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Project Staffing Plan

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1. Resource Profiles
List below the major resources that will be needed in order to proceed with the execution of the project. (See Appendix A for a list of resource that may be utilized on a project.)
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Development Staff: Staff1 Staff2 Operations and Maintenance Staff: Staff3 Staff4 Project Manager Business Analyst Staff9 Stakeholder Customer Staff12

Project Administration:

Project Other:

(3) estimated quality / subject matter expertise (SME). (Insert rows as needed. Project Staffing Information – Baseline information For each of the resources needed on the project determine the following: (1) cost estimates for each resource. and (4) hourly rate.) Resource Type Staff1 Staff2 Staff3 Staff4 Staff5 Staff6 Staff7 Staff8 Staff9 Notes: Cost Estimate Availability (hours) Level of Expertise Hourly Rate .Project Staffing Plan 2. (2) availability of each resource.

). (Insert rows as needed.Project Staffing Plan 3. Department. Dept. Staffing Requirements For each of the resources needed on the project determine the following: (1) The group the staff member will be in such as Project Team.. (2) Role (see Appendix for list of roles).) Staff Grouping Role Name (* indicates contract staff) Organization Managing this Resource (Division.) Resource Supervisor Name Start (MM/DD/ YYYY) End (MM/DD/ YYYY) Months % Hours Development Operations and Maintenance Administration Other Summary / Totals .. County. (3) Organization (Division. Technical Team. etc. (5) the last date on which staff will work. etc. (7) the percentage of time staff will need to work on the project (full time = 100%). and (8) total number of hours staff will work on the project†. (6) the number of months staff will work. etc.

Project Staffing Plan 4. develop a staffing plan that shows the number of personnel. (Change the name of the month as appropriate and insert additional rows as needed. Resource Staffing Plan After establishing the staff required for the project. that will be required on the project on a monthly basis.) (Note: “Double Click” on the spreadsheet below and it becomes a working spreadsheet. by staff grouping.) .

Project Staffing Plan Roles Project Manager Tech 1 Tech 2 Tech 3 DBA Business Analyst Project team member 7 Project team member 8 Hours Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Plan Actual Month 1 0 152 45 55 Month 2 160 160 Month 3 140 145 Month 4 160 160 Month 5 160 150 Month 6 140 140 Month 7 160 150 Month 8 160 160 Month 9 140 160 Month 10 160 180 Total Plan Total Actual 45 207 160 160 140 145 160 160 160 150 140 140 160 150 160 160 140 160 160 180 .

Project Staffing Plan 5. Project Resource Plan / Signatures Agency: Project Name: Name Role Project Manager Project Sponsor Agency CIO Agency CFO Resource’s Department Director Signature Date I have reviewed the information contained in this Project Resource Plan and agree that these resources will be available to work on this project in the time and dates planned. they agree to this as the formal Project Staffing Plan document. By signing this document. The signatures above indicate an understanding of the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. .

This includes collaborating with teams to develop high level process designs and models. The team may refer technical questions to the Technical Lead. Technical Lead Business Lead Customer Stakeholder Business Analyst . and identifying organizational impact areas. designs. understanding best practices for business processes. and has overall accountability for the project. who will either answer them directly or find an expert source that can do so.Project Staffing Plan APPENDIX – Project Roles Role Project Sponsor Project Manager Role Definitions Applied to the Resources Assigned to This Project The Project Sponsor provides executive team approval and sponsorship for the project. The Business Lead is the recognized domain expert in the business area central to the project. An Analyst is a working project team member who analyzes. The Customer is the key provider of requirements and recipient of project deliverable and associated benefits. securing appropriate resources and delegating the work and ensuring successful completion of the project. interfaces to project sponsors and owners. The team may refer business questions to the Business Lead. Provides overall management to the project. who will either answer them directly or find an expert source that can do so. challenging the old rules of the business. Deliverable will directly enhance the stakeholders’ business processes and environment. and ultimately improves or replaces the business processes. The Technical Lead is the recognized domain expert in the area of technology central to the project. Deliverables will directly enhance the Customer’s business processes and environment. All Project Team members report to the Project Manager. Handles all project administrative duties. developing and managing the work plan. Accountable for establishing a Project Charter. The Stakeholder is the key provider of requirements and recipient of project deliverables and associated benefits. The Sponsor is the major Stakeholder and recipient for the project deliverables. and stimulating creating thinking. and partnering with team members to identify appropriate opportunities.