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LOCKED OUT OF YOUR 2005 to 2007 LOTUS BECAUSE THE WIRELESS REMOTE STOPS WORKING, NO PROBLEM, JUST USE THIS TOUCH KEY TO UNLOCK THE DOORS AND DISARM THE ALARM / IMMOBILIZER. As some of us have unfortunately found out, that if the car is locked with the alarm wireless remote, it cant then be opened with the key. If the wireless remote is lost, or should fail, because of low battery, a defect, or loss of synchronization or programming, the result is being locked out of the car and the inability to disarm the alarm / immobilizer. To address this problem this integrated system kit that will allow the capability of arming and disarming of the alarm / immobilizer, including the unlocking of the doors, all from the outside of the car without using a operating wireless remote. An additional benefit is that should you gain entry without disarming the alarm / immobilizer and the system goes into an alarm condition with the siren sounding and the lights flashing, there is no need to try to remember and enter the PIN to turn off the alarm, instead, simply use this new device. The basis of the system is a small coded electronic key that attaches to your key ring and receptacle that would be mounted externally in a location that makes it almost undetectable. The installation would entail, easy mounting of the receptacle and routing of just two wires, one to the alarm module and one locally to ground. All components, including 1 Touch Key & 1 Receptacle in a water tight enclosure, wiring, connectors and detailed instructions are supplied; you need only to supply some silicone adhesive. The kit includes OEM Cobra components that were developed to be integrated into the Cobra 8186 that is used in all 2005 to 2007 Elise and Exige models. Lotus decided not to include this valuable feature that was actually included on later versions of the Esprit. Cheers, Michael - a.k.a SirLotus

For any questions I can be contacted at or PMd

IMPORTANT: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING THE INSTALLATION If you are uncomfortable attempting this installation seek professional help INSTALLATION SYNOPSIS 1) Access alarm module 2) Make single wire connection at alarm module 3) Route the single wire to rear of cockpit & through to the exterior 4) Secure receptacle in place 5) Connect the 2 receptacle wires 6) Program Touch Key The installation is technically uncomplicated; however the install does require care and patience. IMPORTANT BEFORE STARTING THIS INSTALLATION REMOVE THE F11 FUSE TO ISOLATE THE ALARM

ACCESS THE ALARM MODULE Remove the 2 screws in the top inside of the passenger side dash cubby to remove access panel above. If installed, push foam block to the left or remove completely to access the Cobra Alarm Module. Cut tie wrap around alarm wiring harness and cut a slit in the bottom of the protective plastic bag to enable the bag to be pushed back for access.

WIRING CONNECTION AT ALARM MODULE You will now be viewing the front of the alarm Molex wiring connection plug. The yellow supplied wire can either be connected with the plug in place, or withdrawn from its socket. Withdrawing the plug can be accomplished by pushing outwards on the plastic retaining tab on each end of the plug and pulling up. The yellow wire needs to be installed into the #17 space on the plug. Space #17 is directly to the left of the blue wire, and in front of the green/white wire (note there are 3 spare spaces to the left of the blue wire, #17 is the furthest right)

If you choose to leave the plug in place while installing the yellow wire, the 2 small angled spring retaining pins on the side of the connector pin must be pushed in flush, making withdrawal possible if you push the pin into the incorrect space on the plug. If you choose to remove the alarm plug to install the black wire, the connector retaining pins must be left out so that it locks into the plug. Orientation of connector pin into alarm plug is with the spring retaining pins installed left/right rather than front/back.

SUGGESTED ROUTING THE BLACK WIRE (this route requires the least disassembly) This wire is to be routed through to the rear of the cockpit and then to the outside of the car adjacent to the center brake light on the Elise. On the Exige with the rectangular hole above the license plate the wire is routed there. In routing the wire, avoid any sharp edges that can cut both the wire, and your hand, especially in the alarm module access hole. It may be necessary to tape over the sharp aluminum edges in the access hole. The wire is routed around the alarm module access hole to the edge of the trim panel in the footwell. At this point there are now two options; a) Route wire under passenger sill carpet to the rear bulkhead panel. b) Route around the top of the passenger footwell, under the dash and secure with tie wraps to existing wiring etc. From this point route wire into the perforated divider between the driver and passenger footwell. The center console should now be loosened by removing its 2 retaining screws and raised sufficiently to route the wire. After the wire exits the footwell divider, route it under the console by following the existing wiring harness and using its retainers to hold the yellow wire. Upon exiting the console, route the wire behind the cubby/12V outlet and up to the bottom of the rear bulkhead panel. Push the wire under the base of the bulkhead panel across to the drivers side and then up, behind the drivers door to above the rear window. Looking under the roll bar trim panel a plastic retaining screw will be seen, (1 of 4) remove that screw and push the

yellow wire though the now empty hole left by the screw (do not attempt to replace plastic screw). Pull the plastic bag back over the alarm module and tie wrap around harness, re-install the alarm access panel and center console.








VIEW SHOWING WIRE EXITING COCKPIT TO EMERGE ABOVE REAR WINDOW ELISE SPECIFIC After pulling wire though roll bar screw hole, it will emerge on the exterior of the car above the rear window. Route wire along top of widow, following existing harness to the center brake light area. Using silicone adhesive (I used GE Silicone 1), mount the receptacle to the left of the center brake light, above the rear window. Remove the center brake light by removing the 2x8mm bolts. Drill a hole in the rear of the brake light housing adjacent to the existing wire access hole. Pull the pair of wires from the receptacle and the yellow wire into the brake light housing. You can now use either the supplied connectors or simply splice the two connections making sure they are securely insulated with electrical tape. Splicing or using the supplied red butt connector, connect the incoming black wire to the receptacle blue wire. Splicing or using the 3 way blue wire tap, connect the receptacle black wire to the brake light ground black wire. The black brake light wire goes though the connector and the black receptacle wire goes into the hinged end with the stop. I have noticed that customers installing the receptacle have preferred a different mounting method to that described above. The silicone method was selected because it required the least fabrication, however please use whatever method you prefer.

EXTERIOR VIEW AT LEFT SIDE OF REAR WINDOW EXIGE SPECIFIC With access hole above license plate After pulling wire through roll bar screw hole, route though the left side of engine bay, through the wiring harness grommet into trunk. Route behind the battery to the front of the trunk. Drill a hole in the trunk floor into access hole above license plate and pull the pair of receptacle wires up though into the trunk. Using silicone adhesive secure the receptacle to the inside of the access hole so that the cover is accessible for removal. The receptacle blue wire should be connected to the black wire from the alarm module using the supplied butt connector. The receptacle black wire should be spiced into any rear lights ground wire using the supplied 3 way wire tap, or alternatively directly to the battery ground terminal. EXIGE SPECIFIC No access hole above license plate If no location is available to mount the receptacle where it provides access from out side of the car then it may not be possible for installation without cutting an access hole. PROGRAMMING THE TOUCH KEY (after replacing F11 fuse)

a) Turn ignition ON and OFF 3 times within 5 seconds. b) Tachometer security LED will blink once indicating that the security code can now be entered. c) Enter security code as follows: ....1) Turn ignition ON & count number of blinks representing 1st digit of code then turn ignition OFF. ....2) repeat for 2nd digit. ....3) repeat for 3rd digit. ....4) repeat for 4th digit. d) Turn ignition ON and security LED will come on permanently if correct code has been entered

e) Insert the Touch Key into the Receptacle, the security LED will flash to indicate that the Alarm system has registered the code number f) Repeat e) for any additional Touch Keys. g) Turn ignition OFF to exit programming mode. IT IS NOT NESSESARY TO RE-PROGRAM EXISTING WIRELESS REMOTES

TESTING The touch key system will unlock the doors in conjunction with disarming the alarm/immobilizer, but will not lock the doors when arming. a) Using the wireless remote, arm the alarm/immobilizer and lock the doors. b) Insert the touch key into the receptacle and the alarm/immobilizer will arm and the doors will unlock. FUTURE PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS AFTER TOUCH KEY INSTALLATION Any time entry to the programming mode is required, after entering the 4th PIN digit, with the ignition ON, the Touch Key must be inserted into the Receptacle to complete the procedure. WARNING The receptacle must not get wet, ensure that the lid is on the enclosure and secure at all times.