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LEARNER STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES SPECIFIC POINTS BRAZELTON Some content Does not meet doctoral standards See paper

IA# 1


A grade of B (85%) reflects work that meets expectations for doctoral level work. Higher grades are given for work that exceeds expectations and lower grades are given for work that fails to meet expectations. Highlighted areas are those in which improvement is needed. It is possible for you to earn different grades for each category. Your overall grade for the assignment reflects the weighted average of individual grades in each category. Assignments containing plagiarism will earn grades ranging from a deduction in the APA/Grammar section (including a zero on this section) to a grade of zero on the entire assignment. PLEASE CITE PROPERLY. CRITERIA Does the assignment:  Required Certificate of Originality was submitted  Address all required elements (beyond abbreviated statements)  Clearly articulate and consistently use appropriate level of analysis within organization Literature and Theoretical Framework Does the assignment:  Have an appropriate mix of sources, including:  Peer-reviewed articles (including seminal and recent/within five years)  Relevant trade/business press  Relevant organization-specific material  Recent and accurate data for organization and external environment  No / limited use of textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias  No use of inappropriate internet resources (such as businessballs or quickmba)  Use sources to:  Support analysis (including theoretical, empirical, and/or factual information)  Specifically cite / link material, organization/level of analysis, and assignment requirement  Present integrated / synthesized arguments (rather than single source for each assertion or overuse of one source) Originality and Substantive Content Assignment meets requirements:  Key issues / questions have been identified Weighting 10% Earned 80% Grade 8.00%







unless that contradiction is explicitly noted and considered  If ideas or elements of models are listed/iterated. sentence structure. term definition.50 .50 0 122. grammar.50% 122. and issues  Recommendations required as part of the assignment are answered in a way specifically and appropriately related to organization. including:  Factual / data based arguments are supported with cited and accurate information  Analysis goes beyond citing literature (“X is true” or “Cite says X so Org should do X”) to draw conclusions  Arguments are consistent with relevant facts / data  Analysis made in one part of assignment is NOT contradicted by analysis in another part. NOT “Theory X has parts A.50% 17. links/transitions between ideas.50% 100% 160 76. C (cite)” with no additional assessment) Clarity Writing style is clear and concise:  Organization of assignment is logical and ideas flow  Proposed actions and recommendations / resolutions are identified  Standards for doctoral-level writing have been met (including phrasing. level of analysis. use of direct quotes. and paragraph breaks) APA/Grammar Work is free of errors:  Standards for doctoral-level writing have been met (including APA format for citations and references. Problem and purpose statements required as part of the assignment are linked to each other and to the proposed research  Questions asked as part of the assignment are answered in a way specifically and appropriately related to organization. and absence of typos / editing errors) Total % Total Points LATE PENALTY DEDUCTION FINAL GRADE 20% 80% 16.e. punctuation. level of analysis. they are explicitly linked to organization / level of analysis / issue(s) and assessed (i. sentence structure. B.00% 20% 87. and issues Arguments are supported.