Written Assignment for the Orientation Course, ASC, A.M.U. 10 March to 06 April 2010

Qualities of a Good Teacher

The title is provocative in the sense as it is likely to encourage an adolescent temptation to seek the best possible adjectives for creating an ideal image of a teacher. Such an image may look beautiful but always from a distance. And as we zoom in we discover for our astonishment that such a picture looks good only in the frame hanging on the wall. My contention in terms of writing about the qualities or characteristics of a good teacher lies in the position where I will try to re-consider the traditional deterministic approach in the understanding of a good teacher. An ethical understanding of the role of a teacher should primarily be based on pragmatic grounds. The quality of a good teacher is not always determined by the way s/he changes the life of a student. If a student is determined to remain the same for not really good reasons then s/he may need a different kind of counseling. It does not qualify to be a quality if a teacher supposed to give a lecture on Shakespeare’s Hamlet consumes half the time with a moral lecture just because

. whether in the form of a question or argument. If discipline implies a dictator –oriented and teacher-centric hegemony the student is bound to feel intimidated and the class is likely to become a prototype of a certain monarchy where any kind of resistance. which implies a certain level of equanimity necessary for any interpersonal transaction. A good teacher will always try to be focused and precisely talk about the subject. whose life was pregnant with nonconformities and controversy. One of the great English writers Oscar Wilde. By which he meant that a school must be so entertaining that nobody would want to miss a day. The eminence of a teacher should be established on the fact how s/he is able to retain the essential human paradigm implicit in the phrase ‘be yourself’. wrote that the worst punishment you can give to a student is by stopping him/her to attend the school. is not appreciated. The degree of transformation must considerably vary when we enter the classroom space and an interrogation chamber. Moreover. it is unfair to take the other students for granted who are eager or desperate to know as much about Hamlet as possible. It largely depends on the skills of a teacher to make the dissemination of knowledge an entertaining enterprise.2/5 s/he realizes a few students need it. Pedagogy should be treated as a kind of art.

3/5 The capabilities of a student cannot always be judged by his/her behavior. It is no good to boost the . like average. The students in a classroom are often arbitrarily divided into three categories. Before preaching a generalized version of the ethics of human behaviors a good teacher would always try to analyze it in the specific context. However. it is not always bad to be aggressive as long as it is motivated by a constructive anxiety. writers and scientists who are as much notorious for their eccentric and nonconformist life style as they are remembered for their great contribution to mankind. But we can at least consider some of the simple gestures that we often over-state as highly objectionable. there are certain limits to the madness of a genius after which any justification is futile. The mental illness of Sir Isaac Newton. There is no dearth of examples to support this point-of-view. For a teacher the real challenge lies in understanding the real reasons for such a disparity. Sometimes it requires more energy to execute what we hold to be true and just. For instance the Nobel Prize winner economist and mathematician John Forbes Nash is a popular story. For instance. Vincent van Gogh. The so called ill-behaviors can be working as an impetus for a certain genius. Edgar Allan Poe and many more has generated a lot of discussion and debate for years. Beethoven. below-average and above-average. There are countless such examples from artists. poets.

sensitivity towards the surroundings. critically and aesthetically. A great care needs to be taken in order to channelize the students according to their individual aptitude. And it takes a good teacher to identify such a case and take initiatives to rectify the disparity before it is too late. and to realize one’s potential for self-development as well as the development of the nation or the world. In the making of an overall personality such a transformation should involve an orientation to develop a sense of responsibility. Passion is the driving force that gives us energy to take challenges.4/5 morale of a below-average student if s/he does not show any sign that would suggest his true inclination for the study s/he is perusing. At every point as we step into future we are confronted with new challenges like rapid . When it comes to higher education. One of the best attribute of a good teacher is to instigate a sense of passion for life and work among the students. it becomes imperative to make such a choice useful for the future prospects of a student. Considering the highly vulnerable age group of the students teaching becomes a profoundly sensitive business. As we know life is not always a happy-go-lucky thing. which provides a specialization in any given discipline. At the higher education level the general age group of the students is between 18 and 24 year olds. The abilities of a teacher are judged on the basis of transforming the life of a student without changing his/her inherent archetypal sensibilities. to think analytically.

more kind souls and more brave hearts to safeguard our future. The efficiency of such training is only possible if a teacher’s methods and strategies are motivated by these foresighted concerns. We are in need of more beautiful minds. … Wasim Mushtaq Wani Department of Fine Art. species extinction. A. economic collapse and poverty. a threat to internal security.M. It is in this sense we must treat and train our students as the warriors of the future.U Aligarh . A teacher needs to be well-equipped to perform such a profoundly crucial task.5/5 climate change. various forms of discrimination and the violation of human rights anticipating issues concerning the survival of humanity. overpopulation.

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