Question: 1 / 100 You are in the project initiation phase and suddenly your senior manager asks yo u rough

project estimates, what should you give him immediately? Don't panic, you can give him estimate very roughly i.e. +/- 50% Project estimate has business funding involve, ask him for more time and give him accurate estimate. You can ask the project sponsor and come to a conclusion. Sit with your team and arrive at an accurate estimate. Question: 2 / 100 Sam is a project manager and is about to get the approval of the project plan. W hich of among these holds not true? The project plan goes through the process of progressive elaboration. The project plan is iterative in nature. It's only the project manager who need to approve the project management plan . Project management plan has potential for changes. Question: 3 / 100 Your functional manager asks you for a document that has information about the r oles and responsibilities for your team members working on your project. Which a mong these would you give to your functional manager? Bar chart Resource histogram RACI matrix Human Resource Management Plan Question: 4 / 100 You are a project manager and stuck in a deadlock type situation. You ach office within 1 hour to bid a project and the travelling distance s. There is traffic Jam and you know you will not be able to reach if traffic rules. However if you ride rough and break some traffic laws s) you might reach on time. Which of the following holds true here? hip You must stay within the speed limit, even if you lose the client You must negotiate a new deadline You can use the earned value metrics to show that the SPI is over 1, meaning the project is not late Question: 5 / 100 The terms of union contracts are considered ________ in your project plan. Assumptions Constraints Requirements Collective bargaining agreements Question: 6 / 100 Jerry is the project manager of an accounting project. He has just finished defi ning the scope for the project and is creating the WBS. He goes to his organizat ional process asset library and finds a WBS from a past project to use as a jump ing off point. Which of the following is the tool of the Create WBS process is h e using? Decomposition Delphi Technique Brainstorming Templates Question: 7 / 100 Kevin is a project manager on a software project. About halfway through developm

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ent, his team found that they had not estimated enough time for some of the tech nical work they needed to do. He requested that the new work be added to the sco pe statement and that the time to do the work be added to the schedule. The chan ge control board approved her change. What's his next step? Update the scope and schedule baselines to reflect the approved change. Start doing the work Gather performance metrics on the team's work so far. Perform Quality Assurance Question: 8 / 100 You are a project manager of an IT project and an important change request has c ome to you from a powerful stakeholder. You have done the impact analysis and do cumented the change. You have submitted this change to the change control board (CCB) for the approval. What would the CCB do NEXT? CCB by its own process would evaluate the change request and approve or rejec t. CCB would contact you to know more and on your agreement they would approve. CCB documents and communicates to the stakeholders for information and follow -up actions. CCB can tell you to start making the changes by the time it's approved. Test Name: TEST SET-01 Question: 9 / 100 You are a project manager and you have various important stakeholders in your pr oject. An agreement is not coming up in one of the deliverable items. You tried your best, but few stakeholders do not agree. You cannot discuss further because of time constraints, in whose favor would you take a decision now? Sponsor Senior Management Move with majority stakeholders i.e. above 50% by vote Project customer Question: 10 / 100 Joe is managing a holiday homes construction project for a well known constructi on house. Some of the senior management members want to modify the existing land scape design of the garden in the holiday home complex. They are communicating a nd pressurizing Joe daily. This may introduce many new risks in the project. Bef ore discussing this suggestion with all the key stakeholders, Joe wants to find out stakeholders' risk tolerances. Where would he find them? Enterprise Environmental Factors Risk Register Project Charter Organizational Processes and Assets

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