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Research Project : The Influence of Macro-environment Forces on Transport Sustainability : A case in Malaysia Rate : 1 (Strongly Disagree) 5 (Strongly Agree)

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Advanced technology is used in : Planning Public road transport network(connectivity of the transport network) Integrating development of public road transport network with land use planning. Managing public road transport network. Enhancing mobility of people. Reducing the energy consumption.(Eg:fuel, electricity)

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These cities provides facilities for people with mobility handicaps Public transport system makes these cities liveable. Public road transport system encourages social integration. (eg:connection between people in society) These cities provide quality pedestrian and bicycle infrastructures. The following factors encourages me to use public road transport: a) No private vehicles. b) Faster as less time lost to congestion c) Faster as less time lost looking for parking lots d) Frequent of transit services(eg:short transit time) e) Low crime rates onboard(eg:pickpocket) f) Wide route coverage g) Availability of public transport schedules/information h) Affordable fares charged i) High operating and maintenance cost of private vehicles j) Ability to reach employment centres(eg:offices) k) Ability to reach commercial services(eg:shops,shopping malls) l) Ability to reach public facilities(eg:hospital, library) m) Increase in fuel price n) High facility costs(eg:road toll, parking fees)


Public road transport dependency reduces a) Gases emission c) Traffic noise exposure e) Land use for transportation development g) Wild life habitat preservation i) Road accidents k) Waste form vehicles(eg:tyres) 8. Future road transportation development should move towards a system that: a a) Allows the basic needs of individuals(eg:transport to work,leisure) ) c) Does not endanger human health and the environment e) Does not compromise the ability of future generations to enjoy equal or better quality of life g) Is affordable i) Operate efficiently k) Offers choice of transportation mode l) Limits pollution emission(noise,air,water)and waste a ) m) Minimizes consumption of non-renewable resources

(pls highlight yes or no and fill up the blank) 1. Do you own a car? 1 yes number of car owned: -

2 No 2. Monthly expenditure on public transport: RM 0 3. Monthly expenditure on gasoline or di3sel purchase: RM 120 4. Daily travel distance: 1. <50km 2. 50-100km 3. 101-150km