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School Closing Forums

Over, Anger Remains
An Economic Plan For True Integration in Dist. 20 Schools
By Arthur Lawrence S c h o o l would have to go to the
By Barney Blakeney avoided had officials acted Superintendent Dr. Nancy new Sanders-Clyde school
more prudently in the past. The re-design plan McGinley outlined the currently being built.
In North Charleston for our schools has been on three possible plans, which Another plan is that the
Rev. Lewis: “Race is a Constituent District 4 my mind since the include the closings of less- Charleston Charter for
Factor” where about half the one Charleston County School er populated James Math and Science would
David Mack Jr.- “Equity dozen school closures are District (or CCSD) first Simons, Fraser, and move from the Rivers cam-
Not Part of Agenda” proposed, Lewis said the announced it early this fall. Charleston Progressive. pus to the old Archer
district should have con- I attended last Vacancy at Charleston Building. Murmurs of
Charleston County School sidered closures and/or Wednesday’s meeting at Progressive would be brief, disapproval echoed
District officials last week consolidations more than a Burke High’s Auditorium because CCSD is consid- throughout the auditorium
concluded community decade ago after the clos- on the matter. Hundreds ering moving Buist at the thought of our chil-
meetings to present pro- ing of the Charleston in the community attended Academy there. Our Fraser dren having to leave their
posals for redesigning and Naval Base. He noted sev- to hear the plan first hand. children, the plan states, neighborhood schools and
restructuring schools that eral schools along re-locate to another cam-
include closing some Dorchester Road - the Inside: pus. This is a practice this
Frenchline: “Schools- The Limit of our Endurance”
schools. Those meetings Hunley Park, Lambs, community has experi-
were characterized by Arthur Lawrence
Goodwin, Brentwood and
vehement opposition and Burns facilities as exam- See pg 2
record attendance. The
administration says some Targeting ILA
schools must close, but
constituents “say not their
See pg 2
Part of National Our Schools: A Time For Planning,
school”. Some local school
officials shared their per-
Union-Busting A Time for Action
spectives. Tactics? short-term and long-term
By Dr. Brenda Nelson
Rev. Theodore Lewis outcomes for our children
served as a member of the By Barney Blakeney and our community.
On the Issue of School
county school board 1998- Redesign …….. Because of my position in
2002. He said some clos- the district and other very
ings may be a reality that International significant role in life as a
L o n g s h o r e m e n Throughout the past
must be accepted, especial- weeks, I have engaged in Minister, I have had the
ly if considered from a Association Local 1422 is opportunity to really listen
one of the area’s most pow- dialogue with many around
purely financial perspec- the CCSD School to the heartfelt concerns of
tive. But the financial bind erful and successful labor many, witness the levels of
unions. Its approximately Redesign Initiative, the
the district finds itself in rationale for this initiative, passion had by so many
presently may have been 800 members are predomi-
David Mack, Jr. along with the anticipated Dr. Brenda Nelson
See pg 2 See pg 2



VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 17 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• December 24, 2008 • .50

Time Magazine Georgia Judge Jails

One Solitary Life Names Obama Muslim Woman
‘Person of the Over Head Scarf
He was born in an obscure village Year”
By: Dionne Walker, of stories she'd heard of the
The child of a peasant woman Associated Press civil rights-era South.
He grew up in another obscure village "I just felt stripped of my
ATLANTA - A Muslim civil, my human rights,"
Where he worked in a carpenter shop woman arrested for refus- she said Wednesday from
Until he was thirty ing to take off her head her home. She said she was
scarf at a courthouse secu- unexpectedly released after
rity checkpoint said the Washington-based
He never wrote a book Wednesday that she felt
her human and civil rights
He never held an office were violated. A judge
He never went to college ordered Lisa Valentine,
President-elect Obama 40, to serve 10 days in jail
He never visited a big city for contempt of court, said
He never travelled more than two hundred miles by Associated Press police in Douglasville, a
city of about 20,000 people
From the place where he was born NEW YORK - President- on Atlanta's west suburban
elect Barack Obama has outskirts.
He did none of the things won another contest: He's Valentine violated a court
Usually associated with greatness been named Time maga- policy that prohibits peo- Lisa Valentine
zine's "Person of the Year" ple from wearing any head-
He had no credentials but himself for 2008. gear in court, police said Council on American-
after they arrested her Islamic Relations urged
The magazine has named Tuesday. federal authorities to inves-
He was only thirty three Treasury Secretary Henry Kelley Jackson, a spokes- tigate the incident as well
His friends ran away Paulson, French President woman for Georgia as others in Georgia.
Nicolas Sarkozy, Gov. Attorney General Thurbert The group cited a report
One of them denied him Sarah Palin and Chinese Baker, said state law does- that the same judge
He was turned over to his enemies director Zhang Yimou as n't permit or prohibit head removed a woman and her
runners-up. scarfs. 14-year-old daughter from
And went through the mockery of a trial "It's at the discretion of the the courtroom last week
He was nailed to a cross between two thieves Last year's winner was judge and the sheriffs and because they were wearing
Russian Prime Minister is up to the security officers Muslim head scarves.
While dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing Vladimir Putin. Previous in the court house to Jail officials declined to say
The only property he had on earth individual winners have enforce their decision," she why she was freed and
included Bono, President said. municipal Court Judge
George W. Bush and Valentine, who recently Keith Rollins said that "it
When he was dead CEO and moved to Georgia from would not be appropriate"
founder Jeff Bezos. New Haven, Conn., said for him to comment on the
He was laid in a borrowed grave the incident reminded her
Through the pity of a friend Vick Could Be See pg 2

Out of Prison by
Nineteen centuries have come and gone
And today Jesus is the central
figure of the human race Day
And the leader of mankind's By: Associated Press
progress NORFOLK, Va. - Former
All the armies that have ever NFL star Michael Vick
could be out of federal
marched prison and in a Virginia
All the navies that have ever halfway house by Jan. 20,
one of his attorneys told a
sailed federal bankruptcy judge
All the parliaments that have Tuesday.
Vick is serving a 23-month
ever sat prison term in
All the kings that ever reigned Leavenworth, Kan., for
bankrolling a dogfighting
put together conspiracy and is sched-
Have not affected the life of uled to be released from
federal custody around July
mankind 20.
on earth Last month, Vick also
pleaded guilty to a state
As powerfully as that one soli- dogfighting charge, avoid-
tary life ing more prison time. The
case's resolution also
cleared the way for his
Dr. James Allan Franci early release from prison
and possible transition into
a halfway house.
2-December 24, 2008 The Chronicle

School Closing ------------------------------------------- Georgia Judge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

cont. from pg 1 cont. from pg 1
The fact that all the schools proposed for closure have pre- case. ilar cases in other states, Valentine's husband, Omar Associated Press writer
dominantly African American student enrollments is a including Michigan, where Hall, said his wife was Kate Brumback in Atlanta
problem, Lewis said. A problem some opponents to the Last year, a judge in a Muslim woman in accompanying her nephew contributed to this report.
administration’s proposals say validate the perception of a Valdosta in southern Detroit filed a federal law- to a traffic citation hearing
racist agenda. Georgia barred a Muslim suit in February 2007 after when officials stopped her
Lewis agrees race is playing a factor in the administra- woman from entering a a judge dismissed her at the metal detector and
tion’s proposals, but in the sense that previous administra- courtroom because she small-claims court case told her she would not be
tions neglected predominantly Black schools thus creating would not remove her head when she refused to allowed in the courtroom
failing school. Parents seeking better educational opportu- scarf. There have been sim- remove a head and face with the head scarf, known Happy
nities for their children pulled their children out of those veil. as a hijab. Kwanza
schools creating many schools with low enrollments.
“Allowing schools to deteriorate was not healthy for the
district and now all of that’s come back to bite the district Our Schools---------------------------------------------- An Economic --------------------------------------------
in a big way,” Lewis said. cont. from pg 1
Retired educator David Mack Jr. said for decades the dis- cont. from pg 1
trict’s leadership and administration has forwarded a seg-
regationist agenda and proliferated widespread remedia- around the issue of school enced before, and it is tiresome. A lot of people got the
tion among the district’s predominantly Black student American schools Burke
closures in their communi- High School and Charles chance to give their two cents on the School District’s
population. The district’s present financial woes are due, ty, and through this financial dilemma. The overall sentiment was that there
in part, because of spending to maintain a segregated sys- A. Brown High School,
process make many obser- though the racial diversity must be another way than to close our neighborhood
tem of magnet and charter schools, he said. vations. schools.
“It’s more than just buildings,” Mack said, and providing was lacking, there was
socio-economic diversity. I have thought about this quite a bit, and have
quality education to all students will require more than As I have had reflected on come up with a plan that will help the School District in
closing schools. “Equity is not a part of the agenda,” he Many of the children of the
the last few weeks of public staff and faculty attended two goals it says it wants to reach: saving money and cre-
said. engagement meetings, the ating diversity in District 20 (an issue that brought about
County school board Chairwoman Toya Hampton Green these schools, along with
following scripture has res- children of other middle the School District’s School Choice plan earlier this year),
said she feels the administration has heard the public and onated with me, a most keeping all but one of our neighborhood schools open.
significant revisions to its proposals will be made. income African-American
familiar one: “My people families on the Peninsula. By way of this article, I ask CCSD to do the fol-
“We’ve got to incorporate what we heard and what we are destroyed for lack of lowing: merge the student populations of Buist and
received on the written surveys,” she said. As the population trends
knowledge: because thou changed, students began to Charleston Progressive on Chas. Progressive’s campus-
hast rejected knowledge.” have other options, and as call it Buist @Charleston Progressive; And, merge stu-
The district’s decisions will be based more on money than (Hosea 4:6) dents of West Ashley’s Montessori School with James
race, she said, but there are perceptions and a history out other transitions occurred
throughout the communi- Simons’ students on Simons’ campus. The Charleston
there must be recognized. Some of that history and those For so many years in this Charter for Math and Science – a new school that has a
perceptions were perpetuated by an often changing admin- ty, there were consolida-
community, the Charleston tions and school closures. diverse student population- should remain where they are,
istration and county board, she added. County School District too. I think it would be premature to move a new school
While the board expects the administration’s final recom- We all realize that change
has been characterized as is difficult, but it is to another , smaller location-give it a chance to succeed.
mendations Jan. 26, Green said the decision-making an organization that has The Rhett campus can be the new home of
process likely will take more time. inevitable. We also know
been inaccessible, unre- that change requires a Charleston Development Academy, which is bursting at
sponsive, lacking in trans- departure from the old – the seams and could use a bigger facility to grow and con-
parency, and not a partner that which has been, to tinue to prosper. James Simons, Memminger, Charleston
Targeting ILA---------------------------------------------- with this community. The embracing the new. Development Academy can each house students from
district has had the reputa- As we prepare to complete grades K thru 8. Their students can then attend Burke
cont. from pg 1 tion, like other large High School or Charleston Charter for Math and Science.
this phase of the public
bureaucracies, of excluding engagement process and I’m sure you all know the demographics of each school
nantly Black and hold their constituents in the prepare for the next steps, mentioned above. It is simple: combine the small popula-
prominent status in the possible. planning and implementa- I would ask that our par- tion of predominantly Black schools with the consistent
community. As the back- William ‘Bill’ tion of decisions that ents, leaders of the faith- numbers of predominantly White schools. That way, we
bone of Charleston’s port Saunders played a pivotal impact communities. based community, elected are saving money and creating a host of integrated schools
system ILA members pro- role in negotiations officials, and community in District 20, something unseen along the peninsula since
vide the labor that fuels between striking hospital For this School Redesign members, engage in a time the 1970s.
much of the local economy. workers and Medical Initiative, the of “soul searching” and Because we must do something, it would be great
Now entrenched in a strug- College and Charleston Superintendent and her think about the following: to implement a plan that would create true diversity in our
gle with the container ship- County hospital adminis- staff, with the support of (a) What is truly best for school district. And such cultural diversity would likely
ping company Maersk trators in 1969. He said the our Board of Trustees, our children – what can we improve the well-being of all children: they would learn
Line, ILA members are ILA is being painted as spent weeks developing a do to provide them with about each other and work together and create a positive
facing union busting “the boogey man” although plan for public engagement the world class education learning environment. This recipe would make successful
efforts reminescent of simi- its members are the only to ensure that the commu- that they so deserve? (b) schools throughout downtown Charleston, who will bare-
lar initiatives being used to entities involved being nity, inclusive of students, What do we need to do to ly feel the hit of budget cuts the School District must
undermine United Auto asked to make sacrifices. parents, staff, and leaders ensure that our children on address. And the issue of Black and White would no
Workers union members, would have the opportuni- the Peninsula or on the longer be one, at least in District 20.
say some local labor organ- South Carolina ty to provide input and rec- islands are able to compete I have also thought of how to improve the circum-
izers. recruits business to the ommendations around the with children in other stances for our children attending school on Murray Hill
The Maersk Line, state promoting cheap proposal. areas of this district – i.e. campus. For the readers who do not already know, this is
representing a substantial labor that can be exploited, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, a disciplinary school for students who have been expelled
amount of the port’s con- Saunders said. The The primary goals of the and magnet schools? (c) Is from their neighborhood schools-essentially, children at
tainer business, is threaten- ILA/Maersk controversy is engagement process were it really acceptable in and risk of failing or dropping out altogether. I propose that,
ing to move all its business a manifestation of that to provide opportunities by this community that we from 8am to 12 noon each school day, the children of
to other ports unless the overall philosophy, he said. for the potentially impact- have students graduating Murray Hill are taught core curriculum courses. From
ILA makes concessions. Mary Moultrie was ed communities to dia- from some of our high noon to dismissal, have these children learn vocational
The ILA is refusing to among those striking hos- logue with their neighbors schools as honor students skills, skills that will make them qualified for employment
make those concessions. pital workers in 1969. She’s and staff regarding the but having to enroll into and therefore productive citizens. Have local business
Should Maersk leave the now president of 1199- options presented, to share developmental programs owners volunteer their time to teach our children basic job
Charleston port a local Charleston National information from the com- during their freshman year skills and participate in an apprenticeship program. This
economy already reeling Union of Hospital and munity to the district in college? would end the misperception that Murray Hill is a no
from recession could be hit Health Care Employees regarding the strengths or mans land for our children. And the implementation of
even harder. Maersk says AFSCEM, AFL-CIO. She weaknesses of the propos- Even as I think about many vocational training would provide an excellent opportuni-
the ILA would be respon- also feels the ILA/Maersk al, and information gather- of our educators, now ty for our children there to become hard-working taxpay-
sible. controversy is an effort to ing for both partners – the deceased, such as my late ers, not thugs.
But there are those erode union strength. district and the communi- aunt – Mrs. Martelle My plan continues with the probable sale of
who say the ILA is being “But those men are ty. Waites-Robinson, Co- Fraser’s campus to a post-secondary school like Trident
cast as culprits as part of a strong and they believe in Founder of the Charleston Technical College. Next, I suggest that CCSD vacates
larger goal to keep the cost their union. I think they The intent was, as Pastor Progressive Academy; its offices at 75 Calhoun Street and move to a school cam-
of labor in Charleston and will be successful,” she Mary Stoney so eloquently Mrs. Ermine Ellington, pus. That would give them the opportunity to rent or
South Carolina as cheap as said. expressed in her opening former Principal of E. B. lease that office space in a key downtown business district.
Despite the bene- remarks for the District 9 Ellington Elementary And, they could sell Buist’s campus: all of these things
fits of collective bargaining (John’s Island and School, who I had the won- would likely generate great revenue for CCSD, which
unions offer employees, Wadmalaw Island areas) derful pleasure to know; faces a budget shortfall of around $20 million in the next
workers in South Carolina public engagement meet- and my deceased mother – year. And I hope that CCSD places a moratorium on
THE CHRONICLE remain slow to organize, ing, a time to “reason Mrs. Rosetta J. Nelson, a building any new facilities until this budget crisis is over.
Mrs. Moultrie says. together”. life-long educator, who It seems ridiculous to build new schools when faced with
1111 King Street the dilemma of closing existing ones.
“People get caught started her teaching career
Charleston, SC 29403 up and are afraid to stand The public engagement in McClellanville schools If the parents of these schools oppose the re-
•••• up in fear of being fired. It meetings – which were and later taught at Jane design plans, or any of the above, they have the option to
saddens me to see so many immediately revised in Edwards School on Edisto go Charter. That way they are in fully in charge of their
(843) 723-2785 response to the community children’s futures.
young people afraid to take Island; I am very confident
Fax: (843) 577-6099 a stand. I understand they needs and feedback - were about what their responses Regardless, all parents must be active in their chil-
may feel they have so much the district’s attempt to would be to the aforemen- dren’s futures. The large audience attendance at last
Email: ensure an open and honest
to lose - cars, homes and tioned questions. Wednesday’s meeting was promising. I truly hope our par-
J. JOHN FRENCH, SR. other things - they don’t dialogue with the commu- ents, and overall our community will continue to be inter-
President - Editor//Publisher realize they’ve lost every- nity regarding “our truths I know that across this ested in our schools’ futures. Attend school meetings!
thing when they lose their and realities”, and the dis- community, regardless of Attend the Constituent School Board meetings! Attend
dignity,” she said. semination of information age, gender, or race, we are the Charleston County School Board meetings, which
Operations-Business Mgr./ so that constituents would all very knowledgeable votes on the re-design plan this January. Let’s disprove
Comptroller-Advertising Darryl Heyward, be able to make well about the current econom- the misperception of downtown parents: that we are all
former president of the informed decisions. ic climate of our state and poor and/or on welfare and therefore don’t pay taxes.
SIMONA A. FRENCH Does that sound absurd? After reading the comments of
Amalgamated Transit nation, and we are all most
Receptionist- Union Local 610, said he’s Please know that I do aware that the state of our articles on predominantly Black school districts like
Traffic/Photographer certain the ILA’s leader- understand that for many, economy is not expected to District 20 on, I see that mispercep-
Marketing ship is making decisions to this is an emotional issue. change in the very near tion exists. For those who don’t believe this, I implore you
Tolbert Smalls, Jr. support their membership. As a native Charlestonian, future. As Representative to go to that website and read them for yourselves. It is
While refusing to comment born and raised in down- Wendell Gaillard so explic- quite an eye-opener.
Contributing Writers-
on the ILA/Maersk contro- town Charleston, I do itly cited during the Let us maintain the momentum of opposition to
Hakim Abdul-Ali
versy specifically, Heyward understand and have wit- Tuesday, December 16 the plan to close our historic neighborhood schools. If we
Beverly Birch offered that some compa- nessed the numbers of meeting at Burke High are absent from School Board meetings, we are giving the
Bob Small nies may be using the school closings that the School regarding the econ- impression that we are passionate about our children’s
recessive economy to Peninsula and the rural omy – “this is the reality”. future for only a fleeting moment, and that the School
DEADLINE: attack union organizations. areas of our community We have witnessed the full Board can do whatever they want. A local paper reported
PUBLIC SERVICES have experienced especially range of emotions. Sunday that some of the nine County School Board mem-
Heyward pointed for our traditionally bers, after hearing what folks had to say at the recent com-
FRIDAY PRIOR TO African-American schools,
to the financial bailout of The blame has been munity meetings, are considering measures less drastic
PUBlICATION DATE Detroit auto makers saying or when the student popu- placed on so many, we have than the closing of so many schools. We must continue to
Member: that controversy also tar- lation becomes a majority given individuals the let the entire School Board know that we expect them to
National Newspaper Publishers, Assoc. gets union workers as the of African-American chil- opportunity to verbalize come up with less severe measures, for the sake of our chil-
catalyst for financial crisis. dren. their opposition to the dren. We must hold the Board members’ feet to the fire.
South Carolina Press Assoc. We must speak out in the upcoming School Board
options presented, and we
Amalgamated Publishers I often reflect on the era have provided all with the meetings (the next County School Board meeting is
S.C. Chamber of Commerce when there were four high chance to offer other viable Monday, January 12th at 5:15pm. Arrive early to sign up to
schools on the peninsula, a options. However, there speak) and continue to voice our dissent to the abrupt clos-
NO REFUNDS ON SUBSCRIPTIONS number of parochial comes a time for planning, ing of our schools, and demand they come up with a better
Published Wednesday
TRI State Printing- CELEBRA TE schools, and
schools. Thus, on the
private and a time for action. way to address the money issue. If you agree with the plan
I suggest, let CCSD officials know. If you have an even
North Charleston Peninsula in the 70’s there better one to save money and our schools, present it to the
PEACE was choice, and not only
If we’re thinking about
what’s best for our chil- School Board. They say they want us all to be a part of
Credo of The Black Press was there choice but we the process: take them up on their offer.
The Black Press believes that AND had in our downtown
dren, it is time to act. As a
community, we can not Fellow Charlestonians, we need to pack the
America can best lead the world schools a level of diversity continue to “go around this Board Room at 75 Calhoun on January 12. The Board will
from racial and national antago-
nism when it accords to every
JOY that has been basically non- mountain.” likely vote on the future of our schools the second time
existent since that decade. they meet in the new year, on Monday, January 26. We
person, regardless of race, creed
or color, his or her human and DURING I attended Charleston
(Dr. Nelson is the Director for must be there. We must let the County School Board
legal rights. Hating no person, Community Outreach with know we care about our children and our schools. My
fearing no person, the Black
Press strives to help every person
THE High School, where there
was indeed racial and
CCSD Staff) hope for the New Year is that we become more involved
and vocal in what goes on in our schools, for now and in
in the firm belief that all persons
HOLIDAYS socio-economic diversity, the long run. Remember, there is success in numbers.
are hurt as long as anyone is and even within your pre- With that, I hope to see you at the next meeting!
held back
dominately African-
The Chronicle December 24, 2008- 3

Obama, His Family to Arrive in Washington by Train

By: Associated Press riences in Baltimore in shed of the Civil War.
February 1861, when he Obama aides said
WASHINGTON - was smuggled under cover Philadelphia and
President-elect Barack of darkness from one train Baltimore were chosen
Obama will kick off his station to another to avoid because of the roles they
inaugural celebration on a feared assassination played at pivotal moments
Jan. 17 - the weekend attempt. At the time, the in U.S. history and because
before his swearing in as maneuver was denounced they fit in with the inaugu-
the country's 44th presi- in newspaper accounts as ration's theme, "Renewing
dent - by traveling on a cowardly, said Courtney B. America's Promise."
train to the nation's capi- Wilson, executive director
tal. of the B&O Railroad The committee has said
Museum. the theme was chosen to
Obama is retracing the underscore Obama's "com-
journey of his political idol, To some extent, Lincoln's mitment to restoring
Abraham Lincoln, who caution was validated two opportunity and possibility
also rode to his swearing-in months later, when Union for all and re-establishing
on a train from troops traveling between America's standing as a
Philadelphia, making stops the two stations clashed beacon of hope around the
along the way. with Confederate sympa- world."
thizers in the "Baltimore
Obama and his family will Riots," which became Happy
start their daylong journey known as the first blood-
with an event in Kwanzaa!
Philadelphia before board-
ing the train and picking
up Vice President-elect Joe
Biden and his family in
Wilmington, Del. The
president-elect and his
group then will make a
stop in Baltimore before
making their way to
Washington. Obama will
take office Jan. 20.

"We hope to include as

many Americans as possi-
ble who wish to partici-
pate, but can't be in
Washington," Emmett
Beliveau, the executive
director of the Presidential
Inaugural Committee, said
in a statement. "These
events will allow us to do
that while honoring the
rich history and tradition
of previous inaugural jour-

Baltimore Mayor Sheila

Dixon said Monday that
Obama would give a
speech there, and officials
expect up to 150,000 peo-
ple to attend. No location
has been selected, but
options include M&T
Bank Stadium, home to
the Baltimore Ravens.

A triumphant address
before a massive crowd
would offer an extreme
contrast to Lincoln's expe-
4-December 24, 2008 The Chronicle

The Radical Who

Right Rides Asked
Again Me?
By. Ron Walters
by Jim French NNPA Columnist by Beverly Gadson-Birch

Schools - The Limit of our Endurance Think about it. A group of southern, right wing, ‘Twas The Night Before
Republican senators have stopped the U. S. Senate from
The thing that bothers me most about what’s happening approving a package of financial assistance to the big three Christmas
in inner-city Black schools, the Sea Islands, Berkeley and auto companies who employ directly over 150,000 workers,
Dorchester counties is the question of what goes on behind those but affects 3 million including the suppliers, dealers and ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the
grave eyes set in the dark-skinned head? What goes on in the etc. house,
minds of the children themselves -- the grown-ups who have testi- This kind of cold blooded action on their part strikes me mamma was stirring up a fruitcake
fied emotionally with their guttural veracity voicing dissent about as just the kind of narrowly conservative, mean-spirited under the watchful eye of a mouse.
how the young lives of our children are being shaped by dogmas of and reckless decision making that the nation voted against The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
the past and the “racism as usual” attitude of some on the in electing Barack Obama. in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.
Charleston County School Board. The issue was that in the Senate negotiations over the $14
billion package for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, Five little children all snuggled up in one bed,
The presentation by the county board was, as most of Republicans, led by Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee,
those in attendance at Burke, Lincoln or St. Johns High School, with visions of cell phones and I-Pods
developed a four point plan wherein three of the four dancing around in their heads.
understood with deep clarity that it was a rigged replay when a major concessions were to be made by auto workers.
federal judge, Sol Blatt, ruled that schools here were integrated, It directed the United Auto Workers to agree that their I in my worn out flannel gown
ignoring the fact that it was a lie. Before the ruling, whites feared wages would be brought in line with those of Nissan and and Poppa in his long John
that the court would demand busing as was done in other cities, so Volkswagen; take half of their $23 billion Voluntary had just settled in for a cat nap;
they moved to quickly avoid their children being bused to some Benefit Association fund in stock options; and to eliminate When suddenly I heard a loud banging on the tin
Black facility by closing down Simonton, Albermarle, and payments to workers receiving nearly full salaries up to I jumped out of bed to see who was breaking in..
Wallace Middle Schools. The rascals are at it again! four years after retirement. I peeped out the window and cut out the light
For whatever we have ever meant to ourselves and to Some of these proposals had previously been made by the and boy was I started by such a robust sight.
each other, we must, at this moment in our history, demonstrate corporate auto heads, so Corker was doing their bidding
for an increasingly racist Republic of Charleston County to see, as well. The UAW that had already given up billions of It was a Flag-A-Cab driver
dollars to the auto industries to keep them solvent, said trying to collect his fare
the limits of our endurance. One thought of caution: Forget about no.
being afraid. We have but to look around us to see that we have from a big man in red clothes
Nevertheless, Corker and his party had lots of political with eight tiny reindeers.
everything to gain and nothing to lose. The future of our young interests here. Ron Gettlefinger, head of the UAW,
hangs in the balance. charged Corker with trying to break the union and bring it With his mean lean,
For me the degrading atmosphere that Black students into line with non-union auto makers in his own state. up the sidewalk he came
must encounter each day are symbolic of the sickness gripping the Second, the UAW was also a target because of its role as a As he whistled and called each reindeer by name:
county school system. The pains and pangs has taken a heavy toll strong constituency of the Democratic party. “Yo Dasher! Yo Dancer!
on our children. The mark it has left on many of them is the mark Then, in Tennessee, Nissan and Volkswagen have plants Prancer and Vixen!
of the outsider, the underachiever, the throw-away waiting to and the latter’s headquarters is in Nashville and another Yo Comet! Yo Cupid!
occupy space in the the county jail, because who gives a damn! Republican leader, Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, Yo, Donner and Blitzen!
Children need to feel they are wanted and accepted. has argued that the companies should face bankruptcy. To the top of the steps
They like to wear the badges of belonging. Instead of that they He has foreign auto makers in his state such as Toyota, To the top of the wall! Now dash away!
Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai that he may be Dash away all!”
have been made to feel unwanted, unequal and unused. Feeling defending.
inferior and unworthy, many of them seen hanging out in these To come clean, I drive a Toyota because of its reputation Not recognizing the man in red, I jumped back in bed.
mean-streets, have turned often in frustration against themselves for dependability, but I am also aware of the strides Call 911, Poppa said.
and their friends. When you claim to close traditional schools American manufacturers have made with respect to quali- Then, up to the roof they flew
based on budgetary concerns, we will be denying them the life ty. In fact, what constitutes an “American car” today is with the sleigh full of toys good little girls and boys
chances of identity that ought to be open to all. By putting on questionable because of the substantial integration of auto led by Rudolph with his red nose..
them the mark of Cain’s victims we have committed the ultimate parts from foreign countries into American cars. Hurriedly, I arose
crime in democracy, which is the crime against children. American cars cost about $2,000 more to make, largely Grabbed a stick and my clothes,
The Charleston County School Board, in their misguid- because of factors such as heath care, retirement, and deal- as St. Nick came sliding down
ed efforts to turn the school clock backward, have forced a choice ership structure, but the governments of foreign auto mak- my chimney with a thump.
on this community and its Black citizens. They are getting a sur- ers absorb most of these costs. However, American elect- Poppa jumped up to see what was the matter
prise. They are now discovering that if the choice is between clos- ed officials who follow the pure capitalist model while and there stood Santa after such a loud clatter.
other countries support their industries in a globalized He was covered with soot from his head to his toe;
ing our Black-populated schools, and having our children board- world, contribute to the reason why we are losing out in a
ing buses before the rooster crows, forget it. It hasn’t been that And I thought I heard him swore
number of industries. next year I’ll use the front door.
long ago for those who remember, that the Black leadership The big exception is agriculture where government subsi-
joined with parents and closed down the system for lack of stu- dizes corporate farmers. But no one demanded that corpo- His eyes were like sparkles;
dents in the classroom; it could happen again. rations which received some of the $700 billion in funds to His cheeks red like roses.
In the meantime, in an effort to thwart this possibility, cut the salaries of their workers, or return benefits. His nose like a cherry
and for the first time in many years, I have felt the joy of redemp- What these southern senators seem to be saying is that and his laughter quite merry.
tion, being able to put on paper that Blacks here are coming out of they don’t care whether there is a viable American auto His stomach filled with left out goodies
their complacency and showing a real concern for our children. In industry. The auto industry helped African-Americans to exposed his big pot belly.
a moment of melancholy, I can remember the days when Herbert escape the oppression of the Southern oligarchy and by Although he was plump, charming and astute,
U. Fielding, McKinley Washington, Robert R. Woods, Arthur unionization, to earn a decent living that could support I thought jolly ole Santa was darn right cute.
Christopher and Daniel Richardson, joined with others to their families for the first time.
And because of the historical resentment by the oligarchy He filled all the stockings and dropped off the gifts
denounce the sordid conditions of Black schools, so the struggle for this fact, they have waged an unrelenting and brutal
continues. And before leaving he checked over his list.
war against the unionization of agricultural labor in the He bowed his head and said a prayer
Without question Black students from Lincoln High to South that would help liberate labor in that region. Lord, bless this country; save our teenage boys
St. Johns High are paying a heavy toll in mental anguish both for Under the peonage system, for a good part of the 20th cen- and may each child receive a Christmas toy.
the way their parents are fighting to save their schools and their tury, whites paid black laborers little, very often nothing He prayed for the lonely, homeless
ability to maintain a sense of community. I have talked with three and were resistant to government social services or corpo- unemployed and all the rest.
students at St. Johns following the emotional venting and they feel rate wages that competed with wages in their region. A Then he climbed back on his sleigh
lost, caught between an earlier security they no longer can be sure low wages economy has unified Republican corporate and gave out a whistle
of and the prospect of being forced to attent the Wal-mart-type leaders and Southern barons. Yo Donder and Blitzen!
West Ashley High which was designed for this moment in histo- I still have this image in my mind of House Republican And Rudolph, y’all listening!
ry, while we were not paying attention. leaders marching lock-step to Impeach Bill Clinton for a As he flew out of sight, He
Why did I say that? It was no accident when the plans for minor offense, while his favorable ratings in surveys of the yelled out real loud
American people was at 85%, clearly suggesting they did Merry Christmas to all and to y’all a good night..
the West Ashley High School were nurtured. While we were plan- not want Impeachment to occur. But the radical Right
ning the crab cracks or a cruise to Cancun, white folks were plan- didn’t care because their narrow ideology was more impor-
ning for the school closures we’re now witnessing. Take note that tant. No doubt, when Barack Obama recalled many of Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!
when Cainhoy High was closed and parents complained about these kind of events, it created the rationale for his state-
having to send their children on long bus rides each school day, no ment that America should “turn the page.”
one in authority came to hear their pleas. Will anyone among the
leadership be there when students from Edisto, Baptist Hill, St. Dr. Ron Walters is the Distinguished Leadership Scholar,
Johns High School, make that long trek to West Ashley? Director of the African American Leadership Center and
A student at Lincoln High School raised a basic question Professor of Government and Politics at the University of
we tend to ignore: “Why must we close our school and go to Maryland College Park. His latest book is: The Price of
Wando High? Why not those students come to our school? Why Racial Reconciliation (University of Michigan Press)
must we close our schools just to attend mostly-white schools in
the same district? Why?”
With this proposal to close, redesign or change the direc-
tion of Black Schools in the inner-city, the Sea Islands and "You can be up to your boobies in white satin,
beyond, I’m reminded that when the Nazi’s compelled the Jews to
wear the Star of David on their arms as a “badge of inferiority,” with gardenias in your hair and no sugar cane
they were not ashamed of the Star of David, but it nevertheless left for miles, but you can still be working on a
a scar on them because it singled them out for a denial of the rights
of human beings. plantation."
Personally, I have never opted to follow the mandate of
the 1954 Supreme Court decision to integrate our schools, prefer- -- Billie Holiday (1915-1959)
ring choice instead. For we are now aware that whites, as part of
their culture and upbringing, simply are not going to attend
majority-Black schools, even if the curriculum was designed by
educators from Harvard, Yale or the University of South
Carolina. Ain’t gonna happen.
If the county school board professes to cite budget con-
siderations, or the lack of it, as the real reason, other than raw
racism, for closing schools in Black communities, they understand
little about Black people, including Blacks on the board and paid
staff members.
Black parents in Charleston County are not asking for
the right to maintain schools in their respective communities, but
it is akin to their Christian beliefs that church and school is the
bedrock foundation of their lives, messing with either is froth with
Blacks are not asking for the right to associate, in the
sense of social equality; we only want equality before the law. The
whites can refuse to invite us to their country clubs, refuse to dine
with us at Kiawah, refuse to admit that a stray son can love a Black
woman. They can refuse whatever is in the province of a private
person to refuse, but they cannot deny us the public right s due as
citizens of the community. For without this equal access to equal
opportunity, such as maintaining schools in Black communities,
no child can develop his potentials or have a chance to grow and
fulfill himself as a person of human worth, and forced aboard cat-
tle-like buses just to save money, while destroying communities
and its people.
There need no mass demonstrations, as many are calling
for, provided two things happen. One is that we must keep the
moral issue clear --- a moral issue I have tried to describe when I
have talked of the scar inside the consciousness of our Black stu-
dents. The second is that our leaders should exert the leadership
that is now being shown at the weeklong forums concluded.
Where there is no leadership on an issue as morally clear
as the proper education of our children as this one, the heart of a
child perishes. We will not allow that to happen! Mercy.
The Chronicle December 24, 2008-5

See It
Hakim Abdul-Ali The Spirit of a man named escaped Jim Crow back in
Are you thankful? Martin Luther King, Jr., Montgomery, Alabama in
the early forties. He told
Never Too Old To Learn dream. In fact, to too many
has prevailed, and we can
now say one of the dreams stories of how he escaped
of Dr. King has come full from the Klan and how he
There are many instances in a person’s imitative life when occur- Black Friday, Cyber people outside of this survived. He was a life-
country, we are living the circle. From the time I was
rences become clearer than they were earlier at their initial hap- Monday and Door Buster introduced to this man I time member of the
penings. Specials–we must be in the American dream. NAACP, and made sure
Related Content: called the Dreamer, I knew
It’s like the age-old adage that one’s “Never Too Old To Learn” middle of the Holiday he was a spirit that would his children followed the
anything new. I believe in that sapient philosophy very much. Season. The Madison July incomes drop by same pattern. Working
largest amount in 3 never die. He lives within
I don’t know how you feel about that methodology, but I think Avenue advertising jugger- the soul of most people, with the NAACP was his
that it’s a pretty universally held belief that you’re “Never Too Old naut is in full force, with yearsToyota making U.S. way of trying to make a dif-
m a n u f a c t u r i n g black and white, because
To Learn” something new about life’s unforeseen events. These supposedly red hot deals, we knew he was sent by a ference.
lessons that seem to come from out of the blue are jewels to the super buys and incredible changesTCB: Consumer I spoke on conference call
outlook up more than Higher Authority.
mind-sets of the spiritually inclined to validate that knowledge savings. Our wants are I remember Dr. King’s “I to my sisters, and we remi-
comes in many different contours and structures. being transformed into expected in AugustRural nisced about the things
economy still in Have a Dream” speech as if
In discussing this topic with you today I’d like to think that you’ll needs. At the same time, it were yesterday. It’s that happened to us in our
relate to this issue with sensitivity and objectivity because truth is we as consumers are being slumpLocal Black busi- lifetime growing up. Two
nesses make Black embedded in my heart
a reality that comes in many different formats. coerced to spend, spend since the day he made that of us went to an all black
If this is the case then you’re already in the mode of understand- and spend more, even if we Enterprise 100 listDream school, and two went to
of gas tax holiday expires awesome speech.
ing that you’re “Never Too Old To Learn” something more of life’s don't have the money. We have come a long way, integrated schools. My
mysterious dynamics and its ever unfolding manifestations. Living Related to:Our dad would take us
Businessthankful but this is just the begin-
is the absolute schoolroom. Closer to home, our 401(k) ning. I see this as a new Downtown to the movies
Life’s a trial that’s full of unexpected twists and turns that can set statement is bleak, one of era for more change to and as we sat on the bus,
a “hue-man’s” heart astray with a single slip of the unbridled tongue our friends has been laid Are you Thankful? he would tell us “Do not
come. On January 20,
or an unintended misinterpreted action. I’m not ashamed to tell off and it has finally been 2009 as we celebrate a new move unless I tell you to,”
you that I’ve been there and done that a time or two in my life far determined that the coun- What are you thankful for? because the bus driver
Right now, take five min- president and the
too often to mention. try is in a recession---since Dreamer’s Dream, that of would try to remove you to
I have to be frank with you because I’m “Never Too Old To December 2007! By many utes to write down your seat the white folks. I
list. Ask your family, Dr. Martin Luther King,
Learn” that it takes two to do the Tango, but only one person to accounts, we are in the Jr., we sing “We Shall feared him more than I did
be a fool. Does that sound familiar as you process the true educa- midst of one of the tough- friends or close relatives to any white bus driver. This
write down their lists. Overcome,” and it will be
tional intent of spiritual self-development that goes along with est economic downturns in sweet music to my ears was even before the Civil
learning about the ups and downs of life’s revolving diurnal recent history. Share and discuss your Rights Act of 1964. One
lists with each other. sung in a different light.
episodes? President-Elect Barack sister told us of her experi-
Life in my God Alone-fearing mind-set is the university that we all The expectations of the What’s common in your ence working for Olin
lists? What would you have Obama started his cam-
attend on a daily basis everyday of our collective lives and we, holiday season are in stark paign for Change with the Mills Photography on
hopefully, should gain a semblance of positive insight from it. contrast to the outlook for added after hearing theirs? Mount Pleasant Street at
How do you feel about same vision as Dr. King. I
Some of the lessons are blissful and others are, well, let’s say, just the current and near term then knew we had someone the time and how she
plain painful as pure hell. economy. For most of us, your family’s situation, and would go to the lunch
what can you do to move it that was a real candidate
I hope that you will forgive me for being straightforward, but I’m these are conflicting and for the Change we all counter but could not sit to
just trying to be real for this “class” that we’re engaged in at this challenging times. So forward? eat her lunch. So she
hoped for. He inspired
moment. It’s about learning and in order to be that way we have to what, if anything, is there folks from the time he would ride the elevator up
discern the valuable lessons that come our way in deciphering the to be thankful for? Looking Forward and down until she had fin-
entered the race. He was
hidden signs from life’s sorted trials that (should) aid us in process- the Change we had all ished her lunch. We just
ing truth from fiction. Being Thankful Next year is forecast, by laughed. Wow, how far
many economists, to be a yearned for, black and
Being a work in progress myself, and a confessed continuing stu- white all united. we’ve come and yet so far
dent of universal knowledge, I have to tell you that living among I recently asked my son and tough economic environ- to go.
ment. However, America is On Tuesday, January 20,
hypocrites, liars, sneaks and deceivers is a hurting educational two of his friends, all in 2009, when Barack Obama With all said and done,
experience. But you can learn from them too. their mid-20s, to take five a resilient, resourceful and this has been an aspiring
adaptive country. It was becomes President of the
It’s all a part of living in its fullest dimensions of higher schooling minutes and individually United States, I will reflect time for all Americans, and
and we all are “Never Too Old To Learn” something about the write down what they are born by revolution, sur- my hope is that we start to
vived a civil war and two back to the days of Omega
scope of life’s intricate process of teaching us more about some thankful for. Keep in mind Newman; Jim French; come together, one people,
things and issues than we needed to know before we started any this is the hip-hop genera- world wars. Many of the all united in this United
economic mechanism put Fred Dawson; Esau
present day’s activities. Life is the best teacher without equal. tion, raised on iPods, Jenkins; my dad, a civil States of America.
From newly found personal love discoveries to untapped findings Nikes, rap, XBoxes, Wiis, in place during the
Depression of the 1930s, rights advocate in his own
of and about the innate “hue-man” self to betrayals of so-called HD-TV, etc. Below is just way; and others who actu- Commentary by Samuella
friends and loved ones we are all creatures of irrefutable habits. a sample of what they such as the Federal W. Holmes
Reserve Bank, Federal ally lived through this
Knowing and understanding this critical point helps even the lazi- wrote: movement. My dad
est of undisciplined students process what is meant by being Deposit Insurance and
“Never Too Old To Learn” something about the untold mysteries What am I thankful for: unemployment insurance
of life. have and will continue to
“Going to school” every moment transcends the common limits of • I am thankful for serve the country well dur-
“hue-man” comprehension when fools don’t know that life is more life. ing tough economic times.
than an aimless walk through the daily trials, ordeals and hurdles. • I am thankful for
It’s about struggle simply put. God. I am optimistic about the
Listen very closely. Sometimes, we need to check ourselves when • I am thankful for future for two reasons.
we think we know so much about everything in life when, in reali- my family. First, I feel that my son
ty, we (may) know nothing in particular at all about the real issues • I am thankful for and his friends are repre-
of life. Have you ever been there? my friends. sentative of our future. The
Think about that for a stone, cold moment in your present life’s • I am thankful for basic American values are
daily past recollections, memories and episodes and recount what my job. there, and although I may
lessons you’ve learned that helped you become a better “hue-man” • I am thankful for not always agree with their
being and student of the universe, if you can and will. (It’s okay to the women in my life. music, dress or tattoos,
be honest with yourself in the isolation of a private thought.) • I am thankful for etc., they will assume their
In doing so, please also eradicate the negativities that may persist my car. roles and responsibilities
and creep into your mind from time-to-time which may hinder Each of the young men as needed in the future.
your own progress in total self-development. It can be a tedious read the top three items Secondly, we have a new
task for the uninitiated who take life’s lessons for a joke or a game. from their list, and all of national leadership and a
I used to be that way until the power teachings of God Alone’s their responses were cen- commitment to change the
signs came into my life. It helped me become a more serious stu- tered on their faith, family direction of our country. I
dent of understanding that life’s trials, ordeals and pitfalls are the or relationships. am thankful to be an
names of the Most High Alone’s courses in making me a better Too often we take for American and God Bless
student of wisdom and love. granted the many blessings the USA.
Please understand where I’m coming from today as a student we experience on a daily
matriculating in the university of life’s episodes. I have to give basis--life, health, relation- Michael G. Shinn, CFP,
praise and thanks to God Alone for being in attendance in of all ships, freedom and the list Registered Representative
the trials, ordeals and afflictions that have entered into my daily goes on. We are brain- and Investment Adviser
schoolroom of life’s episodes because I’m “Never Too Old To washed into feeling inade- Representative of and
Learn” that everything comes from God Alone to make me a bet- quate because we don’t securities offered through
ter “hue-man.”. have trendy clothes, the Financial Network
I’d like to think that you know that too as you process each fancy car, a big screen TV Investment Corporation,
divulged breath of life as a committed student in life because God or whatever is professed to member SIPC
Alone is your Supreme Creator and Instructor. The mind-set of equate with the American
the student of that knowledge, who praises and thanks God
Alone, knowing he or she is “Never Too Old To Learn” that God
Alone’s tests, in all their formats, are mere “special education” Pastor Prays
courses for the students of universal knowledge, is always ready to
face the next moment with expectations that everything is going to Over Deposit
be alright in the life’s “University of Hard Knocks.”
Are you fully registered today for your daily semester “special edu- Slip, Gets
cation” courses from God Alone that places you in the University
of Hard Knocks and understanding with advance standing? $1.5M Gift
If not, please get busy and do so, because life is what it is, and the
patterns of success in this life are woven in being positive and
keeping the faith in and under all circumstances. That’s a must for By: Associated Press
the daily seeker of truth and understanding in facing and enduring
the unexpected inquisitions of and from life’s constant schoolroom LONGVIEW, Texas - A $1
of tests. million bank deposit slip
These are tough times that our households, community, nation wish by a Longview minis-
and the rest of the world are facing. So we should always remem- ter to pay for a new church
ber, especially as spiritually advanced enrolled “special education” came true - and then some.
students seeking wisdom and help from God Alone, that “only the The Rev. Thomas
strong of faith will survive.” McDaniels of LifeBridge
To know, understand and study this as an aware “special educa- Christian Center said a
tion” student of today’s spiritual enlightenment is a blessing unto businessman, who chooses
itself for those individuals who are “Never Too Old to Learn.” Are to remain anonymous,
you feeling blessed right about now? wrote him a $1.5 million
While you ponder your reply to that question, I must sincerely check.
inform you that I’m feeling blessed as an enrolled student, because Members of LifeBridge,
I know that I’m “Never Too Old To Learn” more things about and which formed in 2005, had
from life’s episodes. I hope that you feel the same way also, and I met at a Longview hotel.
hope to see you in class (somewhere) as we learn more about the Their new church opens in
“blessings” from the Most High Alone’s teachings as we experi- a few weeks.
ence the wonders of going to the University of Hard Knocks. McDaniels described on
Remember that knowledge is powerful, but only if you use it. Be a Monday how in January
student of faith and also remember that you, nor I, should never 2007 he took a bank
forget that we’re “Never Too Old To Learn” from God Alone’s deposit slip and wrote $1
‘special education” courses of and from life. Keep studying, and million, "meaning that one
that’s, “As I See It.”. day someone would give us
a million dollar gift."
The minister, who prayed
over the deposit slip, said a
Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the person- business owner Dec. 2
asked how much was need-
ality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a ed to pay for the church.
man's sense of values McDaniels said $1.4 mil-
and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beau- lion. The benefactor's
check included an extra
tiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse $100,000.
the true with the false
and the false with the true. McDaniels says, in these
economic times, that "the
Lord wanted to show his
Martin Luther King, Jr power."
6- December 24, 2008 The Chronicle

Racial Gap in Colon Cancer Deaths is Widening Holy Spirit Bible College begins its Spring Semester on
January 25th, 2009. At HSBC students can study God’s BAPTIST CHURCH-
By Mike Stobbe, AP Word and earn college credit at the same time. HSBC
Medical Writer Sunday School - 10:00 AM-
offers an Associate of Theology Program and a Bachelor
ATLANTA - The racial of Theology Program. Sunday Service -11:00 AM
gap in colon cancer death Thursday Night Bible
rates is widening, a new Registration for the Spring Semester will begin December
report says, and experts Study and Prayer Service-
15th, 2008. You may register for classes Monday through
partly blame blacks' lower 6:00 PM-
Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You are invited to
screening rates and poor The church is located at 75
access to quality care. visit our website at Click on the HSB America Street, Charleston,
College link on the left panel. Once at the intro page, you South Carolina
Colon and rectal cancer may find a link to forms and semester information on the
death rates are now nearly upper right panel. We are the church where
50 percent higher in blacks Christians are at work!
than in whites, according
to American Cancer At Holy Spirit Bible College we are “Equipping the Saints
Society research being for the Work of the Ministry.” The Honorable L.B. Fyall-
released Monday. Publicity Committee
Reverend Leroy Fyall –
If you have any questions call (843) 553-8740, or you may Pastor
The gap has been growing
since the mid-1970s, when greater for whites than for insured Hispanics have also email HSBC at
colon cancer death rates blacks, the new report says. fared better than whites
for the two racial groups and blacks in several meas- LIFE CHANGING
were nearly equal. The rate of diagnoses in ures of cancer and heart WALLINGFORD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MINISTRIES- "Come
blacks was about 19 per- disease. Invites You To COME, SHARE and FELLOWSHIP
cent higher than it was for join us...and watch your
"We have seen this enor- with The Seniors Activities Bible Study, Physical Fitness, life change" -
mous progress in whites. whites in 2005, the most "It's a mystery," said Dr.
We could be seeing the recent year for which sta- Daniel Blumenthal, chair Arts & Craft Projects, Health Education, Enrichment 1852 Wallace School Rd.
same progress in blacks, if tistics are available. of the Morehouse School Programs, Speakers, Community Resources, Trips, Chas., SC 29407
we could overcome dispari- of Medicine's Department Recreation, Nutritional Lunch and lots more fun . . (Road that runs directly
ties in access to health The death rate difference of Community Health and behind the
care," said Elizabeth was even more pro- Preventive Medicine. .When: Every Thursday, Where: 705 King Street, Time: Marshalls/T.J. Maxx
Ward, who oversees sur- nounced. Among blacks, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Cost: NO CHARGE~~FREE, shopping center)
veillance and health policy there were about 25 deaths (843) 723-9929
at the cancer society. per 100,000 people, com- Sunday service-
pared to 17 per 100,000 in 10:00 a.m.
Colorectal cancer is the whites - a 48 percent differ-
ence. Bible study-
third leading cancer killer Wednesdays
in the United States.
About 50,000 Americans
will die of the disease this
The two groups' death
rates were similar until the

year, the cancer society 1980s when colon cancer Glenn Scott, Pastor
estimates. began to kill blacks at a
higher rate than whites.
Last month, researchers
reported the rate of new Researchers say it's not
cancers in general is inch- clear why black mortality
ing down and death rates jumped in the 1980s, but it
continue to decline in the started a gap that contin-
United States - important ued to widen even after the
good news in the fight black rate began to fall
against the dreaded dis- again.
Colon cancer deaths can be
But when it comes to colon prevented by early diagno-
cancer, progress has been sis through screening and
quality care. The screening
rate for whites is 50 per-
cent compared to just 40
percent for blacks.

The screening rate for

Hispanics is an even-lower
32 percent, but the death
rate for Hispanics - fewer
than 13 per 100,000 - is
lower than it is for whites.

That paradox is not unique

to colon cancer: Poorly


2111 RONDO ST.
(843) 763-1005


Larry J. Ferguson, D.M.D THE ROAD WHERE
Dentistry” IS SOMEBODY & GOD
• Relaxed, comfortable environment
• Skilled dental care
• Safe, comfortable, “one-hour” in-office
whitening Instead of being a
• Nitrous oxide gas-
• One pill conscious sedation time of unusual
• Same day emergency care behavior, Christmas is
• Dental care credit financing available
• Free Initial Consultation Appointment perhaps the only time
• Exceptional Service Since 1980 in the year when peo-
• Graduate of MUSC School of ple can obey their nat-
Dental Medicine ural impulses and
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD express their true sen-
1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400
Charleston, SC 29407 timents without feeling
self-conscious and,
(843-) 571-4411
perhaps, foolish. Christmas, in short, is
50% off in office whitening with about the only chance
Crown and Bridge work
a man has to be him-
(located West Ashley- directly behind
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore)
~Francis C. Farley
The Chronicle December 24, 2008-7
8-December 24, 2008 The Chronicle

Thousands in
Cell Phones: Text Beats Talk on Inauguration Day
rations exceed those of
Internships By: Associated Press "If 4 million people any single-day event in
Available to College show up on the Mall, the company's history,
Students Studying WASHINGTON - absolutely expect according to company
Science, Math Going to the inaugura- delays," said Joseph E. spokesman Peter
tion next month? Farren, a spokesman for Dobrow.
NASA Planning to send a CTIA, which represents
photo from your cell the wireless industry.
DALLAS/PRNewswire- phone to your friends
Minority undergraduates back home at the Sprint said Tuesday that
studying science, technolo- it plans to increase wire- HAVE A
moment Barack Obama
gy, engineering or math less capacity by 40 per- MERRY
(STEM) subjects are takes the oath of office?
cent for cellular service CHRISTMAS-
among those urged to
apply for a scholarship pro- The nation's wireless and 90 percent for its HAPPY
gram that could pay up to providers hope you'll walkie-talkie like fea-
half of their annual college reconsider. ture. T-Mobile's prepa- KWANZA
tuition, engage them in a
paid internship with the Providers are boosting may be much higher.
National Aeronautics and capacity in and around But the industry warns

Do the math…
Space Administration the National Mall to try
(NASA), and provide addi- that some dropped calls
tional networking and pro- to meet the demand of a and delayed transmis-
fessional development crowd that is expected sions will be inevitable.
opportunities. The applica- to exceed 1 million and
tion deadline for the
M o t i v a t i n g
Undergraduates in Science
and Technology Program
(MUST) scholarships is
you can afford college!
Feb. 2, 2009, and the
detailed application can
now be accessed online at
$1,665 Full-time tuition
The program is made pos- - 900 Lottery tuition assistance
sible by the MUST
Consortium, a partnership
between NASA, the $765 Full-Time Tuition at TTC
Society for Hispanic
Professional Engineers
(SHPE), the Hispanic
College Fund (HCF) and Lottery tuition assistance covers up to 54 percent of tuition at
Fund Special Programs
program offers:
A one-year competitive
scholarship covering up to Take two steps now to start classes this Spring Semester:
half of tuition and ees, not
demic year. The scholar-
the student's junior year
provided that all eligibility  &RPSOHWHWKH)UHH$SSOLFDWLRQIRU)HGHUDO6WXGHQW$LG )$)6$ 
criteria continue to be met.
Support from MUST
Professional and Academic
Support System For lottery tuition eligibility requirements, call 843.574.6000.
(PASS)providing scholars
with an online student
community and profession-
al development/leadership
A $6,000 stipend to par-
ticipate in a 10-week sum-
mer NASA internshippro-
gram, plus a transportation
and location allowance not
to exceed $1,000.
Invaluable resources,
insight, and experience
from the MUST
Consortium to further
STEM education and
career aspirations.
Open to all students,
MUST scholarships will
go to qualifying students
interested in pursuing
careers in STEM disci-
plines. Applicants must be
rising college freshmen,
sophomores or juniors; be
U.S. citizens and reside in
the United States or a U.S.
Territory; have a minimum
cumulative grade point
average of 3.0 on a 4.0
scale; be pursuing an
undergraduate degree in a
STEM discipline aligned
with NASA's core compe-
tencies; and be enrolled as
a full-time student during
the 2009-2010 school year.
The MUST program is
particularly focused on
engaging students from
underserved and underrep-
resented groups.
The Chronicle December 24, 2008- 9
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Vehicle, receive $1000 grocery GET A NEW COMPUTER!!!
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES DEFICIENCY DEMANDED coupon. United Breast Cancer Brand name laptops & desk-
All persons having claims against the following estates COUNTY OF Foundation. Free tops. Bad or NO credit- No
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal CHARLESTON Mammograms, breast cancer Problem. Smallest weekly pay-
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on TO THE DEFENDANTS ments avail. Call NOW - 800-
info Free tow-
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston ABOVE NAMED: ing, tax deductible, non-run- 805-1525.
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the WACHOVIA BANK
NATIONAL ners accepted, 1-888-468-
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this YOU ARE HEREBY 5964. MISCELLANEOUS
Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and are ASSOCIATION, AS SUMMONED and required
forever barred. TRUSTEE OF THE to appear and defend by AUCTIONS/SHOWS A NEW COMPUTER NOW!!!
SECURITY NATIONAL answering the Amended Brand name laptops & desk-
Estate of: HELEN C. HAMPTON MORTGAGE LOAN Complaint in this action, of ANNOUNCE YOUR AUCTION tops. Bad or NO credit- No
2008-ES-10-1661 TRUST 2005-1, which a copy is herewith IN 107 S.C. newspapers for Problem. Smallest weekly pay-
served upon you, and to only $375. Your 25-word clas- ments avail. It’s yours NOW -
DOD: 10/30/08 serve a copy of your
Plaintiff, sified ad will reach more than Call 1-800-816-2375.
Pers. Rep: JOAN C. O’BANNER Answer to the Amended 2.9 million readers. Call
1425 WITTER ST., CHARLESTON, SC 29412 Complaint upon the sub- Jimmie Haynes at the S.C.
************************************************************************* v. scriber at his address, Newspaper Network at 1-888-
Larry D. Cohen, LLC, 727-7377.
Attorney at Law, P.O. Box
30547, Charleston, South REQUEST FOR
Carolina 29417, within thir- QUALIFICATIONS
HEIRS, PERSONAL ty (30) days after the serv- Do you earn $800 in a day?
Solicitation Number: 08-
ice hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; except
Your own local candy route.
Includes 25 Machines and R039B Worker’s
that the United States of Compensation Consultant
America, if named, shall
have sixty (60) days to
Candy. All for $9,995. 1-888-
771-3501. S.S. REG#664
The City of Charleston is
ANY answer after the service
hereof, exclusive of the day
HELP WANTED – DRIVERS accepting Request for
of such service; and if you qualifications for Worker’s
KNOWN AS 12 ENDO fail to Answer the Amended
Get rolling in your new career!
Call Xtra Mile to enroll for CDL
Compensation Consultant
for the City of Charleston.
DRIVE, C H A R L E S T O N , Complaint within the time Class A training. Financial aid
specified above, or other- available. 15 locations to serve The City will receive bids
wise appear and defend, you. 1-866-484-6313 until January 22, 2009 @
FEDERAL SAVINGS AND the Plaintiff in this action 11:00 a.m. at 288 Meeting
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES LOAN ASSOCIATION OF will apply to the Court for Street, Suite 310
CHARLESTON AND CITY the relief demanded in the
All persons having claims against the following estates are DRIVERS-ASAP! Sign-On Charleston, SC.
OF CHARLESTON HOUS- Amended Complaint, and Bonus 35-41cpm Earn over
required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal ING AND ECONOM- judgment by default will be
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on $1000 weekly. Excellent The solicitation will be
IC DEVELOPMENT, rendered against you for Benefits. Need CDL-A & 3 mos
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston the relief demanded in the available upon request
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401 before the expi- recent OTR. 877-258-8782 and may be obtained by
Amended Complaint.
ration of 8 months after the date of the first publication on his submitting a written
Notice to Creditors or else thereafter such claims shall be and are Defendants.
R E S P E C T F U L LY request to: Robin D.
forever barred. SUBMITTED, Driver- Join PTL today! Barrett, CPPB by fax (843-
Estate of: MOLLIE T. SMITH Company drivers earn up to 40 720-3872), by phone
2008-ES-10-1004 cpm. 1/2cpm increase every (843-724-7312) or mailing
DOD: 8/22/07 Attorney at Law 60K miles. Average 2,800 to the above address.
Case No. 2008-CP-10-4804 P.O. Box 30547 miles/week. CDL-A required.
Charleston, South Carolina You may also obtain a
1852 CHESSHIRE DR. CHARLESTON, SC Call 877-740- copy of the solicitation by
29412 (NON-JURY MORTGAGE 29417 6262. going to our website:
Tel. (843) 225-4445 MISCELLANEOUS
ESTATE of: BERNIE E. POWELL and then click on the
2008-ES-10-1011 Fax (843) 225-2009 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE Bidline link.
DOD: 10/15/06 from Home. *Medical,
Pers. Rep: ARTHURINE RIVERS ATTORNEY FOR THE *Business, *Paralegal,
OLINA IN THE FAMILY Job placement assistance.
COURT OF Charleston, South Carolina Computer available. Financial
THE NINTH August 29, 2008 Aid if qualified. Call 866-858-
2008-DR-10-3533 NOTICE IS HERE- for high paying Aviation
BY GIVEN that the Maintenance Career. FAA
LAURA ANN JOHNSON & Amended Lis Pendens, approved program. Financial
WHITFIELD JOHNSON Amended Civil Cover aid if qualified- Housing avail-
Plaintiffs, Sheet, Amended Summons able. CALL Aviation Institute of
and Amended Complaint in Maintenance (888) 349-5387.
v. this action were filed in the
Office of the Clerk of Court MISCELLANEOUS FOR
Defendant. Charleston County, South
Carolina on September 18, New & reconditioned wood
IN THE INTEREST OF: 2008. burning stoves. Over 100 in
DEVONTRY MARQUIS stock starting at $100. New
GILLIARD, a minor child Larry D. Cohen, LLC ships free. Warranty on used.
under the age of Eleven P.O. Box 30547 Older Parts available.
(11). Charleston, South Carolina ; 800-
29417 472-6728
Fax (843) 225-2009 DIVORCE without children
$95.00, DIVORCE with chil-
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES REQUIRED to Answer the dren $95.00. With FREE name
PLAINTIFF change documents (wife only)
Complaint in this action, a
copy of which is herewith and marital settlement agree-
ARCHITECTURAL AND Charleston, South Carolina ment. Fast, easy and profes-
served upon you, and to
ENGINEERING SERVICES serve a copy of your
September 23, 2008 sional. Call 1-888-789-0198.
Answer thereto on the sub- NOTICE OF ORDER
The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston scriber, Charlie L. Whirl, REAL ESTATE
550 Meeting Street Charleston, South Carolina 29403 Esquire, at his office, 2112 APPOINTING GUARDIAN
Commander Road, North NC LAND LIQUIDATION!
AD LITEM NISI Mountain and Coastal Estates
The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston (CHA) Charleston, South Carolina
up to $80,000 OFF! Prices
will receive qualifying documentation from Architect and 29405, within thirty (30) TO: THE DEFEN- from $29,900! Asheville and
Engineer firms interested in Indefinite days after the date of serv- DANTS HEREIN, NAMES Boone area properties. 800-
ice upon you, exclusive of AND ADDRESSES
Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts to provide the day of such service; UNKNOWN, INCLUDING
455-1981, ext. 105.
engineering and architectural services at various CHA and if you fail to Answer ANY THEREOF WHO MAY
locations. Term will be for twenty-four base months from the Complaint within the BE MINORS, IMPRISONED STEEL BUILDINGS
award and up to two renewal options of twenty-four time aforesaid, the Plaintiff PERSONS, INCOMPE-
months each. Multiple IDIQ contracts may be awarded. in this action will apply to TENT PERSONS, UNDER “BUILDING SALE!”...”ROCK
the Court for the relief OTHER LEGAL DISABILI- BOTTOM PRICES” Beat Next
The selected firms will be required to provide profession- demanded in the Complaint TY OR IN THE MILITARY Increase. 25x40 $5,190. 30x50
and judgment by default SERVICE, IF ANY,
al services to support the design and construction of new may be entered against WHETHER RESIDENTS
$6,390. 35x60 $8,990. 40x60
facilities as well as extensive renovations of single and $12,700. 60x100 $33,600.
multi-family residences. Engineering requirements SOUTH CAROLINA AND Steel. 1-800-372-8053. Since
includes electrical, mechanical, structural, and civil appli- YOU ARE HERE- TO THE NATURAL, GEN- 1980.
appear and defend and TEE, OR OTHERWISE,
The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston admin- AND TO THE PERSON
filed to answer the NEED RENTERS? ADVER-
isters private and federal funds for various comprehensive Complaint as required by WITH WHOM THEY MAY TISE your vacation home to
grant programs that come under the jurisdiction of the this Summons within thirty RESIDE, IF ANY THERE more than 2.9 million South
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (30) days after the service BE: Carolina newspaper readers.
hereof, exclusive of the Your 25-word classified ad will
An agency selection committee will evaluate each submit- day of such service, judg- PLEASE TAKE appear in 107 S.C. newspa-
tal on the basis of (a) qualifications and expertise of per- ment by default will be NOTICE that a Motion for pers for only $375. Call Jimmie
an order appointing Mason
sonnel, (b) ability to meet time and budget requirements, entered against you or the
D. Salisbury, Esquire, as
Haynes at the South Carolina
relief demanded in the Newspaper Network at 1-888-
(c) experience on similar projects, and (d) current and pro- Complaint. Guardian ad Litem Nisi, for 727-7377.
jected workload of the firms. all persons whomsoever
PLEASE TAKE herein collectively desig-
Interested firms are invited to submit 4 copies of a NOTICE: The Summons nated as Richard Roe or
Standard Form 330, Architect-Engineer Qualifications, and Complaint in the John Doe, defendants here-
in, names and addresses of such service, procure to
Part I & II not later than 2:00 p.m. local time on January above-entitled action were
unknown, including any be appointed for them, or
8, 2009. Qualifications should be submitted to: filed in the Office of the thereof who may be minors, either of them, a Guardian
Clerk of Court of imprisoned persons, incom- ad Litem to represent them
Charleston County Family for the purposes of this
Mr. W. Keith Brown, Purchasing/Contracts Manager Court, Charleston, South
petent persons, in the mili-
action, the appointment of
550 Meeting Street, Room 114 Carolina on September 26,
tary service or under other
said Guardian ad Litem Nisi
Charleston, South Carolina 29403 legal disability, whether
2008. The Final Hearing residents or non-residents shall be made absolute.
date for the Adoption is of South Carolina, was filed
Late responses will not be accepted. scheduled for December in the Office of the Clerk of Larry D. Cohen
19, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. on Court for Charleston
This contract is Federally assisted; therefore, contracts the second floor, 100 County. Larry D. Cohen, LLC
for work under this bid will obligate the contractor and Broad Street, Charleston P.O. Box 30547
County Judicial Center,
subcontractors not to discriminate in employment prac- Family Court, Charleston,
YOU WILL FUR- Charleston, SC 29417
tices as mandated by the Davis-Bacon Act and Section 3 THER TAKE NOTICE that
South Carolina. unless the said minors or
of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. persons under other legal
Tel. (843) 225-4445
CHARLIE L. WHIRL Fax (843) 225-2009
disability, if any, or some-
The Housing Authority reserves the right to wave irregu- one in their behalf or in Attorney for the Plaintiff
larities and to reject any and all proposals. 2112 Commander Rd. behalf of any of them, shall
Charleston, SC 29405 within thirty (30) days after September 19, 2008
(843) 566-9705-Office Charleston,
Donald J. Cameron service of notice of this
order upon them by publi- South Carolina
President and Chief Executive Officer Attorney for Plaintiffs cation, exclusive of the day
10-December 24, 2008 The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

CP0516C1 Avondale Streetscape Project Our hearts grow ten- Charleston, South Carolina, 189, in the Charleston County
City of Charleston within thirty (30) days after the R.M.C. Office.
STATE OF SOUTH CAR- Request for Qualifications der with childhood service hereof, exclusive of the
OLINA IN THE FAMILY day of such service, and if you
memories and love of fail to answer the Complaint
TMS #712-00-00-109
The City of Charleston is requesting statements of qualifications
JUDICIAL from Contractors to perform construction of streetscape improve- kindred, and we are within time aforesaid, the (PARCEL-B)
CIRCUIT COUNTY ments in the Avondale area (Hwy 17, West Ashley) of the City: Plaintiff in this action will apply
OF CHARLESTON better throughout the to the Court for relief demand- ALL that certain
The City intends to pre-qualify Contractors who have completed year for having, in ed in the Complaint and a judg- piece, part and parcel of land,
CASE NO.: ment by default shall be ren- situate, lying and being in
and submitted the Qualification Questionnaire and AIA Document spirit, become a child
2008-DR-10-3534 dered against you. Santee Parish No. 1, in the
A305 - Contractor Qualification Statement, are deemed to be
qualified by the City and will be allowed to bid on this project. again at Christmas- YOU WILL ALSO
County of Charleston, State of
South Carolina, measuring an
Contractors interested in submitting their qualifications shall
time. TAKE NOTICE that should you containing 0.72 acre, more or
Plaintiff, fail to Answer the foregoing less, and being bounded on
v. obtain a Qualification Package from The LandPlan Group South, Summons and Complaint, the
ATTN: Linda Moebes, 854 Lowcountry Blvd., Suite 101, Mount the Northern side by a parcel
~Laura Ingalls Wilder Plaintiff will move for a general of land assigned Charleston
RANEISHA MITCHELL, Pleasant, SC 29464. Telephone 843-216-1612. Contractors who Order of Reference in this case
demonstrate the financial ability to perform the work will be judged County TMS #712-00-00-109;
Defendant. to the Master-in-Equity or on the Eastern side by a parcel
on the following factors ranked in order of importance: Previous Special Referee for this of land assigned Charleston
IN THE INTEREST OF: experience with projects of a similar nature and size; past per- County; which Order shall, pur- County TMS #712-00-00-121;
XAVIAR DAVEON LLOYD, formance with regards to quality and execution of projects with the suant to Rule 53(e) of the on the Southern side by a par-
a minor child under the age City of Charleston; schedule and cost control; qualifications of STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Rules of Civil cel of land assigned
of Eleven (11). office and field personnel; safety program; current backlog and COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Procedure, specifically provide Charleston County TMS #712-
project procedures. Only the most highly qualified, financially that the said Master-in-Equity 00-00-151; and on the Western
TO THE DEFENDANTS capable contractors will be qualified. This project will require BETTY MYERS, or Special Referee is author- side by a fifty feet wide road
ABOVE NAMED: 100% Performance and Payment bonds. ized and empowered to enter a right of way.
Plaintiff, Final Judgment in this case.
YOU ARE HERE- Deadline for submission of Qualifications is 2.00pm Friday This being a parcel of
BY SUMMONED AND January 9th, 2009. Please submit the forms in a sealed envelope -versus- PLEASE TAKE FUR- land conveyed in a deed of
REQUIRED to Answer the along with the project title “Avondale Streetscape Project THER NOTICE that the Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
Complaint in this action, a CP0516C1”to: Mr. Ross Eastwood, Project Manager, City of PEGGY MOSLEY, Auditor for Amended Lis Pendens, Myers, dated June 24, 2005
copy of which is herewith Charleston, 823 Meeting Street Road, Charleston, SC 29403. Charleston County and suc- Amended Summons and and recorded on August 11,
served upon you, and to 843-579-7552 cessor in Office to John C. Amended Complaint in this 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
serve a copy of your Mehrtens and Henry action were filed on November 189, in the Charleston County
Answer thereto on the sub- Construction costs for this project are expected to be in the range Tecklenberg; D. MICHAEL _____, 2008, at the Charleston R.M.C. Office
scriber, Charlie L. Whirl, of $550,000 – $600,000. HUGGINS, Assessor for County Courthouse, 100 Broad
Esquire, at his office, 2112 Charleston County and suc- Street, Charleston, South TMS #712-00-00-110
The City reserves the right to reject all qualification packages if Carolina 29401.
Commander Road, North the City deems it to be in their best interests. Qualification cessor in Office to John R.
Charleston, South Carolina Packages will not be returned.
Lindsey; Andrew C. Smith, (PARCEL-C)
29405, within thirty (30) Treasurer for Charleston Dated at Charleston,
days after the date of serv- County and successor in Office South Carolina, this 10 day of ALL that certain
ice upon you, exclusive of to William J. Leonard, J. November, 2008. piece, part and parcel of land,
the day of such service; Riddick and William O. situate, lying and being in
and if you fail to Answer I have always thought Thomas, Jr., and MORT FAR- DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR., Santee Parish No. 1, in the
the Complaint within the RIS, Delinquent Tax Collector ESQUIRE County of Charleston, State of
time aforesaid, the Plaintiff for Charleston County and South Carolina, measuring and
in this action will apply to COUNTY OF CHARLESTON successor in Office to Joseph CHARLESTON, S.C. 29413-
when it has come containing 1.12 acre, more or
the Court for the relief M. Poulnot, Sheriff and the for- 1830 less, and being bounded on
George Herbert Roper, Kurline (843) 723-1686
demanded in the Complaint round, as a good time; White, Gracie Roper Grant,
mer Delinquent Tax Collector the Northern by a parcel of
and judgment by default for Charleston County; JOHN land assigned Charleston
may be entered against a kind, forgiving, char- and Carolyn Gibbs, DOE, adults, and RICHARD ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAIN- County TMS #712-00-00-121;
you. itable time; the only ROE, infants, insane persons TIFF on the Eastern side by a parcel
Plaintiffs, and incompetents, being ficti- of land assigned Charleston
YOU ARE HERE- time I know of, in the tious names, designating as a Charleston, South Carolina County TMS #712-00-00-111;
BY GIVEN NOTICE FUR- class any person who may be on the Southern side by a par-
THER that if you fail to long calendar of the The Estate of Isiah Roper, The an heir, distribute, devisee, November 10, 2008. cel of land assigned
appear and defend and year, when men and Estate of Maggie legatee, widow, widower, Charleston County TMS #712-
filed to answer the Roper, The Estate of Sadie assignee, administrator, 00-00-11; and on the Western
Complaint as required by women seem by one Roper, The Estate of executor, personal representa- AMENDED LIS PENDENS side partially by a fifty feet wide
this Summons within thirty consent to open their Hutchinson Roper, The tive, creditor, successor, issue road right of way and a parcel
(30) days after the service Estate Idella Roper, The Estate and alienee of Samuel Bash, TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOV of land assigned Charleston
hereof, exclusive of the shut-up hearts freely, of Melvin Roper, The Julia Myers and Charles Case, NAMED: County TMS #712-00-00-111.
day of such service, judg- Estate of James Roper, The deceased; and Thelma Myers,
ment by default will be and to think of people Estate of Alla Mae Roper, The Richard Cash, Lemark Cash NOTICE IS HEREBY This being a parcel of
entered against you or the below them as if they Estate of Emily Roper a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee given that an action has been land conveyed in a deed of
relief demanded in the Gibbs, The Estate of Arthur Singleton and Charlie Cash, commenced and is now pend- Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
Complaint. really were fellow pas- Gibbs, Arthur Gibbs, Jr., Henry ing in the Court of Common Myers, dated June 24, 2005
sengers to the grave, Gibbs, Ronald Lee Gibbs, Defendants. Pleas for Charleston County, and recorded on August 11,
PLEASE TAKE Bernard Gibbs, George pursuant: 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
NOTICE: The Summons and not another race Herbert Roper, Kurline Roper IN THE COURT OF COM- 196, in the Charleston County
and Complaint in the MON PLEAS the provisions of Title 12, R.M.C. Office
above-entitled action were of creatures bound on White, Gracie Roper Grant,
NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Chapter 49, South Carolina
The Estate of Herman Roper, Code of Laws for 1976, as
filed in the Office of the other journeys. Margaret Roper, J Doe adults CASE NUMBER: 06-CP-10-2043 TMS #712-00-00-151
Clerk of Court, Charleston amended, as to the Plaintiff’s
County Family Court,
and M Roe infants, insane NOTICE NISI First Cause of Action for the
persons, incompetents (PARCEL-D)
Charleston, South Carolina ~Charles Dickens entry of judgment declaring the
on September 26, 2008. being fictious names designat- PLEASE TAKE tax sale of the subject was ALL that certain
The Final Hearing date for ing a class of persons NOTICE that there has been valid. piece, part and parcel of land,
the Adoption is scheduled known or unknown who may filed in the Office of the Clerk of situate, lying and being in
for December 19, 2008 at be heirs, distributees, Court for Charleston County, the provisions of Title 15, Santee Parish No. 1, in the
9:30 a.m. on the second devisees, legatees, widow, State of South Carolina, an Chapters 53 and 67, South County of Charleston, State of
floor, 100 Broad Street, CHARLIE L. WHIRL widower, assignees executor, Order appointing for you as Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina, measuring and
Charleston County Judicial 2112 Commander Rd. administrators, creditors, suc- Guardian Ad Litem, KELVIN M. for 1976, as amended, with containing 9.03 acre, more or
Center, Family Court, Charleston, SC 29405 cessor, issue and alieness HUGER, whose business respect to the Second Cause less, and being bounded on
Charleston, South (843) 566-9705-Office of the Estate of Isiah Roper address is 27 Gamecok of action for the purpose of the Northern side by a parcel
Carolina. Attorney for Plaintiff and Maggie Roper, and all Avenue, Charleston, South obtaining the judgment of this of land assigned Charleston
other persons known or Carolina, 29407, which Court declaring that the County TMS #712-00-00-151
unknown claiming any right, appointment shall become Plaintiff is the owner of the and a fifty feet wide road of
title, Estate, interest in or lien absolute upon the expiration of parcels of land described here- way; on the Eastern side by a
upon the real property thirty (30) days after the last in, the contents of which are portion of a parcel of land
ZONING assigned Charleston County
CHARLESTON COUNTY described in the complaint, day of publication of a copy of being fully incorporated herein
the Summons and Lis and made apart hereof, with TMS #712-00-00-121; on the
PUBLIC HEARING adverse to the Plaintiff’s Southern side by the marshes
ownership, or any claim on Pendens herein unless you or fee simple title thereto, free
someone on your behalf, on or and clear of any adverse of an extending to the
Plaintiff’s title, Intercoastal Waterway; and a
before the last mentioned date, claims of each and every one
CHARLESTON COUNTY COUNCIL WILL HOLD A PUB- shall produce someone to be of the Defendants who are parcel of land assigned
Defendants. Charleston County TMS #712-
LIC HEARING ON THE FOLLOWING ZONING CHANGE appointed as Guardian Ad joined in the above entitled
CASES AT 6:00 P.M, JANUARY 13, 2009 IN COUNCIL Litem to represent you in this action, and to declare that 00-00-122; and on the Western
_______________________ side by the parcel of land
CHAMBERS AT THE LONNIE HAMILTON, III PUBLIC action. each and every one of them to
be forever barred from assert- assigned Charleston County
NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. ing or claiming any right, title
COMMON PLEAS and interest therein or thereto, TMS #712-00-00-122.
Attorney for Plaintiff
61 Morris Street and pursuant to the provisions
Case: 3476-C NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Charleston, S.C. 29403 of Title _____, Chapter ____, This being a parcel of
Area: 1426 Alma Street, St. Andrews CASE NO.: 07-CP-10-4227 (843) 723-1686 South Carolina Code land conveyed by Mary W.
Parcel Identification: 351-06-00-087 Code of Law for 1976, as Witherspoon to Betty Myers, in
Acres: 0.33 SUMMONS AS A NOTICE CHARLESTON, SOUTH amended for the purpose of a deed dated June 24, 2005
Request to change from Single Family Residential (R-4) OF THE COMPLAINT CAROLINA obtaining the judgment of the and recorded on August 11,
District June 6, 2006. Court declaring that the 2005, in Book X-458, at Page
TO THE ABOVE NAMED Defendants Thelma Myers, 196, in the Charleston County
to Community Transition (CT) District AMENDED NOTICE R.M.C. Office
DEFENDANTS: Richard Cash, Lemark Cash
Case: 3479-C a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee
YOU ARE HEREBY YOU ARE HEREBY Singleton and Charlie Cash be TMS #712-00-00-111
Area: 130 Main Road, St. Andrews SUMMONED and required to NOTIFIED that the Civil Action ejected from Parcels “A”, “B”,
Parcel Identification: 285-07-00-012 answer the Complaint in this Cover Sheets Amended Lis “C”, and “D” that are described (PARCEL-E)
Acres: 4.2 Pendens, Amended Summons herein, and the contents there-
action, a copy of which is here- and Amended Notice,
Request to change from Planned Development (PD) 106 of are being incorporated here- ALL that certain
with served upon you, and to Complaint, Petitions for piece, part and parcel of land,
to serve a copy of your Answer to in by reference.
Planned Development (PD) 106A Appointment of Guardian Ad situate, lying and being in
the said Complaint on the Litem, Order for Appointment Santee Parish No. 1, in the
Plaintiff, or on Plaintiff’s attor- THE BELOW
of Guardian Ad Litem, Notice DESCRIBED parcel of real County of Charleston, State of
ney, Brian G. Burke, at his Nisi, Affidavit of Publication, South Carolina, measuring and
If you require further information, please contact the office, 113 Wappoo Creek estate was at the time of the fil-
Order of Publication, and ing of this Lis Pendens, and at containing 0.69 acre, more or
Charleston County Planning Department (843) 202-7200. Drive, Charleston, South Notice of Intention to Refer to less, and being bounded on
Carolina 29412, within thirty the time of the commencement
Master-in-Equity for Final of this action, situated, lying the Northern side by lands of
LENGTHY PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED (30) days after service hereof, Determination were filed with and being in the County of __________; on the Eastern
IN WRITING PRIOR TO THE MEETING. exclusive of the day of such the Clerk of Court for Charleston, State of South side by a parcel of land now or
service, and if you fail to Charleston County on Carolina, and is more particu- formerly owned by the Estate
answer the Complaint within November 12, 2008. larly described as follows: of March Washington; on the
the time aforesaid, the Plaintiff Southern side by lands now or
Beverly T. Craven in this action will apply to Court The purpose of this formerly of Jerry L. Middleton,
Clerk of Council (PARCEL –A)
for the relief demanded in the action is to clear the title to the and on the Western side by the
Complaint and a judgment by subject of real estate property. ALL that certain parcel of land now or formerly
default may be rendered piece, part and parcel of land, owned by the Estate of Mose
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES against you. DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. situate, lying and being in and Stephney McNeal.
All persons having claims against the following estates PLEASE TAKE FUR- Attorney for Plaintiff Santee Parish No. 1, in the
THER NOTICE that the 61 Morris Street County of Charleston, State of This being a parcel of
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal Charleston, S.C. 29403 land conveyed in a deed Mary
Summons and Complaint in South Carolina, measuring an W, Witherspoon to the Grantee
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on this action were filed on June (843) 723-1686 containing 0.69 acre, more or
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston Betty Myers, dated June 24,
17, 2008, at the Charleston less, and being bounded on 2005 and recorded on August
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the County Courthouse, 100 Broad CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAR- the Northern side by U.S. 11, 2005, in Book X-548, at
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of Street, Charleston, South OLINA Highway 17 North; on the Page 189, in the Charleston
Carolina. November 12, 2008. Eastern side by a parcel of County R.M.C. Office.
this Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be
AMENDED SUMMONS land assigned Charleston
and are forever barred. County TMS #712-00-00-121; TMS #712-00-00-180
TO: THE DEFENDANTS on the Southern side by a par-
Estate of: KING DAVID GRAHAM Martin Law Firm ABOVE NAMED: cel of land assigned DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR.,
2008-ES-10-1456 s/Brian G. Burke_____ Charleston County TMS #712- ESQUIRE
DOD: 09/04/08 YOU ARE HEREBY 00-00-110; and on the Western 61 MORRIS STREET
Brian G. Burke POST OFFICE BOX 21830
Martin Law Firm SUMMONED and required to side by a fifty feet wide road
Pers. Rep: EDNA K. GRAHAM right of way. CHARLESTON, S.C. 29403-
2144 MIDLAND PARK RD., NORTH 113 Wappoo Creek Drive answer the Complaint in this
action, a copy of which is here- 1830
CHARLESTON, SC 29406 Charleston, SC 29412 (843) 723-1686
with served upon you, and to This being a parcel of
843-762-2121 land conveyed in a deed of
Atty: EDUARDO K. CURRY, ESQ. 843-762-2333 fax serve a copy of your Answer ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF
PO BOX 42270, NORTH CHARLESTON, SC on the Plaintiff or her attorney, Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
Myers, dated June 24. 2005 Charleston, South Carolina
29423 Charleston, South Carolina Daniel E. Martin, Jr., at his
office, No. 61 Morris Street, and recorded on August 11, November 10, 2008.
************************************************************************* 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
The Chronicle December 24, 2008-12
A-58901 (G_LG) 12/26/08

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