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Jason R. Roque Human Biology 3-2

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Mrs. Mercedes Tiongco – Manguerra ENGL 125 Professor


Job Application Letter * Resume * Directive Memorandum * Incident Report * Progress Report * Justification Report * Minutes of Real Meeting




: August 27, 2011 : Mr. David Santos Accountant : Mr. Romeo Peña Vice President for Internal Affairs : Request for Financial Report



I would like to request a copy of a financial report for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2010 -2011. This document will be used for the annual report of the company’s status this September 10, 2011. Please submit the document on or before September 1, 2011. Thank you and God bless.

#143 Executive Commercial Avenue, Makati City 3121, Philippines (02) 539 – 29 – 00 * *

Mandaluyong City



: August 27, 2011 : Mrs. Natividad de Ocampo General Manager – Sucat, Parañaque Branch : Mr. Demetrio Sales Chief Security : Incident Report – Stolen Equipment in Warehouse F



PROBLEM Yesterday, August 26, 2011 I was the official person who roamed around to check the building. I was checking the every Warehouse from A to H for that particular time. When I was at Warehouse E, I heard a loud noise, like someone is running, at Warehouse F. I immediately closed the Warehouse E and went directly to Warehouse F. When I get to Warehouse F I noticed some of the manufacturing equipments were not in the proper place. I haven’t seen any person inside maybe the time I heard the noise they already run away. I checked every equipment in the Warehouse F. I found out that three of the new bought manufacturing equipments, the printing machine, the detaching machine and the collating machine were stolen by unknown person/s. ACTION TAKEN I immediately called for the other Security Guard to check the premises if the theft is still inside. Also, I commanded them to check the other Warehouses if there are stolen equipments or materials. I called the Police Department to report what happened in the Warehouse that night. RECOMMENDATIONS Add more Security Guards to have shifting for morning and night. At least three per shift. Install alarm system in the main opening and exits of the Warehouses. Install camera in different place to cover the place. Construct a Control Room that all the cameras will be viewed and the alarm system will be managed.

SPILLWAY Systems Inc.


: August 27, 2011 : Engr. Roberto Calinisan Chief Engineer : Engr. Norman Ferrer Assistant Engineer : Progress Report – Maymangga Spillway System in Maymangga, Davao del Sur.



Introduction This report covers the progress on the Maymangga Spillway System in Maymangga, Davao del Sur from May – July 2011. The project had gone so far. We have contact Maynilad Technician and Expert to help us in constructing this project. The government of the Davao also sent us enough man power and financial support that will aid the need for the project. The company of Waterdam, through their Director, Mr. Margel Andres, serves as our co-helper in constructing the route of the spillway so that no danger will happen in the near future. Work Completed 1. On June 14, 2011, the materials were delivered by our Hard Stones Company. 2. Through the help of the Director of Waterdam Company, the route of the spill way was more improved than before. 3. The governor also of Davao del Sur, extended the first proposal of the spillway so that it will help other farmers for the irrigation. 4. The main side borders of the spillway were constructed and already attached to the main Dam. 5. The barriers on the spillway itself were constructed also. 6. The spillway is already on it construction on the part of San Fernando City as per the proposal is concerned. 7. The tunnels of that will distribute the water to the other bodies of water in Davao del Sur were constructed also.

Work to be completed The next stage to be completed is the construction of five (5) same sizes of gates at each side of the dam that extends to the spillway attach to it. Also, several tunnels are to be constructed to spread the water all through-out the irrigations. The placement of sandbags also is to be done for the control of water. Adjustments The government of Davao del Sur extended the spillway about 150 kilometers more. The width of the spillway was adjusted also to receive better the large pressure of water from the dam. The adjustment has added to the cost for about Php 150,000.00. Conclusion The first proposal of the spillway was more improved through the help of the partnerships with other companies and with the counter proposal of the government of Davao del Sur. The time table of the construction was extended also due to the new proposal. The tentative date for the construction to be finished is on November 2011

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration MEMORANDUM DATE TO : August 27, 2011 : President Benigno Aquino III President, Republic of the Philippines : Dr. Nathaniel Cruz Director, PAGASA : Purchasing of two (2) Droppler Machines



Purpose The Droppler Machines will be used to determine the amount of rain that a typhoon or the like holds. As of now, the PAGASA have three (3) Droppler Machines installed at Luzon, Vizayas, and Mindanao and it very hard to determine the exact amount of rain that the storm may bring. Cost and Savings Each of the Droppler Machines cost Php 254,000.00. We have four companies that are bidding for the Droppler Machines. The lowest bidder, Rain Incorporated, bids for Php 245,000.00 that give us a savings of 9Php 9,000.00 for each Droppler Machines. Methods and Procedure Each of the Droppler Machines will be installed at the border of Luzon – Vizayas and Vizayas Mindanao. These two machines will gather the amount of rain per minute and will send the data via satellite to the main control room. The personnel of the control room will calculate the amount of rain that the storm may bring through the use of the data. Conclusion The additional two (2) Droppler Machines will surely help the PAGASA announce exact information regarding the storm that may enter the Philippines’ Area of Responsibility.

Discussion Last four (4) months ago, the tropical storm Millenio killed many people due to the wrong forecast of our company. One of the big factors of this tragedy is not having the exact amount of rain that Millenio will bring because of the lack of Droppler Machines installed in different areas. The purchasing of the Droppler Machines will help a lot to the company and also to the Philippine to have a better forecast of the weather. Even though the amount was too expensive the protection and prevention of incurring casualties will be attain.

De La Salle University – Dasmariñas College of Science Biology Program Council
MINUTES OF THE MEETING 12 April 2011 BioPC Office 1:00 – 3:30 PM Present: Mr. John Henry Amper – President (Presiding Officer) Mr. Jason Roque – Vice-President Ms. Angel Go – Treasurer Mr. Luigi Isidro – Auditor Ms. Tarah Cadiz – Business Manager Ms. Joan Umaclap – P.R.O Internal Ms. Thara Ashley Zuleuta – P.R.O. External Absent: Ms. Ehrin Joyce V. Papa - Secretary Proceedings: 1. The meeting started at 1:00 in the afternoon with an opening prayer led by the president, Mr. John Henry Amper. 2. The president called the meeting to order, and determined that a quorum was present.

AGENDA 1. Plan of Activities

• • • • • • •

DISCUSSION / S DECISION / S Mr. Roque suggested that the amazing race All concerns were noted. event will be added on the ‘Biolympics’. Mr. Roque suggested that a spiritual forum will be added in the activities. Date of the event is yet to be decided. Mr. Amper assigned project heads for each activity. Ms. Cadiz suggested that the acquaintance party will be held on July 8 and it will be on a form a team building. Ms. Zulueta suggested that the wearing of white uniform will be moved. The day is yet to be decided. Mr. Roque suggested that the outreach program will be held at Bahay Tuluyan and Bahay Kalinga. Mr. Isidro suggested that the RMET seminar

• • • • •

for third year and the NMAT review for fourth year students must be retained. Mr. Roque suggested that MEBO must be retained. Mr. Amper assigned officers for the MEBO Mr. Roque suggested that the name ‘BIOFIESTA’ be changed into ‘BIOLYMPICS’. Ms. Zulueta suggested that the venue for the acquaintance party be held on the CIH courtyards. Ms. Cadiz suggested that the tryouts for intracollege be held at ULS on the 1st week of July.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:06 in the afternoon. Prepared by:

Jason R. Roque Vice President, BioPC

Noted by:

John Henry Amper President, BIOPC


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