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ModMii Wi ard Guide

Guide Generated by ModMii v5.5.1 on Sun 01/2 /2012 - 21:03

ModMii for Windo s

by XFlak

I. Your chosen options

This guide was generated using the following parameters: Install and\or update all recommended softmods Current firmware is 4.3U Desired firmware is 4.3U Install Photo Channel Install Internet Channel Install Weather Channel Install News Channel Install Mii Channel Install Shopping Channel (and IOS56) Install Wii Speak Channel Install Dark Wii Red Theme Do not update active IOSs (can be enabled in options) Do not Install a cMIOS (can be enabled in options) Install a USB-Loader Forwarder Channel (can be disabled in options) External Hard Drive to be Formatted as FAT32 Download Configurable USB-Loader and WiiFlow USB-Loader Settings and config files saved to USB Hard Drive

II. Important Notes

This guide does NOT require a Wifi connection on your Wii. An SD card formatted to FAT32 required (best results are with SD cards, SDHC cards will only work on System Menu's 4.0 or above). If you get errors during any of the steps reformat your SD card as FAT or FAT32 Turn off WiiConnect24 and take out all gamecube memory cards/controllers when modding the Wii (unless instructed otherwise).
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ModMii Wi ard Guide

If your Wii ever freezes, hold the power button on the Wii for seconds to power it off then try again. Dont ever accept a new Nintendo update without first googling to see if its safe. The last update (to . ) was released in late June . If you accept an official Nintendo update after modding the Wii, you may lose some or all of your modifications. Never uninstall a system menu or IOS. Do not install untested WADs/themes without Bootmii or Priiloader installed. This custom guide is great start, but Wii modding is always evolving. Check for updates online, and remember, google is your friend. Not all external hard drive's are compatible with the Wii, for a list of which USB hard drive's are compatible, see this webpage: If you have questions, a more detailed guide can be found at

III. Hacking your Wii

. Installing The Homebrew Channel (HBC) and Bootmii
Note if this Wii was previously modified, and it has either the HBC, BootMii as Boot , or a Forwarder Channel installed, you can use that instead of an exploit. If using BootMii as Boot to install the HBC, turn on your Wii with the SD Card inserted and BootMii will load. Go To the SD menu and load bootmini.elf. This will load the Hackmii Installer allowing you to reinstall the HBC. If using a Forwarder Channel, just save the boot.elf/dol from the app you want to load (ie. SD:\apps\hackmii_installer\boot.elf or SD:\apps\MMM\boot.dol) to the location used by your specific Forwarder Channel (ie. SD:\apps\usbloader\boot.dol). Then start the channel and the Hackmii Installer will load allowing you to reinstall the HBC. Note, if your forwarder channel only loads dol's and not elf's, launch MMM's boot.dol, then use its "App Manager" to load the Hackmii Installer. Letterbomb Requirements: an SD or SDHC card Go to the "Messageboard" on your Wii and navigate to Yesterday (depending on your timezone, it could also show up under Today). Click on the envelope with the pink Bomb icon. This runs the Hackmii Installer (and silently/automatically installs BootMii as IOS). Use the installer to install the Homebrew Channel (HBC) and Bootmii as Boot if possible. Note If you get a "no vulnerable IOS" error message, run ModMii again and this time select the "Hackmii Solutions" option and follow the new instructions before continuing
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ModMii Wi ard Guide

this guide.

2. Making a NAND backup

While inside the Homebrew Channel, load BootMii by pressing home and clicking Launch Bootmii. Press the power button on the Wii 3 times to get to the last option, then press the reset button (you can also navigate with a Gamecube controller). Press reset to choose the first option, then follow the directions on the screen to make your NAND backup (bad blocks are no problem). Backup the Bootmii folder, nand.bin, and keys.bin elsewhere and erase from the SD card (or rename it). You'll need these in case of emergencies, so don't lose them. Go back to The Homebrew Channel. Note: if Bootmii was installed as boot2, then it will show up as soon as the Wii is turned on AS LONG AS it finds the bootmii folder (mentioned above) on the root of the SD card.

3. Install a patched IOS23

Start the Homebrew Channel. VERY IMPORTANT! In the Homebrew channel, if you do not have a working internet connection already set up, you will see an icon flashing in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating its inability to initialize the network. You should wait for the icon to stop flashing OR let it flash for 30- 0 seconds before proceeding otherwise these apps may error shortly after being launched. If you encounter this harmless error, power off the Wii and repeat this step from the beginning. To increase your chances of success, add a working internet connection to your Wii via the official Wii Settings Menu, but be sure to say "No" when asked to perform an update. You only need to perform ONE of the below methods. Once either method successfully installs IOS23 , you can move onto the next step. Method A: Using IOS23 Installer After waiting 30- 0 seconds for the HBC to attempt to initialize the network, launch "IOS23 Installer v MOD". Note: This app must be launched using HBC v1.0. or higher in order to work properly. It should say "IOS23 installation is complete!" and return to The Homebrew Channel. If you experience errors, keep trying and it should eventually work.
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ModMii Wi ard Guide

If you continue to experience errors you can try using Simple IOS Patcher instead. Method B Using Simple IOS Patcher After waiting 30-60 seconds for the HBC to attempt to initialize the network, launch "Simple IOS Patcher". Note This app must be launched using HBC v1.0.7 or higher in order to work properly. Choose "IOS36" (already selected by default) and push A, then select "Install IOS to slot" and choose 236. Select "Install patched IOS36" leaving the 4 patches set to "yes" and press A, then choose "Load IOS from SD card". Confirm your choice with the A button and, when prompted, push A to continue the installation. When the installation is finished press the B button to exit the Main Menu. If you experience errors, keep trying and it should eventually work. If you continue to experience errors you can try using IOS236 Installer instead.

4. Install Priiloader
Launch "Priiloader 236 Mod" via the Homebrew Channel After the Priiloader Installer loads, press to install it. After successfully installing Priiloader, access it by powering off the Wii, then powering it back on while holding reset until you see the Priiloader menu. You should install some system menu hacks now (by going to System Menu hacks option). RECOMMENDED HACKS Block Disc Updates Block Online Updates Replace Health Screen Move Disc Channel The priiloader menu is white by default, you can change it to black in the Priiloader settings if you prefer. One of the special functions of Priiloader is that it can autoboot any app/file instead of the system menu. Some apps (like crazyIntro) can't be used without it. For details on how to do so, visit

5. Install WADs
Load Multi-Mod Manager (MMM) via the HomeBrew Channel. If IOS236 is not already loaded, select "Load another IOS", then select IOS236
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ModMii Wi ard Guide

Note If this step fails with error -ret 2011 or other, you may need to retry patching IOS236. If the Wii was previously softmodded, you can try loading cIOS250 (or others like 202,222,223,224,236,249) In Multi-Mod Manager's main menu, go down to select "WAD Manager". Install the following WADs from the WAD folder (this list of WADs is unique to the information you provided ModMii). Be careful not to install any additional WADs that may have been previously saved in this folder (they may be safe, but I cannot say for sure). Mark each of the following WADs for installation by navigating to each WAD and hitting " " Alternatively, you can hold " " for 2 seconds to select all the WADs in the folder. After you've marked all the WADs listed below, press 'A' twice to install them. If any files fail to install properly, they will remain marked for installation, so just retry installing those files. Your unique list of WADs to install are as follows IOS11v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS20v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS30v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS40v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS50v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS52v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS60v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS70v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) IOS80v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP-VP-DIP]) cIOS202[60]-v5.1R cIOS222[38]-v4 cIOS223[37-38]-v4 cIOS224[57]-v5.1R cIOS249[56]-d2x-v7-final cIOS250[57]-d2x-v7-final Mii-Channel-NUS-v6 Photo-Channel-1.1-NUS-v3 Shopping-Channel-NUS-v20 Opera-Internet-Channel-NUS[U] Weather-Channel-NUS-v7[U] NEWS-Channel-NUS-v7[U] Wii-Speak-Channel-NUS[U] IOS56-64-v5662 IOS58-64-v6176 USBLoader(s)-ahbprot58-SD-USB-v11b-IDCL The above underlined forwarder channel will load the first file it finds from the following list: SD USB:\apps\usbloader\boot.dol
C:/Users/Colin/Desktop/Wii Hack/COPY_TO_SD/ModMii_Wi ard_Guide.html 5/9


ModMii Wi ard Guide


USB:\apps\usbloader\boot.elf USB:\apps\usb-loader\boot.dol USB:\apps\usb-loader\boot.elf USB:\apps\usbloader_cfg\boot.dol USB:\apps\usbloader_cfg\boot.elf USB:\apps\WiiFlow\boot.dol USB:\apps\WiiFlow\boot.elf USB:\apps\usbloader_gx\boot.dol USB:\apps\usbloader_gx\boot.elf

Note IOS58 is required for the forwarder to launch apps from an SD Card and hard drives formatted as FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3 and ext4. It also supports meta.xml arguments and is able to launch apps with direct hardware access.

6. Reinstall the Homebrew Channel (if applicable)

In the HomeBrew Channel, hit the "home" button. In the top right corner you will see the IOS used by the HBC. If the HBC is using IOS58 and your HBC is not upside-down, you can skip this step. If the HBC is not using IOS58 or it is upside-down, you should continue with this step to reinstall it. Launch the HackMii_Installer via the HBC. Use the Hackmii Installer to fix/re-install the HBC (using IOS58). Once you've successfully reinstalled the HBC, you can move onto the next step of the guide. If the HBC is failing to load the HackMii_Installer (just blackscreens), instead launch the Hackmii Installer using the method described in the first Step.

7. Install Custom Wii Menu Theme using MyMenuifyMod (optional)

WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL THEMES WITHOUT PROTECTION (BOOTMII, PRIILOADER AND NAND BACKUP) AND ONLY INSTALL THEMES FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SYSTEM MENU VERSION AND REGION! Launch MyMenuifyMod from the HBC. Navigate to the theme you would like to install that corresponds to your specific System Menu Version (4.3U) then press A to install it. If you ever decide to restore the original Menu Wii theme, simply launch
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ModMii Wi ard Guide

MyMenuifyMod again, navigate to and press "A" to install it.

IV. USB Loader and Hard Drive setup

The rest of the guide is performed on your computer in order to set up your USB-Loader

1. Partition and Format the External Hard Drive for FAT32

First check if your drive needs to be formatted by checking the current Format\FileSystem of the drive. Open "My Computer", right-click the external hard drive you want to use, then select "properties". Make note of the Drive Letter of the external hard drive as this will be important later. If the "File-System" is already FAT32, you can skip this step. If you have anything saved on the hard drive, you should back it up now as all the data will be lost once you format it. Launch FAT32 GUI Formatter from shortcuts on your Start Menu or Desktop Make sure you select the drive letter corresponding to your external hard drive. You may optionally uncheck the "Quick Format" box, then click start.

2. Copy Files to the Hard Drive

Copy everything inside the COPY_TO_USB folder to the root of your FAT32 harddrive\partition.

3. Manage Wii backups using Wii Backup Manager (optional)

Launch WiiBackupManager from shortcuts on your Start Menu or Desktop You can use this program to manage/transfer your electronic backups of Wii Games. It is very simple to use, but a detailed tutorial on using Wii Backup Manager can be found here: Note Original Wii Discs cannot be read/copied using a computer (unless you have one of the rare LG Drives that is capable of doing so). To copy original Wii Disc's, insert the disc into your Wii and Launch Configurable USBLoader, and hit the plus sign " ". To copy original Wii Disc's, insert the disc into your Wii and Launch WiiFlow, go to page 2 of WiiFlow's Settings and select "Install", then select "Go".
C:/Users/Colin/Desktop/Wii Hack/COPY_TO_SD/ModMii_Wi ard_Guide.html 7/9


ModMii Wi ard Guide

. Configure/Customize Configurable USB-Loader (optional)

To Configure/Customize your USB-Loader, use the Configurator for Configurable USBLoader found here: COPY_TO_USB\usb-loader\CfgLoaderConfigurator.exe Optional: additional themes can be found here: http://wii.spiffy .com/themes.php Important notes on default settings Two potentially dangerous features have been locked: The ability to remove/delete games The ability to format a hard drive To unlock these features, while in the configurable USB-Loader menu, hold " " for seconds, then enter the password to unlock these features. The password is "AAAA", you can change the password/settings by using the Configurator for Configurable USBLoader. Hold " " again for seconds to lock the USB-Loader again (or it will lock automatically again once you exit the USB-Loader).

V. After modding your Wii

After you are done modding your Wii, you can optionally delete any unnecesarry files by using ModMii's "File Cleanup" Feature. If you used Bannerbomb and choose not to use the File Cleanup feature, in order to avoid having your Wii freeze when accessing the SD Card Menu, you should delete the "aktn" folder where bannerbomb is saved (SD:\private\wii\title\aktn), or rename the entire "private" folder. At this point you're practically done. Now you should be downloading the latest homebrew applications and setting them up on your SD Card (or FAT USB Hard Drive) so they can be launched via the HBC. For playing your backups off a USB hard drive, run the USB-Loader Setup feature from ModMii's Main Menu. For downloading applications, you should: Check out ModMii's batch download pages as it has many popular apps available for download. Download Homebrew Browser via ModMii to get many popular apps, but this is an online only Wii application. For those without internet on their Wii, check out this list of Homebrew applications. Another great resource is After getting whatever apps you want, you should get a boot.dol file and possibly a icon.png and meta.xml. For HBC to read your SD/USB correctly, your card must be structured SD:/apps/application name/boot.dol If you have a *.dol not named boot.dol, rename it boot.dol, otherwise it will not be recognized
C:/Users/Colin/Desktop/Wii Hack/COPY_TO_SD/ModMii_Wi ard_Guide.html 8/9


ModMii Wi ard Guide

by the HBC. (optional: the icon.png and meta.xml should be saved in the same place as the boot.dol)

VI. Credits, Supporting Apps, and Sources

ModMii was written entirely by me, XFlak; however, without the help of many other very talented people ModMii would not exist. Some people have contributed supporting files or programs, others have shared their knowledge, some have provided ideas and others have given their time. I have tried my best to recognize everyone's contribution to ModMii regardless of how big or small it is. If I've forgotten someone, please notify me and I'll add them to the credits as quickly as possible. Throughout the Credits there will be links to make donations to some other very worthy developers. This will allow you to send donations to support the author of your favourite tools.
Click to sho the Credits

Supporting Apps and Sources

If you would like to contribute to the project, or have ideas, please send me a PM and we can discuss it further in private.

VII. Support XFlak

If ModMii worked for you, please vote in favour of the program HERE Check out my Top Channels Check out my Crazy Intro Videos Donations can optionally be made via paypal to XFlak If you donate $1 or more to XFlak, as my way of saying thanks I'll reply to you via email with a functional Easter Egg guaranteed to be helpful every time you use ModMii. I will still email you ModMii's Easter Egg if you prefer to donate to someone else listed in the credits ONLY IF you ask THEM to send confirmation of your donation to XFlak

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