But if yours isnt intensely into fashion or wears a uniform all day, how do you make a compliment like this one stick? The more personal it is, the better, says Dr. Berger. Thats a great shirt says nothing about how the person making the compliment feels. I like how handsome you look in that shirt/suit/uniform, on the other hand, makes the compliment more personal and meaningful. And remember, complimenting him when he is wearing something you love is the first step in getting him to toss those not-sonice clothes you hate like that REO Speedwagon shirt with the salsa stains on it. DO tell him when you like his friends True, they may reek of stale Fritos and still have face paint residue on their chins from cheering at the game last weekend, but theyre his friends. So, its important for your boyfriend or husband to know what you think of his buddies, too. Try to recognize what he likes about his friends, and then reflect it back onto him, says Dr. Berger. Let him know that you see what makes these friendships important to him. Say something like, I see what you mean about Daves sense of humor. Hes so funny. Youre lucky to have been roommates in college and still remain so close. And remember to compliment him in front of his friends, because it will emphasize the fact that you only have eyes for him. Plus, itll give those buddies of his plenty of reasons to wish they had a partner like you. DONT laugh at his jokes just to show that you think hes funny Granted, laughing is simple, universal, and can help you burn calories, but there are better ways to let him know how much you appreciate his sense of humor. Fire the humor back at him, suggests Dr. Kudia. If you can hold your own when the sarcasm starts flying, youll be able to compliment him by saying how great it is to meet someone with the same sense of humor versus just guffawing like a studio audience member at a late-night TV show you won tickets to somehow. DO praise his manners Think chivalry is dead? While it may be on track for a visit to the emergency room these days, chivalry is not beyond saving with the right kind of reinforcement. Keep it personal and specific, recommends Dr. Berger. Say, When you pulled out the chair for me at dinner, I felt really special. Thank you. And, while youre at it, theres no harm in giving his ego a well-deserved stroke. Its always nice for a man to hear how much better he is than all the others out there, says Dr. Kudia. So tell him, I really like how courteous you are. Youre one of the few men on the planet that really gets how important that is to a woman, or, Youre so much classier than most guys I meet. Before you know it, hell be opening doors for you left and right. But all joking aside, youll make him feel like a debonair gentleman, and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that right, ladies? Matt Christensen has written for Maxim and WWE Magazine.

Whether youre interested in casual dating or a serious relationship, it helps to know what the person youre interested in is expecting. We polled the relationship experts for clues that he or she has only one thing in mind (hint: its not a long-term relationship). Here are the top eight signals that someones only interested in a casual fling... or could be leading you on. Use this info to decide how you want to proceed: 1. If the meet-up location this person chooses for your date makes you feel nervous, trust your instincts.

Lets face it: Some venues lend themselves to getting intimate, while others dont. Are you meeting at the art museum or a nearby restaurant... or your dates apartment? If someone invites you to come over to his/her place on your first date, you can probably guess whats on the agenda that evening. So unless youre looking for a casual fling, decline these types of offers. That said, if someone calls you again, its a sign this person is not just trying to bed you, says Laurie Puhn, J.D., author of Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life. 2. Pay attention to the kind of eye contact being exchanged throughout your date. Eye contact or lack of it can also signal your dates intentions. Be wary if you notice that instead of maintaining good eye contact across the table, this person is staring at your chest (women) or your other body parts (men), notes relationship coach Toni Coleman, LCSW (

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3. Read between the lines when reviewing this persons Internet presence. Online dating profiles and relationship status details posted on social media sites can reveal much about a prospective dates intentions, says Alyssa Wodtke, coauthor of Truth, Lies, and Online Dating: Secrets to Finding Romance on the Internet. Watch for wording like: Looking for a good time. Just looking for friends. Bored and looking for fun. Want to keep things casual. 4. Beware of those who show too much interest in your physical appearance before agreeing to a date. Someone whos looking for a fling will focus on getting an accurate physical description of you from whoever is playing matchmaker, for example. This person may ask for a photo that shows your entire body, rather than being satisfied with a head shot or verbal description of your looks, observes Maryann Karinch, coauthor of The Date Decoder: Military Intelligence Techniques to Expose What Hes Really Thinking. 5. Let racy language register when someone you barely know uses it. This should go without saying, but for the sake of those rusty souls who havent had a good date yet (or maybe ever): Someone who talks dirty to you right away wants to move into the physical realm as soon as possible, whether its in emails, texts, IMs, on the phone, or face-to-face. These types have nothing to lose! says Karinch. You can respond in kind, of course, but think twice if youre hoping for a serious relationship with this person. Also proceed with caution if your date is eager to share intimate details about past partners or obsesses on particular body parts, says relationship expert Dr. Nili Sachs ( 6. Identify lets hurry up tactics that make your courtship feel rushed. Take note if your prospective date wants to move things quicker than you are comfortable with. A promising relationship often begins with phone calls, interactions via social media sites, and then after youve learned a little (or even a lot) about each other culminates in a series of real dates. Someone whos just interested in hooking up is probably not going to spend time getting to know you, says Wodtke. What does he care how many brothers and sisters you have or what your childhood was like if all he wants to do is get you into bed? 7. Take note if your crush prefers seeing you late at night. The biggest sign that someone is trying to get you into the bedroom is that your plans usually begin after 9 p.m., says Puhn. 8. Be wary of accepting last-minute plans with someone new. You know someones looking for a hook-up if that person calls or texts you at 8 p.m., says he/shes in the area and wants to meet in an hour. If youre relationship-minded, the only appropriate response, says Puhn, is: Sorry, cant make it. If youd like to make plans in advance for another night, let me know. The best way to find out whether someone is into you for more than just the short term? Insist on waiting before

you get horizontal together, Puhn suggests. If the person sticks around in the interim, theres your answer. Debra Kent is the author of the Diary of V book series.

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